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Brock Lesnar F5 Triple H a lot

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Haha our brocky legend lmao
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Jeff Pryce (2 years ago)
It's Brock, not Brocky, you freakin' weirdo. It makes you sound like you want to slip him a roofie and do unconscionable things to him, unless that is what you're going for, in which case, more power to ya, bro, not judging.
Jack_TheDrought (3 years ago)
hahahahahah,brock is PG legend he destroy triple jobbah triple jobbah afraid to broky why not dare fire him brock,ryback are legend and PG niggah henry is the best high flyer in da world
Bork Laser (3 years ago)
Brocky is legend Lmao nipple hair is a jobber since he fired ryback

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