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Dystopian Futures: Idiocracy Review

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Text Comments (1276)
Amon Jones (1 hour ago)
If anything, the world of Idiocracy is preferable to what we have now. The leaders of the Idiocracy world actively recruit the smartest people they can find to try and fix their problems. They know what they have done to themselves. Idiocracy is a free market dystopia where everything is privatized and the government is dominated by corporations.
Hi there sunshine (2 hours ago)
Now i know why republicans want to defund planned parent hood
michaelb271 (1 day ago)
Just read an article the other day that said humans are in fact getting more stupid. A reverse Flynn effect. It starts.
David Gevanter (1 day ago)
corporate control of everything is not socialism. It is fascism
AussieBlokeGordo (2 days ago)
But how nice were Sara Rue's B( . Y . )BS in the film though
glaivedacier (2 days ago)
Spoken like a true conservative. I'm black, French and from a poor family. In University I once gave a very good and innovating explanation to a grammar point in linguistics. It was not the first time I was showing myself bright and clever. The lecturer entered in a speech about social status and hierarchy a few minutes later saying that society was leveled a certain way and that everybody had to keep his place in there. It was of course directed to me, meaning that I was not welcomed into the middle-class and that they, white, were never ready to consider me as an equal even if I was more clever than them. Nobody said a word in the class. I suffered harassment. Never got my exam due to the then President who shared the same thought and wanted success to depend on wealth only. So I say: "Fuck you." Joe could create a social system that will show the interest of education to children and an education system that is efficient. A welfare state is meant to protect its citizens. Not to encourage natality only if you shape it that way. If you remove the benefits for children, the poor won't use it for that. Once again. Intelligence is not hereditary. It will become that if you prevent the poor from succeeding in life and force them to think they are responsible for their fate. They will become something between political activists and criminals, and you'll have to tighten your legal system accordingly. What's happening is that the poor are kept where they are and given less and less benefits and no more opportunities. What is unreal in "Idiocracy" is that they never revolt. Or maybe they were made so dumb, they can't even think about that.
Ro (2 days ago)
Are you sure we aren't already living in idocracy? My friend had been watering her cacti with cola because she thought the sugar in it would help them grow better.
Ian James Edwards (3 days ago)
Sounds like a certain religion
TWSTF 8 (8 days ago)
hahaha "Frito" 😂😂 I'm going DIRECTLY to Netflix after this to watch this movie again. Thanx?! 👍
Gabriel's Garage (8 days ago)
I just read The Marching Morons by C.M. Kornbluth, and I like Idocracy much better.
Austin Lavista (8 days ago)
But it was just a comedy, Dave!
DavidAkhter (9 days ago)
The conclusion....wont happen for a long long time....it bothers me that people like me were born in a third world shithole and there are the dumbest people being born in the usa where my intellect would have been of greater use.
Kevinb1821 (10 days ago)
I wonder if the movie creators realized they were shitting all over the modern welfare state.
chan ngo (10 days ago)
You talk like a fag and your shits all retarded.
old country boy76 (10 days ago)
Brawndo The Thirst mutilator has what plants crave. It has electrolytes. 😂 I love this movie. 😍 And just for the record look at the u.s. today. Give it about another 20 years and we'll all be working for brawndo.😥
B.T.B's (10 days ago)
Its what plants crave.
Halfcentaur (10 days ago)
I’ve never watched your videos before, but your odd obsession with relating the themes of the movie to socialism are hilarious and kind of entertaining mental gymnastics. You imply that a powerful corporation buying up government regulatory bodies is somehow a signifier of criticizing “big government” of all things. Meanwhile the entire movie expressly shows you what becomes of society in an overly capitalist obsessed society that just seeks corporate entertainment and materialism over anything substantive. The main character literally gets put in jail for not paying a medical bill - corporate America and insurance companies wet dreams.
Will Higgins (11 days ago)
I think you read way to politically into this movie. And how the hell is big businesses consolidating themselves and taking over the government socialism, it pretty much exact opposite?
Lina Jones (12 days ago)
I thought this one would be good for a laugh, but I just ended up depressed.
Carrie Kube (12 days ago)
I felt like the film could've gone farther with the material, especially if they gave the main character an actual personality (being "average" doesn't count) and the rest of the cast weren't unlikable. The lack of personality makes it hard to care for him and if he had some true opinion on his situation (does he pitty the morons, want to control them due to being smarter and pump his ego, or is he so disgusted that killing a few of them doesn't seem like a bad idea to make things better) that could've made things more entertaining. This makes me wonder if there are some intelligent master minds that are keeping things running since people that stupid wouldn't be able to come up with a plan to buy those administrations so Brawndo could have the power it does (that could've been explored and given us a great antagonist). There was some great untapped potential and think Mike Judge played a little too safe.
"Drinking Brawndo is is like riding a pony; which doesn't sound dangerous, except the pony is 300 feet tall and covered in Chainsaws!"
Crapsoup (14 days ago)
How's it hang essay? I don't want to sound like a dick or nothin' but uh, it says on your chart that your fucked up. You talk like a fag and your shit's all retarded. What I do is just like...like...you know hehe, you know what I mean, like hehehe. But don't worry scro, there are plenty of tards out there living really kick ass lives. My first wife was tarded. She's a pilot now.
WelloBello (16 days ago)
So in short, it’s a low brow society ruled effectively by corporations, with an incapable inefficient government where mob rule is effectively law. But this is supposed to parody SJW’s right? Have you guys even seen this movie?
MegaMoose1989 (17 days ago)
No idea where you got the welfare state out of this movie. A better argument can be had about an unchecked free market society being a bigger influence in this movie.
Heed the Seen (19 days ago)
This prophetic social sci-fic predicted SJWs and flat-earth cavemen.
Chevy SparkEV (20 days ago)
If you want to experience idiocracy today, try to charge your electric car at public fast charger. There are those who get free charging who sit there while the car has slowed down charging to 5% of full speed (95% reduction!). Some of these people sit for free charging more than they drive!
Unanimous Delivers (20 days ago)
I think you're projecting socialism, abundance, and societal decline from said abundance into the film. I'm not saying it's not there, and I'm definitely not debating those issues being dangerous. I'm simply saying you're inferring these elements as explicit and/or intrinsic. A corporation buying the FDA and FCC isn't free market anything, I agree, but calling it socialist is a big wacky.
esathegreat (24 days ago)
Mike Judge is a nazi
Rare Pepe #daesh (24 days ago)
Welcome to Costco, I love you
Matthew Layford (26 days ago)
The movie is a lighthearted version of Hard to Be a God.
J, Williams (28 days ago)
This move made me laugh so hard that I cried. its that good.
Eagle Exodus (29 days ago)
I love how liberal millennial snowflakes are twisting this movie to mean something totally different than a prediction of future liberal snowflakism... uh, no, this is not a future under Trump-like presidents. This future is runaway liberalism at it's worst. Sit down and learn from those who figured this movie out long ago... for they are going to be the wise and educated saviors of the world, if there's still hope.............
jerry thomas (30 days ago)
ok people were talking about the Rock for president in the last election, so i related this to idiocracy because Dwayne the rock Johnson vs Dewayne Camacho and could not help but laugh.
Go cuk (30 days ago)
Hang on, the movie became a huge DVD success.
Joe Alexander (30 days ago)
"tryhard" the movie. think about it.
killabillyhouse (1 month ago)
This wont happen in 500 years. Id be suprised if it were 100
MrVercettti89 (1 month ago)
I love how Dave thinks every dystopian future is a result of Socialism or a Welfare State , how does this guy watch Star Trek , its communism in space lol, according to Dave, if we have socialism , we get Blade Runner, Idocracy and so so lol we don't need a Political speech,this was not a review
PonzooonTheGreat (1 month ago)
But it's got electrolytes.
Andrew Paint (1 month ago)
Fuck as many girls as possible, and then abandon them. Remind anyone anything? the 'No Father' joke, remember?
Lord Hugenot (1 month ago)
It's funny when people call this movie a documentary because Donald Trump was elected as President
Jack Sussmilch (1 month ago)
The scary thing is that the average IQ globally has been declining for more than 50 years now.
hellomcflyy (1 month ago)
I think the population is already way down in the movie - even though people are still breeding like rabbits - maybe Mike Judge didn't have a lot of extras - but - all the city scenes - even the Presidential motorcade - makes it feel like their isn't a ton of people around - Rome has already fallen in this movie....its just the automation (which still works - obviously everything is breaking down) keeping the remaining "society" going on life support....
Franklin Sharp (1 month ago)
That was funny they mentioned his speech, all of my life people have asked why I use "big words". I don't think I use big words I speak as I was spoken to as a child.
Maybe it isn't a coincidence that Fox pulled funding for this film as I gotta feeling there're might have been a globalist or two who felt that if people understood what welfare is really all about and the cosequences of that, then no one would ever vote for the big, government parties aaand just like that out of no where for purelly unexplainable reasons, funding for this film is cut hmm nothing suspisous here...
MiG2880 (1 month ago)
I agree with you on 99% of this. But I think you put too much emphasis on competition. Competition is a primitive trait. It goes hand in hand with hierarchy, which is also a primitive trait as evidenced by primates, predators and all manner of animal life. It cultivates negative tendencies, such as ego, status seeking and violence. Competition culminates in a 'might is right' mentality and law of the jungle. For a species with nuclear technology, the social order of a lower primate is hardly appropriate. In fact it is downright dangerous. The dystopian future of idiocracy is clearly a culmination of overly competetive tendencies, not a lack of them. It is intellectual curiosity and dignified thought which is lacking here. Higher IQ people tend to be less competetive, less into sports, less likely to be violent, etc. The intellectuals who thrive in todays society do so by virtue of their intellectual curiosity, not because they are competing with anyone. It is curiosity and a thirst for knowledge which makes for intellectualism. Competition only sullies this. This is why the economy and financial system worldwide is unmistakably predatory by nature. It has been allowed to regress into the law of the jungle. It is also why there are so many wars, ecological crises, pollution, etc. The only way to stop further regression is to stop competing and start asking questions.
Chupa dis Pig (1 month ago)
I agree with loudmouths review. This is more a satire about how society is devolving. Companies just fill a demand and consumers lap it up. Give the masses what they want, keep them entertained as we work behind the scenes to take control. 1984, we have done it to ourselves and we are continuing down the garbage chute. Basura.
David Harkins (1 month ago)
Have you done PCU yet? Truly a prophetic movie.
Kyle Reese (1 month ago)
The mice experiment is a more real scenario
JNF (1 month ago)
I think you put a lot of your own conservative political bias into this review. A liberal would have a very different interpretation of the events shown in the movie. I also suspect that the original writer was a liberal, considering the jokes at the expense of fox news and other conservative cultural icons, although I don't know for sure.
palasta (1 month ago)
FUGITIVE Not, Sure WANTED - For being a dick - For excaping from jail - For fucking up lots of shit
Flight Sim Nihon (1 month ago)
You talk like a FAG and interrupted my show All my ballz. So like, Not Cool Right?
Hilarious movie. Very 2000's, but funny nevertheless.
Sal C (1 month ago)
Hahaha I thought the film was a true story. Hahaha I thought there was two of them LOL
Sergei (1 month ago)
Fox didn’t release it. LOL! I wonder why.
Mike Turk (1 month ago)
Yeah, but it's got electrolytes!
Jamey (1 month ago)
Out of chaos, comes order. Out of order, comes chaos. Out of chaos, comes order. Out of order, comes chaos. Out of chaos, comes order. Out of order, comes chaos. Out of chaos, comes order. Out of order, comes chaos. Out of chaos, comes order. Out of order, comes chaos. Out of chaos, comes order. Out of order, comes chaos. Out of chaos, comes order. Out of order, comes chaos. Out of chaos, comes order. Out of order, comes chaos.
Marc Bell (1 month ago)
Movie review or right wing commentary?
Krok O'dil (1 month ago)
The SJW utopia!
AMS Fountain (1 month ago)
Africa is trippling his population. From 200 million in 1950 to 900 in 2010 and now from 900 to an estimated 2000 million by 2050.
YepYopYoop YoopYopYep (1 month ago)
People take this film a little too seriously.
WickedDealer (1 month ago)
The only thing this film got wrong is that it's the middle easterns and hispanics that have now bred way to fucking much.
Joe R. (1 month ago)
So I got a movie you should watch, it's kind of a small time movie and never really received the acclaim it deserved. It's called "Repo! The Genetic Opera". It's made by the producer behind the first three Saw films. The setting is a future society of narcissistic, pain-killer addicted and surgery addicted people. Not a movie with regards to similarities with reality, but just a good movie I think you should check out.
TheOverdonecorps (1 month ago)
I liked that analysis
Lexington73300 (1 month ago)
This is 2018, not the 1930s.
Education Channel (1 month ago)
So modern republicans are socialists? Since thry generally wish corprstions to self regulate as in the movie wbich creates socialism?
yugnok (1 month ago)
I've seen the movie twice, but hearing a summary of it in this video made me LOL multiple times. This movie is pure genius.
John Taylor (1 month ago)
There's no such thing as "free markets", only regulated & unregulated markets. We are fucked with the later & heading ass first into Idiocracy.
Ae Norist (1 month ago)
Its funny to me how your analysis is completely twisted by ideology. The free market gave us google and other monopolies (=costco). Lobbyism (or just flat out corruption) is untethered to the point where industries can buy government agencies already by citizens united. (bronco in the movie, scott prewitt in real life). You somehow manage to analyze a movie that specifically attacks untethered capitalism in a way that approves of untethered capitalism. Bravo for that amount of mental gymnastics :D
Dennis Smith (1 month ago)
I always think about this movie. As you say, it may be a cautionary tale. It seemed wildly exaggerated when it came out, but less so as time goes on.
Science Troll (1 month ago)
Some are saying that Neanderthals had a higher IQ than modern man. I tend to agree. You need culling.
crazyleg2006 (1 month ago)
I was one of the few people to actually catch Idiocracy in the theater when it first came out... I walked out of it... knowing I had just seen something very 'epic'
barron8006 (1 month ago)
the reason Fox did not back this great film was that Murdoch, of Fox News and other free market rags, did not like the film's blaming of corporate commercialism for dumbing down culture.
Stan Juan (1 month ago)
Seems like every time I see one of your videos, I end up saying the same thing. You are fucking moron.
castro sherwood (1 month ago)
Don't know how you managed to do it, but you did it. You made this movie sound boring.
Ceferino Marquez Jr. (1 month ago)
Idiocracy predicted Trump. And seriously... Its really about the smart people being happier than the dumb. Highlighted by the into into the movie. GREAT MOVIE :)
Capt. Cutler (1 month ago)
Plenty of tards out there livin' kick-ass lives.
Bill lupin (1 month ago)
Two things. First, I'm not sure I'd call this socialism; it is, but it isn't. If you privatize government, can it really be called socialism when private entities remove all of their competition and ingrain themselves into society? It's more like free market enterprise taken to its logical conclusion; nothing but trusts remain. See, when a market is completely free, eventually the best company starts to dominate the scene (which is fine.) However, to ensure its own survival, it starts to squash all remaining competition, creating barriers of entry too high to allow for new companies, and driving old ones out of business. When one company successfully wins the game of business, it holds a monopoly; the industry stagnates, and prices rise, as the company has no competitive interest in setting its prices lower. THAT is why anti-trust regulation exists; because they do form, it's simply the nature of business to try to win at business. I'd also be reluctant to say the population boom in this movie was the result of the welfare state. It seems like industry itself has adapted to the reduced intelligence of labor by lowering the qualifications necessary for high skill jobs, and it's also increased the availability of unskilled jobs by legalizing prostitution, and emphasizing entertainment. As such, the economy was probably doing alright, until the food shortages, and the drastic downsizing from Brawndo. In fact, I'd go so far as to say the financial elite probably lost the intellect necessary to keep their wealth, and this sudden surge of money in the lower classes came from the lack of hoarding by the .1%. In the world of idiocracy, most people are middle class, and able to support those families. Second, the movie doesn't end on a hopeful note. It ends on a bittersweet joke; while Joe greatly benefited their society, and even started a family... his idiot lawyer had dozens of kids, and the cycle continues. Joe's line will be bred out of existence, and things will continue to fall apart, because as you said, Joe's changes, and his speech, were woefully naive. He represents the modern average person, after all.
Aidan Jurd (1 month ago)
I am sorry Dave but you grasp of r/K selection theory is very uninformed for such a large and complex subject; A case of the Dunning-Krugger effect. It is very irresponsible to spread disinformation like this and pass it of as social science, a field that is already littered with woo and disinformation.
thats just fucked (1 month ago)
you can watch this movie over and over and it never gets old its just too good
Luke Carter (1 month ago)
There’s actually quite a bit of evidence to show that when people have their needs met through something like a universal basic income or guaranteed income, that they behave very differently and in fact are just as if not more productive than before. I think you missed the mark entirely when you talk about free market capitalism in the film. This is showing that consumerism, and free markets are doing what they do best which is becoming monopolies and fascisticly Taking over governments. This is the market being as free as it possibly can be, so freeing fact that it is able to completely take control of government.
uh, I think it's obvious why Fox didn't care about this movie...
Laszlo Sandor (1 month ago)
Fast becoming my favorite movie...
Gazeth Sonica (1 month ago)
Why would i watch idiocracy if i can just turn on CNN?
BinaryReader (1 month ago)
Dave Cullen loves to mix it up with his own fucking political agendas, ignoring REALITY that people with resources breed less because infant mortality is lower. The guy gets a 10/10 for sounding like a pretentious asshole.
Turd Ferguson (1 month ago)
The comments here prove we are dead in the middle of the 2nd Red Scare. "Communism is around EVERY corner, citizen... Are YOU doing your part?" - every propaganda piece fucking ever
VJ Rei (1 month ago)
Do you want to see Idiocracy today? Look at Venezuela. OPil rich company that had everything filled with retards, shitty people who deserved to be shot, they are fucking useless.
Ramon Oliveira (1 month ago)
Idk man, Scandinavian countries have been great for living for a long time, and the birth rates have been always decreasing, and education levels increasing.
Nick McCabe (1 month ago)
Brawndo isn't the result of socialism. Brawndo is the result of allowing big corporations to pay off the government over the needs of people and research from science.
IM The Whole Man (1 month ago)
The end speech was to the viewer, I don’t see it as directed towards the characters.
Mariano Torrespico (1 month ago)
Free market capitalism? No. That is the source of the evils depicted in "Idiocracy". Socialist state? Under corporations? No, but it is a nanny-state for consumers.
Zombiepull (1 month ago)
Fox did not promoted the movie cause it poked fun(?) at fox´s buisness partners
Anthony Rock (1 month ago)
socialism? whatever. you can be a hard working, law abiding tax paying citizen in this shithole US country, but trying getting medical help without enough insurance, just like in this movie. good luck. this movie isn't about socialism run amok, it is about what happens when everyone is a wage slave, kissing Corporate America's Asshole. Human society has yet to solve it's most basic problems, like global war. What is the point of hyper-capitalism and technology for short term profits if one natural disaster can bring everyone to their knees? One week. That is the supply chain for gasoline and food. The rural preppers might make it a month. And then what are you going to do while out hunting, if you break your leg and don't know how to set a bone? Idiocracy doesn't attack either socialism or capitalism, or even so called "intelligence," it attacks our amazing ability to be short sighted about all aspects of life. It is a criticism about our strident unwillingness to confront anything for the long term.
Duane Dibbley (1 month ago)
blakdix slot machines
PulseEyeBlu (1 month ago)
Dave, please review Brawndo
Galo (1 month ago)
i think the future will be a mixture of 1984, fallout, wall-e , idiocracy, matrix and demolition man
F Mills (1 month ago)
Anyone ever see "An Idiot Abroad"? Some people actually think that show was funny, this is proof we are living in an Idiocracy culture right now.
F Mills (1 month ago)
I don't want to sound like a dick or nothing, but it says on your chart you're fucked up, you talk like a fag and your shit is all retarded.
Kevin M. McNabb (1 month ago)
Also, I believe the movie tried to show how corporations became more about sex as sex became a big distraction and influenced the "unwashed masses" more and more over time. You can see that even today in some of the Carl's Jr. ads featuring models eating their burgers. We are definitely going down this road now.
Kevin M. McNabb (1 month ago)
I believe that Fox didn't push this movie due to the fear of backlash from corporations who are skewered in this film. I think they liked satire but that too many of the points were too close to home for comfort. I speculate that they would rather take a 20 million dollar hit over alienating potential corporate sponsors on future projects. Just my two cents.

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