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Will GameStop Problems KILL Physical Games? | RGT 85

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GameStop is in trouble, but I think it extends beyond just their company. GameStop closing could potentially kill physical games. With a all digital future being predicted as soon as 2022, what sort of impact will Game Stop's troubles have on the gaming industry? Let's talk! Patreon: http://www.patreon.com/shawnlong Twitter: @ShawnLong85 Shirts: http://rgt85.spreadshirt.com Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/rgt85
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jake steel (16 hours ago)
Comparing 1.9B at GameStop to 9B digital sales of ALL video games is apples and oranges tons of other stores sell video games. The market is shrinking but you would need to look at the global sales of all physical video games not just GameStop which focuses on used games anyway
Bat cup (2 days ago)
Gamestop is killing gamestop more then digital. I only buy physical and I wont shop a gamestop.
Matthew Sleeper (2 days ago)
And it’s easier to to find a lower price of used physical than digital, except when sales happen.
Matthew Sleeper (2 days ago)
But physical you can sell, takes up less storage, and quicker downloads.
Matthew Sleeper (2 days ago)
Remember when you can just put a disc in a GameCube and just play and not have to wait?
Mauro Knowlogy (2 days ago)
I fucking love GameStop. Whatever
Jan Doll (3 days ago)
I think the main reason gamestop is dying is not because people dont want to buy physical games anymore, its just because with amazon you can just order it to your home on release day for the same amount of money so why not.
Zardinen (3 days ago)
All I can say about digital is: Scott Pilgrim Vs The World..... One of the most fun beat 'em ups I've ever played, and I can't get it anymore due to licensing Issues!
OCPrunsthecops (3 days ago)
GameStop held a job fair earlier this week in NYC. I wonder how many ppl went knowing it's a dying company. On another note, think about the music CD's; do we know anyone who actually buys physical copies of a music CD? If so, how often do they buy CD's? This isn't the 90's where everyone bought a CD once a week. Everyone just downloads music nowadays. Same path the video games will go. Maybe physical copies will only be reserved for those suped up collector's edition since that comes with goodies & such. As far as regular games go; I agree how it'll all be digital downloads. The year 2022 sounds right. I'm looking at the release of the next gen consoles which more or less release about the same time as the Grand Theft Auto Games. GTA 6 will probably be released in 2022 or 2023 which makes sense for the debut of the next gen consoles.
Steve Dvernichuk (3 days ago)
Heres my two cents RGT. #1 a physical copy never dies if treated with love and care. #2. It's yours to enjoy forever (maybe some switch titles with mandatory download won't be) as you do not have to worry about the online services closing down. Wii Shop Channel Anyone? How about Xbox Live in 2010 for the OG Xbox? Nothing set in stone, but its coming for xbox 360 and ps3
shahid khan (4 days ago)
I completely agree with the goodies that you dont get anymore and the manuals etc. Thats the only reason why i but the physical games because you get the artwork and the extras.. Well you used to anyway.
Perotti 31 (5 days ago)
I didn’t read all your comments this time, but another factor is there are still a lot of kids and families out there in rural America or what not that do not have Internet how are they going to get new games? They rely on places like GameStop to get their systems used and games at a cheaper price
Shark Filet (5 days ago)
I think it would be interesting to see Amazon buy GameStop
Andy Aldrich (5 days ago)
Amazon won't halt sales of physical media - the exact reason for the death of Gamestop and Toys R Us. It's online stores and their lack of outlet expenses that killed the High Street, not digital sales. Physical media will die eventually but not because of Fortnight etc.
2071Johnny (5 days ago)
If physical games die, then they *better* go Walmart on storage devices, or make 100GB systems from now on.
The Red Knight Squad (5 days ago)
To be honest I buy physical because it’s cheaper I could get crash bandicoot on switch physically for $30 new but $60 on eshop
Django Fett (6 days ago)
I always buy physical copies because I can typically get them for cheaper and I can sell it if I don't like the game or beat it fast. Digital Sales are good sometimes, but I can usually beat it on ebay buying "like new" used copies. I also have the Best Buy Gamer club unlocked. I got Horizon Zero dawn NEW for $8.00. You can't beat that price.
Mister Bellvadere (6 days ago)
I don't think the internet infastructure is good enough to support an all digital game market by 2022. I have the fastest internet offered by my isp, and it still takes me forever to download a game
Joel Gutierrez (6 days ago)
Digital games and dlc can't be shared. That's where all this affects me the most. Often times people will let friends borrow a game that they don't care to own since they won't be playing it over and over again. Also, selling games isn't possible. Ever want to sell a game you no longer care about for some extra cash, maybe buy a game for cheap? Sometimes you simply bought a game that turned out boring to you, oh well now right? Physical copies give us the power to do what we want with them, collect, display, lend, trade, sell, return.
Nomad Scorpio (6 days ago)
Get over it guys... All your doomsday scenario's about servers, network, etc...are entertaining but it isn't going to stop the digital takeover. The numbers don't lie and this is a business decision. They don't care about your walls of physical media that you like to stare at and your penchant for nostalgia and the craving to hold something in your hand... They care about profit. Period. Sorry... Those are the hard facts. Like em or not...
Jedi Ninja (6 days ago)
I buy my physical games from Amazon and bestbuy. Why should I go to gamestop? They suck I hate them.
Alpha Rakama (7 days ago)
Yea I remember the turtles in time remake on Xbox 360. Sad that it's not available anymore.
Kenny G (7 days ago)
I don't like all digital games. What happens when psn or xbl decide to perma ban you. You now have thousands of dollars in games you can no longer access. With physical media, all you need is a new ps4 or XB1 and you are good to go
may qween (7 days ago)
Asik gamers85..
Walmart Will always carry Physical-
Soooo much click bait Shawn
Alexander Tepper (7 days ago)
Physical copies need to be available for the places where there is no internet available in the entire town the shasta mountain range has many towns every gamer that drives hours to get to retail stores get screwed that's not right I don't buy disks cause disks don't last but cartridges are always the best way to collect and are better in many ways it should be a nintendo thing only
Alexander Tepper (7 days ago)
What do people do who live around internet in isolated areas in the united states they just suppose to be screwed and i don't buy disk copies the nintendo cart market is there not the disk market but carts are just pulled apart and bought in california retail stores we shouldn't be screwed in states like washington and Oregon outside the city of nintendo headquarters US
Alexander Tepper (7 days ago)
In places in california there is no internet lol what about alaska and so on
Grey Goose (7 days ago)
Lets not forget that if you buy digital games you are only purchasing a license to download/play the game. If said company goes out of business or decides to pull the game from the digital store front you are $hit out of luck. Maybe game companies will reverse this....who am i kidding they dont care about you and your purchase.
Miguel Ibanez (7 days ago)
Make a video of the juiciest physical copies you have!! Revive the reason to go physical!!
Lee Croft (7 days ago)
I now buy disc only on eBay. Been doing this with last gen game's for the last few year's. I now have folders full of 360, PS3 and Wii game's, we're talking over 1000+. Very cheap way to build a huge collection also takes up less space. Not an option or a preferred way for many gamers but for me it's great. Started doing that for this gen too. Disc only is so cheap, not much demand for disc only. Over here in the UK digital is still too expensive.
Alex Oborne (7 days ago)
I’ve been a Physical copy guy since day one
Redleaf Boomer (7 days ago)
cd Project red is a good example i think, even the standard edition gets some Sweet stuff.
Joseph Freisinger (7 days ago)
If GameStop supports digital I'll be happy to go back to a GameStop store they need to support gamers like me
Crypto Feez (7 days ago)
Your giving gamestop to much credit some one else will emerge to take there place
Mike P. (7 days ago)
My two cents. I only buy digital games that are digital only or there is a huge discount, otherwise I always buy physical.
I think if that ever happens in the near future, that will cause all gaming in general to hit a all time low. How many people don't have access to good internet? Cause I know a few people who live in the outskirts who love to game...and don't have internet service. So someone should do a study on how many people have access or can even afford a good internet... service. Because that can cause a problem for any console market.
iceshadow625 (8 days ago)
I like physical copies because I can trade a game back if I don't really like it. Maybe it is my OCD but it really bugs me when I have a purchased game in my "owned" list that I absolutely don't like. It is like a constant reminder of that regretable purchase just taunting me.
Kravesin (8 days ago)
badazzboxer (8 days ago)
Nope, as soon as digital happens, gaming will be done for me as a gamer. RIP VGs.
Seth (8 days ago)
When I got ys vii I was shocked to see a map and collectors cards it was a really nice surprise, my only. Problem with a digital download is if I hate the game I'm stuck with it. I can't trade it in for a game I want
Kenny Andrews (8 days ago)
Personally as long as GameStop sells physical games I'm going to buy them
skilled Hunter (8 days ago)
Dang I did not knew they do that
YavinPrime (8 days ago)
I did actually see Wonder at my local Target so it seems that they are stocking some of the smaller titles. Will they ever compare to Gamestop... no, of course not. Regarding what you mentioned about the Simpsons game. Yah that is horrible and I think that intellectual property and digital media ownership laws need to be revisited. It would be nice if consumer interests were once again a focus for our nation. There should be laws that require a corporation to house user's digital media within reasonable means. If a digital object is to be erased from the downloadable database then notices need to be sent out to said owners so that they can 1) download and store it for personal use or 2) burn it to local storage. Either way I do think that going fully digital at this time would be bad for gamers.
Jay B (8 days ago)
How do they justify selling the digital copy for the same price as the physical? There’s no cost of physical materials, packaging, shipping it to the retailer, etc. Shouldn’t we be paying less for digital since it costs the publisher less?
SuperBuu85 (8 days ago)
Oh. I was also going to mention, my local Target has some Indie games on display next to some of the AAA games, like Owlboy and Yonder.
SuperBuu85 (8 days ago)
Scott Pilgrim vs the World the Game is another one of those lost digital games.. my lil bro deleted nearly everything on his PS3 including it to have more space, and my older bro lost our original PS3 due to a bad relationship.. that's just one of the bigger problems with digital media.
master zat (8 days ago)
You are absolutely right
Rizall Jones (8 days ago)
I wonder will games get cheaper if its downloaded with a physical copy it cost money for the disk the plastic cover and paper art of the case and the paper from the manual will those cost that the company saves from those things translate to lower cost of games my thought is no
Dick Downer (8 days ago)
Let's not give RapeStop that much credit..Lol
skyviolet (8 days ago)
...anyone else notice that Switch cartridges are UNPLAYABLE, until you download the startup update when you first get it.. ie; Doom, Wolfenstein, controls dont work from day one.... That just proves what a piece of garbage it is, when they sell you an.incomplete physical media that has no value when in a couple years, the internet support to access the rest of the game so you can play it, will expire!
Tripod (8 days ago)
What sucks about GameStop is they'll try selling you a game that is "new" but was already open. Sorry but if theirs no wrapping around it it's not new. Cheese tactic.
Jase Doe (8 days ago)
Up until I got my 360 I bought games, I had the PS2 before, from the store like best buy, EB Games, Gamestop. Now since I've had my 360 I bought maybe a couple games from the physical stores and most my collection has come from places like Amazon because of their prices when they are not being sold by a third party. So I think with places like Amazon that is another factor contributing people using physical stores less. It will be interesting to see how they adjust licensing issue for digital media. I got my 360 a couple months before the PS4 and Xbox One hit the shelves. I was too late for the Simpsons Arcade game on Xbox Live but they had two of my most favorite arcade games X-Men (1992) Arcade game and the first TMNT Arcade game. Unfortunately I had to wait a month since I just made the major console purchase too give a thought to getting them. By the time I was ready I no longer saw TMNT available and the X-Men was still their but only the free trail was available before it went goodbye. I did find a third thought and got the chance to play it thought I lost a lot of money on it getting a bunch of the packs for it. That was the Game Room with all those Atari, Activision, Intellivison, and early Konami titles. The game just stopped working and I saw they no longer had it listed on Xbox Live. That would be the only problem I would have with digital games is what happens when the licenses is up are you going to be out the money you paid for it when it quits working and is now longer available everytime.
Telesplash Gaming (8 days ago)
It's such a tough decision when it comes to buying games. Local brick and mortar are so nice to have, but it's such a tough pill to swallow when you want to shop local but online has such great deals. Reminds me of Hastings and blockbuster. I loved going in there, but towards the end I rarely rented movies from them. Since I'm more passionate about gaming as opposed to movies, I make sure to shop locally at my game stores as much as possible.
qualorii (8 days ago)
I do not think of GameStop first for games. I go for the best value, and that is NEVER GameStop. I still have an active Gamers Club Unlocked subscription, so Best Buy is my first choice. After that is Amazon, Walmart, and Target. The only reason I ever consider shopping at GameStop is when they have a physical exclusive. And when they go under, some other store will get the exclusives, or I'll just have to get them from another region from Play Asia, Amazon, or Ebay.
James Hidalgo (8 days ago)
Only good thing about GameStop is the option of used games savings imo
derek221122 (8 days ago)
here's something i'm wondering about with digital games. let's say we're on the next generation or 2 of consoles and hypothetically games are all digital. what if you buy say a used xbox one and you wanna go back to get some games from the online store but the server is shut down? once the server shuts down you can't go back and buy any digital games you may have missed out on. and people will say you should've bought it when it came out. not everyone is able to buy games when they come out. i don't have tons of cash so there's lots of games i'm not able to buy right away. with used physical games i can go back and buy stuff from previous consoles i may have missed out on. there are digital games on the wii shop for example, i wasn't able to buy and i can't buy now cause they shut down the server for it. gimme physical media any day of the week. and that's not just for games either. i'm talking other media as well such as music or movies, tv shows that don't air anymore but you can buy collections of, etc.
Lon.TV (8 days ago)
I think that download caps and overall downstream internet speeds will keep physical relevant for AAA titles.
Mianlo Mangaing (8 days ago)
Gamestop closings, won't kill physical media. However, it will leave a dent. Since it limits where you could buy physical media. Gamestop wasn't as bad as Wal-Mart.
No disc, no purchase...
captain hentai (8 days ago)
digital on console just cost more. 60usd for the game plus full storage cost (sure .05usd per gb but you have less than 1000 gb) with no resale value(can't sell game). with physical 60usd~19usd plus lower storage cost (not all the game is install to hdd) yet you can sell back your game to places like EB or gamestop for 30usd~.05usd (don't want the nickel! give the game to a friend and make a new fan of the series)
Ricardo Perez (8 days ago)
Next gen, games will be 150gb to 300gb. People can’t afford to download big games due to data caps from isp. Physical media wil rebound and will stay forever. Hopefully, Microsoft and Sony is able to make installments faster physically.
B Righteous (8 days ago)
Just keep the collector;s editions coming!
homeless gamer (8 days ago)
physical media is dying because all digital is the future and it's inevitable
homeless gamer (6 days ago)
I'm talking for current gen games, not the older stuff and for future releases too
homeless gamer not for collectors
Michael Tisei (8 days ago)
Physical media does nothing for me. I dont care about showing off a collection of games and i never had interested in collectors editions of games. Its far easier to have digital games and there seems to always be a way to get a game cheaper digital form. I probably have close to 400 games across all platforms digital
Ocegues (8 days ago)
here in Iceland a Triple A release costs a 100$ physical and a 60$ through the E-shop so of course we pick the digital release if we have to pay almost double for the game and plus we have to go to the store so we have to pay for gas
Bayou City Astronomy (8 days ago)
Lack of physical content was not the case with Ys VIII for the Switch.
Shae Winchester (8 days ago)
they should be bought and killed by EA. lol.
Gamer Rant (8 days ago)
"look at all this crap it came with" As a gamer that is insulting to hear another gamer say such words.
eRock _ (8 days ago)
The key issue for the push to eliminate physical media is CONTROL. If you buy digital only, then it is not transferable and if a license gets pulled or something along those line, its gone.
lukman hakim (8 days ago)
Imagine trying to download a 60gb game...forever...to download
Michael Gilley (8 days ago)
I havnt kept any of my games after the ps1 satern and N 64
Michael Gilley (8 days ago)
games suck in this gen the last good gen was ps1 n64 and satern
Michael Gilley (8 days ago)
theres not enough hard core gamers that want to hang on to there games I dont like all the patch updates and intall old games are better
DCT (8 days ago)
Analysts, I take anything they say with a healthy dose of salt. I mean these are the same folks that were saying that traditional console and PC games were on their way out and Mobile was the future in four years. Over four years ago. Yeah, not happening by the looks of it. They also said psychical discs for films were going to die in favor of digital. Again not really happening, well it is but isn't, major new films are taking a hit in sales but classic films and cult movies from boutique labels such as Shout factory, Vinegar syndrome. Severin, Grindhouse releasing, Arrow Video, AGFA(American Genre Film Archive which was founded by the owner of Alamo Drafthouse), Kind Lorber, MVD, Massacre Video, etc have been doing really well to even growing.to the point where some bigger names had dipped their feet into the market like Lionsgate re launching the Vestron video label and Sony attempting it and others are now using these labels to outsource re releases of their back catalogue.
Johnny Estrada (8 days ago)
Only thing good about physical copies is being able to trade in the game after your done playing it
DeusCriolo (8 days ago)
Physical is dying just matter of time. I’m 💯 % digital since 360 era. Over 400 digital games zero CD.
Drewsefer89 (8 days ago)
Physical media will be dead by 2022 is laughable. Is physical media dying? Yes! But not by 2022. I haven’t shopped at GameStop in 10 years yet I still buy Physical. Guarantee my life savings that some physical media will still be alive.
Teenkitsune (5 days ago)
Minene Uryuu922 I PC Masterrace I That last statement is completely inaccurate, PCs need constant upgrades, that's how technology works, it's not exclusive to storage media.
but they have to make new cartridge technologies to increase the storage while pc doesnt have that problem
Teenkitsune (5 days ago)
Minene Uryuu922 I PC Masterrace I First of all those limits can, and have been, increased, unlike in 1996 they can hold more content and cost much less to produce. Second those servers won't be online forever, and they can break down, once any of that happens you're SOL. Finally, not everyone, not even the kids of today, want everything that way, many of us want something tangible, and to get rid of that just to appease you guys would be a disaster.
a cartridge ( or SSD ) is a bad way to store games since cartridges have limits aswell , no storage form is endless , the best thing is to just have everything on a server and you download it
Teenkitsune (5 days ago)
Minene Uryuu922 I PC Masterrace I No, it's called a cartridge.
James Claxon (8 days ago)
What I do is buy any multiplayer game, indie game, or games thats never fully ending example binding of Isaac. I get those digital but games that are like bloodborn or soon to be octopath traveler I get pysicaly cause 20+ years from now I wont be able to play those games online so why have a disk or case taking up space. Plus makes it easier to have those on the system incase a buddy wants to play its always just a click away.
snailgirl6 (8 days ago)
Digital copies *CAN'T* be autographed!!! And my local store is really nice, don't suggestive sell, and have EXCELLENT customer service!!! So I don't think my store is a problem...
Evildie .x (8 days ago)
Maybe, maybe not
Vengenace Early (8 days ago)
I don't want to predict that physical games are going down or GameStop for that matter. It's like trying to predict what Nintendo is doing -- you think you are riding a nice calm horse and find out you are riding a rodeo stud praying to be able to stay on for eight seconds. :)
Michael Cash (8 days ago)
If games go all digital im done gaming for good
Porg Nation (8 days ago)
Physical media is becoming less attractive with all these digital sales and not to mention Netflix has a bigger movie selection now. With streaming services like Hulu amazon prime video and crunchy roll why should I collect blu rays?
Chris Garner (8 days ago)
I think the people who own digital downloaded games don't really play games. They just want their FIFA, Battlefront COD and other things to play for half an hour.
stormlighter82 (8 days ago)
I was @walmart last week thinking how it looks, it looks like a deserted area. I Agree about GameStop I will play a big role on the end of physical era, depending on what the new owners decide to do; either way the physical era will end Maybe not in 2022, but eventually.
Jalentablet K (8 days ago)
Yea hmm we call em "hard copy's"
Simple (8 days ago)
hmm how to sell used digital data instead of discs lol? Even if companys like gamestop go down we still have to buy the physical hardware to run digital software.
Bryant Fontaine (8 days ago)
Richard Ramirez (8 days ago)
I get brand new physical games cheap at Best buy 10 bucks off with the membership
Chris Korol (8 days ago)
I just went in there two days ago and once again randomely treated like crap! I feel like im going through airport security when i walk into a gamestop bcuz the way im treated so horribly for absolutely no reason, not to mention i some how walked out w a pro membership which i did not want! Walk out and im just like wait what just happened? I feel like im always getting swindled when i leave the store. Btw though im PRO physical copies. I dont think it will ever go away,at least i hope not.....
ByteBlok _ (8 days ago)
These assholes collect currency like you collect video games. They want shelves full of money like you want games...there you have it.
Chris Korol (8 days ago)
See my problem with gamestop is i HATE IT!
dude_zavala (8 days ago)
Reasons to buy physical. Physical is always cheaper unless with the exception of really rare limited physical releases. You can fit multiple games a lot more games on each system without having to delete games. Most games always hold some value and can be shared with friends.
dude_zavala (5 days ago)
Not even close. The cheapest i've seen Dark Souls 3 is $15 thats the type of deals you get with steam. I picked my copy up for $16 brand new at best buy during a sale a little after release. There are so many deals for physical that most of the time you can trade up your games on special and get your games for free.
digital on steam is much cheaper
Jmeastro1 Gaming (8 days ago)
I buy physical because it has value. Can't sell a digital game if you don't like it most of the time. I only buy digital for PC.
CD1083 (8 days ago)
Like music and film, digital games will continue to push the physical medium into the niche market. There will be a decreasing demand until we’re all dead.
Xmod's Gaming (8 days ago)
GameStop just need to turn to retro store or go to rental club. Or selling new systems or in store repairs
Arob (8 days ago)
I prefer physical games. They have resale value. Maybe physical media like cds but not games.
chris silva (8 days ago)
If games go all digital im just going back and just play ps3 xbox 360 i will not buy digital only games or game consoles i like owning my games digital make me feel like im just renting the game xbox live and psn all getting hacked or people accounts geting broken in to and call sony or Microsoft is a pain never buying digital

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