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CPU Wars Ryzen 7 2700X Vs i7 8700K - AMD Closes The Gap!

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CPU Wars Ryzen 7 2700X Vs i7 8700K - AMD Closes The Gap! Check out Bitmo and use Code TOT10 to get 10% off an Amazon Gift Card from $25 to $100 https://bitmo.com/ Subscribe! http://bit.ly/SubTechofTomorrow Try Amazon Prime FREE for 30 Days & Support Tech of Tomorrow! http://amzn.to/12JFYau Don't forget to check out the website! http://www.techoftomorrow.com Check us out on Facebook! http://www.facebook.com/TechofTomorrow Stay updated on Twitter! http://www.twitter.com/techof_tomorrow Tech of Tomorrow Music! http://www.techoftomorrow.com/music The Benchmark Song: The Human Zoo - Free on Spotify! http://spoti.fi/10Vz31z - Amazon: http://amzn.to/12Rh6kI - iTunes: http://bit.ly/199301I
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Text Comments (791)
Georgi Popov (1 hour ago)
Wow. Is that Intel CPU temp real? Damn... could it be because of some problem of the cooling installation that you guys didn't notice? Anyway - liked ryzen even in the 1st gen, will get ryzen system asap
Greg Henry (5 hours ago)
Rock & Roll Vork, putting in the work!
misterPAINMAKER (18 hours ago)
So there is a gap.
Bitcoin4Life (18 hours ago)
Good video man, efin love the benchmark song lol. When you do your overclocking comparison between these two CPU’s I hope you run the 2700x with high quality samsung b-die memory (something around ddr4 4000) using the “stilt 3466” memory preset built into the C7H bios. Also turning on performance enhancer to PE3 it will allow the CPU to boost multiple cores up to 4350mhz and hold it as long as you have enough cooling and Vcore. AMD has put in the work to control boost states of the Ryzen and especially the Ryzen + CPU’s so for the most part I do not recommend people to set the multiplier manually as it will only lower single thread performance. If you are wanting to overclock above the 4350 MHz range set PE3 and then start raising the reference clock. Some have managed to get the 2700x boost clocks around 4.5ghz for a few cores and all cores around 4300mhz.
Keoma Fernandes (1 day ago)
Wow, very disappointed with Gigabyte. They are my brand to go for motherboards. They should've given you more attention.
BenjerminGaye (1 day ago)
did you delid the intel cpu and got rid of the shoddy tim? drops temps by 20 degrees and pushes the 8700k to 5ghz
Duckers (1 day ago)
If the temps really are that bad, then it's amd for me, no matter if amd still needs 3ghz+ ram to perform good. I ain't buying a 100c boiling point cpu! It's enough with my generic gaming laptop with 4720hq whoch rises to 94-96c when video editing. (desktop's 4790k only goes max to 65)
aaron ward (1 day ago)
Have you thought about a bios update to the other motherboards?
Sultan Singh (1 day ago)
Yo just remind me of my old days when I use to watch your Reviews...
39 fps on 4k on the i7 8700k on far cry 5?that is wrong.i have the i5 6600k with the gtx 1080ti and get 55-58 on ultra at 4k.
Jerry Watson (1 day ago)
I agree, AMD has given Intel a reason to be scared. Great to see the benchmarks again. Thanks for all your hard work.
Todd Simone (2 days ago)
So Far Cry 5, 4K Ryzen gets 53fps while the 8700k gets 39? Dude I don't mean to discredit you but something is amiss!
Brandon B (2 days ago)
I went with the ASUS ROG Strix B350-F for my R7 1700 and it holds every bit of 3.8Ghz at 1.225v LLC @ High. Asus is my goto when I want to build a solid system to overclock on. Also took the GSkill Trident Z RGB CL16-18-18-38 3000 no problem and with a slight bump to voltage took 3200mhz with the same timings ;) Plain and simple ASUS rocks.
Pear CD (2 days ago)
I have not been excited about AMD cpus for some time, I love their graphics cards, and plenty of excitement there. But just 15 years ago AMD was giving Intel a ride for it's money each day of the week until about 2006 with the Core duo cpu, The pentium m started this power trend for Intel, and after the first gen of I core cpus I had some doubts on AMD. I glad to see this competition again. About time AMD!!!
Anona Mouse (2 days ago)
Underdog No More !!
Christian Samudio (2 days ago)
I like i7 because can make hackintosh
Christian N (2 days ago)
So i bought the ASUS ROG Crosshair VI Hero last year. Is there any reason too change it too V2? Whats the difference? I bought ryzen 7 1700 cause of the future proof motherboard. :) So i can maybe upgrade too ryzen 3 whenever that happends :P
폴Spurs (2 days ago)
what about 8700 not K it is ok not overheat? it is I7 8700 k> Ryzen 5 2600/2700? I like intel because it has integrated videocards , I buy later videocards and if videocard broken i can used the built in cards
Zonther (2 days ago)
I'm assuming that he ran the memory at 2133MHz and not 2933MHz. You will see a deference in performance on the AMD CPU. Push the memory to or past 3200 MHz and it will get up to or past skylake single core performance at CPU stock speeds. I don't know if I won the silicon lottery but I can clock my 2700X to 4.375 GHz on all cores at 1.45V. With the CPU overclocked and ram running at 3200MHz, it is a beast of a system.
zhevox (2 days ago)
Holy shit 100c!!
Jeff Smith (2 days ago)
So AMD only needs 8 cores and 16 threads to get close to Intel's 6 cores and 12 threads? Why not compare AMD's 6 core 12 thread processor to the 8700k?
Jeff Smith (2 days ago)
pitiful anonymous price shouldn't be a factor when comparing performance. 2/4 more cores should be.
pitiful anonymous (2 days ago)
Maybe the price differentiation?
eljuancho2 (2 days ago)
Wow thank you very much!
Seba Manriquez (2 days ago)
Really nice to see you doing well, missed the high quality videos and that metal for the score montage. Keep getting better, thnx for another upload.
mjw665 (2 days ago)
Thats odd, my Aorus X470 works fine. I agree it doesn't make sense. :(
fishinga&vaping (2 days ago)
you need 2 of the same hd in raid
FarkyJTV (2 days ago)
nice work thanks.good health!
Luigi Velasco (2 days ago)
I more like the music background :D
Anthony Davis (2 days ago)
As soon as AMD figure out how to get Ryzen clocking to 4.6Ghz+ it will cause a whole heap of shit at Intel HQ as that's the only reason they're beating Ryzen as the IPC difference between them is next to nothing.
TDR REVENGE (2 days ago)
"Intel kicked ass on Far Cry 5" ?, im sure Elric meant AMD.
The Matirx red pill (2 days ago)
The 2700x has metal solder where the intel uses toothpaste. I have a 8600k myself which when at stock self runs on all 6 cores at 4.2 Ghz at in the 40oC range. I expect 70oC range when overclocked. The hyperthreaded 8700k when overclocked runs as hot as a fukushima nuclear reactor.
Alpharevx (3 days ago)
The tables have turned, Intel is cooking now!
Shirayuki5 (3 days ago)
my aorus ultra gaming worked from the first boot without a single complaint... runs ever since
TigerArmy1962 (3 days ago)
Picture is a bit blurry
xjusterx (3 days ago)
Elric wtf man? My 7700k in fc5 giving me average 59 fps on ultra and 8700k is better, man that was some shitty tests right there....
Midnight (3 days ago)
rip benchmarks are not side by side xD had to keep going back to compare
Knightospr (3 days ago)
A Gigabyte board, been on my blacklist for years! So Gigabyte aint better today, than back then!
Hamza Khan (3 days ago)
Make a video of testing the motherboard, make videos of hardware failures and you will have more followers. I think your channel needs to evolve a bit.
Law Cheat Shen (3 days ago)
How about pubg? i want to build a pc that could stream pubg at the same time. so which should i go?
Constantino (3 days ago)
wait, 100*c without OC'd ? something isnt dont right. good vid though
Canaan Banana (3 days ago)
hey bra that greenscreen is heaps disconcerting bra
Constantino (3 days ago)
Oi, what song is that during the benchmark results ? plz n ty \m/
GravellerGear (3 days ago)
Only reason why I don't like Ryzen 2700 is that it doesn't heat up enough to keep me warm at night. Everything else about it I love.
RealTheXev (3 days ago)
The reason AMD is able to compete head to head with Intel besides offering a competitive product, is the fact that Intel's 'rebate' system was found to be illegal. Now OEM PC manufacturers can actually offer AMD machines without getting a huge price increase on their Intel processors. You can actually go to dell, hp, and others and BUY AMD, which is something in the 2000's you weren't able to do because of Intel's illegal rebate system. This is why Intel can't get away with the old underhanded tactics they used in the past, and will have to simply make a superior product to compete. AMD had fantastic products during the Athlon, AthlonXP, and especially during the Athlon64 era (where the Ahtlon64 was clearly superior), but with the end of the rebate program... Intel's gotta step up. But you know, Intel really can't care so much about the consumer market... it's the server market where Intel is probably getting destroyed the most. If you were a business... how could you justify a much more expensive Intel part when Epyc is offering a huge value and amazing performance? I wish we knew more about the market numbers in the sever market but you just aren't hearing about them.
Artcore103 (3 days ago)
wtf is he talking about, after the benchmarks he says there was 1 exception where "intel kicked ass in far cry 5"... however if you look at the numbers, intel barely wins (111 vs 105) at 1080p, but AMD takes a HUGE win at 1440 and 4k in far cry 5. he's got it backwards. *edit* ah, then at the end he says it the right way and says that AMD is faster. he just messed up the first time.
Massimo Quintano (2 days ago)
X470 AORUS ultra gaming, I have it and is working just PERFECT!!! And the benchmark of memory and CPU are almost always the most high when I'm comparing with other rigs, I get ASUS paid you more.... But you should be fair man!!!!
Matthew Houser (3 days ago)
As to the Heat issues with the 8700K did you turn off core performance boost or was it on for the testing? Core performance boost is a motherboard overclock and takes the Intel CPU out of spec for normal operation. it will also skew the results for the testing as it artificially inflates the scores for Intel cpus. There have been numerous stories by other Tech press showing that there is an issue with using core performance boost as it does not keep the CPU in spec with what Intel has designed the CPU to run at. I also think you either lost the Silicon Lottery with your 8700K as it should be much lower in temperatures even with core performance boost or overclocking it manually that what you are seeing, maybe high 80C's or low 90C's.
BreakingDimes 0_0 (3 days ago)
it would be great if u put the results side by side
Ulfric Stormcloak (3 days ago)
never play intel
Mintle (3 days ago)
The gaming charts were organised weirdly and it makes it hard to compare, so for those who want an easier way to see, here you are. *FAR CRY 5* _Ryzen_ vs _Intel_ 1080p, *105* _vs_ *111* 1440p, *92* _vs_ *75* 4K, *53* _vs_ *39* *FOR HONOR* _Ryzen_ vs _Intel_ 1080p, *177* _vs_ *179* 1440p, *121* _vs_ *122* 4K, *61* _vs_ *61* *GTA V* _Ryzen_ vs _Intel_ 1080p, *139* _vs_ *167* 1440p, *131* _vs_ *153* 4K, *87* _vs_ *88* *METRO LAST LIGHT* _Ryzen_ vs _Intel_ 1080p, *144* _vs_ *179* 1440p, *119* _vs_ *128* 4K, *65* _vs_ *74* *THE DIVISION* _Ryzen_ vs _Intel_ 1080p, *169* _vs_ *176* 1440p, *104* _vs_ *113* 4K, *50* _vs_ *59* To sum all those numbers up, here's the kind of performance improvement you can expect at each graphical level. 1080p, *9.4%* for _Intel_ 1440p, *1.5%* for _Intel_ 4K, *1.5%* for _Ryzen_
Terrance Wolf (3 days ago)
that benchmark song rules subbed
Nguyen Luan (3 days ago)
I have the ryzen 2700x with GTX 1080 Ti in SLI and it rocks man
Johan Krüger-Haglert (3 days ago)
Basically Intel winning. Which it does. But the systems weren't even the same. The game numbers are very hard to compare like this too.
Elite Exposure (3 days ago)
So no side by side chart comparisons? Also the numbers were transparent, whatsup with that?
Od1sseas (3 days ago)
Fake benchmarks. Reported for misleading
Lothar Scholz (3 days ago)
Did this board never worked or did we just reach a new level of influencer marketing strategy?
Robinson Joe (3 days ago)
Techtuber with Metal for music. Subbed.
Henderson Sobers (3 days ago)
Thanks for the warning on those boards. Did you ever find out what the issues were?
Daniel J (3 days ago)
Stick to older tried and proven hardware. Intel forever tho. Also, I wish "testers" would get to testing Fallout 4 which is HEAVY CPU usage in some areas, like downtown Boston. Serious fame rate drops even with good systems.
Brandon Quixote (3 days ago)
Came for the numbers, stayed for the music. Great Riffage and their drummer's got some quick feet. 10/10. Was headbanging so hard I missed some of the numbers and had to rewatch.
James Fox (3 days ago)
@TechofTomorrow ( bebo) is a hacker , dont be fooled by anything He says . pfffttt just spent like 4 hours finding this out . a kid in fact , pfffftttt
James Fox (3 days ago)
Gigabyte has been going Down hill for what 6 years , almost like they arent listening
Lesliegiiir (3 days ago)
C F (3 days ago)
I love that AMD is making great CPU's again! I personally bought the 8700k but they are both amazing CPU's.
Robert Dimaggio (3 days ago)
WORD!!!! I bought the Gigabyte x370 version and it was trash. It died and Gigabyte refused to RMA because they would not answer their phones....literally had to leave voicemails....then they dropped my board after saying the package was delivered fine and refused to finish RMA due to damage.....Avoid like the plague.
aku dia (3 days ago)
not to mention, those MSI gaming plus and aorus ultra gaming is in different price range with maximus crosshair. Msi gaming plus is half the price of Asus Crosshair, and Gigabyte is two-third cheaper than Asus one.. illustration: u can get msi gaming plus X470 with 2600X for Asus X470 Crosshair price
Dean Smith (3 days ago)
There's something wrong with them 8700k temps
JoOnDy Bapaylo (3 days ago)
asus and asrock r the best mobos i ve ever seen when it come to price/quality asrock win for me / msi and aorus mobos r awful msi vrm r so hot and aorus is just terrible
Mr Original Abides (3 days ago)
I moved to Intel recently with the i7-8700k never been happier. Intel ftw. Surprised at far cry 5.
Josh C (3 days ago)
learned a long time ago when in doubt, get Asus.
Lucas Miranda (3 days ago)
From what I see on other tests, AMD and Intel have about same speed, but at some situations AMD is faster. What really shines on AMD Ryzer 2000 series, they stay much cooler then Intel, difference of 15-30% cooler. Also AMD has a lower CPU usage for same tasks, sometimes up to 50% less.
ReputableGentleman (3 days ago)
Intel is needing to step up its game soon, they also need to solder their cpu's again because this is making it harder to over clock because of the thermals. And AMD is doing an excellent job but really needs to fix those motherboard problems because not everyone can afford a top tier Asus board just to run a Ryzen 7, c'mon AMD.
aku dia (3 days ago)
basically its about 8700 or 8700K....me, 8700 non K with B360.....AMD 2700X? ? if u want to give it a try, go ahead,..me?? nahh
SteelCity1981 (3 days ago)
i mean the 8700k is two cores cores and 4 threads less than the 2700x but still is able to beat the 2700x in some multithreaded workloads. so that's not saying much for the 2700x when it's still getting beat in a some multithreaded workloads to a cpu with less cores and less threads. to me it just shows you how good intel's ipc performance is and how amd has still yet to catch up to intel. with that said amd has come a very long way with ryzen since bulldozer and ryzen 2 will be even better. i think amd has a chance to beat intel core for core if amd continues on the same path that they are going and that could happen as soon as ryzen 2, because the upcoming 9th gen ice lake cpu doesn't seem like any sort of game changer for intel at the moment, which will give amd the perfect chance to finally surpass intel with ryzen 2.
Karim Debbagh (3 days ago)
AMD is really gaining market share from Intel
pascalpascal85 (3 days ago)
80 Intel fan boys give dumps down haha crybabies
Operator error if you did t get the board working.
blvk3 (3 days ago)
@16:50 intel is already scrambling from the 1st day of release of ryzen
I’ve used that board in several builds. Absolutely fine.
Andrew Osei (3 days ago)
Woah you on a diet?
pete agreatguy (4 days ago)
I feel so relieved seeing you looking so much better chuck :)
Vyrisus (4 days ago)
You're not alone. Seems a lot of people are having issues with Gigabyte boards lately.
Shiva Prakash (4 days ago)
I run my 8700k at 5GHz no AVX offset at it doesn't get higher than 88 degrees on intel burn test or cinebench with the H115i Pro
zeta ritari (4 days ago)
Is this musics your made? Sounds great 👍
Falx God (4 days ago)
x470 MSI Gaming Plus works for my R7 2700x w/ 1070TI OC
John Bruce (4 days ago)
My x470 aorus gaming 7 wifi worked out of the box, fyi.
Aterial ololovich (4 days ago)
Shitty review. Just show us the charts with average fps.....we don't need to see 17 minutes of this.... And no frame times, no ram speed no temperature no OC information......
Sompli (2 days ago)
he showed completely off and wrong temps due to noob review
Vyrisus (3 days ago)
He showed you the temps and said the RAM speed near the beginning of the video (3000MHz).
Kyle Van (4 days ago)
What frequency and voltage did you set that 8700k at? I have noticed on some motherboards they juice the living hell out of it and give it way More Voltage than it needs. For example I have an 8700 k on a hero x mb. It's a good chip and only requires 1.248 to 1.264v to hit 4.8ghz on all cores. Vcore if I remember right is only 1.232 with lv3 LLC. I have a little hundred and twenty mm noctua air cooler and I can run prime95 on this thing all day long and not get anywhere near the temperatures you did. In fact I don't think it ever went over 80. In game I've never seen it over 55
Lord Kek (4 days ago)
Ryzen still shit for gaming.
arjhay abongan (4 days ago)
the cpu usage of ryzen 7 is so damm good lol in gta 5 in 1440p max settings it takes only 15-25 cpu usage xD
zafert85 (4 days ago)
how can you compare the temps when the intel was running a single 120 rad? like wtf bro?
audiogarden21 (4 days ago)
Good to see you're in higher spirits Elric.
Nick G (4 days ago)
please make a 8600k vs 2600x Video :)
bee boo (4 days ago)
Well I just happen to buy both........don't ask. I'm just afraid of the TEMPS I'll have to deal with on both. But let's say this 1800x did make me very very happy. We'll see what these both can do. *now watches video*
bee boo (4 days ago)
BTW I got a Z370 STRIX E board....did I take a risk ?? AMD board was the Pro Carbon. I have a slight confident feel about this board.
Joshua McGuire (4 days ago)
man that aperture setting is way too narrow. why not put everything in focus?
Omar Beydoun (4 days ago)
You're a fucking lunatic if you think stock 8700ks run at 100C with any cooler above $25 USD Mine at stock with my Kraken 240 could never go above 60-65 under any workload. Overclocked to 4.9 on 1.3 I'm never above 80. Stop the bullshit and maybe try reseating your water block next time you're getting impossibly high stock temps on a high end cooler.
tykke asmussen (4 days ago)
never seen any 8700k stock run 100 degress, something is wrong here. iknow alot of people using 8700k, and none of them hit 100 degress in load. your chip must be faulty?
Anthony Williams (4 days ago)
damn i miss madtv
James Fox (4 days ago)
Dam Straight , ASUS IS BOSS !!!
Zyll Goliat (4 days ago)
I suspect that I7 8700k probably experience some thermal throttling and this could be the reason for some "weird"results.....Then again I will also pick Ryzen 2700X over the 8700K....it´s just more value for the money.....
oskkkar ortiz (4 days ago)
I have that gigabyte mobo, have some issue whit some memory ram And crash windows 10. I'm running whit 16gb of memory Corsair 3000mhz. And run amazing.

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