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North Austin Kids Cricket Practice

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April 19, 2014- kids from Austin get together to practice their bowling, batting, and fielding skills, under the watchful eyes of coach Srinagesh Loke and Santosh Shetty, along with 1 or 2 enthusiastic parents. Cricket's future is in safe hands...
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prajakta kanade (10 days ago)
Silmarien Prince (1 month ago)
This is why we play cricket. 😍Reminds me of many a Sunday afternoon
Ibrahim Mian (1 month ago)
This in America?
bvwalters322 (1 month ago)
Shardaben Raval (1 month ago)
Fake fake fake right North Austin but shirt India
A station fever (2 months ago)
BV Walters where is this coaching
A station fever (2 months ago)
Oh iam in india
bvwalters322 (2 months ago)
In Austin, Texas in the US.
A station fever (2 months ago)
Jaden is small in compared to the others but his skills are like the best
Nice video
Santosh Kumar (3 months ago)
WAter jock
Naga (3 months ago)
Lovely kids
Muhammad Baasim (3 months ago)
They played well
Gaming with Dark Knight (4 months ago)
12:29 the ball was in line its out
krish Patel Yo Yo (4 months ago)
Most funny cricket in the world
Goutam Roy (4 months ago)
Those who like cricket than like me
Abdulgani Handur (4 months ago)
That keeper is like dhoni (long hair)
vineet singh roy (4 months ago)
Jon bolo Raha hai good balling uski Ka Ka Kar deki
Radha Nidi (4 months ago)
Good cricket
khanindra baishya (5 months ago)
do not know play cricket, don't know to catch the ball
Siddhant S (3 months ago)
Anas Alvi (5 months ago)
Dr. Neetu Singhal (5 months ago)
You don' t know how to play
Neelam Sharma (5 months ago)
Shame on you
Manoj Kumar (5 months ago)
Layeeq Uddin (6 months ago)
ItzVortexx (6 months ago)
They're trash no offense im better then all of them jaden better then all dem
Shahnaz Shaikh (7 months ago)
Cool Bri (7 months ago)
These guys suck
daniyal ali (7 months ago)
The kid at 6:04 is not playing so well😐😕🙁
sunitha Anilkumar (8 months ago)
That' blue shirts boy is very bad batsmen
Bhawana Mehta (8 months ago)
ya MIET the body and mind me
Tehmina Hussain (8 months ago)
I’m also not hating
Tehmina Hussain (8 months ago)
My cricket team and I could probably beat you guys p.s my team name is slycc sugar land youth cricket club
Rambahadur Chaudhary (8 months ago)
yese ball me ham akele 200 run se upar bana dete . khel na nahi ata mat khel hum 126 run akeli apnese five years bade khiladi ke ball me banaya hai or bhai bowling nahi ata hai to mat kar ok
Shadab Mohammad (8 months ago)
Shadab Mohammad (8 months ago)
Varun Adnani (10 months ago)
1:00:30 deadly bouncer
Abhilasha Singh (10 months ago)
Great cricket children playing very good best thanks for seeing us your kids are beat in cricket best of luck for match thanks
Yahya Saifi (10 months ago)
That's really an amazing thing to watch these kids playing cricket with so much focus at this age.
DataTroller (10 months ago)
when i played cricket a person thought i never layed cricket but i balled the cricket batsman XD
PUBG streamers (11 months ago)
Khelna nhi aata inko inse badiya to M khelta hu
Gameing Bro (1 year ago)
I think you should play a handball
V 007 (1 year ago)
The second batsman is carp
gamer retard (1 year ago)
The bushy hair guy is flinging it
Rayan S (1 year ago)
R૦Һคқ JคɿՈ (1 year ago)
34:24 sooo funny!!
harshit pathak (1 year ago)
Don't no how to bowl spin
Saail Hussain (4 months ago)
They are kids
harshit pathak and Btw do u know the spelling of “Know”? Illiterate gawar that’s for u bitch
Ricky's Cricket And Memes (10 months ago)
harshit pathak better than ur English and ur Cricket I tell u what ur Cricket is of third class standard,these kids have much better talent than u
Mohammad Anas Khan (1 year ago)
it is very bad
Charlie Greaves (1 year ago)
The keeper should be closer because the bowling is quite slow
HARSH tech (1 year ago)
this place in india
Christopher Deoroop (1 year ago)
american cricket is so bad they do not know how to Bowl or bat . i think you should stick to baseball because people are laughing you guys
OptiC Fire (10 months ago)
Christopher Deoroop Never heard of American Cricket. Cricket is cricket.
Sabih Ahmed (1 year ago)
when you don't hit the ball you don't run
ItzVortexx (6 months ago)
Ricky's Cricket And Memes (10 months ago)
Sabih Ahmed U do run it’s called “BYES”
Varun Adnani (1 year ago)
Jayden did not bat I wanted to see his skills!!!
BAD BOYD VLOGGER (1 year ago)
VUN Freestyle Jayden did bat
Sanju Devi (1 year ago)
I have enjoy it too much
Shahil Alam (4 months ago)
Sanju Devi Shahil
Error 123456789 (1 year ago)
I think I can beatb u
Oliver Dawson (1 year ago)
how come jayden isn't facing any balls ?????
Oliver Dawson (1 year ago)
h0w bad in their fielding
Insight72 (9 months ago)
Oliver Dawson you are terrible in the comments srsly they aren’t twenty they are young
Oliver Dawson (1 year ago)
its a tennis ball how does that hurt????
Oliver Dawson (1 year ago)
that batsmen is so bad!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
OptiC Fire (10 months ago)
They’re kids, stop it.
Piggy8659 (1 year ago)
Oliver Dawson are you serious
Adiyat Hasan (1 year ago)
that pitch is tiny
OptiC Fire (10 months ago)
Adiyat Hasan Who cares, at least they can play better then you.
Srinivasa Rao Nalam (1 year ago)
it's inspiration for kids.... good parents .... :)
RYZA 13 (1 year ago)
Sub to me
Jacob Dominic (2 years ago)
Put tape around tennis ball , makes great ball for cricket
Radha Nidi (4 months ago)
Radha Nidi (4 months ago)
Jacob Dominic
Madhu K S (6 months ago)
Jacob Dominic amefv.
Jacob Dominic Yeah.. That's Right
Sheraz Ayub (1 year ago)
Jacob Dominic very much for your
Liam flanagan (2 years ago)
Nitrous Gaming (2 years ago)
These kids shouldn't be playing hardball without protective gear
Davis Pickering (1 year ago)
Nitrous Gaming it's a hard tennis play idiot
SAMEER (1 year ago)
RKU GAMING they are they are from USA I saw one of the comments and they asked and Jayden's dad replied saying that they are from usa
-Nexus- (1 year ago)
sameer sreenivas and they were talking in hindhi in background hear carefully 😏😏
-Nexus- (1 year ago)
sameer sreenivas but they not American
SAMEER (1 year ago)
RKU GAMING I know you can get India shirts everywhere, listen to the children's accents
HUMIS 2 (2 years ago)
Make more practice videos
Bill Greenest (2 years ago)
HUMIS 2 (2 years ago)
Tanish I mean sorry but I love ur videos
Holly Cow! (2 years ago)
Jaedan is a pretty cool bowler . How old is he?
Jaedyn Walters (2 years ago)
7 at the time now I am 9 about to turn 10
Хуйней мучаются
HUMIS 2 (2 years ago)
Put the kid the tall in the light blue shirt in a video and put tarnish too plz
Jaedyn Walters (2 years ago)
Tanish. Okay!
Bahubali Tukol (3 years ago)
Someone play stone paper scissor
zac gill (3 years ago)
Why is jaiden not getting to bat
Harshit Ranjan Roy (8 months ago)
Jaedyn Walters (2 years ago)
I did
Gaming Astronomer (3 years ago)
Is this in Jamaica
Jaedyn Walters (2 years ago)
No but that is where I'm from
Mohamed Ismail (3 years ago)
jaeden is such a good bowler he should be a bowler cool hahahahahahahahahahaha
Emma Saddler (3 years ago)
BHAVYA SHARMA (1 year ago)
Gamer619 (4 years ago)
How old is Jaedyn 
zaheer uddin (1 year ago)
They all are playing slow
Jaedyn Walters (2 years ago)
Santosh Shetty (4 years ago)
The head coach forgot to mention his name  Sir  Brian Walters 
wahab shahid (8 months ago)
Santosh Shetty guy
bvwalters322 (4 years ago)
+Santosh Shetty :-)
Santosh Shetty (4 years ago)
That sounds like a Dhoni Statement 

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