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Arkansas Ultra Supercritical Coal Plant Technology Faces Extinction

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Take a ride into America's first Ultra Supercritical coal fired power plant at the AEP Southwestern Electric Power Company John W. Turk facility in Arkansas. Regulatory uncertainly has put on hold any plans to build more of these highly efficient and clean facilities to power America's infrastructure despite the Turk plant's unprecedented and proven technology innovations. To learn more about the need for regulatory reform and take action, visit http://www.energyxxi.org/energy-works-for-us/regulatoryprocess
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tandem compound (1 month ago)
can you give us numbers PSI, temps, efficiencies, stack gas percents not spin
SkylineToTheSeaAndMe (1 month ago)
People don't understand that these plants emit about 99.99999% steam into the atmosphere. They are extremely clean.
MoGeLzZ (1 month ago)
let me think for a while coal consitsts of carbon C and burns with oxigen O to form CO2. the steam is Hydrogen H and O form water H2O hamm but wait there is no hydrogen in coal shittt. Now think about your comment for a while and tell me where the problem is. tip they use cooling towers with water inside to recondense the steam thats where all the water vapor comes from.
Nathan A (1 month ago)
Why aren't LED bulbs produced in the USA? Dollar tree sells light bulbs for a dollar how do US manufacturers stay competitive?
Nathan A (7 months ago)
The solution is to burn a coal dust gas mixture in turbines. Machines can add coal dust to Jet fuel and diesel.
Gary Cianfrocca (8 months ago)
Time for some West Virginia coal.
Politically Incorrect (6 months ago)
Gary Cianfrocca The best and cleanest coal in the world.
Arthur Mario (1 year ago)
it is better than other coal plants, but that's not saying much. don't waste money on new coal plants. we can afford clean air, just don't use so much electricity.
Aegys TierOne (1 year ago)
Thank God we elected Trump. This technology should replace all current conventional coal power plant in the States.
Trustin Ellis (1 year ago)
what does it matter when China is building 20 to 40 a year I say go for it... plus the scr today clean the co2 to less than 15 % make America great again!!!!!
Mark Foundas (1 year ago)
Time for Thorium Power Plants.
Jonathan A. Carley (1 year ago)
The fate of this plant isn't because of Obama-era rules, its because of the economics of shale gas
Tanya Coffman (1 year ago)
It's foolish that they throw in one well paid employee that is doing better for his family, when in reality how close to that plant is he living? How much air pollutants including Mercury and lead is the neighbors breathing daily from these fine particles? Google deaths from coal power plants. Asthma, bronchitis, congested heart failures and heart attacks associated with coal plants. A YouTube video telling people your the best or bring employment to the town is not a bonus when heart and death are tied to the paychecks. Go green!
SkylineToTheSeaAndMe (1 month ago)
These plants emit about 99.99999% steam (water vapor) into the atmosphere. The reports of Asthma attacks are likely caused by other things but are being blamed on these plants (understandably, but erroneously). I live in one of the cleanest environments in the world, and yet I also have Asthma/COPD.
Thomas Jefferson (9 months ago)
It's easy to internet jockey and say "go green!" Why don't you go get an engineering degree and actually contribute something to this notion of "going green?"
anthony kelley (1 year ago)
Hi, i build these plants so im as close to an expert as you're ever likely to talk to. It is a common misconception bordering on conspiracy that these plant have a lot of pollutants the average coal burner in the states puts out about as much pollutants as a single big rig truck. They are filled with technologies to capture the harmful elements. Most of which are then sold to chemical companies, or in the case of fly ash used to make concrete. They dont let theses elements escape cause that is literally throwing away money.
John Falls (1 year ago)
Tanya Coffman you must have missed tne part of the video where the flue scrubbing is explained.
crf450ish (1 year ago)
Yeah go green..... let me know how your gonna produce as much power as coal by using "green".
Mubtadi Iman (2 years ago)
Now in progress research in Cadarach....
Mubtadi Iman (2 years ago)
Wait Dude for fussion powr plant no more pollution......
Mubtadi Iman (2 years ago)
The most efficience of power plant in the world..
Gammareign (2 years ago)
Dudes! Get a grip! Combined cycle gas-fired power plants, nuclear power plants, geothermal power plants, and hydropower plants are all so much better than coal.
SkylineToTheSeaAndMe (1 month ago)
All power plants help nature and ultimately clean the environment (despite what we've been propagandized to believe). CO2 is what plants need to survive, and they emit Oxygen (clean the air). It has been proven that over the last 20 or 30 years the earth is almost 20% greener (in terms of plant mass, forests, etc.). That can most certainly be attributed to increased CO2 levels.
SkylineToTheSeaAndMe (1 month ago)
+Gammareign - There is nothing wrong with Coal plants (such as these). They are superefficient, and clean, and emit about 99.99999% steam (water vapor) into the atmosphere. You speak of those chemicals or elements, and they exist or are emitted from every type of fossil fuel plant (including natural gas, etc.). There are very limited Geothermal areas in the world. Nothing wrong with Nuclear, except they need to engineer better containment, in areas where it's necessary. Agenda 21 is killing Hydro-Power as it is killing coal and other technologies (including Nuclear). The impetus isn't "environmental benefits", it is getting in on a market, and monopolizing it (and taxing citizens around the world, and quadrupling their energy rates to pay for it). The ultimate goal, is quite literally to destroy the middle class, and wealth transfer to developing nations. It is literally a plan to force totalitarian Communism and a militarized police and smart grid surveillance state upon all of us.
DullKnight 101 (2 months ago)
Gammareign look up supercritical extraction. these guys are I love the idea and maybe it helps prevent pollution?
Rod Wilkinson (2 months ago)
Three Mile Island, Chernobyl & Fukishima, yep now thats a record to be proud of.
Jeffrey Holtz (3 months ago)
Morgan Williams , just from your comment alone I'll take it your job is pushing a broom around at the power plant. You do realize we only use coal for two things power and the process in making steel. Many more people from industry and the consumers are using natural gas, and requires a lot more gas to get the same amount of BTUs of coal at a power plant.
How about the electrical system?
Asif Shah (19 days ago)
Peter Wang (2 years ago)
So I am the first one to comment. This shows the lack of interest for this important topic. The problem will get worse, once this tech is dominated by foreign firms (a current trend), the political lobby will die out. The US public is dumbing down into a grass hopper mentality. What will happen if the gas price rise up to $5/gallon? The US society will be totally wrong footed and immobilized.
SHERMAN YOUNG (3 months ago)
Peter Wang ,at least they good paying racists jobs 🤔🤔😮
Manpet Epetrop (1 year ago)
tisFrancesfault No we don't , speaking as a Greek, but also on behalf of Italy, Portugal, Spain and half a dozen other EU countries we do not "doing OK". The stupid EU policy enforces us to use less and less Lignite (which is ours, not imported, and CHEAP!) for our electricity generation, using more and more imported natural gas and Private companies (ultra expensive) Wind power, and also doubled our electricity imports with neighboring countries (even Fu#@#ng Turkey, for Christ Sakes!). 1 Litter of gasoline costs 1.5 Euros, which is the second highest price in EU due to EXTREME increases of taxes. All these has led all industries go abroad, because the price of energy is ULTRA IMPORTANT for everything...
TherealArchon (1 year ago)
But they ain't MERICA!
tisFrancesfault (2 years ago)
Europe pays upwards of $6 per us gallon. They do okay.

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