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Telltale's The Walking Dead: The Final Season Details - IGN Live E3 2018

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The voice of Clementine, Melissa Hutchinson, drops by IGN to talk what's in store for Clementine in the final season of Telltale's The Walking Dead. Watch more from E3 2018 here! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VLyj9_YmsM8&index=1&list=PLraFbwCoisJAcQvOvliIp_1bYkRlB8cVP ------------------------------­---- Follow IGN for more! ------------------------------­---- IGN OFFICIAL APP: http://www.ign.com/mobile FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/ign TWITTER: https://twitter.com/ign INSTAGRAM: https://instagram.com/igndotcom/?hl=en WEBSITE: http://www.ign.com/ GOOGLE+: https://plus.google.com/+IGN
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Text Comments (366)
syahrul mubarok (20 days ago)
make it epic!
Juggalo ASMR (28 days ago)
The 3rd season wasn't that great I loved the 1st and 2nd and I know I'll love the 4th
XxSoul_ Slayer99xX (1 month ago)
Basically one minute into the video and I learn that Javier nor his family would appear in S4. I REALLY loved S3, I'm very disappointed to hear that I won't be seeing anyone from the main family returning
Quassy (1 month ago)
They want us to forget S3. Basically it was pointless to even play S3 because Javier won’t be appearing? Now that he isn’t appearing in S4 much more pointless
ShadowKnight506 Gamez (1 month ago)
Fun fact - clementines story will end BUT she doesn’t have to die for her story to end just saying
Noëllzi (1 month ago)
I WANT SEASON 5!!!!!!!!!! :c
DaGuadeOideBoudler (1 month ago)
So, basically s3 was pointless for the story?
Clementine (1 month ago)
Dorro (2 months ago)
The voice actor is talented. I used to think they were hiring different people for every stage of clementine's growth
Chris Shamonah (2 months ago)
he said 'well season 4 is the end of clementines story' ; - ;
Fubluhh (2 months ago)
Aww, does that mean Javier is gone forever??
Mathew PH (3 months ago)
We played javi for no reason.
Black Frosty Gaming (3 months ago)
I know just how this is gonna end it’s gonna end the way season 1 did with Clem having to take out lee and now AJ is going to have to take out Clem I’m calling it now
Va N (3 months ago)
Lilly Christa Glenn Molly Mike Arvo Joan/Clint?
Koco (3 months ago)
Here are the returning characters (possibly) Lee Kenny Molly Lilly Christa Bonnie Mike Arvo
BabyFaceSiege (20 days ago)
It’s not possible tho, they dead lol
Koco (1 month ago)
Quassy (1 month ago)
Koco isn’t lee dead and Kenny?
residentevil4life (3 months ago)
lmao even tho randomly throwing Javier in the New Frontier was annoying af its even worse to basically just throw his entire storyline in the final season since i HIGHLY doubt Telltale will bother finishing it given the lukewarm response he got
Ryan O'Sullivan (3 months ago)
Can’t believe it’s been 6 years since the first one came out. Loved this franchise and clems story all through. Lee would be so proud. We need a flashback of him defo but either way ending is gonna be emotional
James S. (3 months ago)
The female interviewer is def not a fan of the series and just reading generic questions. Where is Alanah and Miranda to do the interview?
James S. (3 months ago)
I miss kid Clementine. They better not kill her.
Ken Kaneki (3 months ago)
Are they planning on doing season 2 or a new frontier each of their own save file to be in the final season? Like for example, if you have season 2 save file it will transfer to the final season
CurlyCamillee (3 months ago)
Y’all do realize they could be trolling us right? Did they ever say something about Kenny returning in the 2nd season? No. Probably because A. They want it to be a surprise or B. It could be a potential spoiler or a set up for something in the future. They said this is the end of Clementine’s adventure, doesn’t mean they can’t pick it up with different characters in later years.
Quentin Dowler (3 months ago)
We still don't know what happened to Christa OR Lilly from Season 1 so I'm hoping they find a way to bring them back in this season
YUNGMON (3 months ago)
Clementine is going to die and AJ ist going to be the new protag?
waalex11 (3 months ago)
What's their age?!
waalex11 (3 months ago)
4 episodes.
Brick By Brick Studioss (3 months ago)
66loom (3 months ago)
One of the greatest games ever made.
username2669 (3 months ago)
i wanna see clementine and ellie team up somehow. both grew up at the same time both similar and different at the same time. would make an interesting duo
ch5412 (3 months ago)
What he said at the end isn't true! Season 3 isn't included in the Collection!
WindMageMaster (3 months ago)
I have the collection. It has Season 3.
Leanne B. (3 months ago)
Sooo glad they're ignoring season 3. Honestly it was a boring spinoff-ish segment. Season 1 and 2 were amazing, and i'm glad season 4 is returning to the series roots ♡
ThrawnGames (3 months ago)
Only four episodes? Aw...
LOL Âmnésià (3 months ago)
SceR (3 months ago)
At least this walking dead has a finale ;)
Ron (3 months ago)
I hope they're lying about no Javier
Spencer Peat (3 months ago)
Time to go replay seasons 1, 2 and buy 3...
Punky Lesh (3 months ago)
Let me guess.... Clem will die at the end, what a twist!
NytroNick (3 months ago)
4 Episodes when the other 3 had 5? Why?
Ther7 (3 months ago)
NytroNick I guess Telltale will follow the :quality > quantity" idea. Good to know, since they released like 3 telltale games per year (2016-17)
The Ultimate Slab (3 months ago)
I'm calling it. Ending will be clem getting bitten and AJ shooting her. The cycle continues
Travler Simpon (3 months ago)
I really How they take their time with this one
Viiruz_Chimpy Clo gay (3 months ago)
When does the game come out?
Logan (3 months ago)
This interview pretty much conforms S3 was a creative decision to move away from Clementine, but the fans pushed back hard and now we're hopefully back on track.
Ri Games (3 months ago)
Just saying you might as well call this season 3 cause season 3 was so pointless
FrankNBeans (3 months ago)
Wait, at this point wouldn't the Walkers Fully decompose now?
DomTheBomb (3 months ago)
Goodbye Javier only s3 character I’m gonna miss that won’t show up
AlexDiva (22 days ago)
+DaGuadeOideBoudler it was a mistake in my opinion. The nee frontier should have been a spinoff like Michonne
DaGuadeOideBoudler (1 month ago)
compgamer So... basically s3 was useless for the story? XD
Va N (3 months ago)
What about Joan or Clint??
Keiatray Thomas (3 months ago)
It’s gonna end like season 1 , Clem will die
Tyler Williams (3 months ago)
So basically I could have completely skipped S3 of The Walking Dead because Javier won't be appearing in the game. Good to know... Good to know.
Danijs Pakuls (3 months ago)
Clem >>>>> ellie
Lunar Turtle (3 months ago)
Season 3 was pointless. You could forget the whole season and things still would have been they are.
Pancakes 7385 (3 months ago)
So the dude said some characters will be returning. So does that mean we will finally find out what happened to lily and or christa?
Glad Evening (3 months ago)
4 episodes? Wtf
ThatKidSavage_11 (3 months ago)
Glad Evening Same thing I said I'm surprised no one brought that up , but they'll probably be long episodes
Cao_doido 1 (3 months ago)
nedril (3 months ago)
it better be a satisfying conclusion >:(
Bnork (3 months ago)
"Its the end of clementines story" you kill clem you kill my soul.
ThatKidSavage_11 (3 months ago)
Sooo S3 was completely pointless and only S1-2 only matters? So what was the point of it all it could've been just Clem dealing with her life with the new frontier all of S3 instead of Javier's story
Water Salads (3 months ago)
I was really hoping Javier would return
Oxi Clean (3 months ago)
Choices you made from the previous season will carry on to the next season Bullshit
Lee marshall (3 months ago)
Ace from stand by me lol kiefer sutherland
Jay_Ramirez02 (3 months ago)
How old is Clementine here, 16-17 years old?
Miles Parker (3 months ago)
I think there is 4 different endings, Clem dies, AJ dies, they both survive or the both die. I know your thinking that AJ probably won’t die but honestly I think telltale is tricking us. But it would be cool if they did a repeat of season ones ending in season 4.
Janne Peimola (3 months ago)
I liked the third season. I think the whole point was in that season to show how much Clem had grown and you cannot do that if you make all her choices. Every season has it's purpose. In first one you have to take care of her. Second season you try to survive in her shoes. The third you see how much she has grown, her decisions and all. In every game you see her in different angle. But it is good that she is the main character again.
Quassy (1 month ago)
I’m going to force my dad to work it out with the other employees to bring back Javi 😤👍🤛👏🏽
WindMageMaster (3 months ago)
Exactly. It’s like people forget that while you are taking care of her in S1 and plays an essential part, a lot of plot lines in the season didn’t involve her at all. So when I see people bitching that Clem isn’t the focus in S3, I have to wonder if they forgot like half of S1.
Papa John (3 months ago)
I thought the wolf among us season 2 was also coming this year
YOUR GAMER NYRO (3 months ago)
The guy at 0:3 I thought he was showing middle finger XD
Ken Kaneki (3 months ago)
YOUR GAMER NYRO hahaha he was like "fk you Telltale!"
La'Quia (3 months ago)
Kenny raised her too yanno! He taught her how to drive!
La'Quia and he going to teach her how to sail a boat
Samo PRO Gamer 525 (3 months ago)
What do you think guys? Will Clem die or she will live ?
Samo PRO Gamer 525 (3 months ago)
Danijs Pakuls I hope that she will live 😧
Danijs Pakuls (3 months ago)
What of she turns into a walker and thats how it ends ?
Pei K (3 months ago)
I'll miss hearing Melissa's voice :(.
βοrυτο υzυmακι (3 months ago)
7: 30 did Melissa just reveal Clem's age? 17
Marvel Rocks (3 months ago)
If Clementine get bit, AJ might have to either shoot her or leave her. If that happens I will lose it. 😭😭😭😭😭
XxCOOKEExxMONSTARxX (3 months ago)
awww not 5 eps
THE BEST CHARMANDER (3 months ago)
499 like
THE BEST CHARMANDER (3 months ago)
Can't wait to play it
XxCOOKEExxMONSTARxX (3 months ago)
maybe in the next games we still see Clem but we play as AJ (kinda like Javi but better cuz we wont be Javi)
XxCOOKEExxMONSTARxX (3 months ago)
CLEMY CLOO does she get a bf yet?
Slickiest Gamer (3 months ago)
I know season 3 wasn't the best compared to the first two seasons but I don't think that telltale should just pretend it didn't happens and forget about choices made through out the season... I really wondered what would have happened with the determinant characters considering there were so many at the end of S3! There was Kate, Gabe, David, Conrad, Dr. Lingard, Max, Joan, and Clint! And apparently Depending on Javier's choices in episode 4 of a new frontier Joan or Clint could've returned telltale stated this themselves a little after S3 ended. It really is a damn shame there going off and distancing themselves from ANF just cause it wasn't the best I hope telltale changes there minds but I doubt it
G3 Bo_man (3 months ago)
Where's Lee?
Tunci Balunci (3 months ago)
G3 Bo_man you must be living under a rock
G3 Bo_man dead in heaven
ProvingSumo7738 (3 months ago)
Dead x2
Samo PRO Gamer 525 (3 months ago)
G3 Bo_man Dead
XxCOOKEExxMONSTARxX (3 months ago)
he's not Carter's..... 😏
FLOgane (3 months ago)
That woman interviewer is absolutely atrocious, she can’t even speak English and her questions make no sense at all
Danijs Pakuls (3 months ago)
I dont wanna be rude, but yeah, she came in totaly unprepared with her questions.
Alin Tanislav (3 months ago)
Yep. What the hell..
FPrimee (3 months ago)
If clem dies at the end of this game
Freddie Cross (3 months ago)
Season 3 was dreadfully pointless it’s clem all the way
Anthony Sanchez (3 months ago)
We riot if Clem dies
Ender (3 months ago)
I think her death is a possibility
Justin 21 (3 months ago)
Danijs Pakuls (3 months ago)
It'll be Mass Effect 3 all over again.
AJ cent (3 months ago)
I am only wait for WOLF AMONG US 2
Sam Harrison (3 months ago)
No Javier or Garcia's but there will be returning characters? Hmm, maybe we'll finally find out what happened to Christa? I mean there's not many other choices of other characters to bring back.
Sam Harrison (3 months ago)
Wasn't she the same Lilly from the comic book, I always thought she was because she had the same name. I'd be interested to see her come back but I'm not too sure if someone from S1 would be on their radar or not.
Canuck Justin (3 months ago)
They could bring back Lilly from the first season, it would be really nice to know what happened to her
dontread12 (3 months ago)
Clementine dies in end we will be AJ next game!!! Confirmation from a family member who works on game. Believe me or not I don't care but it's true it's damn true!
Samo PRO Gamer 525 (3 months ago)
How there can be next season with AJ ?? This is the last season. Explain me
Rafael Campero (3 months ago)
If its true ill kiss on yor toe
Çhazam K4rai (3 months ago)
Brasil <3
WeeHez90 (3 months ago)
"I hope fans fall in love with AJ" Dude.......if you kill Clem I will throw my controller at the tv.....please don't make me do that!!!!
Sukira Miru (3 months ago)
Lee would be proud.
syahrul mubarok (20 days ago)
indeed my friend, indeed.
Stephanie B (3 months ago)
No Molly :(
pjmcray101 (3 months ago)
Atleast the game has sense enough to end unlike the TV show😕
mati :3 (3 months ago)
Something about ed boon in e3?
David Lim (3 months ago)
Clem Clem!
Drake Smith (3 months ago)
Release date??
RCool B (3 months ago)
Drake Smith You can even pre-order it on Steam.
Diego NG (3 months ago)
August 14
Cocky So (3 months ago)
I honestly think Clementine might commit suicide
Air Nomads (3 months ago)
Nah, she wouldn't do what Jane did.
Gabriel braz (3 months ago)
Olha a Bruna no ign americano, tá com moral a garota.
MetallicaRules (3 months ago)
"All the seasons have been pretty much servicing her to some degree." Except in ANF when she's relegated to nothing more than a side character who can be removed entirely from the story and nothing would change.
ayyyyyy gang gang
Daniel O'Connell (3 months ago)
MetallicaRules I think you'd be very good at writing your own version of these games, especially since you look at every detail, which is obvious from your comments
MetallicaRules (3 months ago)
"She learned how family units work" How? Most of the time she's off doing her own thing and is barely around Javi and his "family." She shows up halfway through Episodes 1 and 4, and determinantly halfway through Episode 3. Besides, she knew how a family unit worked, she had one of her own remember? She was also with Kenny in my version for nearly 2 years before Telltale lazily killed him off, and regardless of your ending, she was the adoptive mother of AJ, which is also the direction they're taking this season. And I wouldn't use Javi and his family as showing how a family unit works. Kate and David's marriage was a disaster, she goes behind his back and tries to start something with Javi, which comes off as forced and poorly developed, especially since Kate is a retched character, Gabe constantly acted defiant to both Javi and Kate, and the only child who actually could have shown Clem any of that, Mari, was killed off 5 minutes after she met her. "how to and how to not run a community of people (Richmond)" I'm pretty sure that's experience she got from the St. John's, Lily at the motel, Crawford, and Carver. And it's not like that was a theme or purpose for her character throughout the season, you're reaching to try and find something when nothing is there that supports your claim. We barely see her during her time in the New Frontier, all we get is her meeting Ava, which leads to her joining them (regardless of your choices) and her getting kicked out, that's it. "and goes from being a dark unforgiving brutal loner to someone with more empathy and hope." Very drastically and unexplained I'll add. Here's the thing though, in some versions, like if she was alone for 2 years or went with Jane, yeah I could see her becoming cold like she was. However, if you went with Kenny (as I did) or had Wellington, there's no reason for her to be like this. In the Kenny endings, she and AJ were on their own for less than a month, and she acts the same exact way as she does if she was on her own for those 2 years, how does that make sense? "Just cause it’s the Garcia’s story doesn’t mean it was a pointless season. S1 was Lee’s story, where there were plenty of plot lines that had little to no involvement with Clementine." It's pointless in terms of Clem's story, which the series has been predominantly about until that point. Even when we were playing as Lee, Clem was characterized as the deuteragonist of the season. Clem, while being her own character and never feeling like a plot device, was the driving force for Lee's character arc throughout the season. Her involvement and role in that season, while being a non-playable character, was much more vital to the story than her entire role was in ANF, even though we could play as her. If Telltale wanted to tell the Garcias' story, fine, go ahead, I still would have played it anyway. But don't needlessly drag Clementine into it if her role is going to be as pointless as it was. Cut her out, the game would have actually improved because that would be more time the writers could have used to focus on Javi and his family. Instead, they're trying to juggle too many things at once, and as a result, both Clem and Javi's stories get screwed up because they failed to tell 2 stories instead of trying to succeed in telling one. "based on players choices, she can be alongside you most of the season even if she isn’t the focus all the time." Actually she pretty much likes Javi regardless of what choices you make as him. You can choose not to back her up in Prescott, you can choose to abandon her at the junkyard, and you can go along with Conrad's plan, and she'll still ultimately like Javi. The only thing that matters in who Clem decides to go with in Episode 5 is the choices you make as Clem, not as Javi.
Kareem SC (3 months ago)
YOO when she did the 8 year old voice 😢 little weird to hear non of the Garcia’s are gonna be in S4
ISAACLARK (3 months ago)
What if she gets bit!
da gingerbread boi (3 months ago)
Unpopular opinion: The walking dead a new frontier is mostly a spin off and should be treated as such and is actually really good when you think about it that way.
MajinStarTM (3 months ago)
Still not really good, just meh.
katsupoi (3 months ago)
the thumbnail 😢 I hope the plot twist and aj is the one that ends up getting bit
Lunar Turtle (3 months ago)
U want AJ to get bit... How about i hope they both live
katsupoi (3 months ago)
garfield from the first teaser the thumbnail I feel like it's telling us that clementine is going to die
garfield (3 months ago)
you hope?
NuclearCow (3 months ago)
Ben Allen (3 months ago)
I hope we get to see characters such as Christa, Molly and Lily. Any others?
BasicallyDrunK (3 months ago)
Hershel died in the comics a pretty long time ago, ain't coming back for the game
Fell Man (3 months ago)
Jasper Luke dies no matter what.
HonestGaming (3 months ago)
Ben Allen I think Molly died in the show. She was defending Alexandria from that one crazy group and she got stabbed and lost too much blood. At least I think it was Holly. The character looked a lot like the Holly we know. I tried looking up Holly’s appearances in TWD but it says she’s only been in the comics and season 1 of the game.
jasper s (3 months ago)
OR luke
Fell Man (3 months ago)
Bonnie, Arvo, Mike, Hershel Greene, Vincent, Russel, Shel, Wyatt, etc.
o WORLDSTAR o (3 months ago)
How old is Clementine? I think the wiki says she is 13 in season 3, aj maybe was 2? He seems to be 8, maybe shes 18?
Kareem SC (3 months ago)
o WORLDSTAR o she’s 17-18
FT C (3 months ago)
Am I only the one that wants a game of thrones, season 2 please tell me I’m not
HonestGaming (3 months ago)
Pancake Day The decisions are actually really intense and makes the outcomes feel important. It seems heavy on choices. I highly recommend.
Clorox Bleach (3 months ago)
FT C I want Game of Thrones season 2 as well. The first season was really good and I’m sad that they still haven’t made a season 2. I mean the ending even made it seem like there’d be another season, but so far nothing.
FT C (3 months ago)
I think it’s pretty good

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