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Alabama A&M Volleyball Pre-Game

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These girls have a blast before their game. Believe it or not, this group of girls won championships, so they had fun but took care of business on the court!
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Text Comments (374)
mtt (5 hours ago)
somebody please help the white girl with some Rhythm!!! lol
Latino'sUSA2014 (13 hours ago)
Black American women will be better off with African men.
Big Big Love (13 hours ago)
OxxY MC_TaKeS DuBs (15 hours ago)
Might be "thick" but they need to slim down if they want to win...
DE PY (1 day ago)
meanwhile men are being emasculated
mangamegs (2 days ago)
I should watch volleyball more
Jedan Bog (2 days ago)
SlimDoug Maddox (2 days ago)
Roll tide! I mean go aggies! Aw hell I'm just here for the @$$! Go Bulldogs!
danan bbcking (2 days ago)
Who farted 💩
B166 Zn4 (2 days ago)
I'm about to start going to women college volley ball games to watch ass giggle all day 😂😂😂 #creepsquad
Kevin Woods (2 days ago)
All that ass
Michael Brown (3 days ago)
Damn they all sexy
johnny bizzle (3 days ago)
Thicker than a bowl of oatmeal..lmao
Art_Davinci (3 days ago)
Thick ass hoes
Lonnie Lang (3 days ago)
I'm jus on here cuz I love Alabama A&M volleyball 👀👀👀👀
West Philly Bull (3 days ago)
them sum healthy lookin beautiful thick ass sistas!
The Sankofa Movement (4 days ago)
Beautiful black queens!!!
Antwain McDaniel (3 days ago)
gottagrind2getit (4 days ago)
#DatWay ^Grind 2 Get !t^
Billy Lzer (4 days ago)
Lord have mercy
That big one (4 days ago)
Pain in the ass to watch this when my data lagging.
Cheo Wesley (5 days ago)
Mad Titan (5 days ago)
All of them could get the D
Jimbo Jones (5 days ago)
Deep, dark, rick chocolate! ❤️👉👅🍫👍👍
Raheim King (5 days ago)
Love to see my Black Queen Unite as one. This is nice
Antwain McDaniel (3 days ago)
George Garcia (5 days ago)
0:36 Dena that's my teammate!!
KING SHAKE (5 days ago)
Bulldog Nation Salute!!! C/O "00
Reginald Leak (5 days ago)
Can they play?
Sauced Reese (5 days ago)
Please lemme be in the middle of that!!! I'll just be doin random shit!! 🤣🤣🌶️🔥💯👌🏽🅱️
Malik Allah Shabazz (6 days ago)
I dont give a fuckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk im going to jail all them can sit on my face
Killer Klown (6 days ago)
This right here is why women are still objectified to this day lmao
Jeromie Banks (6 days ago)
Beautiful ladies shows camaraderie and get y'all ready for the game keep doing what you're doing
Scores Man (6 days ago)
I fapped to this. Fuck you all
Christian Barrett (6 days ago)
The real question is which ones are single? 👀
Money Money (6 days ago)
milk does a body good
uNtameable aNgel (6 days ago)
Go girls!!! Y'all awesome
Anthony Brady (6 days ago)
I just became a season ticket holder...RIGHT NOW!!!
Stanton Road Chad (6 days ago)
go Leslie😍😍
shawn pimpin (6 days ago)
Volleyball girls have the sexiest bodies😍😍😍
TheOlskool4ever (7 days ago)
The one white girl looks lost. She's thinking "Alabama A&M? I thought my scholarship said Texas A&M."
thicksetfirehose142 (7 days ago)
better than porn.......almost
FabolousNupe (7 days ago)
I smell vinegar
Kong David (7 days ago)
I love women sports because they let guys be a pervert without any problems
PNAS99 (7 days ago)
Thats a hell of a warmup..they better be good as hell!!
Mike Jone (7 days ago)
Most ass I've seen in one place😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😋😋😋😋
Peace Shaheed (7 days ago)
Yes indeed 😎
MachineGunMouth (7 days ago)
Salute all these beautiful women...
Love it! Damn!
Marques Smith (7 days ago)
i wanna be the equipment manager, i know I'll be fucking atleast one of em 😂
Tyrone jacobs jr (8 days ago)
i jacked off they sexy and thick yummy
Frank Legnaioli (8 days ago)
Beautiful asses to fuck.
bmorebondz (8 days ago)
In all my years, I never once in my life found one reason to visit Mississippi.... Until now!
Harry Potter (8 days ago)
..slobbered on my screen
ivan d (8 days ago)
God daaam, i might have to transfer schools noww!!
Julius Jones (8 days ago)
Chrissdell Harris is faster than all of them.
Chris Smith (8 days ago)
Love my young beautiful black women I could flip a coin and would and b glad with whichever one I get
you me (8 days ago)
Luke Daddy (8 days ago)
send me some tickets ill come c u play
Truth Pill (8 days ago)
Creampie for everybody. Geesh
Aaron Rice (8 days ago)
Yes lawd
IGNORANT is BLISS (8 days ago)
Thought I was at Popeyes for a minute , see nothin but legs and thighs and round biscuits in this video . Straight up
Calvin Brown (8 days ago)
Go VJ cause that's my VJ
djyoungeasy (8 days ago)
IPrince Majestic (8 days ago)
Go Bulldogs! Shout out to my Alabama A&M University Nupes! Love my "Hill" family no matter who you are.
Infinite Love (8 days ago)
How old are they?
JASON JOHNSON (8 days ago)
lorrrrrrrrrddddddddddddddddddd...... please 4give me......lol
313thop (8 days ago)
all yall old mofos nasty
Elevating Vibration (8 days ago)
Damn....volleyball players ARE THE FINEST FEMALE ATHLETES. All that juicy thickness...I couldn't be no volleyball coach...I'm f**king everyone on the team.
Theodes Lewis (8 days ago)
Poor white girl has white bread ass...
OMEGA NIG (8 days ago)
One white girl got no ass the black chicks all thick
Mack Main (8 days ago)
Yes lawd
Cali_ Native559 (8 days ago)
No toe touches?😕
Juice Gassett (8 days ago)
L awd have mercy👀👀👀👀😭😭😭😭😭 Onion Booties everywhere!!!!
Blessed2million618 (8 days ago)
Badonkadonk 💪🏽💪🏽👌🏽🗣️
ASHER ROTHWELL (8 days ago)
I dont remember volleyball lookin like this. I need some tickets..
yBrian Blash (8 days ago)
Who number i can get
JR Meadows (8 days ago)
Eleven inches for them all
Bonzell Giles (8 days ago)
Dear God
marcedout (8 days ago)
This Shit cant be real, stop trolling me
Mann Shit (8 days ago)
Not pulling out
J j601 (8 days ago)
Kml. Nice
Nick jr (8 days ago)
Looking good boos
ArkansasTide (9 days ago)
Kenny J (9 days ago)
All I saw was ass in the thumbnail , I just had to click 🤷🏿‍♂️😏
1 Spirit (9 days ago)
Such a wonderful sight. In every Asspect!
Some highly sexual athletes there
Dwayne Carter (9 days ago)
Dam mad thickness everywhere
Lowan Crowe (9 days ago)
Dezzy Dezz (9 days ago)
I'll act gay for the job of waterboy or towel boy. Get me a brown shirt,a place on the bench so I can slap some ass.. LOL I went to far huh??
Texas Legendz (9 days ago)
lawd have mercy
Wiz Bang (9 days ago)
I tear all them black girls up fuck them sandwich Duke ass white bitches ♂😂😂
chester jackson (9 days ago)
Enjoy ladies..... These days will only be memories before you realize it. Tuskegee...Thought I'd be young forever. Nonetheless, I have lifetime bonds.
Thomas Simmons (9 days ago)
Everybody is coming home
blacksultan85 (9 days ago)
they got some bad bitchez in Alabama!!!!!!!!
Barry White (9 days ago)
Leslie can def get the d
Mr. Man (9 days ago)
I'm just here for the ass 😁😁😁
Hog Head G-Note (9 days ago)
What's they record lol
Charles Wells (9 days ago)
I went to high school with Keisha dope that she went to a good school
Demarcus Faulkner (9 days ago)
El Trapo (9 days ago)
Who would dislike this other than gay men or white people?

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