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Dystopian Futures: Idiocracy Review

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Text Comments (1543)
Randall Young (1 hour ago)
or you know, i can lay the seed, and some smart chump can raise it! best of both worlds!
F Mills (2 hours ago)
Anyone ever see "An Idiot Abroad"? Some people actually think that show was funny, this is proof we are living in an Idiocracy culture right now.
John Morley (3 hours ago)
We will end up back in the Stone age. I think it's inevitable.
Aras B (6 hours ago)
Great movie, Mike Judge is a "jeniuss". I wish we had a real "time mashine" to go back and watch it in theaters. Also president Comacho was awesome. And the grunt speak, ans the garbage mountains.
Storms and Saugeye (9 hours ago)
......I think I'll go take a walk now...
Kira1Lawliet (14 hours ago)
A good video, but I feel like your anti-regulatory stance espoused throughout this review is ironic considering that the creators of the film were very obviously left-wing. And in fact, a situation akin to Brawndo taking over the institutions of government is much more likely a result of DEregulatory tactics such as those championed by Republicans and right-wing conservatives. Deregulation always makes corporations more free and more powerful, especially nowadays. If you took away regulations, it wouldn't stimulate fiercer competition amongst businesses, it would only give the largest corporations—the ones big enough and rich enough to be their own countries—full reign to weed out and consume all smaller businesses that could potentially compete with it, thereby ceding each massive corporation a monopoly in its own field of business. I don't know how you get a "regulation is bad" message from this obviously left-leaning film.
Muckan (15 hours ago)
You should never analyse comedy
spunkyprep (17 hours ago)
Warring factions would mean that there's at least two groups that are intelligent enough to realize that the finite resources would need to be secured in order to sustain their respective faction. That level of intelligence is absolutely missing from this universe's population.
Simon Biggs (22 hours ago)
And I object your honour he interrupted me while I was watching oh my balls
dirty harry1881 (23 hours ago)
There's nothing about the "welfare state" in the movie, that's all you. What's actually there is that society rewards and promotes idiocy, because it needs people to be mindless consumers. As long as food is more abundant than education, intelligence won't be a critirion for natural selection. And also, you don't know how to use the word socialist. You describe things monopoly capitalism as socialism. Are you sure this is the film for you, because it seems to be more about you...
nyi lever (1 day ago)
Would there not be a devised between idiots and smarts?
Joker (1 day ago)
Millennials = Idiocracy
laimonas lb (2 days ago)
1:55 an IQ level of 138-141 is not very high, it's not even in the realm of ''high''; it's just merely the high end of normal or well above average. Just pointing that out.
The Commenter (2 days ago)
Recent years... also known as, since it came out... well at least for me LOL!
*Water* ? You mean like out tha toilet????
alleygh0st (2 days ago)
that faggy talk though...
RumikoOne (2 days ago)
Dildozer vs. Ass Blaster?
This movie or Elysium are our future if we don’t change
Bulwark AC (2 days ago)
reading and learning only works if the information available is not correct
Thomas Kolter (2 days ago)
But it had good points the people knew they weren't smart so put the smart guy into power ... not a dumb move. The president drove around in public without much worry somebody would shoot him since his security was light. And the people were not shooting each other and weren't oppressed and even had no issues with sexual minorities. It had issues but its not evil per se. Seriously is it that bad?
scott left (2 days ago)
You might want to look up how rabbits TRIVE in Australia. I suspected this film was about mexico. Those retards a cracked ACTUALLY think this film premise is....not bad.
jim (2 days ago)
I watch this movie when it came out and I remember actually feeling Dumber after watching it.
Joseph James (2 days ago)
This is the dumbest review that I’ve ever seen. He literally missed the economic point of the movie. The movie is saying the big corporation will take over the political system for Financial gains, and will be to dumb to stop them. The reviewer (Dave Cullen) Is a republican, so he never says this.
MGTOW Forever (2 days ago)
Wow thats why I chose at a young age to never have kids, I regularly IQ test year after year of 138 mom always called me super genius when I was little, I always thought this world is way to over populated for me to add to it, now I know why. LOL
Steve M (3 days ago)
It's not a cautionary tale, it is (for all intents and purposes) a factual account.
Ciorchinele Suprem (3 days ago)
I never laughed when I first saw this movie. I did have the urge to cry though.
Azam Mohammed (3 days ago)
Idiocracy was actually a prediction.
Ruby Honey (3 days ago)
Paul Putter (3 days ago)
A prophecy of things to come...
Lowell Leber (4 days ago)
Spot on.
Kermit DaFrog (4 days ago)
This movie sounds like Pol Pot's wet dream.
ominous jack (4 days ago)
Is this guy related to angriest pat?
Starlord (4 days ago)
Just look at South Africa as a current example.
Neophysis (4 days ago)
Back then they thought the most stupid and ridiculous thing in such a future would be people "watering" their plants with Gatorade. Fast forward to today and we have people teaching and believing that gender is a choice. That moment when reality becomes even more ridiculous than the wildest imaginations.
Punto Devista (4 days ago)
Great movie. The review inserts too many political misguided opinions.
John Demetriou (4 days ago)
It has one Utopic feature to it though. The smartest person on the planet was assigned as president. If only we did that
Jack Lindsay (5 days ago)
Eliminate welfare
B N (6 days ago)
If people are retarded, how can they have electricity, cinemas and even movies with an ass farting?
alleygh0st (2 days ago)
same way some people are using the youtube comments, smartphones and...stuff
Herp Derp (6 days ago)
Holy shit..... its the future if libtard socialists ever get power again!
Chareth Cutestory (6 days ago)
You people and your welfare state. One note
critter30002001 (6 days ago)
I wonder if this is supposed to be a sequel to Demolition Man?
jensibowable (6 days ago)
Conclusion, smart men should be insentified to go to the sperm bank 😂😂😂
Ronnie Stanley (7 days ago)
Brought to you by Carls Jr. .
thecman26 (7 days ago)
Your kids are starving. Carl's Jr. believes no child should go hungry. You are an unfit mother. Your children will be placed in the custody of Carl's Jr. Carl's Jr., fuck you, I'm eating.
Joseph Stalin (7 days ago)
The world the liberals want.
Gerr Gerring (8 days ago)
Idiocracy seems to describe the present as much as any possible future.
00rphb (8 days ago)
Dear Dave, thou missed an important part of the films message. Due to advanced AGI the protagonist wakes up in a POST-SCARCITY SOCIETY. Robots do all the real work, which is why people can spend all day eating fastfood and watching tv That is what truly makes this film so frightening. It is what happens if an AGI, understand our goals, accept our goals and retain our goals. Otherwise we get a paperclip optimizer, Terminator and I, Robot respectably.
God Dog (8 days ago)
Did you seriously just suggest “idiocracy” is a fucking socialist state? I’m sorry man you’re dead wrong there is no evidence that the people control the means of production them relying on a COMPANY merged with the government is a fucking CORPORATIST system like a capitalist oligarchy, you are deliberately misinterpreting the movie if a *COMPANY* controls the government that’s not socialist
Dani Ami (9 days ago)
For the people Who think this is documentary i share this truth, us is not all the fucking world
zok310 (9 days ago)
This is America...
Nathan Allen Pinard (9 days ago)
This actually could tie into the Star Trek utopia episode you did. If in fact people were provided for like in the federation, would they just eat, sleep and breed? Maybe not, because space is cool.
Nathan Allen Pinard (9 days ago)
On that medical "cash register", ...why is there a recycle symbol? Also there is a gender symbol with a "?" which made me laugh pretty hard.
Alain Pereira (9 days ago)
Please make a serious movie about all the problems the maine plot will deliver to society. This story line is to good for a comedy.
Michael Dignum (9 days ago)
I love this film and is one of my favorites.
Diao7 (9 days ago)
Do demolition man starring Wesley Snipes and Sylvester Stallone .for your next review .
losfromla1 (9 days ago)
This is a bullshit review, just using the movie as a platform to present your unproven economic theories as facts. Laughable. Definitely a thumbs down
Doge_the_Almighty (10 days ago)
choosing between this and the world today with the Shithole San Francisco, Leftist SJWs with their fee-fees, and fucking anita sarkesin (Yes, I misspelled it on purpose so fuck yourself, I don't care) and how we're being told what we can and can't do in public spaces and what we can and can't do (all within legal parameters mind you.) and Idiocracy... I choose Idiocracy... I say that because I can be the smartest person on earth and let the stupid do my bidding. Yeesh, that sounds dark. I meant to say, "Choose to keep the viably smarter and leave the dumber to.... die."
Rusty Shackelford (13 days ago)
Hey Dave Cullen... "You talk like a F @ G"!
fokGoogol (14 days ago)
joe claridy (15 days ago)
Brandow.........THE THIRST MUTILATOR!!!!
Amici Nybråten (15 days ago)
Why do you insist it has anything to do with either socialism or government handouts? Never in this film is it said that things are free, in fact, it seems to just be a case of big corporation taking over government and creating a dysfunctional economy. There's no socialism involved.
Aischylos Lowell (15 days ago)
I wouldn't say it's like rabbits because rabbits are at least quick and lithe to escape their predators. I see this method as more of how cockroaches are: Infestation and eating trash. Also, instead of being a fear monger so scared of socialism, this is more of a corporate oligarchy. Scared right wings wouldn't comprehend this. They don't see the grey. They're more scared about helping each other out, which is what socialism does, because that would mean they can't have more money than someone else to feel better about themselves. What I find ignorant (though highly entertaining) is how every fanatic right wing wants to say socialism is the problem (while living in a socialist society) and a product of the left wing; while the left wing are usually a bunch of children who never had to struggle (instead lying, cheating, or stealing) to get what they have. Both sides are equally played and have no knowledge of how the world works. They shun intelligence by showing faux intellectual moxy. Not everything you read in a book is honest to goodness truth.
JamesPrime (16 days ago)
Wish Thanos was in this movie.
Morten (16 days ago)
instead of exploring the movie you color this with your own political opinion. You make an assumption about the low-iq group being "probably supported by welfare" and based on that assumption you put your entire explanation. Low-iq people have always been hard workers; with little spare time to develop knoweldge and advance in thought processes. With the industrial revolution humanity was supposed to get more free time to educate ourselves; but the development of giant international corporations controlling the political system they suggestively fill the availability for quick satisfaction and wasting time with meaningless consumption; where instead of picking up a book and read they watch the lowest form of "humor" on tv. you notice that esthetics do not exist anymore; all dresses just are filled with ads for corporations, corporate entites own the political system to the extent they use soda to water plants instead of water. You seem to have gone out of your way to make it fit your viewpoint instead of letting the movie inprint itself on you and reflect over it. that should be a concern to you; your subjectivity is so strong you present it as objectivity.
Faffy Waffle (16 days ago)
Fox is retarded.
Count Pythagoras (17 days ago)
Wow, talk about right wing propaganda. And i am not talking about the film.
Subnormaloide * (18 days ago)
It would be accurate if everyone looked black
ZodiacShotgun (18 days ago)
I always feel like it was missing something.
erviinsz (18 days ago)
This movie becomes a reality these days
Hans Günter (19 days ago)
Please hold Back on your political Analysis. Its full of your Opinion rather than obiective reasoning.
Harry CallahanX (18 days ago)
Why? He's right
Mars Sojourner (19 days ago)
But Brawndos got electrolytes.
Mystic Investigations (21 days ago)
I'm wondering who was smart enough to run the corporations? Realistically long before such a society formed the wealthy elite powers that be would eliminate them and utilize robots for their various needs.
Malsipots (23 days ago)
No wonder Fox didn't promote it, I can think of one ethnic group that is anti-intellectual right now, God knows what they'll be like in the future if nothing changes their behaviour. This film is simply too close to the bone, predictive programming that they don't want us to see.
"A supercorporation buying the FDA is Socialism" lmao this guy
James Kirk (26 days ago)
The more this guy describes the movie, the more it sounds exactly like BLACK culture. LOL I use culture when talking about blacks loosely, I know i'm racist, right LOL
James Kirk (26 days ago)
One correction, low IQ family is normally black, lots of baby daddies ,welfare and stupidity.
Cernumospete (27 days ago)
I bet there is a "Meanwhile in Europe/Asia/Australia" after scene, where they dine and have tea and solve crystal puzzles telekinet style and someone asks "What is the US doing? Still being, well, the US?"
Der Shredder (27 days ago)
9:40 You got it all wrong mate: This is the direct result of unregulated capitalism, or as libertarians and "anarchists" call it, "the free market" and NOT a form of socialism. "Brawndo" was only able to gain all its power and monoply due to unregulated capitalism, in which only the profits and not the product itself (quality/morals) counts and no "third neutral party" like a state, dictator etc - who has an interest in keeping the population healthy (like Adolf Hitler for example, who made public transportation and organic foods available for everybody and helped the young/beautiful people to breed with each other because he wanted the people to be strong and healthy) stepped in. And because humans are, by nature, sheeples who only act on their primitive instincs, these instincs can be used (sex, sugar etc.) in order to gain massiv profit by "the free markets", when there is nobody to stop the greedy corporations, who don't giving a F! about the population anyways. Thats why these "american" corporations having no problem closing all their factories in america and moving them to china etc, just to make more profits! Because: Capitalism has no morals, which we now see perfectly in modern day america and the western world in general! I grew up in Germany and I lived in America - so I know both worlds (we have some sort of socialsm in Germany), but let me tell you;Eventhough I somehow Love the vibe and feelings I got in america, the country itself is nothing more but a superficial "utopia" were everybody has to have a side hustle just to make ends meet, working 50 hrs. a week with less than 20 days of vaccation a year, riding their shitty cars on one of the horrible roads of the big cities who are in infestes with bed bugs, rats, black/hispanic gangs and illegal mexicans, while thinking they live in the greatest country of the universe. In Germany for example: it is LAW that every German citizen (no matter what his job is) has to have at LEAST 20 holidays, FULLY paid! So "Socalism" (NOT COMMUNISM!) can be a blessing to a society, when this society is humogenious (which america is of course not, thats why it is fucked in the first place!) and the state or "leader" has an interest FOR the people of the country! (He must be of the same blood! But how can that be, when you have so many different races living in the same country, like in america for example!? Answer: This is nothing more but a pushed agenda from these corporation owners of the "free market", who will make sure, that there will never be a leader for the people who will step in and save them. (because when a "black man" steps in", the whites are supiscious, and when a white man comes into office, alle these other races go viral etc. DIVIDE and Conquer!). But our country gets turned into america 2.0, thanks to merkel and the migrants coming over. So in 15 years or less, Germany will look like america too, brown and dumped down!
Andrew_Owens (29 days ago)
I never saw anything about the welfare state in that movie. Did I miss something?
James Estrada (30 days ago)
Idiocracy is only a movie right? Scrolls through the comment section.....😭
Painfulldarksoul (30 days ago)
Wait. They have social support for the poor? How? Based on behavior, they're republicans.
Javier Alicea (1 month ago)
Wow where did you get socialism from idiocracy? If anything it was fascism where corporations hold the maximum amount of sway over the government and bribe the regulators and as society descends backwards becomes the overseers of their own regulatory system. Hence the merging of state and business aka FASCISM. Not Socialism where individual property is seized by the state for the collective good. It's Fascism where a corporation seizes the state and owns the government so a private entity or entities are the owners and ultimate arbiters of what goes on within the country. You need to review your terminology. If anything this is a critique of conservatism's descent into fascism and eventually the dissolution of the state. The fact that President Camacho was president and a famous wrestler should remind you of Trump and how he was a media star favored by low IQ thinkers. Like Trump says, "I love my LOW IQ people." There is no mention of a socialized state as people in the show still had jobs and the reason the main character was arrested was because of the bill produced by the hospital for his less than adequate care. You need to review the movie again and take your political bias out of it.
comedeyzone (1 month ago)
So in other words this comedy that was made for the sake of laughs didn't go far enough in conveying your personal political narrative? Okay cool.
Dan Edwards (1 month ago)
You don't seem to know much about evolution, given your mischaracterization about it.
bkspicture (1 month ago)
In a free market, what stops Brawndo or any company from buying up every other company and the government??
Vinay N.K (1 month ago)
Anyone who cannot do calculus shouldn't breed. Almost everything is modeled by differential equations. There is simply no point in letting the idiots who cannot understand calculus to survive. Castrate them as quickly as possible to save mankind.
Sam King (1 month ago)
500 years from now, the movie would be called prophetic for its time, too bad no one will be smart enough to appreciate the irony
T B (1 month ago)
This movie has been mislabeled for years. It's based on real life events
Justin M (1 month ago)
evolution, doesn't select or favor anything or anyone.
inyobill (1 month ago)
"... what happens when a large percentage of the population becomes dependent on the welfare state …", um, did we watch the same movie?
Trumps presidency reminds me of this dumb ass movie.
This is Christian propaganda.
The Kombinator (1 month ago)
Cautionary tale? When my roomate showed me this in 2009, I was actually scared. (maybe paranoid because temporarily mentally incapacitated ;) )
Ace Aardvark (1 month ago)
Water, like out the toilet?
Damali O'keefe (1 month ago)
this seems less a review and more a framing device for your own political views. you discuss this movie as though it is a theory, and the events that take place in it as though they are evidence. i understand as this film is very theoretical and relies heavily on symbolism, but i would have loved to see some more connection perhaps to other works or to things going on in the real world -- either some discussion of the political climate at the time that the movie was made or a discussion of today's political climate in juxtaposition with the film. Looking at it from today's perspective, it can be understood as a criticism of modern day conservatism -- while it seems that you treat it as a bastion of conservative ideals. i think you did a good job at stating your thesis and summarizing the events of the movie, but there is a lack of connection between the two. you talk a lot about the "welfare state" and a theory of evolution (that i have admittedly forgotten the name of), but i would have loved to see exactly where (if ever) these theories were alluded to or directly supported in the film. I know it's not exactly an intellectual movie on a surface level, but if it's making the statement you argue that it is, itd be cool to see it in the movie's own words. and if you wanna discuss the intentions of the movie's creator's, maybe it's worth exploring the film's treatment of racial dynamics in america, as no discussion on politics in america is really complete without it, and most discussions include it whether people realize it or not. is this an element in which the movie was unclear, or did it make a real conscious statement?
Delightful Hat Studios (1 month ago)
i loved this movie
Nogardtist (1 month ago)
most realistic movie i ever seen and we it can one day be reality that will doom the human race.... again
sleepup7931 (1 month ago)
he speak fag
Andor Fedra (1 month ago)
quality over quantity only works to a point. When infant mortality begins to increase because of the collapse of healthcare systems more will be ultimately necessary just to ensure the survival of one's progeny. It doesn't mean that those children will be any less necessary, educated, etcetera. It means that those children who survive to adulthood to procreate will be a few of many, and some will be necessarily more experienced at "sub parenting" helping to raise significantly younger siblings with their parents.
JohnnyCageRock (1 month ago)
You confuse corporatocracy and socialism.

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