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HP Envy 13 Destroys The Apple MacBook Pro

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Text Comments (368)
John Smith (12 hours ago)
Its NOT the hardware. Its the OS that matters. My Macbook Pro 2016 is crappy hardware. Agreed! But its not Windows. Windows is a massive productivity killer for software development. I manage a large team of Java devs and architects. And we end up swapping out Windows for the most senior devs and architects because they are doing the hardcore DevOps work and a bash shell is essential. I have proven the benefits to the penny pinchers again and again. The Macbook is cost effective. The Windows OS is a steaming garbage heap. Pun intended. Linux still isn't there. Example: You cannot get TLS certs that are not publicly signed to work consistently on Linux. They may have fixed this by now but who has time for such bullshit? Also SSH keys are way too difficult to manage in Linux. Its these two issues, TLS certs and SSH keys, where you see that Linux as a dev OS is garbage. We run on Linux but dev on MacOS.
Corpus Mentis (12 hours ago)
Hi Dave I was looking at a Lenovo Y50, just needed for general use and office work. Getting decent price of £600. Have you tried it out?
Harvin Ong (1 day ago)
I have this kind of product but it does not charge via usb type c
Yanni Tsalk. (1 day ago)
Why buy this mid range laptop that is OK at gaming and only clocks at 2.5 ghz when I can get a dedicated gaming laptop with a gtx 1050ti and an Intel core i7 7700hq that clocks at 2.7 ghz for just €900? Logic
D M (1 day ago)
I cannot STAND Apple's complete disregard for any opinions on their forums other than their SJW liberal agenda of politically correct. They literally turn customers away by NOT releasing new hardware and getting rid of all ports and DVD drives in pursuit of their babylon utopia. I would much prefer to use a Mac than the horrific Windows 10; in fact I am writing this comment on an old Mac all in one. Apple simply designs what they think we want and charges an unreal premium. They are such dick-tators, no wonder their employees bump into their glass walls at their new $100B circle building. Lots of fluff, no new hardware like the mac mini. The literally told me I was ranting for having an opinion that they are lazy! They can go piss off.
Choo-choo Senpai (4 days ago)
Daddy hmu... for sexe.
SkyFarseer (5 days ago)
I have never used a macbook in my life, i have always found myself using a HP. And it's always a wonderful experience. Please check out my review of the HP envy x360 m6. Thanks!!
IMC IMC (5 days ago)
Apple is overpriced and over rated, it is for people that are desperate to fit in with the 'group'. No thanks not for me, my laptop is an HP, but I am not loyal to any brand, I look at specs and price, not the brand, fuck group think, I am me.
Antonio Brandao (5 days ago)
HP Envy doesn't destroy any Mac, because it runs Windows, not macOS which is vastly superior. Even Linux is better.
Scott Miner (5 days ago)
Cool intro. And a great review.
gurudeclan (6 days ago)
I switched from Mac to Windows and saved a shit load of money. Windows 10 still pisses me off though.
Mr. Shankly (6 days ago)
Why are people so convinced that B&O are the be all and end all when it comes to audio products? Mediocre at best TBH.
TheComputerGuy TCG (6 days ago)
Apple is hyped and over priced..... fine if you have money to throw on a logo. I have a HP (not envy), its coming up to 2 years, has 128gb SSD (not enough) and a 7th gen core i5. So I am disappointed that the new envy is also a 7th gen and so is a deal breaker. Otherwise looks great and is a good proposition if configured with an i7, 8th gen. Personally I am holding out for a slim gaming laptop with a full GTX 1060 or better gpu (NVIDIA released a slim version of it) and choices are increasing each year.
The1stMachinist (6 days ago)
Could you review some vpns and give us some insight of some of the best?
Keith Curtis (7 days ago)
Good laptop, but I've been using High DPI screens since 2013 and I would never go back. My current is 3200x1800 on a 13.3" screen and it's great. I paid $900 and it has 8 GB RAM / 256 GB SSD.
Chop Slash (7 days ago)
nice ad
captainkanji1 (7 days ago)
Those VAT taxes though.
Freddy Fox 500 (7 days ago)
Hey Dave. I love your work and what you are contributing with both for the political aspect and for YouTube. Great free content. Unfortunately I gotta take a step back for now and work on my self for a while. All these debates and political discussions have been eating me up for years. I promise Ill come back stronger and wiser. I was to young to be juggling fire and blood.
Bryan G. (7 days ago)
Lacks TB3 though.
jon jon (7 days ago)
So after using the HP envy 13, turn off the HP envy 13 and then look at the state of your "was once a beautiful immaculate screen" and realise why apple refuse to use touch screen on it's Macbook Pro LOL .
Delmus Ingle (7 days ago)
If that is true, then I dare not buy an Envy 13. I wouldn't want it near my 2012 Mac Book Pro which has not had any failures beyond the battery dying which I replaced myself for $50. It was not easy and battery was difficult to find and the glue used to attach them took a look of patience to remove. The main problem with the Envy would be its tie to Microsoft.
Lloyd Garth (7 days ago)
I have been keeping tabs on your channel for a couple of years. You do good work, you're technology content is interesting, especially the AI stuff. I don't understand why your subscription rate is so slow.
Tytus Romek (7 days ago)
If you really want to see why Apple's laptops are crappy just visit Louis Rossmann channel, best one "We need to talk about failing keyboards on these new Macbooks."
Mattias Forelli (7 days ago)
If Android were as coherent and reliable for updates I'd switch back from iPhone in a second. I guess I could just run LineageOS if it came to it.....
Plague Doctor (7 days ago)
They've been making the envy and modelling it after the macbook forever. It's not some "new macbook killer" it's been around forever and it's always been twice as good for half the price.
copper spartan (7 days ago)
Touch screens are lame on laptops. It's hard enough to keep my screen clean without deliberately touching it.
Chris Coddington (7 days ago)
No, it doesn't destroy the MBP. Quite the opposite.
TooLegit ToQuit (7 days ago)
Hey ! You didn't tell us you were starring in Netflix's Lost in Space 😁
10tenman10 (7 days ago)
I abandoned Apple after they throttled my iPhone 3 turning it into a brick. Would never buy one of their products for my personal use (my wife and kids like their computers and phones, though)
Sydney waffles (7 days ago)
I say security researcher Michael Myng announced that he uncovered a keylogging component in HP’s keyboard driver. and HP is shipping audio drivers with a built-in keylogger. HP diagnostics that comes with their PCs constantly monitors the performance of the computer and they issue tuneups through monitoring your computers performance. HP have been absolute stinkers.
Anitogame (8 days ago)
Glad to hear they cut that bloatware crap out. HP were one of the worst for that shit in ye olden times.
Rhiji (8 days ago)
it seems, for some people who still live in the appleverse, OS X and a high resolution are the most important features of a device.
Simboiss (8 days ago)
2:15. "The only area that the Mac Book Pro has an advantage in is the display resolution." There's also: - Mac OS X - Included software (including an Office equivalent) - Better color fidelity and calibration - Longer battery life (touch screen makes it even worse on the Envy) - Better integrated camera - Better keyboard and trackpad sensibility - Faster RAM (2133 MHz) - Thunderbolt ports (USB-C compatible, make internal storage pretty much irrelevant) - Access to App Store There's surely other points of comparison to make, like with noise, fans, heating, etc. Also, things that are harder to quantify, like customer service. Also, software and hardware interconnectivity. Also, the absence of touch screen on the Mac Book (or any other Apple laptop or desktop) is because it's a stupid, non ergonomical idea.
Matthew Phelps (8 days ago)
You had me at "not an apple product"...
Joseph McHugh (8 days ago)
Apple fan boys in a nutshell. "Why is this so expensive?" "Because we're Apple." "Shut up and take my money!"
noneuno53 (8 days ago)
when i bot my laptop it hand to be amd for me. now do to the intel chips containing back doors and intel did the same thing to invidia gpu's. my laptop is a bit on the older side now but i can still play space engineers at 20fps on it. with its apu of 4cores and 1 gpu in one. i pulled the hdd and put a ssd in it instead of the moving part drive, i still get 8hr on a full charge of active use. the fan is not to loud when cpu is at full load and also it has a full keyboard and number pad. with all the bells and whistles, from usb3, bluetooth, dvd burner, hdmi, and esata ports. all for 500.00 and is 3years old.
Kilian Muster (8 days ago)
I stopped at 1080p display WTF. Who wants a non high-dpi display these days?
irwin leonardo (8 days ago)
HP breaks a lot.. I mean a lot..
Michael (8 days ago)
I have that 15in model HP Envy 360x you mentioned. I bought it on sale for $600. I don't play many intensive games on it but steam just had a free weekend to play Skyrim and on the lowest settings it hit 30fps.
Chevy5988 (8 days ago)
Sorry, but that is not a MacBook killer. The 1080p display would be a no-go for me. I would never consider an ultrabook with such a low resolution. If I have to replace my 2015 MacBook Pro, I would rather consider the Dell XPS line or Microsoft Surface line (Book or Laptop), I really like those.
Hay man your cool
Andrew Montague (8 days ago)
Having been given a laptop with a touchscreen by my work place I can honestly say that they are pointless. I never use it because the form factor is all wrong. Touchscreens are for phones and tablets. In a laptop I'd rather they saved the money on letting me touch the screen in an uncomfortable way and instead boosted the specs elsewhere or provided an accessory. Rather than a touchscreen wouldn't it be interesting to see a laptop come with a slide out digitiser and pen? That's a much more natural input and it would be much better for productivity.
Callie Wickham (8 days ago)
"You can game on it" then proceeds to play mobile games from the MS store on it!
Callie Wickham (8 days ago)
Apple has never made anything of worth
Frau Katze (8 days ago)
Apple knows how to do touch screen. They have iPad. But you’re right. Apple is doing some stupid things.
deepthinker80 (8 days ago)
Just wait a year the hard drive will prob crash. I had an envy that lasted a year and a half. Meanwhile my old gateway laptop still works after 8 years.
Torvus Bog (8 days ago)
TBH dude the ProMotion iPad Pro's are so beefy that they're coming very, very close to laptop replacement territory.
ingram (8 days ago)
Not really in-depth and kinda wrong in some cases
barryh13 (8 days ago)
Dave, I really don’t get why you use Breitbart as a source in your videos. Do you not feel that you are being used to create propaganda? Or even worse, realise it but just do it for the clicks? Breitbart is a tool in a culture war, their objective is to create division & hatred. Just look at what is happening today in the US. Can you not see how much damage Trump is doing? This week, Irish people around the world celebrated the Good Friday Agreement. We have 20 years of peace in NI that is largely due to the support we received from great Americans ranging from Ronald Reagan to Tip O’Neill. They were the ones to bring the Brits to the negotiating table. Can you remember what Maggie Thatcher did in NI, the hunger strikes? Yet today, you lecture us about “white” Britain and “values”. You seem to forget history and how Irish people were treated - gerrymandering, no access to education and discrimination in the Labour market. Policies of oppression left over from sectarian plantations. The two are not mutually exclusive, can you not see your hypocrisy? Once we Irish were the dirty migrants, the threat to British values. Just ask your friend Delingpole about NI. That is not to say that there are not serious questions to be asked about migration, Islam & what constitutes merit. Of course there is, but Breitbart warp these questions to create division rather than dialogue. If you want to truly be a voice of change, to search for the truth - then dialogue is the way forward. Look for a balanced view, challenge ideas and don’t trust Breitbart.
Finnjr63 (8 days ago)
Whaaa? A tech video on a tech/social commentary channel? Pretty good vid. :)
BIG SHAQ (8 days ago)
Nice commercial Dave ;]
Lambda Function (8 days ago)
Yeah but it's Windows and Windows is not even remotely close to being the same league as a unix, and Linux is laughable as a desktop OS because that community can't have someone actually make a decision about anything.
Shawn (8 days ago)
Acer Aspire E 15 E5-575G-5762 <- review this product please. It's considered to be one of the best cheap laptops currently being sold. I am not advertising this product. I am merely asking for a review. Please do not burn me.
Armoterra (8 days ago)
Too bad Windows is shit.
princessbinas (8 days ago)
I got myself a new laptop and it was the HP 15 Pavilion Power Gaming Laptop with Nvidia GeForce GTX 1050, Core i7-7700HQ (quad core with 8GB), and a Max resolution of 1920x1080. I got it for $812 dollars, no tax since I had a student ID and it was on sale (original price was $999). Needless to say, it has the fastest boot up time for Visual Studio 2015 that I have ever seen on my laptops. And so far, Naruto Online runs smoothly. Tomorrow, I will be busting out Minecraft and Bio Inc. Redemption to do a stress test. Minecraft is my benchmark as I don't play Overwatch.
Fokker - 1138 (8 days ago)
Given that it has a touch screen, it would have been better without a touch pad, since a wireless mouse is easy to come by these days.
GammaCatch (8 days ago)
Fuck Apple. There is literally no reason to own any Apple product. It's a product for Leftists and Morons.
Libretto (8 days ago)
I call bullshit.
Pavel Mareš (8 days ago)
Only thing, where this HP beats MacBook, is SSD capacity in lowest version of device. 1) Macbook has much better display ( colours, resolution, technology ) 2) It is completely silent in almost every case 3) I can play games too on it ( e.g. Counter strike, Portal 2, ... ) on full details 4) Design of MacBook Pro is twice as better as this HP notebook (look at at speakers, low-end look of keyboard, big bottom border with big HP logo to fill bad front panel) 5) Macbook Pro has 3.5mm Jack too ... 7) Macbook has OS X ( this HP unfortunately Windows ... ) 8) etc ... So, is this review really worth it to you? Did HP gave you that much money? Disappointed here .... This is not even close to objective review.
mozardthebest (7 days ago)
What was your comment trying to say? I actually had the 15 inch version of this laptop (though with more RAM and without the GPU) and it was really nice. I ended having to return it, and traded it for a Dell Inspiron (which is okay, too), but it was really good, solid laptop, especially for the price. Great build quality, nice screen(especially when comparing it to the 1366x786 screen on my previous laptop), a quad core i7 with 16gb of RAM, and all of that was for under $1,000 - which is the price of the cheapest MacBook Air. Maybe it got a little hot, but I was impressed with what HP did with it. It made me sad having to return it, it was definitely the best value for any laptop I've seen before.
Pavel Mareš (7 days ago)
Oh, I see you did not listen to the video and did not try to understand my comment, but is ok to be deaf and stupid :)
mozardthebest (8 days ago)
You didin't pay attention to the review, I see. For hundreds less this computer has 1) The same processor as the MacBook (who cares if its not silent, the Mac throttles anyway) 2) Can ACTUALLY play games on it due to it having a dedicated graphics card (which the Mac does NOT) 3) Has an aluminum design and fairly good build quality 4) Still has a headphone jack, and USB A ports along with an SD Card slot 6) Windows which is completely fine, OS is just a tool 7) And, this computer is STILL less expensive than the base of the MacBook Pro, and decidedly more powerful I don't really understand this comment, the only valid point was the display. Then you started mentioning stupid stuff like games? What? You say the MacBook can play games better than the HP when the HP is the only one with descrete graphics, makes no sense. Than the silence of the computer? Who cares if the fans start, the computer needs the fans to go unless you want the CPU to burn itself. Than more dumb stuff like the headphone jack, as if the HP doesn't have a headphone jack. Thia comment was so stupid.
krazybonnie 55 (8 days ago)
I prefer the xiaomi mi notebook, especially since it is possible to dual boot with macOS which in my opinion is cool
Hl A (8 days ago)
I've had two HP desktops, both have been great.
Frenchy (8 days ago)
So glad you reviewed this one! I own the 8th gen i7, mx150, 16gb ram edition of the envy 13 and paid the same price for it as the entry level macbook pro. What apple try to peddle to people for around $2200 nzd is an absolute joke.
Hl A (8 days ago)
Harvey Norman is Australian. I had no idea they were in Ireland. They are usual more expensive though.
Captain Pugwatch (8 days ago)
HP is crap. I've had three. They always draw you because they look good and have better specs for the price, but they quickly overheat and fall to bits. First half the battery goes, then the ventilator conks out and you need to sit your lap top on a huge gaming fan, then the charger goes dead and needs replacing, then the touchpad goes, etc etc etc. They're designed to look good and sell like cakes but not designed to last. THe longest lasting laptop I ever had was a Toshiba. Didn't look like much but it withstood lots of punishment and nothing ever went wrong with it. Aside, I agree with the commenter who said touch screens are a bug rather than a feature. I hate them. Where I live, at night a mosquito lands on your screen every few minutes and crawls around, so you obviously have to stab the screen with your forefinger to kill it, whereupon it turns out you've just drawn a moustache on Ana de Armas' cleavage, or something equally annoying.
01gharms (8 days ago)
Sorry, but I wouldn't buy another HP product if it was basically free. The last one my wife got was used once, placed on a shelf up high, and when I pulled it down to do taxes, the thing refused to load up. Turns out the hard drive went bad. On the second use. In 13 months. Of course, the 1 year warranty had run out 3 weeks prior.
Hl A (7 days ago)
Even though 1,000 dollars is a lot for an average person. I hope it works out.
01gharms (7 days ago)
Hl A you know, I did try to download another browser, but Windows 10 and whatever Explorer is called now just kept throwing up roadblocks so I gave up. I'm probably going to crack it this upcoming day off and see if it just came loose or something, because 2 uses, even for faulty hard drives, is really bad. It just annoys me that we pay 1000 dollars and get 30 minutes of use out of it. On the flip side, my MSI gaming laptop that cost 3k 6 years ago JUST finally broke down and required a motherboard and video card replacement. So you really do get what you paid for.
Hl A (8 days ago)
01gharms Sorry about that. I brought an extended warranty, which makes 3 years, but I'll see if I need it. The extra two years is from JB HI FI in Australia. Did you try maybe another web browser? Or re-installing the web browser.
01gharms (8 days ago)
Hl A yeah, I was quite annoyed. I mean, since the warranty is toast, I might as well crack it and see if it just partially disconnected. Apparently, that is also an issue. But it just annoys me. The thing was having issues running the friggin web browser (kept crashing), so it was an all around bad taste in my mouth.
Hl A (8 days ago)
Sounds like they've changed the reliability with their hard drives in recent years.
ALulzyApprentice (8 days ago)
Hey, I bet u can turn that into a hackintosh. I sorta need the underlying OS to be Unix like. Thanks for the review. This is much appreciated. 15 inch screen for me if it is available.
Ndoki Hasaki (8 days ago)
B-but, it's so shiny and pretty! Clearly that's worth the jacked up pricetag. In all seriousness though, I'd sooner carry around a brick than a macbook. Can't wait to see the apple fanboys defending the display resolution in spite of it being a 13.3" screen that would normally sit 2-3 feet away from your face.
Ndoki Hasaki (8 days ago)
And holy shit, the touchbar is a glorified scroll wheel. Oh god my sides.
foreshadow20 (8 days ago)
and yet the idiots still put the power inputs on the right...
Brian Bellia (8 days ago)
I really love how HP has bucked the trend and stuck with the standard USB ports - on both sides, no less. *That* alone is enough to sway my purchase.
Headhunter12345 (8 days ago)
360gb hard drives seem rare but that's mostly because 256 and 512 are more common computer numbers
Reilly Jensen (8 days ago)
Macs are still the best : fight me
Hl A (8 days ago)
I have no idea, BUT I have only had desktops. I bet apples operating system is better than windows. These days it's forced updates. I had an update and it didn't work properly and screwed up my computer, so I had to do a full system restore. Luckily I had a hard drive with my information back up. F-ing Microsoft.
Izabela Maria (8 days ago)
I have upgraded to Dell XPS 15 9560. Great computer for less than 1600 euro. MacBook Pro with similar specs would have cost me more than double - 3400 euro! I can do anything on this laptop - even game! It's very small for 15 inch, stylish (aluminum and carbon fiber), has all the ports I need and use, the battery is great (around 10h), has fast SSD (large enough for all my data). You can upgrade anything in this laptop, even RAM (supports up to 32GB) or SSD! Most Windows laptops are not user upgradable, especially the ones that are all-in-one kind of devices. My XPS 9560 is a regular laptop for people who want just a laptop. There's also touchscreen version with a stunning 4k display, but I'm quite happy with a 1080p anti-glare panel.
fernarias (8 days ago)
Lol at how Europe always gets ripped off with prices. Check the US price for a better version of the HP envy 13 for less than 1100 dollars.
Ōkami-san (8 days ago)
I've had an NEC with a touchscreen for 6 years. I don't really use it because it's uncomfortable.
fernarias (9 days ago)
Does the envy support SJWs like apple does? If so I don't want one of these either. Find me a laptop free from SJW bullshit. Probably, unfortunately, only chinese laptops lack SJW support.
POSSIBLY INSANE (9 days ago)
when they say it feels high end they mean it feels and looks like an apple product why would i want the imitation even if it is cheaper/faster ill buy the faster macbook when it comes out
POSSIBLY INSANE (9 days ago)
ok i still want a macbook pro. we love apple computers not just computers
Farlig66 (9 days ago)
Whilst I agree that the "new" macbook is a total fuck up and step backwards - the benefit is the OS... I´m writing this on a 6 year old macbook pro - 1st of the retina´s and it´s still flying & more stable than a stable thing - with endless free OS upgrades to boot.. Show me a 6 year old windoze machine that can do that.
Hl A (8 days ago)
YEP! I have only had desktops. I bet apples operating system is better than windows. These days it's forced updates. I had an update and it didn't work properly and screwed up my computer, so I had to do a full system restore. Luckily I had a hard drive with my information back up. F-ing Microsoft.
Phillip Conroy (9 days ago)
Me buys it, reformats the hard drive & puts Linux Mint on it!
Dutch Cobbler (9 days ago)
Excellent rundown! I'm still running my HP Envy M6, and doing well with it. My problem with newer laptops is Windows 10, which is a privacy nightmare. If I ever upgrade I will have to find a system with drivers compatible with Win8 or Win7. I'm not averse to replacing this laptop with an identical one at this point. I'm fine using older hardware as long as it functions well, and my old Envy still does nicely, noisy blower and mushy keyboard notwithstanding.
PixelOutlaw (9 days ago)
So let's talk non upgradable parts and planned obsolescence. More etrash for the landfill in 3 years.
liiiliiiliiiliiil (9 days ago)
Windows 10 is cancer
Hanniffy Dinn (9 days ago)
Paid advert bullshit, a Mac Pro has better resale value over Time.
Dino Con (9 days ago)
Would you say that this laptop is good for video editing? What other laptops would you recommend for editing?
NotOrdinaryInGames (9 days ago)
It hurts being a Mac user.
DM P (9 days ago)
keep them coming your tech voice is sadly , one of a rare sound ...
NoThankYou Tv (9 days ago)
People buy Apple products cause it works great. They buy it because of Mac OS and IOS. These operating systems are optimized to work with pro apps such as Final Cut Pro and Logic X. If you don’t like it go somewhere else 🤷🏼‍♀️
bmoraski (9 days ago)
Before the trashcan abortion i wanted to get a Macpro. When i compared price's i ended up building my current rig that blew that thing out of the water for less than half the cost and it is still kicking ass almost 5 years later with only a graphics card update last year. I still want to build a Hackintosh with that old beautiful silver aluminum case. WHY did Apple get rid of that beautiful piece of art ?
MrYellow (9 days ago)
Could you test overwatch on it plz?
Friglite 2006 (9 days ago)
The Apple matches my birkenstocks.
georgiaputZ (9 days ago)
I have the 17" version . On complaints I have is the SD card gets stuck and a corrupted file that causes occasional reboot. I just don't want to send to the Best Buy geek squad prison yet.
trillz31 (9 days ago)
I have an Envy myself and I do enjoy it alot.
Danny (9 days ago)
Buy in the north and save a fortune.
Matheus Grossi (9 days ago)
Good Review! But I think Apple is trying to push us to the future, I may look biased, but imaginr everything using USB-C, if Apple keeps pushing this trend, It will be good for the whole notebook market. But I won't lie, the touch bar sucks.
Sir Klopp (9 days ago)
This is why I stay away from Apple and just laugh at those people who decide getting the latest Apple gear to follow their social group narrative.
kevinbenko (9 days ago)
I dislike laptop computers. I have a desktop computer, 12TB HDD, 16GB RAM, my graphics card will have to be upgraded soon, though. I am a Linux user. Heh!
Kami Sama (9 days ago)
what type of android emulator were u using there btw for playing asphalt 8?
Rex Remedy (9 days ago)
hp always made good harware...
onehappynegro (9 days ago)
well please add the tagline until next windows update. being a windows user since 1994 not much has happened. drops wifi other functions, solution force restart in worst case by shutting power down. recover just by restarting computer up to 6 times. also enjoy the forced updates/restarts. enjoy brand specific driver that microsoft install the newest one which makes your computer less usable. i have never had these problems with linux or apple. apple however haven't really upgraded hardware for a long time but their os is upgraded with functions wanted.
Adad Joseph (9 days ago)
great review dave and never been a fan of macbook

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