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Dystopian Futures: Idiocracy Review

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Text Comments (2029)
m14wdotcom (9 hours ago)
Not sure...
Xavier Breath (14 hours ago)
The movie was an attack on capitalism NOT socialism. The fact that you don’t see that FACT means you are one of two things. Either STUPID or a LIAR. You are either blind or a distorting propagandist. In the movie the company Brawndo buys the FCC and the FDA. How on earth did you miss that FACT? Again complete distortion and dishonesty on your part or you yourself are one of the idiots.
Outbackbloke (15 hours ago)
The major and unsubstantiated assumptions Dave makes here is that intelligence is determined by genetics and that Darwinian evolution is true, both are wrong and there is more than enough credible verifiable evidence to prove it. Also, the IQ test isn't a test of how much you know but rather how you think, in other words, a high IQ doesn't equate high intelligence and a low IQ doesn't equate to stupidity. What about wisdom? wisdom is separate from intelligence and IQ, wisdom is an invaluable if not essential quality in a prosperous society.
ArcanePath360 (19 hours ago)
The irony is that to actually tie two buildings together with rope takes a lot of intelligence. Think about it... how the fuck did they even do this?
RONG PIRSON (1 day ago)
give more power to corporations; *SOCIALISM*
DavidFMayerPhD (1 day ago)
The society described in this movie is irremediable. It cannot be fixed because the needed resources do not exist. Any attempt to divert resources to worthy projects will be destroyed by the demands of the idiots who constitute the majority. The only future for such a society is total extinction.
FreelanceArt101 (1 day ago)
This blabbing Idiot thinks socialism is Welfare state.
Gladdic Saddic (1 day ago)
Can we take our Liberal bilnders for a second and understand that the movie deals with renegade Capitalism unchecked resulting in Brawndo becoming a monopoly and essentially the new government of which itself sets up a dependent welfare state? Just because it is a company doesn't mean it can't gain power and run a socialist states itself. Saying that the movie is only criticizing Capitalism is plain bias and ignorance. Or you miss the point. The bar codes, the lack of individuality, these are all socialist jabs. Infact an amazing analysis of how anarcho-Capitalism can wrap around and become a Socialist state. But instead of the feseral government being the nanny, Brawndo is. Fascinating honestly and a good critical take on the dancers of runaway Capitalism and run away Socialism taking society to the same point. You have people sitting all day infront of the TV, with a job yet, there they are, welfare. You have elements consumerism with commercialism and name brands plastered everywhere. You have authoritarian rule secured by mob rule. The movie questions multiple types of governing. But people just see "Monopoly" and that's all they take from the film. Or all they WANT TO take...
jd7680? z (2 days ago)
We have that coming under the liberal Democrat thinking don't you think???
X X (2 days ago)
The other couple are educated, but that doesn't make them intelligent, "waiting for the right time" when an intelligent person knows, that for many scenarios, there is no such thing as the "right time". Children are, and always have been a gamble.
X X (2 days ago)
Sounds like We Happy Few on a larger scale.
X X (2 days ago)
As the species' numbers expand, so are supposed to the number of brains we have to direct towards the goal of increasing the efficiency of our resources and find and producing new resources.
X X (2 days ago)
Beware dude... I'm not saying you INTEND IT. But seriously, just BEWARE, the idea of the Inferior "breading like vermin" compared to the Superior, has led to a lot of cultures saying "let's get ride of the inferior" and when they say 'get rid of' they of course mean, cull as if human beings were nothing more than animal and leave corpses in their way.
TheTruthIsRacist (2 days ago)
This movie overlooks one huge thing, that America is NOT the whole world, and other countries say like China, would of taken over America, killed half of the Pop. and made the other half slaves.
Pete D (2 days ago)
I love this movie
ConservativeYouth (2 days ago)
The solution is simple in such a scenario: mass execution the stupid. Not outright. Put them to work. Hard work. Make children taxing. Make family hard to sustain. Whittling away of the stagnant gene pool through social improvement. Clean the land, irrigate the soil, shoot the dissidents and the lazy. Authoritarian? Yes. But in coming generations, the IQ will rise and the population will be controlled. After social improvement begins, the masses will be set on a good trajectory.
Nikolas De Moulin (2 days ago)
How exactly did you come up with this narrative of it being the result of socialism? lol. The film director openly stated the film's intent was to mock capitalism and the brain dead consumerist populations it tends to produce. America was actually the inspiration for the film. That's why everything is run by corporations, fast food places are the only restraints left, people wear corporation and brand name logos on their clothing, all anyone does is work then buy a bunch of useless shit like farting TVs and all they watch is "reality" television like WWE wrestling and Kardashian like shows. It's a dystopian capitalist future. consumerism breeds stupidity because overabundance makes people weak, natural selection no longer functions as it should etc.... And the whole Bullsh*t line capitalists use about how capitalism is about competition is nonsense because in the real world that's just not true. there's no such thing as equality nor will there ever be. So claiming capitalism will work because competition keeps it in check is nonsense. As we see even today, we don't see an open field of competition. we see monopolies forming in every area. Google, Facebook, twitter etc... are literally monopolies. That's capitalism. They grew faster thanks to getting hundreds of millions in funding where as their opposition didn't get that funding thus their competition isn't competition at all and thus sites like Twitter are the only viable sites doing what they do and now they can suppress people who hold dissenting opinions. the same thing started to happen with electricity and gas companies which is why we had the government step in to regulate it saying you can't refuse someone electricity or gas for heating their home just because you dislike their politics/beliefs.. but in a capitalist world they could. In a pure capitalist world all hospitals would be private and you could literally be charged criminally for not paying a bikl or refused help outright fir bot having money. that's not a good world. it's a jewish merchant paradise but its not a moral world. competition is a lie skewed by corporatists. one company dominates, becomes a monopoly and then can fuck over the people as they wish because people have no choice. that's capitalism and I'm tired of capitalists doing the "no true Scotsman" nonsense just like communists do. both capitalism and communism are utter trash systems which both result in totalitarian control. communism does this by government and out right violence where as capitalism does it through corporations using blackmail and subversion like flooding addictive drugs, food and media into a peoples community. Slavery is still slavery. just because the capitalists do it "peacefully" in comparison to Communists doesn't change that fact.Both end up with the same result. Socialism isn't evil. Helping our people who need food and shelter but can't afford it or sick people with no money to pay for it is a GOOD thing. The problem only arises when you have open boarders and you start letting non-whites flood into your country to abuse those social programs that are designed only for our fellow white people. That's the only issue. Socialism is viable. National Socialism is a tested a proven system. it pulled off the greatest and fastest economic recovery in recorded human history and did so in less than 7 years. It also led the world in technology, art, philosophy etc..... In fact without NatSoc Germany there wouldve been no space program, no jet aircraft, no rockets etc... so this is quite a bad review for you because you're letting your bias shine through and are inserting your personal agenda into the film then claiming this is the film's intent. The film clearly laid down the foundation that nothing is free in the films universe. in fact the main character goes to prison for not being able to pay his medical bill. that's not socialism but capitalism/corporatism run amok. the film was anti-capitalism if anything..
Nagash Unbroken (2 days ago)
I was saying this since I was fourteen years old after reading Darwin. My peers thought I was a lunatic for saying that we were staring down the barrel of a loaded gun in evolutionary terms. Looks like I was right.
Topgun God (3 days ago)
Most think that Communism is the opposite of National Socialism. In part, it is. But the truth is, Idiocracy is the opposite of both ideologies. It's degeneracy that Communism couldn't dream of accomplishing and the true opposite of all National Socialistic ideals. It's where we are now. Let that last statement sink in.
Armus Skinofevil (3 days ago)
Your analysis has one serious flaw. You assume that the hics are on welfare. Poor people can be employed and hard workers without government assistance. There also is no evidence to support a capitalism v socialism argument. I believe this is your own bias clouding your judgement. The fact that Joe was charged money for healthcare shows that socialism is not a factor. The mega corporations actually demonstrate the end result of capitalism.
FSK (3 days ago)
I don't get it. Isn't intelligence genetic? So statistically, wouldn't there have to be a bunch of individuals in every generation where a random mutation makes them super intelligent? What about autism and savant syndrome?
Bel Mibson (3 days ago)
How is this to be meant socialist?
SteinbrecherBack (3 days ago)
7:09 Yeah, I chuckled as well. :D
David Kane (3 days ago)
Is this a review or just a summary of the entire movie?
atwfnj (4 days ago)
It seems people like to discuss their own interpretation of this movie based on their own political beliefs. I've found good points here against both rampid capitalism and mindless socialism... ... and that's why there needs to be balance in a system. Smart people to balance the dumb ones. This can only happen if there's hardship somewhere in the system for natural selection to favor the intelligent. Or eugenics. We genetically modify our offspring to be smarter and healthier, since selective breeding on the intellectual's side is not fast enough to outweigh the rapid dipshit breeding. Then the smart humans colonize the stars, leaving behind a stinking, dying Earth of crumbling societies, where only the smartest or strongest can make it out. That's one of my theories. It's sad, but possible.
ANDREW KNIGHT (4 days ago)
Samuel Atwood (4 days ago)
i found this movie comically honest about humanity....
Cecil John Rhodes (4 days ago)
Is this mick idiot seriously stating that the US has a welfare state, jinkies!
Mahtan Amandil (4 days ago)
Hard times breeds "strong" man. "Strong" man brings good time. Good times breed "weak" man. "Weak" man brings hard time. And history repeats itself in a never ending cicle
Komrade (5 days ago)
Mostly a summary of the plot with your interpretation of the show tossed in. Not a good review and I don't agree with your view of it. Idiocracy is becoming the 1984 of movies. Everyone looks to it to confirm their own worries in the world. Honestly the movie isn't even that good, but it's alright the first couple of times you see it. I'm just tired of people referencing this movie when we're smarter as a species across the board than we ever have been.
michele Lyons (5 days ago)
You have many good points. One of the biggest threats facing the world today is over-population, and no one wants to deal with it, or even discuss it. It is treated as a god given right if everyone wants to have ten kids. Well, I feel it is a right, if you can afford to feed, clothe and support your ten kids. But it is not your right, if you expect everyone else to support them for you. But no one in our supposedly freely speaking society wants to discuss reproductive responsibility. As our science has advanced, we have eliminated many of the things that served to reduce the human race. As food production, shelter, medicine, etc. become more advanced, there were fewer plagues, famines, and so on, so fewer people died as a direct result. But reproduction did not go down correspondingly. More and more people are supported by society, regardless of whether or not they are capable of supporting themselves or surviving on their own---or returning anything to their society. So what happens when the resources finally run out? While it is unlikely that I will live to see the culmination of this problem, it makes me fear for the future of our society and for the welfare of younger generations. .
Horatio Jones (5 days ago)
Contrary to popular belief a movie that bombs at the box office can actually be profitable. Studios like to recoup their investment as quickly as possible so box office revenue is given lots of attention. But there is the Blu Ray, Video on demand and eventually the TV markets which can actually make more money than the box office. Movies that become classics or get a cult following (like Barbarella, Spartacus, all the Clint Eastwood spaghetti westerns, etc...) go on to make money for years, even decades after the original release. https://www.investopedia.com/articles/investing/093015/how-exactly-do-movies-make-money.asp
Lucy Fish (5 days ago)
Interesting take, but this movie is clearly more a capitalist than socialist dystopia. Currently the loss of institutions and traditional values in the USA is clearly coming from right wing GOP politics, not left. Further, as seen all over the world, when women are educated and given access to contraception and abortion, birth rates plummet.
At least its better than the 1984 documentary of the leftist sjw timeline
John Miller (6 days ago)
Wow. You watched a completely different movie with that political diatribe.
Jeff Meredith (6 days ago)
Great movie but we need the purge.
SMC01ful (6 days ago)
I'd see Judges prior film "Office Space." Indeed, I'd watch all of his stuff. He's got fairly complex views on society. This film isn't really an attack on Socialism as it is an attack on control by consumerism. "Office Space," for example, is a scathing attack on the soulless corporate world. It's one of the best and funniest critiques of modern capitalism I've seen. "Idiocracy," seems more of an indictment of how contemporary society makes it harder for people with a few clues to procreate. With the smart people essentially eliminated, society can take any form it choose in this case it replicates ours; hence, it becomes aimed at the lowest common denominator. Just look at infomercials, the Kardashians, etc. Thus, it's not socialism which is making people dumber. It's pacification and inaction; moreover, the "socialism" we see in this film is via corporate control, to ensure profits for the companies which encourage idiocy. Ah, I could debate this for hours. Needless to say I enjoyed the movie, and I loved the bastardized version's of History with the time machine.
EPW (6 days ago)
Elitists prevented it from being promoted because they thought this might let the cat out of the bag. They were wrong. The cat came out of the bag and nobody gave a shit and everybody kept acting like retards. and the elitists dismissed it saying "well might ass well make a buck off this failure by releasing to public as a parody.
kkenny70 (7 days ago)
Blimey, it's the western world already...
Mario Valerian (7 days ago)
Ahahah a dumbass talking about a dumbass movie. No, the convergence of state and the private sector does not occur because of the abandoning of free market competition, it occurs because COMPANIES ARE TOO POWERFUL. If anything it's the intensification of capitalism at work here. And that has nothing to do with socialism, that's closer to corporatism from fascist Italy. Read a book for fucks sake.
Electro Man (7 days ago)
Imagine if Hillary had won.
Ryan Duff (8 days ago)
Oh look, it's the utopian future of social justice warriors!
MegaSudjai (8 days ago)
A good review but I think that you've misread the symbolism behind what Costco and Brando represent completely- these massive companies represent how private corporations can gain and exploit a monopoly within a market if allowed to. They represent capitalism gone wild, assisted by an incompetent government (or one more interested in pandering to their private investors than governing a country with prudent sustainability), and a critique of modern populist politics and the the people who are easily influenced by it. This interpretation explains why Brando stocks plummet, the mass lay-offs, and the subsequent attempted mob lynching of Luke Wilson's character after he made the mistake of giving the crops water and not Brando. I think this movie has proven itself to be quite clairvoyant in the wake of the rise of Trumpism.
Marcangelus1 (8 days ago)
The liberal utopian ideal, clear for all to see.
Cranky Conservative (8 days ago)
Haha finally!! Dude I’ve been saying it for years we are legit living in the plot of idiocracy
Shaun (8 days ago)
love this movie!!
MegaKapo12 (8 days ago)
How does this guy twists the narrative to socialism is back breaking and fascinating lol Fascism is what youcan see from this movie and fascism is not right or left leaning. Its based on monopoly of the market and corruption of state to do their bidding but congratulations to the manipulation of narrative its like i said before fascinating.
duke1845 (9 days ago)
"The stupefied population are satiated with hyper consumerism, mindless entertainment, and a culture that pursues instant gratification." and that's the cause of the welfare state how? Sounds more like rampant capitalism to me. I think you're hammering the square peg of the message in this film into the round hole of your personal beliefs here Dave, as with most of your content.
ANDREW KNIGHT (9 days ago)
ANDREW KNIGHT (4 days ago)
ANDREW KNIGHT (9 days ago)
ANDREW KNIGHT (9 days ago)
Grape Ape (9 days ago)
This movie is coming true, we are slowly heading in that direction.
Occams Razor (9 days ago)
How do you explain that corporations in a free market economy won't produce what is best for the populace, but only what the populace is willing to pay for? Like "Ouch, My Balls" and "Buttfuckers".
Jim Crow (10 days ago)
The reality of it is race is the main factor. In terms of eugenics Caucasians have on average IQ of 100-105. Asians have on average IQ of 105-110. Sub Sarharan Africans 70, Hispanics, 75. Race mixing and the browning of America will be the downfall of the west. Look at what is happening in Europe.
DonJuan Yates (6 days ago)
Average not static, learn the difference. There are blacks with iq well over 100 and whites with iq under 70, and everything in between for all. I’m gonna burst your bubble here, there are black people in your city, with a much higher iq than you...and there are Asians with a much lower iq.
Nicolas Cage (10 days ago)
Politics will kill you eventually
Nicolas Cage (10 days ago)
Fucking love this movie
Arþur D (10 days ago)
>blah-blah-blah Socialism is bad blah-blah-blah Brawndo is socialist Dude... Ever heard of MONOPOLIES? Read about them when you'll have spare time. Every capitalist company wants to become a monopoly, to dominate over the others for maximum profit.
JohnIcktosh (10 days ago)
Should we get to the time masheen?
tommkone (10 days ago)
ObamaCare featured in this film!
tommkone (10 days ago)
The Democrat Party vision of America, a Society dumbed down and reliant on the government!
Antaine Ó hÓgáin (11 days ago)
"The world depicted in Idiocracy is obviously an extreme satirical vision, but..." Is it, though?
Dan Weeks (11 days ago)
Yeah, a future of unlimited resources AND a completely automated, socialist global economy? That's how you know it's fiction. The Costco should be barren. That's what would actually happen.
Frederic Juliard (11 days ago)
Is Idiocracy a prequel to Mad Max: Fury Road ? M3rC1.
Ryan Reyes (12 days ago)
Fox basically told us what their plans are in this film and then realized oh fuck we just told the people our plans.
Darren Steinheuer (12 days ago)
Wow talk about missing the point of the movie. This is an anti-capitalist movie plain and simple. There are none of the welfare state systems, which you are trying so hard to add to this movie, actually in it.
rene ziesig (12 days ago)
what the movie should have shown, and what our humanity should show is the process called "decimation", its an old roman term. and it would help, even in our real world
Lucas Ammons (12 days ago)
What if your family has a 1,000 acre farm and people to mange it, but no one outside your family wants to help? In this case a large family would make sense.
Alex Zander (12 days ago)
Really sad, that NOW i feel this to be our future......
Magpie (12 days ago)
@10:00 did that nigga just called corporate state "socialist"?
GINO BERNARD (12 days ago)
This film is turning into reality.
Harry Lord (12 days ago)
First name, Last name: Not, sure. hahahahhaha
Shiboline M'Ress (13 days ago)
This is also why a currency-less economy such as in Star Trek would be doomed to failure.
Shiboline M'Ress (13 days ago)
Why go see the movie when you can just look out the window?
Brad LaVario (14 days ago)
I like money.
Leland Judsyn (14 days ago)
Just wait until The Rock wins the next election!
Higher Primate (14 days ago)
2020 in a nutshell
Steve Ross (16 days ago)
Idiocracy. Otherwise known as Ireland.
Michael (16 days ago)
Hey look, the 40 year old Scottish virgin is trying to convince me a movie about a government sponsered by Pepsi, Mountain Dew, a Gatorade style sports drink and Carl's Jr. is somehow a Socialist society and not a corporate plutocracy. Can't you just watch a fucking comedy without putting some god damned ideology in front of it. Nearly as fucking bad as SJWs. Edit: I meant 40 year old balding Scottish virgin. My bad.
Daniel Tibbot (16 days ago)
An ass got an award? Seriously? Well, we may not be far removed from this movie than I thought. I gave us too much credit...
olemanwinter1 (16 days ago)
The funniest thing about this movie is how it totally tries to ignore race, the elephant in the room. White people are already disappearing, literally with a negative birth rate. We have less than 2 children per couple. That's a fact.
DonJuan Yates (6 days ago)
Even at that rate it would take generations for whites to disappear at that rate, barring some catastrophe.
bluewardog (17 days ago)
This seams more like a darwinian argument for socalism rather then a review
Rince wind (17 days ago)
Trump got what democracy craves.
MCPunk55 (17 days ago)
This feels more like propaganda than anything else to be honest... propaganda created by people who have their heads crammed 1000 years in the past and whose IQ is proven to be lower, as they tend to be less skeptical and more aggressive, less empathetic and more selfish... I could go on forever, post a giant wall of text but at this point, it's not worth it... I'd achieve better results talking to a quadruped ass than a biped one...
Ana Oliva (17 days ago)
"Why come you don't have a tattoo??"
Joshua Stackhouse (17 days ago)
Dude, you have become my favorite channel on YouTube (ok, second only to ComicsExplained). I feel relief and hope every time I listen to your thoughts. Please, keep going. Thank you for the thoughts.
Samuel Jackson (18 days ago)
You see Brawndo anti-socialist.. uhuh...
Nik Kingman (18 days ago)
You didn't mention that upgradde has 2 D's in his name. Ur gay
Richard Feinburg (18 days ago)
This does not have any underline message that Socialism is bad. The message is any how bad Corporatism can be.
Mitchell Smith (19 days ago)
All the mindsets generated here can be seen in public or the msm. How sad... or in my case (retired) funny.
itsoutahere (20 days ago)
Great Movie, needs to be watched by every American
Wonko Sane (20 days ago)
Wouldn't the more plentiful "R''s" kill the "K's" to take what they have?
dan hemmerling (20 days ago)
Did you say Fox? Then this is perfect as their viewers are idiotic and easily brainwashed anyway.
Xavier Breath (21 days ago)
Omg dude. Listen. This movie was a warning about corporations taking over. Not about socialism. You are a fool.
gamecuber7 (21 days ago)
Brought to you by Carl's Junior. I get paid every time I say that. I like money.
TRIPLE G (21 days ago)
So that’s why the European governments want so many migrants!!!!
Grant Armbruster (21 days ago)
The one thing I disagree with this is that quality over quantity. I think you can have both quality and quantity in a serious committed marriage monogamy. It requires a return to traditional gender roles and homeschooling to cut out all of the social agenda garbage being pushed in schools today and stick to the math and sciences as well as the communicative Arts of Reading Writing and vocabulary. If you look at many of the founders of the United States many of them we're last-born of families of 6 or 11. I myself have 8 children all of them test much higher then their current grade level and my oldest is currently in nursing school Desiring to become a doctor.
P. AlterEgo (21 days ago)
its so funny, he doesnt understand the movie. but talks big. or he uses the film review to get the comedy even further :)
Juan Sierra (21 days ago)
NeRO (21 days ago)
they had a typo in the script... They ment 2055 not 2505

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