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HP Envy 13 Destroys The Apple MacBook Pro

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Text Comments (454)
爸 爸 (1 hour ago)
Making a comparison with a Mac machine is just like comparing an apple with orange.
Josh P. (2 days ago)
All these anti-Mac videos seem to be ignoring one thing, the OS. A Windows-based computer even one with all the bells and whistles is like a fully equipped Chrysler offered at a bargain price. Who cares that it has more standard features at the end of the day, it's still a Chrysler. 🤷🏿‍♂️
Eddie Butkaliuk (2 days ago)
The presece of a touch screen is absolutely useless. It's a laptop.
Jeong-hun Sin (4 days ago)
No white key caps, please... Those plus backlight makes it really difficult to see the letter under dim ambient light.
Radeghost (11 days ago)
Erm, what? First, why are you reviewing 7th Gen instead of 8th Gen (i5-8250U). Second, the price. I can get Envy with 8250U+256GB SSD+ MX150 for 990eur. Why are HP Envys so different? and why people are still reviewing 7th gen
bk love (11 days ago)
But apple laptops have best build quality.But apple must update its laptops like 8th generation processor.
Ahmad Bilal (11 days ago)
This or Matebook X Pro?
Gray Rob (14 days ago)
Can I like somehow play forza horizon 3 on this laptop
shubhankar baranwal (18 days ago)
Does it have glass trackpad
DaPunchyDude YT (20 days ago)
Mine has the Intel HD Graphics 620 gpu chip :(
Doa Jibby Mati (22 days ago)
can we upgrade RAM to 16GB for this laptop?
Dan Hull (23 days ago)
A new HP Envy 13t with the following specs: i7-8550U (8336 on cpuBenchmark) 256gb SSD 8gb DDR4-2400 1080p Is $899, (768 euros). You won't get an Apple Air (with m3) for this.
Rage Runner (26 days ago)
What GAME is it at 4.11 ?
Kel DoLL (27 days ago)
HP ORBIT SOFTWARE? (Sorry caplock)... I bought the HP Envy 360 @nd I freaKing loVe it!
Temsu Jamir (28 days ago)
Can you please tell me the Name of the music you have used in this video.?
purpleravenstar (29 days ago)
A convertible version of this laptop would have straight up murder the Macbook Pro specs and capability-wise. Typed from my Thinkpad T520 from 2011.
M98 0WR (29 days ago)
They should make an 11" or 12" version of this laptop!
Frank Ordu (1 month ago)
came for review of a HP laptop, got an angry dude screaming at apple
Lena Play (1 month ago)
HP Envy is piece of the bull shit
Sahil Sonar (1 month ago)
Wow.. Rich people says same...
Aurthur Radley (1 month ago)
I don’t want touchscreen I don’t game i just want a good laptop with a nice screen and good design...btw...i have seen macbooks with much lower specs outperform windows laptops
Andrew A (1 month ago)
Does anyone know if I'm able to add more RAM or Storage via NVME on this?
Kailey Briscoe (1 month ago)
I own the HP envy 360 Convertible laptop, costs $650USD. It is over a year old and still a premium device! It looks beautiful and yes, the speakers are awesome! It's the cheaper version of the one Dave was sent, and if you are on a budget but want a nice laptop like the one Dave shows, the 360 convertible version is a great choice! I use it for light gaming, moderate illustration/editing and mostly for school papers and online classes. Great for students!
-/\- (1 month ago)
I can't find that exact model. Can you give me a link please?
Soni Sachdev (1 month ago)
Model number ?
Anna Reads (1 month ago)
I have this one with 8th gen i7, 512gb ssd, 8gb ram, 4K display 3840x2160 pixels, no touchscreen (don’t need one) for €1.349.
Bluelaser (1 month ago)
I don't know anyone that uses a touchscreen on a laptop. It's a gimmick.
dkimmortal (1 month ago)
How do you feel about the new ones
betarage (2 months ago)
Still over priced my acer laptop was 1000$ in 2017 and it has a 950m 12 gb ram a i7 7500u and a 1080p screen
not important (2 months ago)
Hp envy 13 looks more beautiful then shitbook crap
Ronald Boykin (2 months ago)
I gave up on purchasing a MacBook Pro. They are way too expensive for what you get in Specs. I just purchase a low end Dell gaming machine that has great specs for $700!
safwan said (2 months ago)
i almost want to cough blood watching that macbook price, because my sister bought a macbook pro last year, i just didnt fully grasp the price at that time.... until now..... just.... why are people buying these things? 1.5k and it doesnt even have a dedicated gpu? and a standard single drive only? while an acer entry level performance laptop comes with a standard 1tb hdd + 128gb ssd below the sub $1k price. think about that. the xiaomi gaming laptop, have the sophisticated look and it came with a gtx 1050/ti/60, and the price ratio is just acceptable and realistic.
Mikko Anthony Ting (2 months ago)
How is the temp under heavy load? (e.g. gaming)
Edu Ardo (2 months ago)
Memory upgrade not possible, mem onboard. , sucks !
Isaac Lee (2 months ago)
Why do you need touch screen on a laptop? Playing Angry Birds?
SimsForever (2 months ago)
Have you seen a network track pad. That's one huge in comparison.
SimsForever (2 months ago)
I'm getting a HP envy his Tuesday. It's the 2 in 1 with amd ryzen 5 and Vega M graphics
davidt7312 (2 months ago)
I can't believe you have the nuts to say it destroys the Apple MacBook Pro when the track pad in EVERY Windows Pc machine sucks ass. You can't deny it and there are so many thinks the MacBook Pro does that none of the Windows machines will ever do. Now if you want to do a review and say it's a nice machine and worth the money that is buyable but not the other crap.
Gaspar Yap Chee Kin (2 months ago)
When i heard "HP supplied to me" I know this video can't be trusted.
David Levi (2 months ago)
its time laptop companies stop making laptops with shitty 1080p res, this is not 1994, move up to 1440p or 4k, we want crystal clear image and text. that is why yoga 920 with its 4k panel shits all over this one
Jono Chen (2 months ago)
I'm getting a new laptop for some casual gaming and for taking to school everyday, should I buy the HP Envy or the HP Pavilion?
hc0013 (2 months ago)
The guy in the video sounds so angry with Apple like Steve Job’s ghost banged his mom and never called back.
Warren L (2 months ago)
Never understood why people compare Windows laptops to MacBooks. MacBooks users doesn't care about HP laptops.
Rinaldi Anwar (2 months ago)
Macbook has better keyboard, better display, better battery, better speaker, better trackpad, better build quality and also better app for some people. This review forgot the “essence” of ultrabook. If you want to play games then just buy gaming laptop instead
Body Slam (2 months ago)
Need to get a new laptop within the next week. Had my Macbook Pro for 7 years now but it's been falling apart as the days have dragged on and the screen is about to (literally) tear off from its hinges. What would you guys recommend? I don't care about gaming really. I just want something that runs smoothly and can handle basic functions like video editing without getting too heated up/requiring shut down. My Macbook regularly frustrated me due to being unable to edit videos without reaching equator-esque temperatures or crashing completely, especially in its later years. Also, I do not wish to buy an Apple or Google product due to my frustrations with these companies' increasingly hyper-partisan, pro-globalist actions and policies. I would greatly appreciate any suggestions.
Soo Yong Jie (2 months ago)
Mine got bent in a bag. :(
Raies Wolfram (2 months ago)
Hey, would you recommend this PC to photography students who need accurate colors on their displays.
Erdadler (2 months ago)
HP is crap! It will be broken after 2 years of normal use! Planned obsolescence par excellence! 👎🏻
Curtis Reece (2 months ago)
Haha watching this on this very product! Lol, thanks for this been wanting someone to create a video proving to the impracticality of most of the Apple products nowadays!
new england patriot (2 months ago)
i have the 17.3 envy and LOVE IT! AWESOME SPECS AND NICE AND HEAVY
Nick Brideau (2 months ago)
Stop firing from the hip
جوجل اکاونٹ (2 months ago)
People don't buy macs for the hardware, they buy them cuz of the software
noam27v (2 months ago)
Well, apple moto, “pay more get less”
UlasSemua (2 months ago)
Please give me sir
Madmarty (2 months ago)
I had a terrible experience with the 2016 version. Shitty battery, bad thermals. Like really bad. I'm talking 60°C in chrome. FUCKING CHROME
Nick Carvalho (2 months ago)
Spot on. And the mx150 is a beaut in a device this size.
emarskineel (2 months ago)
Bought a refurbished hp elitebook. 8 gb RAM i5 250 gig SSD, removable battery, backlit fantastic keyboard, impeccable build quality...all for 280 bucks. Very happy with it!
エリック (2 months ago)
Wow, looks great!
Ferris Vueller (2 months ago)
I always buy either Acer or Dell, maybe I'll consider HP but last time I got burned.
Mandrake (2 months ago)
While I agree these new HP laptops are nice, and as much as I hate what Apple has done with the latest MacBook Pro, there's no way I'd trade my 2015 MacBook Pro for this. My MBP runs like butter, has amazing battery life, has a sharp/vibrant high resolution screen, great build quality, Magsafe charger, and by far the best trackpad I've ever used (which counts for everything). MacOS also feels a lot more logical to use than Windows, and I've used Windows most of my life. In fact, Windows is a damn mess, with its forced updates, endless system notifications, and settings all over the place.
Steve (2 months ago)
5:26 Yeah it only has standard windows 10 blot , and i would rather have McAffe and OEM crap than that windows store bs every install of windows 10 has , and the macbook Pro is better , no winshit 10 on that
T B (2 months ago)
To be honest, it has beautiful design, but in my opinion the keyboard looks awful.
H0LDENSUX (2 months ago)
But does the Envy come with a stylus as standard like the Spectre? And what is the asking price for the 4K envy with stylus pen? Apples for apples.
Aidan (2 months ago)
I'd still prefer the macbook, for many reasons. The 2nd hand market is good atm - best bang for buck in my opinion, is 2013/2014 macbook pro i7/16GB ram/256SSD - comes in around 500eu.
John Smith (2 months ago)
Its NOT the hardware. Its the OS that matters. My Macbook Pro 2016 is crappy hardware. Agreed! But its not Windows. Windows is a massive productivity killer for software development. I manage a large team of Java devs and architects. And we end up swapping out Windows for the most senior devs and architects because they are doing the hardcore DevOps work and a bash shell is essential. I have proven the benefits to the penny pinchers again and again. The Macbook is cost effective. The Windows OS is a steaming garbage heap. Pun intended. Linux still isn't there. Example: You cannot get TLS certs that are not publicly signed to work consistently on Linux. They may have fixed this by now but who has time for such bullshit? Also SSH keys are way too difficult to manage in Linux. Its these two issues, TLS certs and SSH keys, where you see that Linux as a dev OS is garbage. We run on Linux but dev on MacOS.
Harvin Ong (2 months ago)
I have this kind of product but it does not charge via usb type c
Noob Tube 117 (2 months ago)
Why buy this mid range laptop that is OK at gaming and only clocks at 2.5 ghz when I can get a dedicated gaming laptop with a gtx 1050ti and an Intel core i7 7700hq that clocks at 2.7 ghz for just €900? Logic
D M (2 months ago)
I cannot STAND Apple's complete disregard for any opinions on their forums other than their SJW liberal agenda of politically correct. They literally turn customers away by NOT releasing new hardware and getting rid of all ports and DVD drives in pursuit of their babylon utopia. I would much prefer to use a Mac than the horrific Windows 10; in fact I am writing this comment on an old Mac all in one. Apple simply designs what they think we want and charges an unreal premium. They are such dick-tators, no wonder their employees bump into their glass walls at their new $100B circle building. Lots of fluff, no new hardware like the mac mini. The literally told me I was ranting for having an opinion that they are lazy! They can go piss off.
Mute Stingray (3 months ago)
Daddy hmu... for sexe.
SkyFarseer (3 months ago)
I have never used a macbook in my life, i have always found myself using a HP. And it's always a wonderful experience. Please check out my review of the HP envy x360 m6. Thanks!!
IMC IMC (3 months ago)
Apple is overpriced and over rated, it is for people that are desperate to fit in with the 'group'. No thanks not for me, my laptop is an HP, but I am not loyal to any brand, I look at specs and price, not the brand, fuck group think, I am me.
Antonio Brandao (3 months ago)
HP Envy doesn't destroy any Mac, because it runs Windows, not macOS which is vastly superior. Even Linux is better.
Scott Miner (3 months ago)
Cool intro. And a great review.
gurudeclan (3 months ago)
I switched from Mac to Windows and saved a shit load of money. Windows 10 still pisses me off though.
Mr. Shankly (3 months ago)
Why are people so convinced that B&O are the be all and end all when it comes to audio products? Mediocre at best TBH.
TheComputerGuy TCG (3 months ago)
Apple is hyped and over priced..... fine if you have money to throw on a logo. I have a HP (not envy), its coming up to 2 years, has 128gb SSD (not enough) and a 7th gen core i5. So I am disappointed that the new envy is also a 7th gen and so is a deal breaker. Otherwise looks great and is a good proposition if configured with an i7, 8th gen. Personally I am holding out for a slim gaming laptop with a full GTX 1060 or better gpu (NVIDIA released a slim version of it) and choices are increasing each year.
The1stMachinist (3 months ago)
Could you review some vpns and give us some insight of some of the best?
Keith Curtis (3 months ago)
Good laptop, but I've been using High DPI screens since 2013 and I would never go back. My current is 3200x1800 on a 13.3" screen and it's great. I paid $900 and it has 8 GB RAM / 256 GB SSD.
captainkanji1 (3 months ago)
Those VAT taxes though.
Freddy Fox 500 (3 months ago)
Hey Dave. I love your work and what you are contributing with both for the political aspect and for YouTube. Great free content. Unfortunately I gotta take a step back for now and work on my self for a while. All these debates and political discussions have been eating me up for years. I promise Ill come back stronger and wiser. I was to young to be juggling fire and blood.
Bryan G. (3 months ago)
Lacks TB3 though.
Delmus Ingle (3 months ago)
If that is true, then I dare not buy an Envy 13. I wouldn't want it near my 2012 Mac Book Pro which has not had any failures beyond the battery dying which I replaced myself for $50. It was not easy and battery was difficult to find and the glue used to attach them took a look of patience to remove. The main problem with the Envy would be its tie to Microsoft.
Lloyd Garth (3 months ago)
I have been keeping tabs on your channel for a couple of years. You do good work, you're technology content is interesting, especially the AI stuff. I don't understand why your subscription rate is so slow.
Tytus Romek (3 months ago)
If you really want to see why Apple's laptops are crappy just visit Louis Rossmann channel, best one "We need to talk about failing keyboards on these new Macbooks."
Mattias Forelli (3 months ago)
If Android were as coherent and reliable for updates I'd switch back from iPhone in a second. I guess I could just run LineageOS if it came to it.....
Plague Doctor (3 months ago)
They've been making the envy and modelling it after the macbook forever. It's not some "new macbook killer" it's been around forever and it's always been twice as good for half the price.
copper spartan (3 months ago)
Touch screens are lame on laptops. It's hard enough to keep my screen clean without deliberately touching it.
Chris Coddington (3 months ago)
No, it doesn't destroy the MBP. Quite the opposite.
TooLegit ToQuit (3 months ago)
Hey ! You didn't tell us you were starring in Netflix's Lost in Space 😁
10tenman10 (3 months ago)
I abandoned Apple after they throttled my iPhone 3 turning it into a brick. Would never buy one of their products for my personal use (my wife and kids like their computers and phones, though)
Sydney waffles (3 months ago)
I say security researcher Michael Myng announced that he uncovered a keylogging component in HP’s keyboard driver. and HP is shipping audio drivers with a built-in keylogger. HP diagnostics that comes with their PCs constantly monitors the performance of the computer and they issue tuneups through monitoring your computers performance. HP have been absolute stinkers.
Rhiji (3 months ago)
it seems, for some people who still live in the appleverse, OS X and a high resolution are the most important features of a device.
Simboiss (3 months ago)
2:15. "The only area that the Mac Book Pro has an advantage in is the display resolution." There's also: - Mac OS X - Included software (including an Office equivalent) - Better color fidelity and calibration - Longer battery life (touch screen makes it even worse on the Envy) - Better integrated camera - Better keyboard and trackpad sensibility - Faster RAM (2133 MHz) - Thunderbolt ports (USB-C compatible, make internal storage pretty much irrelevant) - Access to App Store There's surely other points of comparison to make, like with noise, fans, heating, etc. Also, things that are harder to quantify, like customer service. Also, software and hardware interconnectivity. Also, the absence of touch screen on the Mac Book (or any other Apple laptop or desktop) is because it's a stupid, non ergonomical idea.
Threepoint Onefour (17 days ago)
Mac OSX ain't a benefit...
Some White Guy (21 days ago)
No way the MacBook has a better keyboard. The current gen has one of the worst keyboards i have ever used on a laptop. Awful feel, loud as fuck, zero travel and abhorrent reliability. One spec of dust in that keyboard and it's fucked. Whole top panel needs to be replaced. No thank you.
endlesskarma (2 months ago)
Simboiss Is it just me, or is the macbook pro shitty AF. Sorry, this is from a guy that uses Cherry MX Browns for daily usage.
Simboiss (2 months ago)
Disk space expansion is the least important thing you think about at the moment of purchase, because external storage is cheap and fast enough for the common of mortals. I simply added many advantages the MacBook has over an equivalent competitor (including the one used in the video), as a response to Dave saying "the only area...". I added what Dave didn't talk about, and that which makes the Mac a better machine. Thermal management is mostly about saving battery life, which is one of the reaons the battery lasts longer on the MacBook by a wide margin. The App Store has nothing specific to handheld devices. It's a unified place where you can buy software from a truckton of choice, with various pricing ranges, installation is super easy and it's very secure. And if you are a programmer, it's a great place to showcase your apps because of the visibility, and the payment system is all taken care of.
safwan said (2 months ago)
Simboiss you do understand, you could upgrade the ram to a higher clock speed, but generally a higher ram clock speed wont be that noticeable, the only time you would see a difference is when doing a synthetic benchmark, current gen tn panels is actually decent enough at colour reproduction, the stigma that apple product is the only go to device for graphic designer/photographers nowadays in this day and age is laughable. a single standard 128gb ssd is just sad. while other competitor laptops could be easily upgradeable and expandable. other than that, he is right, the only advantage of the macbook is its signature display. other than that, the cpu,ram,drive,thermal management,battery life can be beaten by other notebook. the xiaomi gaming laptop came to mind. access tothe appstore isnt that relevant, most pc user wont really need to download app, since most app in this world are bought from the original website source, even adobe suite you need to subsribe to them, not from the appstore if i am not mistaken. the only time an appstore is relevant is on a handheld device.
Matthew Phelps (3 months ago)
You had me at "not an apple product"...
Joseph McHugh (3 months ago)
Apple fan boys in a nutshell. "Why is this so expensive?" "Because we're Apple." "Shut up and take my money!"
Thetheoryguy55 (2 months ago)
Sounds about right 🤔🤯
noneuno53 (3 months ago)
when i bot my laptop it hand to be amd for me. now do to the intel chips containing back doors and intel did the same thing to invidia gpu's. my laptop is a bit on the older side now but i can still play space engineers at 20fps on it. with its apu of 4cores and 1 gpu in one. i pulled the hdd and put a ssd in it instead of the moving part drive, i still get 8hr on a full charge of active use. the fan is not to loud when cpu is at full load and also it has a full keyboard and number pad. with all the bells and whistles, from usb3, bluetooth, dvd burner, hdmi, and esata ports. all for 500.00 and is 3years old.
Kilian Muster (3 months ago)
I stopped at 1080p display WTF. Who wants a non high-dpi display these days?
irwin leonardo (3 months ago)
HP breaks a lot.. I mean a lot..
Michael (3 months ago)
I have that 15in model HP Envy 360x you mentioned. I bought it on sale for $600. I don't play many intensive games on it but steam just had a free weekend to play Skyrim and on the lowest settings it hit 30fps.
Chevy5988 (3 months ago)
Sorry, but that is not a MacBook killer. The 1080p display would be a no-go for me. I would never consider an ultrabook with such a low resolution. If I have to replace my 2015 MacBook Pro, I would rather consider the Dell XPS line or Microsoft Surface line (Book or Laptop), I really like those.
Thetheoryguy55 (2 months ago)
The fuck you talking about 1080p is not even noticeable on a 13 inch laptop unless you always view with your eye glued to the screen.

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