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This is for my friend Calvin Carrington, who originally wrote and recorded this song.
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justin brown (5 years ago)
your very welcome alyssa i.m thinking of working on limitless-potential video for you . and i am still waiting for your mega man x music video.
justin brown (6 years ago)
thank you for your nice comment . and i like to say is. i like your new website . it.s cool and i hope you got my new mega man x music i work so hard none stop . so something tells me your are getting close to finishing your support mega man x full track. well keep it up and too don't let go of your dreams
SasuSeoLuva (6 years ago)
I really like this song! :) Calvin is a good songwriter. You look like you have so much fun singing this song, and that's cool! Nice job, Justin! Thank you very much for sharing the video. :)

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