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10 great cult games nobody bothered to buy

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If you read lots of game magazines and websites, from time to time you will catch them talking about cult classics. These are games for the true gaming connoisseur. And quite often they just didn’t do so well commercially. Here are 10 cult games that hardly anyone bothered to buy. 1. Tokyo Jungle (0,26 million) In Tokyo Jungle you play an animal trying to survive in a deserted city. You can be a Pomeranian forced to give up its domestic life, or a lion seeking a home. This rough gem only sold a little over 250 thousands copies but is one of the most special games available for the Playstation 3. 2. Psychonauts (1.5 million) Tim Schafer is one of the greatest game developers out there, but that doesn’t mean his games always sell. Psychonauts is one of the most interesting and deep adventure games out there, but basically everything that could go wrong went wrong while publishing this game. In the end only 1.5 million gamers bought the game. 3. Grim Fandango (0,35 million) An even more acclaimed title is Grim Fandango. This adventure game was also made by Tim Schafer. It won many awards and is considered one of the best adventure games of all time. But it sold only a couple of hundred thousand copies. In the end LucasArts decided to close its adventure game division because of this commercial failure. 4. Spec Ops: The Line (1.14 million) People have been talking about Spec Ops: The Line ever since it was released 4 years ago. Its story is one of the best ever written for a shooter. However, not many people actually played the game. Estimates indicate it sold around 800 thousand copies in its first year. And thanks to bundles and Steam sales it’s now just over 1.1 million copies. 5. Conker’s Bad Fur Day (0,77 million) The Nintendo 64 has enough amazing, kid friendly platform games. But Conker’s Bad Fur Day was aimed at an adult audience. This meant Nintendo did not help out promoting the game, resulting in hardly any media exposure. Suffice to say, with only 770 thousand copies sold Conker’s Bad Fur Day fell victim to its own foul mouth and the Nintendo ad-blocker. 6. Alpha Protocol (1,2 million) An action role playing game about a secret agent sounds like a dream come true. Unfortunately Alpha Protocol was flawed and buggy. Once again it was the story that really stood out thanks to its Mass Effect-style of dialogue choices. With only 1.2 million copies sold, publisher SEGA didn’t want a sequel. However developer Obsidian expressed their wishes for a follow-up a few years ago. So who knows? 7. Beyond Good and Evil (0.5 million) For years we have been waiting on Beyond Good and Evil 2. This would be a sequel to a game that was a big commercial flop. With just half a million copies sold the first game was a big disappointment, even though it was praised by critics. Beyond Good and Evil is now one of the biggest cult classics out there… and we are still hoping for that sequel. 8. Jet Set Radio (“relatively low”) Jet Set Radio is perhaps one of the best skating games ever made and its soundtrack was amazing. It was a good reason to get a Dreamcast. But in the end that also was the problem, you needed a Dreamcast for this game and not many people had those. Official numbers are lacking, but Sega has stated that the sales numbers of Jet Set Radio were “relatively low”. And yet, critics still praise this game up until this day. 9. The Saboteur (1,03 million) With just over one million sold, The Saboteur was a commercial failure. It even resulted in the closure of the once so beloved game studio Pandemic. In The Saboteur you had to liberate areas of Paris from German occupation and bring color and hope back into the life of the citizens. All in order the avenge your friends death. It’s a shame not more people played this hidden gem. 10. Enslaved: Odyssey to the West (1,2 million) Enslaved: Odyssey to the West is based on a classic piece of literature and features the acting of Andy Serkis. What you get is a fascinating story about a group of friends saving the world from evil, but not knowing whether they really did the right thing. This really was a great third person action game. After a year it only sold 730 thousand copies, putting a planned sequel back into the freezer. Did you buy any of these games? Or are you now planning to look them up on Ebay and Steam and try them out yourself? Let us know in the comments and do not forget to like this video and follow us on social media! ▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓ GET OUR APP ► iOS - bit.ly/ZGCommunityApp ► Android - bit.ly/ZGCommunityAndroid ZOOMINGAMES ON SOCIAL MEDIA ► Twitter - http://www.twitter.com/zoomingames ► Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/zoomingames ► Snapchat - zoomintvgames ► Instagram - zoomingames.ig ► Twitch - http://www.twitch.tv/zoomintvgames ▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓ MUSIC AND AUDIO Music provided by Epidemic Sound. http://www.epidemicsound.com/youtube-creator-subscription/
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Text Comments (569)
SWIFTzTrigger (2 months ago)
Spec ops the line is one of the most overrated pieces of garbage ever. "oooh so deep" no its not...
bouje kidd (2 months ago)
Still own conker nd enjoy playin to this day💯🔥
Shaquan Boyce (3 months ago)
Who else hype for beyond good and evil 2
FalloutJack (3 months ago)
Pretty much anyone I ever talk to about Psychnonauts likes Psychonauts, so I don't know where you get your ideas from. It's good.
Green World Productions (4 months ago)
i bought Beyond Good and Evil <3
Ginger Tam (5 months ago)
saboteur was a terrible game
Brandon Thomas (5 months ago)
I don't know how it is in Europe but the reason Jet Set Radio sales flopped was due to Pirating not the lack of Dreamcast Owners.
Definitely trying Saboteur and Enslaved: Odyssey to the West now, thanks!
Neil Archer (6 months ago)
Tokyo jungle i still play regularly. Simple but fun..
kokeshco (8 months ago)
Shadows of the damned anyone?
Nathan Acosta (9 months ago)
Legend of Dragoon IMO is the best Rpg i've ever played but i swear no one knows about it.
Blackdeath (10 months ago)
7 years on and I'm still waiting for a sequel for Alpha protocol..sigh...also surprised why Jade Empire was not on the list. It was one of Bioware's super underrated games that didn't sell that well.
projectOMA (10 months ago)
Tokyo Jungle was greatly under appreciated, and still is. But Psychonauts is overrated now I'm tired of seeing it on lists like this. Gave it a try just felt it was meh.
Jsr Future (1 year ago)
Does anyone still even have jet set radio still?
SuperSonicKazooie (1 year ago)
I just cannot believe so many great games like EarthBound, Conker's Bad Fur Day, Eternal Darkness, Shenmue 1 & 2, Jet Set Radio, Skies of Arcadia, Okami, Beyond Good & Evil, Grim Fandango, Psychonauts, Brutal Legend 2, and Jazz Jackrabbit 2 sold poorly while games like Call of Duty sold much extremely better. I wish these games sold a lot, that way they would've had stronger sales. I also cannot believe there are so many great anticipated games that got cancelled, such as Banjo-Threeie, Twelve Tales: Conker 64, Conker's Other Bad Day, Shenmue 3 (I know it's already in development since June 2015, but I wish we had it back then and I wish the Dreamcast sold much better units), Mega Man Legends 3, TimeSplitters 4, Legacy of Kain: Dead Sun, Perfect Dark GameCube sequel, Killer Instinct 3 on GameCube (not the 2013 game on Xbox One I'm referring to), Star Fox 2, EarthBound 64, StarCraft: Ghost, Jazz Jackrabbit 3, Rayman 4, Banjo-Kazooie: Grunty's Curse on Game Boy Color, Donkey Kong Racing on GameCube, and Metal Arms 2. I wish we had these games. -_-
SuperSonicKazooie (1 year ago)
Grim Fandango, Psychonauts, Brutal Legend, Beyond Good & Evil, Conker's Bad Fur Day, Shenmue 1 & 2, Jet Set Radio, Okami, and probably Jazz Jackrabbit 2 deserve to be more inexpensive and sold better. -_-
Yokolobuna (1 year ago)
I have finished Beyond Good and Evil, Spec Ops: The Line and Enslaved... Those are jewels. I am well aware of its low sale numbers and it bumps me :(.
VicInNocal (1 year ago)
REMEMBER ME - awesome game.
or_lionheart (1 year ago)
"Groom Fandangowe"
Domino (1 year ago)
I bought Psychonauts second hand from Gamestop, and I'm planning on grabbing another copy as a wedding present for a friend. I convinced my mother to buy me Conker's Bad Fur Day for Christmas. The only way I knew it existed was because I saw it on display at a Wal-Mart way back when. I'm really interested in grabbing Enslaved, and this video made me want to get Grim Fandango and Beyond Good and Evil. So yay.
Skithnix (1 year ago)
Tokyo Jungle is the shit.
Emil Happy (1 year ago)
i played so much Jetset Radio. love that game
xTitan (1 year ago)
Chad Mabe (1 year ago)
sry to say jet set radio was also on the original xbox an i like how this woman keep saying how much was sold yet they did good sales made mad money u figure a game 60 a pop n sold over a mil thats 60mil the company made off that shit so get this vid the fuck outta here with its bs
Shadow People (1 year ago)
ahh jet set radio was fun i still play it to this day
ShadowCthulu (1 year ago)
Enslaved is such a beautiful game
Heavenly Haylee (1 year ago)
enslaved is sooooo good
Mason Hilleary (1 year ago)
i love Odyssey to the West at the great and super fun game
Nicolas Rolke (1 year ago)
Where is Pupeteer? An excellent game that is so under appreciated it doesn't even pop up in any under appreciated games lists.
Ehsign S (1 year ago)
Where is Singularity
Blaze Rhodon (1 year ago)
Ah... Enslaved Odyssey to the West, what a great game! It's a shame that this game was so underrated. Fortunately three years after release was created PC version of this game which works very well (it is available in Steam).
Blaze Rhodon II (1 year ago)
0:27 Wait... is that doge (Shiba Inu meme dog)?
Brett Lacy (1 year ago)
Spec Ops:The Line was the greatest shooter I've ever played.
Nicholas Walton (1 year ago)
am playing Beyond Good and Evil as i type this thanks to ubisoft for releasing it for free last year during their anniversary
Scorpion (1 year ago)
i wonder if fireworrior is a cult classic?
Scorpion (1 year ago)
beyond good and evil is my childhood game i love to this day. i wish with all my heart number 2 will follow if it ever comes out
burnininhell (1 year ago)
You know who would like these games? TheLegend27. TheLegend27 would kick ass. TheLegend27 is a phenomenal TheLegend27. Have you heard what TheLegend27 is doing recently TheLegend27 is doing what TheLegend27 does best. TheLegend27. FUCK I HATE THAT COMMERCIAL!
Tadao Kou (1 year ago)
I hope Shadow Hearts is here
Inquisitive Cameron (1 year ago)
I fuckin loved jet set radio.
Common Freak (1 year ago)
beyond good and evil was a great game, might play some of the other ones if I buy them
Dustin Rodriguez (1 year ago)
I've bought a couple of the titles on this list, Psychonauts was probably the best one of those I've played. Really a great game, and I don't even usually go in for that sort of game. Jet Set Radio was fun, and I always assumed that everyone who owned a Dreamcast had a copy alongside their copy of Crazy Taxi. Mostly I game on PC though, and there are a few titles on PC that are cult classics that many people haven't played. System Shock 2, for instance, which is, in my opinion, the best game ever made for any platform period. Thanks to it I follow Ken Lavine avidly. It isn't as unknown as one of my other favorites, though - Anachronox. I'm not sure if it ever came out for any consoles, it might've. I would have loved to have seen a sequel to that game.
Psychonauts Yeaaah :D I have it on steam and on a CD from PCgamer :P Full achievement unlocked and at least for playthroughs
Paul Jones (1 year ago)
got beyond good and evil free on ps plus last year one two good games
WaKaWaKa Whisky (1 year ago)
I have and love spec ops the line!!
WaKaWaKa Whisky (1 year ago)
and I really want the sabataure or how ever you spell it
Rebel Crabs (1 year ago)
Beyond Good and evil was free for gold on Xbox 360 and Xbox one
OtakuHound (1 year ago)
conkers bad fur day was amazing
SDRW (1 year ago)
What about Fear Effect? How come no one talks about Fear Effect?
ClockFink (1 year ago)
Appreciate the shout out to Alpha Protocol... less so playing into the fallacy it was "Buggy" (compared to WHAT? I could definitely name more popular titles that glitched out more). Honestly I still don't understand what happened that this game didn't get a midnight release but was getting smeared by 10am the next day when it was one of the most impressive titles of it's time and still in my top ten of all time. All I can assume is it had something to do with bribes and extortion in the industry, but this was awhile before "integrity in game journalism" became a hot topic (let alone one actually discussed, as opposed to weird misogyny under said banner), so it seemed ridiculous to even imply as much at the time. Otherwise, having seen this and the follow up, if you do a third in this series? Jason and the Argonauts. That game went from super hyped to totally off radar and stayed their straight through it's release. And I'll admit it had some clunky bits, but it was still weird given how fun it is as a title you can probably get out of a bin for under 4 bucks today.
LoadStar81 (1 year ago)
ClockFink No, there absolutely were bugs in the game. Still loved the concept, and many points the execution was really impressive, but being unable to complete the final mission sequence kind of killed my enthusiasm for it. Still would love an Alpha Protocol 2, whatever they might actually name it.
vjpearce (1 year ago)
Sad not to see Klonoa 2 in this list. That is one of the best games ever
Fluffy Bunny (1 year ago)
You start off with a bunch of SOTD footage, and it's not even on the list.
Ro Bear (1 year ago)
A great title for a top 10, nice that you guys acknowledge that we have more then likely heard or know about these games and are correct in stating the majority of us did not bother buying them. Also love the person who does the commentary.
SwirlyJoe (1 year ago)
The Saboteur was so much fun! I really wish they would make a sequel
Sea Hawks (1 year ago)
we get it. these games are...commercial failures
PikaLink91 (1 year ago)
Enslaved, one of the most criminaly underrated games I've ever played.
SWIFTzTrigger (2 months ago)
Ending sucked though
#gr!m (1 year ago)
I really enjoyed it!
Remco Slotboom (1 year ago)
I feel proud now, owning an original copy of Grim Fandango.
GreenDan (1 year ago)
i've played or heard of every game here, except the saboteur. And yeah, all the ones I have played were excellent. Enslaved:Odessey was one of my favorites, despite lacking a satisfying ending. Such good acting and storytelling....
Bob Hollywood (1 year ago)
BG&E is my favourite game of all-time, and Enslaved is probably my favourite PS3 title.
Chistyakov Dmitry (1 year ago)
BGE is a masterpiece with an astonishing soundtrack, twisted story and cats. Also pigs, bulls, and everything.
Caustictherapy (1 year ago)
Grim Fan and BG&E are fab .. what about Syberia were these comercial flops too ?
Kindlesmith80 (1 year ago)
Own 5 of these. I am more clued in on lesser known games so it's rare for something to appear under my radar.
nathu100 (1 year ago)
JET SET RADIO what a game i had it on dreamcast and bought it on steam and the graphics,soundtracks are awesome
Snowman_Fred (1 year ago)
Got Beyond Good And Evil for free on UPlay, have heard of it but no idea what it's about.
Timothy Lewis (1 year ago)
I bought (and still have!) Psychonauts (PS2),  Enslaved (Xbox 360), Conker (on N64, Xbox, AND Xbox One!), Beyond Good and Evil (on Gamecube and Xbox 360), Saboteur (Xbox 360), and Jet Set Radio (on Vita, Xbox 360, and Dreamcast!).  Not bad.  Hopefully Enslaved gets supported on Xbox One via Backwards comp.  I'd love to play it, again.
Rienk Kroese (1 year ago)
Conker's Bad Fur Day. One of the BEST games EVER! DO IT!
LordValFromHell (1 year ago)
Enslaved was great. I just bought it back than because there was a Demo you could play and I felt in love with it from the first minute
Rob Elliott (1 year ago)
I'm pretty sure I have the platinum for The Saboteur I played the shit out of it.
Dylan Riesenbeck (1 year ago)
It's crazy how many people passed up Enslaved. It was such a well made game.
Crown Prince (1 year ago)
Asuras Wrath, Catherine, and El Shaddai are also good games that got overlooked!!
Partypoeper4you (1 year ago)
I realy love some of these games.I own and play: Bayonetta,Bulletstorm,Killer7,Psychonauts,Beyond:Good and Evil,Enslaved:Odessey to the west And i'm looking to buy for x box 360:The Saboteur and Vanquish and also Metal Gear Rising;Revengeance and Far Cry 3:Blood Dragon on disc.I do not like digital downloads. Recently bought:The Witcher 2, WET and Stranglehold. Alpha Protocol i sold again because i did not like it.
nelsonbragg (1 year ago)
Saboteur is a swell game, the black & white Nazi controlled areas being colourized when you liberate them was a great game mechanic. I bought it when it came out, I've owned others on the list, but didn't pay full retail price for them.
Lady Raven (1 year ago)
enslaved is a really good game...
Ian Dave Manguira (1 year ago)
that panda scene xD
Toph Majora (1 year ago)
Jet (grind) Set radio was the shit, glad I had a dreamcast
Nesty (1 year ago)
i love conker the xbox version
Reawer (1 year ago)
The legacy of kain?
Jammy (1 year ago)
I'm sorry, but this was painful to listen to.
mdredheadguy1979 (1 year ago)
I still have my copy of Beyond Good and Evil, (and my PS2 to play it on!). There is one game I think you should consider adding to your list: Primal for the PS2!! It's combat was different and difficult to master, but the story/banter between the main characters is was kept me hooked on playing the game until the end!!
Marie eve Beaudoin (1 year ago)
Ah the ficello game...(canadians will understand the joke)
Cheepchipsable (1 year ago)
Alpha Protocol!! A cult classic! It was so bad!. You couldn't even hop over a sandbags that were just above your ankles. You would reload a save to find all the enemies had disappeared, so you would just walk to your objective, (I got a stealth achievement for that one). Ughh too many problems to list with that one. Grim Fandango, Psychonauts, Beyong Good and Evil, all great well made games, fun to play without being childish.
legsuFIN (1 year ago)
What about hogs of war, awesome game but i dont know anyone who have played it :O
GamE FrEak (1 year ago)
Grim Fandango, Spec Ops the Line a FAILURE!! i hate pirate Gaming n specially PC fucking gamers. i hate them. they destroy any chance of the sequel
Hdawg Geezy (1 year ago)
there are thousands of xbox 360 games, and if you ask people about "popular" game titles... theyd probably name 20 at most... yeah, there are a lot of great 360 games i still havnt played.. right now im playin a game from 2007. bought it for 5 bucks... when the 360 was popular, i was a broke kid, who had only 5 games. bought them 60 bucks a piece... now, all the 360 games are around 5 bucks. and i have a ton of video games to play. its like reading a book or going to the movies. its something entertaining. games are not about having the newest thing, because theres always gunna be a newer thing, and that makes you a poser bandwagoner
TenguKamen (1 year ago)
Oh Jet Set Radio you never lived to be a legend like you deserve;~;
OLD Man Gamer (1 year ago)
I just recently started playing Beyond Good and Evil. I have uploaded a video to my channel of my 1st game play of Beyond Good and Evil and will be uploading more soon!!!!
D00MTR33 (1 year ago)
I really liked Sabatuer, loved the black and white visuals with pops of color and right now its the closest we have to a WW2 Assassins Creed. The parkour system is more realistic meaning it takes a while to climb a 3 story building instead of 3 seconds(dunno if its good or bad). I'd love a sequel to this game.
Kyra096 (1 year ago)
Does vampire the masquerade bloodlines count? I don't know how many copies it sold, but I'm pretty sure it's a cult u.u
Wesuwius (1 year ago)
Grim Fandango <3
Jordan Winders (1 year ago)
Alpha protocol sucked.
Fisher Sam Fisher (1 year ago)
In what way?
German Fomin (1 year ago)
Alpha Protocol was an amazing game, but marketing sucked.
Mateusz JaN Mazur (1 year ago)
I wanted to play Enslaved since I first saw it. And after playing it I must say this is one of the best games I ever played.
Wade Wilson ware (1 year ago)
what console was the Saboteur on
Wade Wilson ware (1 year ago)
Andrew Jackson thank you
Andrew Jackson (1 year ago)
Wade Wilson ware PS3 and Xbox 360
John S (1 year ago)
I loved Enslaved: Odyssey to the West. The gameplay wasn't anything spectacular, though it wasn't bad, but the motion captured animation, voice acting, and storyline were all great.
nefarious k (1 year ago)
5:27 Panda fucking. 10/10 will buy
david single (1 year ago)
kingdoms of amular is actually pretty good
rob brindisi (1 year ago)
I still love alpha protocol
Dreaming Melody (1 year ago)
I loved Conker's Bad Fur Day. The pvp multiplayer was the best on it, just running up with a katana alone I never lost a game with my brothers and friends and stuff.
Glittering Guts (2 years ago)
o fam tokyo jungle was my shit
Jordi Crespo (2 years ago)
i instantly though in shadow of the dammedwhen i saw the title.
Gustavo Campos (2 years ago)
I've looked them all on Steam. Shame The Saboteur ins't there. It's the one that has gotme more interested in.

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