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5 NEW Pokemon Games Coming To Switch Soon! Pokemon Let's Go Eevee and Pikachu were revealed tonight, as well as Pokemon Quest and a teaser for ANOTHER Pokemon Game coming in 2019. You can even download one of them RIGHT NOW! Let's talk about this - Like/Comment/Subscribe Become A Patreon And Join Our Family By Supporting The Channel - https://www.patreon.com/BeatEmUps Want to send me MAIL?! Wood Hawker - PO Box 821231 North Richland Hills, TX 76180 Buy Some MERCH Maybe! - https://shop.spreadshirt.com/BeatEmUpsMerch/ PayPal - beatemupsmerch@gmail.com Business Email - beatemupsbusiness@gmail.com Follow BeatEmUps on Twitter - @BeatemupsWood On Facebook - facebook.com/BeatEmUps Instagram - @BeatemupsWood Join The BeatEmUps Discord Chat - https://discord.gg/zyUGPfs My Second Channel - https://www.youtube.com/user/WoodsMaj... Music: Erek Ladd - https://erekladd.bandcamp.com/releases "Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for "fair use" for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. Non-profit, educational or personal use tips the balance in favor of fair use." All clips and videos belong to their respective owners.
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BeatEmUps (1 month ago)
ARE YOU EXCITED? Or do you think this is a misstep by Nintendo? - NEW SHIRTS! - https://goo.gl/NRbjvA Help SUPPORT the channel and join exclusive chats with me! - https://www.patreon.com/BeatEmUps See Exclusive Posts, Photos & Live Q&A's from me by following at - https://aminoapps.com/c/beatemups/home/
Andy Mcfee (1 month ago)
BeatEmUps I would like a Pokémon game to be like a pet where you can take care and hang out with your Pokémon. For me my favourite Pokemon is espeon
Joe Mccary (1 month ago)
full price
Orlandez Malone (1 month ago)
burst kael elio Technically 4 with Pokémon Switch coming in 2019
burst kael elio (1 month ago)
BeatEmUps those are 3 games; #1 pokemon quest, #2 pokemon let's go pikachu, #3 pokemon let's go eevee, and #4 (or 5) pokemon switch
Orlandez Malone (1 month ago)
BeatEmUps there were only 4 games announced. How did you come up with 5?
Marty V (1 day ago)
what you talk about around 7:44 is kinda what digimon world is.
yankeevader (2 days ago)
Did I miss something? That was only 4 games. Quest Pikachu Eevee 2019
GabeKapak _05 (4 days ago)
I love pokemon so much, it started my love for nintendo. Im so excited i was happy when they announced a small spin off to play for free, lets go pikachu and eevee im hyped about because i like pokemon go and the thing im most excited for a core main series rpg normal pokemon (hopefull gen 8 or diamond and pearl remake) game.
Ahkuji (6 days ago)
I just want my gen 4 remake..
nedas jasukaitis (8 days ago)
i really want a switch to play pokemon lets go but i dont have enough money for it and plus im saving money for my pc so i probably going to buy nintendo 2ds what should i do save up for nintendo switch or nintendo 2ds and pc?
Aayush Poudel (8 days ago)
i honestly love everything pokemon/gamefreak does so no opinion here
Luke Tom (8 days ago)
Nintendo: Pokèmon GO died pretty quickly Nintendo: Must be coincidence lets put it in the new games they'll love that
Silvia Ekasari (9 days ago)
It's app game to
Hiro Nakamura (9 days ago)
OK first.. There was only 4 pokemon games listed.... Eshop game, 2 poke go games, and unknown one in 2019..wheres this 5th game? Did I miss it? And I am pissed because who wants to just throw a ball and catch a pokemon.. Where's the battle first?? U telling me u can walk up to a lunala and throw a ball and catch it.. No damage or anything?? It'd been great if u can battle the pokemon first, not just the trainers... Ruins the game.
The Gamer Jalen (11 days ago)
blank (13 days ago)
but do u need motion controls for lets go eevee and the other one? im way too lazy to move my hands
LazyOldMe RS (14 days ago)
I want a pokemon as exciting as breath of the wild.
JФSΞPHI SΓДLIИI (14 days ago)
Post Malone?!?
Brett Lund (14 days ago)
So this is similar to pokemon yellow in the sense that you have either pikachu or eevee as a pet. However, is it like Blue and Red in the sense that the 150 will be divided between the 2 with some pokemon exclusive to either version?
Ronald steffenson (16 days ago)
hii my name is logan i no 50 pokemon
Samara Lebron (17 days ago)
Inspired not remakes
Andrew Allen (17 days ago)
They need to port Pokemon xd gale of darkness to the switch. One of the best Pokemon games in my opinion.
JUDIN 124 (18 days ago)
Horray I’m gonna be poor
Kristopher Mccollough (20 days ago)
Exactly one month ago
Mikes 🔥 stuff (21 days ago)
Dam 5 games In the last hour, and I thought square enix was doing good
For me it’s a yellow re make
JET 0316 (23 days ago)
At 8:45 you mention Bluetooth. I didn't think switch had Bluetooth capabilities
Tim (24 days ago)
Dude you said that you got tog fight wild pokemon, even after you cought one yourself. But its incorrect
Darryl Wolfe (26 days ago)
Can the SWITCH download games from the internet? I mean not from the Eshop. I mean download from a site on your computer and then transfer the game to your switch.
kefkapalazzo1 (26 days ago)
My legs just got week
sean lim (27 days ago)
So will there be a legit pokemon game coming to switch anytime soon? Will there be a legit pokemon game that'll incorporate hundreds and thousands of pokemon within a single game as an adventure game at the same time, kinda the same as the nitendo 2ds?
Michelle Dubauskas (28 days ago)
Buying a switch just so I can play this 🤣
Hans Yolo (1 month ago)
Well it looks like my Switch was worth it now, if it wasn't already. Granted I only paid $60 after tax and trading in my PS4 that I never use. The only thing I don't like about the Pokemon Let's Go ____ games, is that there are no wild Pokemon battles, only against trainers, so that's gonna be a pass for me. 5:20 or with myself.... I'm so lonely someone send help
Gamer Forever (1 month ago)
You too old to play this
CroLanix (24 days ago)
You're too young to be on YouTube.
Guillermo Rodriguez (1 month ago)
I’m super excited for all these new Pokémon games! I even went out and bought a switch just because of the new Pokémon Let’s go pikachu!
ANTEHOOD ANTONI1987 (1 month ago)
Wow :D !
LightShadowButterfly (1 month ago)
I still want another pokemon game like Colosseum and XD Gale of Darkness. I know it wont happen, but it WAS a different type of pokemon game while still being pokemon(to me.)
RamboBob (1 month ago)
So what's the difference between the Pokemon Let's Go Eevee and Pikahcu?
CroLanix (24 days ago)
Start with Pikachu or you start with Eevee.
Starry Panda 06 (1 month ago)
Well GameFreak / Nintendo was right about Ultra Sun+Moon being the last games on 3ds.. So the question is now if the nintendo switch is really a hand held or home console. I felt like Pokemon was always hand held to trade pokemon locally with a friend or something. Personally, I'm excited for mainly pokemon yellow and evee[forgot what they were called]. I wasn't born when they came out and my first pokemon game I played was Pokemon Diamond. After all, it seemed obvious at some point we were going back to Kanto after the use of so many 1 gen pokemon. But I was looking forward to a re make of Diamond and Pearl..oh well
Daniel Näs (1 month ago)
I can't care any less about the new pokemon go game, but I really hope the other game isn't a remake... Pls nintendo 👍👍
squirt7370 (1 month ago)
You say you like that you can see the wild Pokemon before you battle them... But you don't even battle them lol
Entertainment (1 month ago)
this worries me.. their working too much and too fast. im worried they cant keep up with all the pokemon production they made ultra sun and moon and then lets go eevee and Pikachu then the quest game and now another one in EARLY 2019???? the 2019 game might not be as revolutionary sun and moon was but I really really hope it makes a change as big as x and y did too sun and moon as sun and moon to the 2019 game.
Christopher McSween (1 month ago)
The problem with these new genes is the $300 prices of the the game system combined with the games costing at least $60 a piece.
Júlio César (1 month ago)
Can somebody send me his Twitter channel link?
Shatterin’ the Limit (1 month ago)
All I ever wanted out of a switch Pokemon game that is OPEN WORLD and you can visit gyms and beat them then in certain areas you’ll be forced to do things like battle the villain team, recruit teammates maybe? And just like they had in the trailer throwing the pokeball.
PokeMaN letsplays- (1 month ago)
how savage they wont remake two games how sad
KIDif (1 month ago)
Awesome Nice video,keep it up!👍👍👍 I Draw Your Favorite Pokémon! If you will like shout out to you,let me know.
Dub Monster (1 month ago)
Real Pokemon (like back in days Fire Red) to Switch and i toss money to Nintendo
Goofball Delight (1 month ago)
1:09 correction pokken tournament was the 1st
Saturn (1 month ago)
The Pokeball reminds me of the Pokewalker from SoulSilver and HeartGold
EposVox (1 month ago)
What's the 5th Pokemon game? Pokemon Quest, 2x Pokemon Let's Go, "core Pokemon game" ...that's 4? Or are we assuming there's 2 versions of the "core game"?
Ian Crawford (1 month ago)
I see that Curse of Monkey Island game behind your Eevee plushie. Good taste. One of my most favorite games ever.
4hatibo4 smith (1 month ago)
I am only excited for the core game
Prism-Yuuzuki (1 month ago)
When I saw the Pokémon Quest trailer, I wasn’t sure, but it’s actually very addictive. (≧∇≦) Despite the lack of the wild Pokémon battles as we know them in Let’s GO, I’m really excited. It looks awesome!
TOPM231 (1 month ago)
I know I'm late but I have limited internet so I gotta make use and say, there isn't online and wild battles in let's go so from what I've seen it's a major problem fans can't handle, personally it comes down to price, if it's a full price 70-80$ (gotta love Australia and their prices) then I won't be getting it, if it's maybe 40-50 then I will take the opportunity to possibly get it, also people are probably disappointed due to Nintendo and Pokemon company keeping the 8th gen hype hidden from us for like 2 years now to get another delay for the core title
Furipe token (1 month ago)
I think BeatEmUps is a little confuse about the Lets GO, thgey are not core RPG's, they just have the original 150, but its far away from being like a core game...
Alexander Kunkle (1 month ago)
What do you think will happen with the Safari Zone since all Pokemon encounters now will be like the original Safari Zone?
Dracyan (1 month ago)
I know another Fake Giveaway YouTuber "Stupendous Wave" he has been advertising the same F*cking Giveaway for Months "Subscribe, Turn on the bell so you never miss a Video, Lick, and Comment Bellow your Favourite Lightsaber for a Chance to Win"
mAD hOUSE hENRY (1 month ago)
Tony No.33 (1 month ago)
for 59.99 bad worst price for one game. maybe 29.99 is fine but full price isn’t
Tyler H (1 month ago)
I was never able to own a core Pokémon game, the only Nintendo Systems I’ve ever owned was wii but now I’ll have a switch and I can finally get a true Pokémon game
Ali Bakkar (1 month ago)
2 years ago i wanted to buy pokemon yellow for my gameboy i didnt get it but i got a nintendo switch this is like the greatest news ever
B J (1 month ago)
I missed the release of quest! 😱 thank you dude 🙏🏻
Despacito 2 (1 month ago)
Pokemon quest is the first pokemon game i played and i consider it good. Don't get triggered pokemon fans.
Elijah Abram (1 month ago)
so cool but i still dot have a switch i just built my gaming pc
Bryan Rico (1 month ago)
Does anyone remember a new pokemon game for the switch about inanimate objects. For example there was a Pokemon based on a carton of milk and a cereal box and stuff like that. I know it sounds like bullshit but im 100% sure it was shown in a game informer magazine. Does anyone else remember this? If you guys have your game informer magazines of the past year can you check them for this pokemon game. My subscription to game informer ended a while ago and I threw all my old magazines. Im pretty sure it was in a game informer magazine from 2016 or 2017.
Joe Orchard (1 month ago)
So I know im dumb but when they say a all new core game for 2019 does that mean a 'actual pokemon game' like xy or sun and moon?
Joe Orchard (1 month ago)
NoobishSkittle cheers for the conformation dude
NoobishSkittle (1 month ago)
Joe Orchard it’s gen 8
Lol Mol (1 month ago)
I dont have a money for a switch🙃🙃
M31 (1 month ago)
I was just worried that "lets go" wasent the core pokemon game
Cholo Teriyaki (1 month ago)
They should make a Pokemon strategy game
RhaspsoLin (1 month ago)
Dave Grohl plays pokemon?
Kennedy Catala (1 month ago)
What if player two want to go to somewhere else and have an adventure of his own, will the screen split? Or he has no choice but be stucked with player one cursed of being an eternal follower
Chih Wei Huang (1 month ago)
when I started playing pokemon (gen6) i was wishing they would have a remake of previous gens but better graphics. YAY
JackGalaxy (1 month ago)
Team Pokemon let's go Eevee!
Dan Sutherland (1 month ago)
Free to start? You mean a demo?
Kelvin Ng (1 month ago)
i'm not totally sure what to expect for gen 8. I actually want a more difficult campaign, so hopefully game freak doesn't play it too safe and just make a switch version of the older games. I actually want turn based battle to go away and make things more real time...i may be more the exception but that's my preference.
DjDogYT (1 month ago)
What’s da 5th one?
Crow29803 (1 month ago)
I like Pokémon quest, it’s free!
Everyday Life (1 month ago)
What is there to dislike. Smh
disturbed2255 (1 month ago)
I am only counting 4 games what's the 5th?
disturbed2255 (1 month ago)
ohhhhhhhhhhhhh duh so next year (gen 8) will be 2 versions like always wow cant believe i missed that.....
Gregory Bycraft (1 month ago)
Pokemon always releases in two slightly different versions.
CurtisAlfeld (1 month ago)
Not sure if I'm 100% on board with Pokemon Let's Go. I never really got into Pokemon Go, and with wild encounters being just an extension of that has me worried.
Brandon Kuttler (1 month ago)
Just discovered ur channel it's amazing ur videos are aweosme
Jake Perry (1 month ago)
All these things seem to be pokemon with an evolution.. looks awesome since a little overly complicated. I'm interested in seeing how they simplify this.
Uno Qualsiasi (1 month ago)
To you that is complaining about pokemon let's go....we both know you will buy the game...c'mon...we both know it. Stop lying to yourself.
Thingey (1 month ago)
Not excited, wating for the "real pokemon game" to come =p
14redranger (1 month ago)
I am loving the idea of being able to avoid wild pokemon, but not being able to battle them to weaken them before catching them? that's a big issue for me, and also a reason why I have not ordered the games yet. I usually order as soon as they're announced, this is one of the companies I trust to put up a good game. I think I am going to wait a few days after it's released, find some reviews and make up my mind then
My question is can we transfer the johto and hoenn pokemon that are in pokemon go in pokemon let's go pikachu and eevee??
Rafael Rodrigues (1 month ago)
To Pokémon tô evolve like zelda is preciselly what I want to! Tks bro
Bert Bundy (1 month ago)
Dude I just got this notification
Lib & Lew (1 month ago)
A Zelda style Pokémon game would be awesome
Killerrock 53 (1 month ago)
I'm kinda happy that I can trade my pokemon into pokemon go from the new games coming to the switch, because I won't have to buy a brand new switch, another game, or borrow someone else's switch to restart my saved game file
Johanna (1 month ago)
I love Eevee so much and finally she's/he's getting a whole game called after her/him ^^
Boba Fett (1 month ago)
Here's hoping Eevee for smash. :)
LDBSK0 (1 month ago)
Im so happy for ppl who got a switch and love pokemon that finally a main serie is coming. Sadly, i dont feel like getting a switch just to play that one game anymore. Im happy to just watch though. And really excited to see what they have planned!
Eri Althoff (1 month ago)
you keep saying Supposebly
oniakuma (1 month ago)
What it seems to me is that so far none of the pokemon past kanto will be into or able to get, I been wondering if the pokebank would connect to it, if not what about the next game, would that be away to get gen1 pokemon to gen 8 but almost impossible to get other gens unless something DLC, like maybe a Johto DLC, reminds me of when pokemon first went to Gb advance, there was no way to get to the other gens until FR and LG came out
Sunny D (1 month ago)
Just got my switch today... Played a lot of pokken tournament and 1-2 switch
The Bay DRAGON (1 month ago)
Leaks got real...
The Bay DRAGON (1 month ago)
"Who ever you are" This sentence you said almost 5 times.. 😐 Why?
SomeGuy (1 month ago)
Right now i love nintendo bc they released a game that can play it self
Fionn MacCumhaill (1 month ago)
Will there be any news at E3 lol.....Nintendo are crushing it
Josh 06 (1 month ago)
Felipe Dorta (1 month ago)
I’ve subscribed just because you are hot
Doug Beal Ii (1 month ago)
i dont need need to play the same game over and over im willing to but i would love if they mixed it up really dont want the battles changed tho

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