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MUST-BUY Steam Autumn Sales (ENDS SOON)

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Steam's annual Autumn sale is live through now until November 28th 2017, so hurry and buy some of the best games at dirt-cheap prices! Buy Steam Link at $4.99 at http://store.steampowered.com/search/?snr=1_4_4__12&term=STEAM+LINK
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Text Comments (97)
Deeno (11 months ago)
I snagged one for that price, coming in a couple of days
IvanNL (11 months ago)
bough it but shipping cost made in 15 euro
AbyssmalAngel (11 months ago)
I got the notification Nov. 29. Youtube, you beeeeitch.
necoliteTM (11 months ago)
I bought the valve complete pack and its amazing!! :P
Nier (11 months ago)
I would get the link if the delivery wasn’t £8
Juan Jesus (11 months ago)
i think about buying the steam link, but i have a laptop lol
Juan Jesus (11 months ago)
dnt buy the r6s starter edition ffs!
Shibe Doggo (11 months ago)
i can't buy games from steam overwatch is controlling me
Mosin Nagant M91/30 (11 months ago)
Insurgency for 1.50
Daddy2.0 (11 months ago)
Hotline Miami is a must play game. On sale or not this game is worth every penny.
Rita Mae (11 months ago)
Scrapgrace (11 months ago)
Sad that it is worth noting that a game has an active following two years after its release... classics like we've all heard of are still actively being played
Quinten Saija (11 months ago)
Buy Rainbow Six Siege, but then just the normal edition. Do not buy the starter edition, because the grind is too much. It doesn't mean grind to win, because every operator is good, but it just puts a barrier on the potential extra fun. Also I have never played the Half life series, don't kill me.
Sansirow (10 months ago)
Quinten Saija Spend your R6 credits, keep not buying any cosmetics yet, but buying all the cheap ones was a bad idea. Valk, Caveira, Hibana are really fun and important. Did you get Tchanka?
Quinten Saija (10 months ago)
Sansirow bruh I only have all the cheap ones and like three from the expensive...and im almost lvl 100 and never bought cosmetics
Sansirow (10 months ago)
Quinten Saija I have 450 hours on this game. I still suck and i have only half of the operators. Please send help.
Kaiz The Monster (11 months ago)
Lol it was1$ for 2 days
CyborgGhost5 (11 months ago)
Aham u forgot the 2$ Left 4 Dead 2
blogblock (11 months ago)
Fucking funny how all the clickbait videos (devoid of quality content) gave a small short-term boost in views, but made sure 99% of the audience stayed away from upcoming videos. 201K subscribers and 7.7k views, congratulations you just played yourself.
Kethwast Tanishq (11 months ago)
Steam link coming soon I search in steam app that what it said when I searched in amazon it was a lot costly wtf $95
Olika120 (11 months ago)
Counter Strike Condition Zero(with 1.6) is 0,99€
Blake Hockey (11 months ago)
Olika120 is it actually?
Olika120 (11 months ago)
the steam link shipping is 21€ xd
The Freemankiller (11 months ago)
Many thanks for the Just Cause 3 Tip! Already got Rainbow Six!
Prajwal Naik (11 months ago)
Witcher 3 : GOTY Edition is at 60% off
Marcus (11 months ago)
Rainbow Six siege is only the starter edition btw people
Nitrox The Classy Narwhal (11 months ago)
Do this more often, hell i'd love to watch these.
Clownslay (11 months ago)
What mod did you use on Half Life 2 at the end of the video?
KrissFliss (11 months ago)
Cant buy steam link in Norway
Yeti001 TM (11 months ago)
all don's stare pack is now only 1/3 of normal prize
GhostShipSupreme (11 months ago)
Just cause 3 is an amazing game! Wish I got it for that cheap earlier...
onotario (11 months ago)
i got just cause 2 cause the third one got shit reviews. got left for dead 2, a story about my uncle, and gonna buy portal if it’s on sale
ArmorXIII (11 months ago)
Devenn Eng (11 months ago)
Ganonbros Uhh, you get 4 free operators starting. 2 base game, and 2 of your choosing.
C x (11 months ago)
To make your skill better please play terrorist hunt to get at least one op for each side just never go recruit
Ganonbros (11 months ago)
ChrispyDotBS Dude you're not gonna have a good time at all with the 7$ version. It feels like playing a Pay 2 Win Free to Play game except you bought it.
Daddy2.0 (11 months ago)
ChrispyDotBS Bro the game isn’t going to be fun !
ChrispyDotBS (11 months ago)
patz iam kinda on a budget i cant really blow 20 bucks on a game that can be bought for 7, i know the system to unlocking things are different but i just wanna have a good time with friends.
Jake (11 months ago)
Castle Crashers for $2.99 is a great deal and you could buy the 4 pack for $10.79 to play with friends
python cheese (11 months ago)
I'm waiting for winter sale to buy anything Just in case the prices drop even slightly. I want siege for sure. Plus by that time I'll have more money saved up.
Screamin Mime (11 months ago)
OMG, I just bought a Steam Link last month for $50!!!
Vaderus The Great (5 months ago)
ShadowPlayz steam link. Not a game.
l0m (10 months ago)
You can actually ask for a refund and buy the game again, as it says so in the FAQ,
Sam Notter (11 months ago)
You forgot huniepop
VegaS Gamer (11 months ago)
bank account 0.86 I hate my self
Mtndewgang (11 months ago)
VegaS Gamer .15 here.
DatGrunt (11 months ago)
Doesnt game stop also have the steam link for 5 dosh?
MrSilenceCat (11 months ago)
I recommend to buy the Dishonored - Definitive Edition instead the dlc is amazing
sabin hod (11 months ago)
For Honor
Tehc (11 months ago)
Thanks, I have 5 bucks and I don't know what to buy.
nemanja pejcic (11 months ago)
ItsMyName if you already buyed it shipping is about 10$
ilcalmissimo (11 months ago)
5$ + 12$ of delivery... what a scam
OlivierTheGamer (10 months ago)
5euro+ 8.80 euro
kaz (11 months ago)
skyrim is 5$ on bundlestars tho
Matt Vitello (11 months ago)
already got the complete pack for even cheaper over the summer
Dood71 (11 months ago)
Matt Nutella of?
Várkonyi Domonkos (11 months ago)
rainbow six siege its not the best for 7 eu because its only starter edition and you have to play 15 hours for 1 operator
PegAsus (11 months ago)
Just bought the steam link! Thanks!
puka (11 months ago)
Buy We happy few for only *51€*
KEK -9 (11 months ago)
Good thing I got it when it was like 20 or 30 lol.
RaffaL_ (11 months ago)
steam link is 19.99$ on Amazon Canada, not 4.99$
SoLaRPisces (11 months ago)
2987ms get it at eb games for 5.99
Dankerino Nicherino (11 months ago)
Same in Australia. It just links me to the EB games site.
Jan Alexander (11 months ago)
RaffaL_ where do you live? Maybe they don't ship to your country.
RaffaL_ (11 months ago)
There's no add to card button on steam on these type of product for me.
Dokterjack (11 months ago)
RaffaL_ its on steam
Piano Covers Man (11 months ago)
Is the rainbow 6 pricing right?
Daddy2.0 (11 months ago)
Don’t buy it trust me
It's Vojin! (11 months ago)
Jan Alexander I'm talking about the starter pack being like a F2P game
Jan Alexander (11 months ago)
It's Vojin! I have the standard one and it's not too bad if you have friends to play with.
anthony (11 months ago)
It's Vojin! (11 months ago)
Rekt Silence Its the starter pack price. Don't buy the starter pack because its like a F2P game. Standard one is 21 bucks
ceezy (11 months ago)
gonna hurry
Your Daddy (11 months ago)
When u have all of these...😪
k3n3gdy (11 months ago)
CatGaming HD (11 months ago)
But isn't that excluding the price of shipping, which could add up to another $10?
DavidOfc (11 months ago)
Nuke Killer hahaha, obviously a steam link would be shipped you moron, way to make pc gamers look bad
PegAsus (11 months ago)
I paid 10 euros to ship it to France
Young Dou (11 months ago)
MrVauxs lol I ve been using steam for years and had no idea
[ ‏‏‎ ] (11 months ago)
Young Dou Steam also sells hardware, and right now Steam Link is 5$
Young Dou (11 months ago)
Shipping on steam?
mop (11 months ago)
Time to mortgage my house again...
DatGrunt (11 months ago)
mop That's just....aww ; [
NippeCS (11 months ago)

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