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The Top 100 Wii U Games In 10 Minutes (According to Metacritic) [corrected]

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(CORRECTED - the previous version of this video incorrectly had a clip of Splatoon 2 instead of the original Splatoon) The Top 100 Wii U games ... according to Metacritic! http://www.metacritic.com/browse/games/score/metascore/all/wii-u/filtered Often regarded as one of the mis-steps of the Nintendo family, this was actually a great machine - that unfortunately suffered from a sparse library. I have a Wii U and spent many happy hours with it - but spread across very few games. Doing research for this list was very eye-opening. Firstly, the 100th game on this list started with a low score of 75 (compared to the high 80's for the PS3/Xbox360). So critically, the library did not measure up to its console brethen. Secondly, the list is very heavy on indie/retro-style titles. Admittedly, I had not even heard of about 40% of the list. If you're into the whole indie/retro style, you would be well served with the Wii U. Thirdly, a large number of the games on this list were actually launch titles. That's good because it shows the console launched with a strong line up; that's bad because this implies that beyond a strong launch, the library faltered and failed to attract a healthy selection of titles. From a technical perspective, there's no reason for a lacking library. Unlike the original Wii, the Wii U could hold its own with the other "HD generation" consoles, and there were indeed some beautiful games released. Still, despite the occasionally underwhelming selection of games, I loved my Wii U. Hopefully history will treat it kinder than its contemporaries did!
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Text Comments (132)
michel pheliosse (4 days ago)
50 wii u games......and 50 indes games- exist on 3ds and vita
- BaamAlex - (30 days ago)
Zelda Breath of the Wild is not for Wii U only.
tRAYantula708 (1 month ago)
Nintendo in Wii U era: "Come on. You can play these games if you buy a Wii U." Person: *Sweats "No, I am not gonna buy a Wii U." 2 months later Person: "Gosh! I cannot hold it any longer!" *Nintendo ports Wii U games on different consoles. *Cashier register Person: "Woo! What a relief."
Gulyás Dávid (1 month ago)
Fatal Frame? btw, nice list
thebadshadow (1 month ago)
I have 82 wii u games including all top titles
علاء علام (2 months ago)
Hi the game in wiiu and 3ds ?🤔
Soldiershak (2 months ago)
leandro josé (2 months ago)
Poor Wii U😩
toonfox (2 months ago)
Why the fuck is star wars pinball above Splatoon!?!?
AleAle (2 months ago)
What a joke thèse games
35 норм игр
Nate A (3 months ago)
there were 100 wii u games?
Nate A (2 months ago)
+Donkey Kong I know. Was being silly.
Donkey Kong (2 months ago)
There are 759 Wii U games! Quote "List of Wii U games" on Wikipedia.
sammyjo wills (3 months ago)
splatoon is good
Jon Beckham (3 months ago)
Just bought a deeply discounted wii U and some games, and boy am I glad I did. This is going to be one of my favorite consoles. I can't believe I almost missed out on this solely because I listened to the wrong people!
Eliott Ryo (4 months ago)
I hate zelda and splatoon
SpideyMarioSonicFan#1 (1 month ago)
Eliott Ryo **** off
carlitoshacker (4 months ago)
rafiyea (4 months ago)
Tops indies?
ElPortalDeEmilio (4 months ago)
Hermosa consola, no merecía morir.
The Arabian (4 months ago)
what a pathetic console. the list is filled with old indie games and some inferior ports. I almost bought one back in 2014... crisis averted.
Glass Eye Gaming (4 months ago)
The very first game shown (Cloudberry Kingdom)… the music reminds me of the background music in one of the Gran Turismo games.
Craig Morgan (5 months ago)
Some great games, I have mostly all these titles.. but they ported almost all these to the switch so u miss out u get them now..
AdryThePro #9 Switch (5 months ago)
Where is Zelda Twilight Princess? Wtf?
Gary (5 months ago)
It's at spot #22 - 7:38
paddotk (5 months ago)
Assassin's Creed 3 shocks me a bit. See how shitty it looks! Proposterous.
Poever (5 months ago)
Swap Force in the top 10? Really?!
Scotty Smith (4 months ago)
Playing it now. Really an amazing game. Like a modern version of Gauntlet.
DemiKnight (5 months ago)
I can see why nobody bought this console, but at least the switch happened!
Varotto (5 months ago)
100 games yet only 3 make it worth to own a Wiiu
AtomLevels 124 (1 month ago)
Bayonetta zelda and super smash bros xD
Lucas Padilla Araneda (6 months ago)
you convinced me i will buy it a nintendo wii u
Andrea Herald (6 months ago)
Join viewyng now, upload your favorite videos plus build your fan base!
Phillip Miller (6 months ago)
It seems like indies had a fair amount of this list. Didn’t realize how strong their ranks got on Wii u
Quackers 95 (6 months ago)
Miss the Wii U era, had about 10 games I really loved on that system.
tRAYantula708 (1 month ago)
Quackers 95 If it were to continue during the Nintendo Switch era, that would mean more effort, more focus, an less distractions from other consoles like the 3DS means more support for the Wii U, meaning more success. I wish for upgraded versions of the Wii U like how there's the Xbox One X, Xbox One S, PS4 Slim, and PS4 Pro and different styled Wii U consoles and Gamepads like how there's the Wind Waker HD version and there should be a BOTW or NSMBU modeled console or Gamepad or both.
cripii5 (7 months ago)
Watching this top 100 is when you start to know that Metacritic is bullshit
Mimu Mi (7 months ago)
Such a nice list. The footage for some of those game is really bad and does not reflect the core gameplay, I don't know how you selected it. But dam, so many gems, must-haves and unique games. I think at this point, the Wii U still has a better library than the XB1 and the Vita combined. Which is very sad. And they say games sell the console :/
Gary (7 months ago)
I get this question a lot - granted, usually with more tact - but it is a valid question. It's really difficult to capture the essence of a 40+ hour game in 6 seconds. Do you go for big defining moments (like a boss fight?) or do you try to show a snippet of moment-to-moment play? I try to get a mix of them; usually what dictates it is simply what I am able to get. I generally play all these games myself (yes, that's me being terrible at most of these games) - and sometimes, it's just a matter of available time. I simply can't spend three and a half hours of playing a game just to get six seconds of footage before moving onto the next one. Regardless, thanks for the comment!
Ciaran Dowling (7 months ago)
Do you play mkwii custom tracks?
Zachary Foster (7 months ago)
Mario Kart 8 was on here 3 times. 😕
Glass Eye Gaming (4 months ago)
I noticed that too. DLC shouldn't be counted as a game (with the exception being New Super Luigi U, since that got an actual physical disc release).
Hugo Pazos (7 months ago)
I have botw
rick hunter (7 months ago)
Art of ballance my ASS people still ripping off Tetris WOW
rick hunter (7 months ago)
Lots of indies WOW
Torhay (7 months ago)
wiiU will always be remembered as the most underestimated console ever. so many great games and hidden gems...
zeliz (2 months ago)
Come on it had 15 good games...
All Things Anime (5 months ago)
inutilebidonedilardo Nah that is probably the dreamcast. But wii u comes at a close second
Mitch Kettles (8 months ago)
This list made me glad I never got a Wii U. There was Smash Bros., Mario Kart, and maybe a couple other exclusives that looked awesome, but overall nothing that would justify me paying over $200 for a whole system
Mimu Mi (7 months ago)
That's already 4 more games than the XB1 :o)
Jairon_2 (7 months ago)
Well, you've got Super Smash Bros Wii U, Mario Kart 8, Zelda: Breath of the Wild, Xenoblade Chronicles, Bayonetta 1 and 2, Super Mario 3D World, Splatoon, Donkey Kong, Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker, Yoshi's Wooly World, Zelda: Wind Waker HD, Super Mario Bros, Super Mario Maker, etc. I think it's definitely worth it if you get it used (it's too expensive new). Even if you already own a Switch it's interesting because you can enjoy Wii's library of games too (Super Mario Galaxy 1 & 2, Zelda: Skyward Sword, etc.)
OfficerBob (7 months ago)
Mitch Kettles It's a piracy paradise!
Cipri (8 months ago)
The real top 5: #5 Bayonetta 2 #4 LoZ Wind Waker HD #3 Super Mario 3D World #2 Smash 4 #1 BotW
Cipri (8 months ago)
Yo splatoon is at least top 10 not 50
Fluffi Buni (8 months ago)
Well I have 53 of the 100, from my collection of about 150 WiiU disk, eShop or Virtual Console games in total. Being in Europe, there are some titles in this list I don't have access to, and I'm not sure including the individual Mario Kart 8 DLC packs as well as the basic game is valid. But it's a fun watch :-)
HAASSSSS! (8 months ago)
Every single game on this list is garbage except Don't starve and Pokemon tournament, the rest you can burn them on a pyre.
Vasily Krushev (8 months ago)
So a bunch of multiplatforms and HD version of web flash games. I wish more exclusive titles on the list.
Alessio Donnini (9 months ago)
Captain Toad, Yoshi, the Wonderful 101 and Tokyo Mirage sessions aren't in the top 50. This list sucks
nintenjose ninten (2 months ago)
Metacritic is shitt
Browk (9 months ago)
Damn, thats some fine zombiu footage!
Tariq Yasiin (9 months ago)
I'm buying a Wii U
Stray-Zer0 (5 months ago)
You wont regret it. It is a very fun and underrated system
Andy P Arson (6 months ago)
I got one with 20 games and basically every accessorie I'll sell you.
Semih Aktaş (6 months ago)
Tariq Yasiin download cemu for your pc
MikeYT Studios (9 months ago)
I mean Star Wars battle pinball 2 is better then anything before it?
Wii U tem 100 jogos? Woooow Huashuashuash A maioria e umas merdas indie....
Patriota (5 months ago)
Sem nexo
Another One (9 months ago)
Júnior José Carlos Dos Santos Mas estranhamente tem uma foto de perfil de um logo da Nintendo... Então... É hater da Nintendo ou n?
Another One (9 months ago)
Júnior José Carlos Dos Santos Vc é fanboy de alguma empresa? Parece mt hein...
SkulleD42 (9 months ago)
Did you just put the Mario Kart 8 DLCs in the top
AquaJet (2 months ago)
No read the god damn title.
the patriot (9 months ago)
Notice one thing most these games are light hearted , cute & stress reliever. Thanks for making this list
Aldebaran Aldana (9 months ago)
And then they say the wii u has no games.
MaxSpender (2 months ago)
Superman321 No, I haven’t got a clue what you mean and that’s not what I said.
MaxSpender (2 months ago)
Eduardo Pereira And how was I supposed to know that? The person I was replying to just said Fatal Frame. As for calling me an idiot ... go suck a dick.
Superman321 (2 months ago)
MaxSpender Oh that means EVERY GAME IS A INDIE GAME (u know what i mean)
Eduardo Pereira (4 months ago)
Fatal Frame 5 is exclusive to Wii U your idiot. Just another hater.
MaxSpender (5 months ago)
Fatal Frame?! That was also on the PS2 & original Xbox (same generation as the Gamecube).
Brandon Matarrita (9 months ago)
6:09 Smash Bros*
Jibzy Luigi (9 months ago)
I'm wondering why you make MK8 have 3 slots in top 100? The other two only scores looks when it has DLC
Gary (9 months ago)
I didn't make this list. It's Metacritic's list - I just made a video out of it. You'd have to ask the Metacritic folks why they put the DLC scores up there.
AUSTIN PEYTON (9 months ago)
I keep forgetting wii u also got botw
Leon Courtney (9 months ago)
Complete waste of money this console was. Very few exclusive titles too. Trash.
SkulleD42 (9 months ago)
Leon Courtney Lmao no
David Gálvez (9 months ago)
Mal ránking
MARECLO1208 (9 months ago)
David Gálvez Ranking de "Metacritic" Osea... Tu opinion no cuenta ;)
Where is Fatal Frame Maiden of Blackwater?
îlyes morsli (9 months ago)
Evan Wright (10 months ago)
Why do you compare the Xbox360 PS3 and the Wii U on the discription the Wii U's competition was the PS4 and the Xbox one. The 7th generation was the Wii, Xbox360 and PS3 The 8th generation was the Wii U, PS4/PS4 pro, Xbox one/Xbox one S and the Switch
NewGenGamers (7 months ago)
I agree with this. Each company follows pretty much the same rules for next gen hardware. Nintendo follows the old 5/6 year life cycle rule. NES (1986) - SNES (1991) - N64 (1996) - Gamecube (2001) - Wii (2006) - Wii U (2012) - Switch (2017). Sony follows this as well but continues support for the previous console for about 10 years (sometimes more) PS1 (1995 - 2005) - PS2 (2000 - 2013) - PS3 (2006 - 2016) - PS4 (2013). Microsoft also follows this but the main difference is the original Xbox had a shorter lifespan due to issues with a supplier (2001-2005) but 360 (2005- 2016) and Xbox One (2013) follow closely to Sony in release. 9th Gen is Switch (2017), PS5 (2018 or 2019) and the next Xbox (if Microsoft chooses to make another considering some of the rumors flying around).
Zuckerton (8 months ago)
So you consider the Wii (released in 2006) to be a 7th Gen console and the Wii U (released in 2012) to be an 8th Gen Console, but not the Switch (released in 2017) to be the 9th Gen? Sure it came out sooner than usual, but the Wii U was a Commercial Failure and Nintendo needed to put out something quicker. How do you separate the Generations? And what companies have put out two consoles in the same generation? I couldn't find any that I would consider to be true examples. I've seen "updated" consoles (PS4/PS4 Pro, TurboGrafx/SuperGrafx), Edutainment Consoles (Sega Pico during the Genesis Life Span), Add-ons (Sega 32x and CD, Jaguar CD, 64DD, Famicom Disk Drive, TurboGrafx-CD, etc.), consoles "manufactured" by the same company, but developed by different ones and marketed towards different people (Bandai with the Playdai and the PipPin, the former marketed towards little girls and the latter developed by Apple), so I haven't seen anything I would actually consider an example supporting that claim. I always considered a new console (as long as it's been over 4 years since the release of the previous) to be part of the new generation.
Marshall Weintraub (9 months ago)
Derek Harris You realise that the Wii wasn't trying to compete with the Xbox 360 and PS3 yet it sold more and Microsoft and Sony started making their own motion controllers to compete with Nintendo. Whose to say that won't happen again. There is a difference between competition and generation. In real life generation has to do with new people being born and having them being known as the new generation till the next generation comes. When you're saying Nintendo isn't up to compete with Sony and Microsoft with specs it sounds like you're saying Nintendo is not good enough to compete with Microsoft and Sony at all which makes me think you don't like Nintendo. If you're going to keep going on with this whole generation thing you should metion where Atari 2600, Atari 5200, Atari 7800, and Atari Jaguar fit in their generation specs wise as im very curious what you think about those consoles.
Derek Harris (9 months ago)
Marshall Weintraub you must be one of “those” people who takes things out of context and has difficulty with simple tasks like opening Snapple bottles. I love Nintendo, I simply believe they are not directly competing with the “generation” consoles and have become a niche market. If we were to label Nintendo products by generation which after the original wii is pointless in my opinion, Wii U would be 7 and switch would be 8 based on the specs and type of games. Now twist that bottle cap till you hear a “pop” and pour it all over your recently burnt skin.
Marshall Weintraub (9 months ago)
Derek Harris You must be one of "those" people who don't like Nintendo and care more about specs than gameplay. Just because a console is more powerful than another console does not mean that they don't belong in that generation. The Nintendo Switch sold more in a year than Xbox One and they had better graphics. Sale wise they are in the 9th generation of gaming.
imohsowrong (10 months ago)
Wii U went out with Breath of The Wild, and whoo! Best way to go!
Stray-Zer0 (5 months ago)
Kind of like how the NES went out with Mario 3 as its last big game... i am not a nintendo fanboy as i always favoured sega in the 16 bit era and ps1 in the 32/64 bit era but i really loved the wii u. It was such a missed opportunity
red crimson102 (8 months ago)
Red The Retard Agreed
Dan Hawking (10 months ago)
Red The Retard i agree
D'onte Graves (11 months ago)
Some fallacies in the description. Overall, a metacritic average doesn't really give the best representation of the worth of a console library, or even the actual game, objectively. Let's not forget that there are games from this very metacritic list that have vastly higher user scores than several games in the so-called top 100.
OfficerBob (7 months ago)
I'm enjoying the critically acclaimed game "Cory In The House" on the virtual console.
red crimson102 (8 months ago)
D'onte Graves U shouldn't go off any game rating scale anyway, just play and judge the game yourself.
Gary (10 months ago)
+Falcon Bleck Absolutely do it and feel free to post a link here!
Schimnesthai (10 months ago)
Specially with Wii U, many sites don't care about listing new games. There are some games on Metacritic that have 3 reviewers and because the minimum is 4 to qualify in the list, those games aren't counted, and many later Wii U releases suffer from this. As a side note, i was planing on doing a top 7 (or 5 i don't remember how much there were) Wii U games of 2017, but i don't feel like doing it anymore... if you want idk.
Gary (10 months ago)
Hmm...interestingly, this list http://www.metacritic.com/browse/games/release-date/available/wii-u/metascore (also on Metacritic) is different from the "filtered" list. Darksiders is on the second list but not first one. That is odd. It seems that Metacritic itself seems a little inconsistent. Hmm. That bugs me a little.
Jack Wareham (11 months ago)
Does every game ever get a Metacritic rating of 77? Why not just save time and say 'All following games: Metacritic score: 75-79.
MLGDOOD (10 months ago)
Look at number 60
Roosell (11 months ago)
And then Youtube says this video is about Splatoon.
Jairon_2 (7 months ago)
Well, it's the most colourful.
Gary (11 months ago)
+Roosell Yeah, I don't know how/why Youtube selects that. I don't specify it. It's the same with all my other videos; youtube just seems to pick a game at random and associate it.
Trepano 77 larry mc kein (11 months ago)
Donky Kong tropical frezee?
Gary (11 months ago)
#42 5:33
Gaming TV (11 months ago)
Morbidcrab (11 months ago)
Damn. Remade the entire video just for splatoon. You are dedicated.
zues121510 (11 months ago)
Yeah, IKR 👍
Gary (11 months ago)
Yup! I try to be correct when I can. If a viewer takes the time to point out a legit mistake, I should take the time to fix it! (Except for that Metal Gear Solid 3 metacritic rating on my "Top 100 PS2 Games" video. That one can stick :)

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