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PUBG: The Power of Ghillie Suit (Compilation)

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Text Comments (1315)
TG GAME (7 hours ago)
2:59 thumbnail
【小卉】 (1 day ago)
No wonder Geely is so rare
patel vrushabh (2 days ago)
Can someone let me know the song link at the end
Devansh Das (2 days ago)
1:32 ay blyat :DD
DottierMage30 (4 days ago)
And u needed 10 minutes and *21* *seconds* to show us this?
Nacho Roblox (5 days ago)
I killed a dude in a gillie suit once.
crazyAD ‍ (6 days ago)
One more ghillie suit game play on my channel!!!
Jordan Dave™ (6 days ago)
How to get the suit though?
arpit mishra (7 days ago)
Bhai ye kaun se mode me khel raha hai
Jocelyn Ahmed (7 days ago)
Soo funny
ZaHaR ********* (8 days ago)
Русские кушать?
N.S. Gamer (10 days ago)
Dzma xar
Eddie Chaos (10 days ago)
Are there ghillie suits in pubg mobile?
Cyumonite (11 days ago)
op asf lol
Fourth Dela Paz (11 days ago)
Ghillie Suit + Any supressed gun = Fuck this fucking game
Cedric Juncel Garcia (12 days ago)
4:52 "Stay in the shadows" -Cpt. MacMillan
Carl Johnson (12 days ago)
Call of duty 4 bravo team Charlie six
Bayu Andrian (12 days ago)
Riz B0T (13 days ago)
Wrong. The power of FLEX TAPE
Kamal Ungarov (13 days ago)
6:58 😂😂😂😂😂
soy piter TM (16 days ago)
X-laps22 (16 days ago)
You save my day daddy
Tu Dang (17 days ago)
The BroNation (17 days ago)
Sniped a ghillie suit nibba today. Ah the satisfaction 💗
the ezarkun gaming (17 days ago)
I missssssss that rain weather :(
yo blogs (18 days ago)
How to buy this
Yandi Adi (18 days ago)
Captain McMillan best compilation😂
arun sanga (19 days ago)
How to get this
David Parker (19 days ago)
Vs fortnite bush
ZIDANE TV (20 days ago)
Geoj Ciubal (21 days ago)
Vlog KenBi Nguyễn (21 days ago)
Thằng ngu lồn
Ŕen Kuń (21 days ago)
How many gamers die in pubg in one day
gaming studios (22 days ago)
These are noobs bruh
jaynemaryell panugas (23 days ago)
ROS ghillie suit is not like that
Aryann (23 days ago)
ŚÇÀŔ (23 days ago)
Annoying as hell
Will hehehe
Arshi 67 (24 days ago)
How to get this suit?
the saps (24 days ago)
I love killing the people with the Ghillie suits they are easy to hit and they look like lake monsters😂
at dass (24 days ago)
AZZAM NABIL (25 days ago)
How to get this armor please I dead this armor kill I enguip sniper
Tむらびと (25 days ago)
SONNY EVIL (25 days ago)
The best
Patrik Kalita (26 days ago)
Fucking fake dipshit
Kalash Kumar (26 days ago)
Hải Ngô (26 days ago)
Surprise ^^
HARD ZBOR (26 days ago)
Черти ска какие то😁 я много 5 тел убивал и то 2е пустые были
suraj Fundal (26 days ago)
Aidan Dias (27 days ago)
Pongthanawat Moangkham (27 days ago)
oyun dünyası (27 days ago)
Oradaki bot aq
시발련아 (27 days ago)
병신인가 암걸리네 좀 쏴라 병신아
아르타니스 (27 days ago)
핏짜 ㅇㅈ
ants games (28 days ago)
I had a ghillie suit and got the win and I got the last kill with it
xinxin yang (29 days ago)
Some silly brain idiots
Gamer Reborn (29 days ago)
Dont go down READ MORE
정지훈 (29 days ago)
Neel Bhave (29 days ago)
Back then pubg was real good
Miner gaming (29 days ago)
wow very good
MυφΗαΙ Sαβ 2002 (1 month ago)
Plz tell me how to change camra view bcoz this show only player hand not full player y plz hlp me
Wahahahah funny
Shy ariel (1 month ago)
Haha galing
x Adiquite (1 month ago)
Ghillie suit laying down is not too hard but a suit in a bush is actually insanely difficult to notice especially if you are in a fight already
Kato Vallejos (1 month ago)
Que pelotudo lo tiene en las narices y no lo mata que bobo
Ridho Bm Star (1 month ago)
On pubg mobile ghilie suit is not working
Marvin Castañeda (1 month ago)
1st video was an idiot just laughing to death
I can’t help but notice that they look like green Chewbaccas
Tomasz Ignacy (1 month ago)
They should add chernobyl map, and give 90% of ghillie suit's loot.
Subhajit Maity (1 month ago)
I am an Innovator from India. To see innovations in electronics, please subscribe me https://www.youtube.com/c/evolutionandextinction
Gaming Tâm (1 month ago)
100.000 sud
riders dynasty (1 month ago)
3:10 main video
Dan gaming Yt (1 month ago)
Lol all of them r blind xd
iXec (1 month ago)
Ghillie suit is OP! Got a nice video on my channel too :)
TV Tim (1 month ago)
Connor Crosby (1 month ago)
Games are being faked everywhere
jbb corgi (1 month ago)
trolled *Read More*
Yash Balanse (1 month ago)
But hard to find one...
Predicted Boot (1 month ago)
When your roaming around then health starts to go down instanly 😬
halfsolidaphid gilldar (1 month ago)
is this the gillie suits being really camo or the people being really dumb
chunchun maru (1 month ago)
Hahaha if this was ros then its almost pretty much useless,well it works on beginners and when the weather or time is night and foggy.
Mystic Stardust (1 month ago)
Haha you all missed the part where two people with that costume ambush each other
Abhishek Sathe (1 month ago)
Ghillie suit with silenced M24 or AWM. And you become a literal god
Ashwin Nair (1 month ago)
is the ghillie suit there in Pubg mobile too? how do I get it?
Sasha Hawkes (1 month ago)
Bitch one guy was so blind i was crouching right next to him while he was looting a crate. I wasnt even wearing the gillie suit
Óscar Pérez. (1 month ago)
*B R A V I S I M O*
Ianici Gabi (1 month ago)
5:23 look at the ammo
Grayson Brasil (1 month ago)
That background music do
pak Gangstar (1 month ago)
Cy By (1 month ago)
thank god i'm colourblind
Mohit Nagar (1 month ago)
At 8:17 I’ve done it without the suit
p8ntballr123 (1 month ago)
it only worked if you camp and lay down in one spot and not move. I dont play like that.
Aman saini yuvi (1 month ago)
https://youtu.be/6pQ2kIO5t00 dikho friends
Junn Kit Wong (1 month ago)
they cant see the gun behind your back ?
Akash Chowdhury (1 month ago)
how can I get this suit?
xXfe4rlessxX Yt clan (1 month ago)
Dmitriy Kim (1 month ago)
is it only me or do you find it irritating when a ghillie suit guy just laughs and doesn't kill anyone?
Rich Smith (1 month ago)
First one stupid

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