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101 Free Tech Tools for Teachers

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Learn and share at this fast-paced, interactive showcase of free tech tools! Walk away with fresh ideas to enhance your lesson plans.
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Text Comments (39)
Wheelie Blind (14 days ago)
It would of been nice if they put links.
1103 Musik Berlin (1 month ago)
good video here
Omar Einkshary (2 months ago)
Very good
David Bielby (11 months ago)
The first tool is not showing what you presented. It is showing a bitcoin list of links. This material seems out of date based on that alone. (
abhinav tripathi (1 year ago)
Please add piCards: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=opecv4android.org.picardsjni
Sara Kelly (1 year ago)
Instagrok is not working - is anyone else having trouble accessing it?
John Coakley (11 months ago)
It's now for bitcoin??? I don't understand
brynbob2002 (1 year ago)
Brilliant overview - well done to all involved Mel UK
JG Rap (1 year ago)
thank you presenters ....from Philippines:)
Sabah elradi ahmed (1 year ago)
Sound great to be there on amazing website.
sam iyiola (1 year ago)
awesome. It a great work done please, can i have the software reply to sammy2005e@gmail.com
Noelia Tintilay (2 years ago)
this is great! Thanks!
Sabine Karin (2 years ago)
Excellent and generous presentation! A big thanks from Germany.
Akash Vashishtha (2 years ago)
Excellent! Really very helpful for tech-tuned teachers around the globe. Tons of thanks to all the presenters!
Elisabetta Palmisano (2 years ago)
Does she have a great house ;)
Mister Dewart (2 years ago)
* InstaGrok.com * StoryBird.com * Google : World Wonders (Cultural Institute) * also, + Google Cardboard / Expeditions = 3d Goggles using SmartPhone and cardboard headset * Kideos
Wendy Correa (3 years ago)
Thank you for sharing. Lovely video, lively.
kemfuji (3 years ago)
I really enjoy the presentation, thanks
Kurt Kaiser (3 years ago)
Excellent stuff. Thank you.
Elmer Fabria (3 years ago)
You are great. These are useful tech tools. Thank you very much!
Wonderful tools, thank you so much.
Angie Prince (3 years ago)
Great presentation!
Jan Dickerson (3 years ago)
How can I get the ebook?
ISTE (21 days ago)
+Ning 'Little' Syafitri Our apologies you are not able to access the ebook. This specific offer was for a limited time and it is no longer available. For additional resources that are helpful and informative please visit us at www.iste.org. Many thanks! D.E.
Ning 'Little' Syafitri (23 days ago)
+ISTE I can't get it. Why is it like this? 😢
ISTE (3 years ago)
+Jan Dickerson Here's a link to the ebook download: http://tlc.simplek12.com/free
THEO POPE (3 years ago)
Great. How could I receive an ebook with the tech tools. Great presentation.
Ning 'Little' Syafitri (23 days ago)
+ISTE Why I try, it didnt work? The book isnt sent to my email. Thanks, ISTE.
Yenny Ayala (3 years ago)
+ISTE Thank you!!!!
ISTE (3 years ago)
+THEO POPE Download the ebook, here: http://tlc.simplek12.com/free
Nick B (3 years ago)
watched this for three minutes and I then shot myself. Aparently once wasn't enough.
TrueKnightRider (3 years ago)
This was amazing. Keep up the good work!
Monica Eady (3 years ago)
I was lucky enough to attend...and win the bunny slippers.  Worth your time to watch.
רונית שטיין (3 years ago)
Great and super useful lecture! Thanks a lot
Kurt Kaiser (4 years ago)
Super handy. I'm going to do tutorials on a few of these tools for teachers who need any help! So many new tools are coming out -- it seems like everyday there is something new. Thanks for the video. Great info!
Parisa Mehran (5 years ago)
That was really cool! Thank you guys! :)
Shabbir Ahmed (5 years ago)
great video - learnt so much!
Debbie Burmeister (5 years ago)
Loved this session. Will try several of the suggestions.

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