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How is This a Thing? 11th of April 2018

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Text Comments (1152)
David Barkin (1 day ago)
White South Africans... are defending their privilege? White people, in Africa.... are privileged? Their own privilege mumbo jumbo doesn't even make sense anymore.
Draconis The Wyvern (2 days ago)
Computing Forever I talked to a south African who said its okay because its "just" and it will benefit south Africa. I asked him how can it benefit south Africa when white farmers barely make a penny and are facing a drought and the most resource rich land is actually in the hands of black farmers and he dodged the question entirely basically and said "yeah well were held to higher moral standards than anyone else. I mean look at what Russia and China did to Mongolia. Why should we just ignore it we should take retribution"<--that's how those people are thinking. That they must have some form of retribution for the distant past.
Adrian Schneider (2 days ago)
The power of infantilization lets you be a child at any age. Isn‘t that great?
Wow Harvard...don't they know that microaggressions are imagined slights? If the person has no idea that something is even possible to be an insult, then how on earth is that not an imaginary slight? Also...how much you want to bet that any cis white person is going to be ignored by the faculty, even if they report out and out racist remarks (i.e. all white people are racist, evil, nazi, fill in the blank. or "all I want for Christmas is white genocide" as one teacher tweeted out....seriously, teachers are not being taken to task for comments like these in any colleges...)
Richie 1138 (2 days ago)
Silicon Valley can't be that left-leaning. After all, they make tech to sell through the Capitalist free market they all get rich off of. Look at Apple
SFB Addict (2 days ago)
I wish Cruz had ended his questions with the statement. "The next time you are here Mr Z. you might very well be under oath and your answers will be determining if I strip your company of it's immunity under the CDA."
ukkr (2 days ago)
Zimbabwe in the early 2000s suffered from the WORST of their HYPERinflation. Lauren Southern said, and is likely right, that the blacks there don't know ANYTHING about agriculture. They ALSO probably don't know anything about the mechanics. They ALSO have NO support! They ALSO tend to tear down and destroy things. With all that, you can only IMAGINE how stupid they must be to take WORTHLESS land from the farmers so THEY can PLAY farmer. Within a decade, it could be FAR worse than they have ever known. Don't forget, africa was NOT known as a bountiful place. Little is done in africa EVEN TODAY! Some crops will require constant soil enrichment, special care, special watering, etc... Will the farmers even reveal that? They could easily make such things work for a few months, or a year, and the crops could be DEAD after that year. And fast tracking visas means NOTHING to the whites! What does THAT mean, that they will take 6 months instead of 8? As for the society and all, I AM thankful to obama for ONE thing! He tried to create SO much havoc SO fast that even some DEMOCRATS woke up! Even people in EUROPE are starting to see this stuff. Obama may have been one of the big movers towards "nationalism", because the democrats are like the "visitors" in V, and obama took a swipe at the wrong people! Here are a few scenes from the first episode of V when the humans got a glimpse of what THEY were truly like, in case you don't know what I am talking about: https://youtu.be/2RqVOn-pJsY?t=132 Of course, at least so far, the democrat mindset is simply far worse than a few visual effects. There TOO, the visitors were similar. They came to earth for free food, and water. And rats were only a small appetizer. The blacks in africa are looking for blood! They want to KILL the whites there. BTW I worked with a white from south africa. He told me that it was basically a white colony started in a desolate land. The blacks WEREN'T there! They were on the OUTSKIRTS! Of course, the blacks wanted various things in south africa, that meant they needed to be able to buy them, and that was where the country came in to offer limited access. As for the idea of apartheid(Which is a dutch word from the german "apartheit" basically meaning separation) being BAD? South africa TODAY, and many blacks in the US today, seem to indicate that it was a good idea! The blacks were NOT slaves. They could come and go, and put THEMSELVES on south african soil. And nobody was whipping them, etc....
Jonathon Farrell (3 days ago)
Don't the us government buy his I mean our info...
Chaka chaka rap rap (3 days ago)
He sounds like Trudeau on question time. He has some sort of algorithmic answer. Lol
pinochet pilot #666 (3 days ago)
(((Zuckerberg))) is a commie. fuck all non-white immigrants. (Sudanese, somalis, Lebanese Muslims, pakis, morocans, algerians, the whole lot are animals). they are bad news for the west. fuck them off. south africa: the ANC is partnered with the communist party (and the ANC are commies at heart anyway) - genocide WILL HAPPEN - communists ALWAYS do it.
Chronoman (3 days ago)
I don't think it's reasonable to require Zuckerberg to recall bans to specific pages on his site. While it is an indirect responsibility for him, as the owner of the company, it's not him specifically performing the bans and policing on Facebook. That said, I find Zuckerberg's inability to give a yes or no answer to the question of Facebook's status as a neutral public forum unsurprising. Also, Zuckerberg's answers were remarkably politician-ish in nature. He gave no straight answers, and talked about the question at length without actually answering it on some occasions.
smeg head (3 days ago)
Love how it's all just answers avoiding the answer.. we have hired a punch of people who have told me that if I run my business in this manner facebook will make more money. So yes senator, I will block, censor, boot and kill as many baby's as I have to make sure I make all that money.. and justify it by saying I am "a good human".. The problem with SJWs
MANTISxB (3 days ago)
Damn, and i liked your channel.
Pepe is angry (3 days ago)
5:22 When you just finish 1984 so you understand the reference xdd
Leonardo (3 days ago)
I think Ted is my favorite senator. Excluding Senator Palpatine.
TheDarkGenious (3 days ago)
ahh... that second story >_< I love going to college in the deep south. even the furthest left professor we have, who teaches sociology and preaches the evils of white privilege and internal colonialism, and the virtues of feminism and affirmative action, can and will bluntly say class-ist or racist or sexist things towards any group, minorities included, and no one bats an eye, or we all just laugh along with him, members of the target group included.
shadowsa2b (4 days ago)
If a professor refers to a hypothetical person as "he/ him" instead of "they" when such unspecified person could also be female, and students call microaggression for not being inclusive of women, you should call microaggression against them for denying male persons encouragement and for insulting the students' intelligence for being unable to think critically and extrapolate for themselves that persons of any gender could be in the role in question. Since microaggressions are entirely subjective in nature, indignation against a microaggression can itself be interpreted as a microaggression against someone else
Cody Todd (4 days ago)
Oh look, a Jew is at the heart of the interrogation (not interview) of Harvard profs!
Torquemadia (4 days ago)
So nothing about how Britain invited thousands of Caribbean immigrants to help rebuild Britain after WWII, destroyed their immigration documents, and after decades of them working, paying taxes and contributing to the society they rebuilt, deporting or threatening to deport those same invited immigrants. Now what where you saying about ideological echo chambers and ignoring facts and opinions which do not support your world view?
Otter Side (4 days ago)
Please do more videos showing the current madness surrounding the Irish referendum. The tactics being used by both Pro-life and the repeal side. Influence from the US and UK/BBC and from Irish media. Every day I see so much shady shit on Facebook, no one is willing to talk to the other side. I've heard people say things like "men shouldn't get a say/vote" "the elderly shouldn't be allowed vote in this, they can't have any more kids" "I would never be friends with someone who was Pro-life (while talking to their friend who's planning to vote no)" "she shouldn't be allowed speak on air because she might swing someone to vote no (a lady on niall boylan 4fm in reference to another after lady talking about why she is Pro-life and had done in such a beautiful and eloquent manner that it would make the most closed minded of person question their beliefs) Everyone should be encouraged to really question why they believe what they believe and then vote based off what they discover.
Otter Side (4 days ago)
The scariest part about what's happening in South Africa is when you say to people "It's hard to believe what's happening in South Africa" most haven't a clue what you are referring to
Hugo Pereira (4 days ago)
The answer to Ted Cruz's question is: THEY'RE A BUSINESS TRYING TO MAXIMIZE VALUE FOR THEIR SHAREHOLDERS. Sometimes they will be neutral and sometimes they will not, it all depends on whatever they believe is more profitable. So funny seeing the mental gymnastics conservatives make when the free market doesn't work for them... A little intellectual honesty would go a long way
LittleMissEevee (4 days ago)
all these lizard and zukbot memes
Badenoch (4 days ago)
LMFAO #ByYourCommand
Gulag Loving Leftist (4 days ago)
To think we still have thought-criminals in the 21st century!
Jumbo 1 (4 days ago)
Congress asking a bunch of questions they now the answer to , to a guy that doesn't give a shit, I find these videos cringe worthy, to Facebook uses and Zuckerberg
The Return to God (5 days ago)
Agreed, Trump needs to actually do something about the censorship......otherwise, 2020 will be a tough decision to make.....
Jason Sargent (5 days ago)
What truly are the alternatives to Youtube, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram? what other platforms are available that do the same/similar social online gathering/sharing and don't censor/inhibit speech or expression? Why not do an in depth video about it or them?
joshua kavanaugh (6 days ago)
Trump literally needed to only do 3 things: 1 end the 16th amendment because it's unconstitutional, 2 build the wall and secure out boarder, & 3 keep us out of war at least for your 4-8 years. Did none and will not be reelected ever again.
Farmduck (6 days ago)
"unintentional non-verbal insult" WTF!! How could any third party even detect whether or not that had happened?
Honey327 (6 days ago)
Zuckerberg can't keep his lies straight.
Kyles Isler (6 days ago)
Cruz was spot on.
GoPostal1st (7 days ago)
Hilarious! (
LookingGlassProject (7 days ago)
I'm not saying it was the joos but there are too many (((coincidences))).
Connor Nicholas (7 days ago)
I like your comedic bits in your videos. They’re really good.
Love the Zuckerbot voice! Couldn't stop laughing.
moonshock (7 days ago)
I've watched this video five times now just to see Zuckerbot and laugh. It's just that funny!
CQD SOS (7 days ago)
Trump doesn't give a shit about his base and no one in that hearing really gives a shit about Free Speech.
Jesse Sisolack (7 days ago)
Ted Cruz did a great job, but the others on the panel did not. He seemed to be the only one prepared. Well South Africa has been slaughtering whites and stealing everything from them for a while now. You white, you die. Get the hell out of there. You are far behind enemy lines.
zero_consequences (7 days ago)
White folk best get the hell outta South Africa. Move to Oz with a quickness.
Transcendent Cthulhu (8 days ago)
There is no way to say "Diversity and inclusion" without sounding like a totalitarian brainwasher lol.
Transcendent Cthulhu (8 days ago)
Marxist Suckerberg.
canisblack (8 days ago)
I find it hilarious that the response to "micro agressions" are being described as interrogation which is a blatantly aggressive action. A "macro agression" if you will.
Wouter Vos (8 days ago)
So are you happy that Facebook might be regulated? Or do you realize that regulations are never made to serve the people? Zuckerberg and the ruling class would love nothing more than regulation. It would totally block all competition. That way the ruling class has a select set of social media platforms which they control. "Facebook's ignorance of the law" Do you really believe that lie? The whole point of them presenting themselves as a neutral platform and the whole point of all their fucking bullshit 'terms of service' is to avoid getting sued. They know exactly what the law is, which is why they lie all the time.
Golden Grenadier (8 days ago)
More like Mark Suckerburg.
Duane Dibbley (8 days ago)
White South African farmers should leave for Australia and let the Black South Africans starve and have the country totally collapse because we all know Blacks can't look after themselves in most cases and when they are in control everything turns to crap, just look at American cities where Blacks are in control.
Hydrogen One (8 days ago)
I am loving the Roast and the smell of burning Resistors.
Nonya Bizz (8 days ago)
Is there an independent version of Zuckerberg clips with the borg voice? That was hysterical.
Paper Bag Man (8 days ago)
LMAO that robot part was amazing. That reptilian always did remind me of a fucking robot. Nice work!
GeorgeMonet (8 days ago)
Minx: "I've been emotionally scarred by years of unspoken verbal abuse."
Ray Nightshade (9 days ago)
lets have all the white people leave south Africa so it can go to shit like the rest of Africa
the hillbilly gamer ! (9 days ago)
Under illegitimate South African government back in the 90s South Africa was one of the safest most stable and wealthiest countries on the continent will get it now it's the third possibly fourth world shed hole those ignorant Savages have ran into the ground they're not like American and European blacks that have been educated and slowly civilized over the course of centuries these people are savages plain and simple only care about is what they can take with someone else but they didn't know her work for
OneManCast (9 days ago)
Huh. I wonder if we can get YouTube to pull a Cambridge Analytica? Maybe that sort of outrage and illegality is what it takes to combat the overarching liberal narrative on YouTube.
James Kirk (9 days ago)
Coming to Ireland very soon maybe it has happened already?
Ray (9 days ago)
Facebook banned for 30 days for a two word comment. On a story about a child being forced to wear dresses to school by his 'parents' so they could be on the 'right side of history' and raise him to be gender neutral, in response, I simply wrote "poor child". That was enough to warrant a THIRTY DAY BAN. Think about that. What I wrote was not 'hate speech', it was my OPINION about what I felt concerning the CHILD ABUSE I was responding to. To HELL with facebook.
William DeMarco (9 days ago)
kuroshinryu (9 days ago)
He literally calls him suckerberg, thin veiled insult or mispronunciation xd
Jonathan Vian (9 days ago)
Your Conservative?!?
roastbeef1967 (9 days ago)
It is quite a feat to make Cruz look good. Congrats Zuckerborg. P.S.: In the movie (The Social Network, 2010) Zuckerborg was way more eloquent.
raiserofchickens (9 days ago)
And good for australia for helping out the farmers. Let all the farmers move to australia from south africa and let the remaining population in south africa fuck up their country in to the ground like they seem so gung ho to do. Then when south africa starts asking the western countries for help again, it can be told to get fucked and deal with the problems it created like a real country. At this rate it's only a matter of time before we start hearing about a resurgence of ethnic genocides in African nations; and when all the whities are gone from the country, the native Africans will subdevide in to their own racial/political groups and start fighting one another...again. South Africa is 1994 Rwanda waiting to happen.
Ibirdball (9 days ago)
Zuckerbot has reached its final form
raiserofchickens (9 days ago)
I can't wait to see Facebook go belly up and for Zuckerberg to go to jail for all the crap that's been pulled the last while.
Zlyxon (9 days ago)
Please end humanity now.
wu1ming9shi (9 days ago)
He really looks like a bot doesn't he.
J Blue (9 days ago)
This is a beautiful beautiful day, get him Cruz!
harryfromwork (9 days ago)
This is hilarious....really well done...great editing and sfx
TheZodiacz (9 days ago)
White people should get out of South Africa while they can. The place is going to run out of water and if the black farmers are as useless as the Zimbabwe lot they won't have much in the way of food either.
WarpRulez (9 days ago)
You are 100% correct. Whenever somebody, especially a government or tech company, says "hate speech", that's just a code word for "any speech that we deem as right-wing, conservative, critical of extreme leftist politics, or otherwise we just don't like for political reasons". That has been the tactic for many years now: Circumvent people's fundamental free speech rights by labeling wrongthink as "hate speech". That way they can keep up the pretense of holding up people's free speech rights, while at the same time censoring them and stopping them from expressing their political opinions. That's why you hear the expression "we support free speech, but..." (and then something about "hate speech") so much. Nowadays in more and more countries "free speech" is as meaningful as North Korea calling itself a "democratic republic".
The Irreverend (9 days ago)
6:26 ~ _(((Meredith Rosenthal)))_
Bman Chu (9 days ago)
Who the fuck pushes someone off a cliff? Or rapes and murders a teenager... Time for the nuclear option - literally.
Vela S (9 days ago)
Ted Cruz, aka pure evil, is now the voice of reason.
Bongoon (9 days ago)
Zuckerberg as goa ould from stargate, NICE:
Darth Revik Liso (9 days ago)
You really think Cruz cares about anything American or constitutional? He is a corporate shill...
Jason West (9 days ago)
Why does the pic of cuckerburg on the thumbnail make me think "podpoeple"?
TBoneTony (9 days ago)
The US Senate of Republicans needs to also do an investigation into another Silicon Valley company too. Because I am sure that they will reveal allot of this SJW hive mind mentality in these organisations.
Agnish Roy (9 days ago)
Three courses under review at Harvard: I wager one of them is Biology.
The Antitheocrat (9 days ago)
I don't know if it's the presidents job to comment on this before there is a finding.
frill necked lizard (9 days ago)
I watched about 4 hours of that thing with zuckerberg and those people asking him questions clearly didn't know what the fuck they were talking about with some of them wanting him to censor more. Other people wanting him to censor less. Others wanting him to care more about privacy and others wanting him to give more information to the government
Jim Lovell (9 days ago)
South Africa should let the black South Africans take over the Farmland. And they will do NOTHING with it.
Scott Steel (9 days ago)
It's not theft it's "property reform"
Devon Stark (9 days ago)
Zuck the Cuck! Or is it the other way around?
Ferris Vueller (9 days ago)
South Africa is disgusting. They use the laws to push white people out of work. And white people can't get government housing because of their race. So large amounts of whites are living in slums because the government fired them and put them on the street where they are raped and murdered by blacks who think if they rape a white baby they can cure their diseases. Globalist sponsored anti-white racism.
SecularPenguinist (9 days ago)
Seriously let's just close our borders and let the rest of the world fend for themselves. Let's see how well that works out for them. Aside from white and east Asian nations the rest of the world seems pretty goddamn fucking incompetent.
Pentamicle (9 days ago)
Whoever wrote the South Africa article needs to have all their property siezed and tossed in the middle of a third world nation that is largely prejudiced againt their race. Fucking disguisting
SecularPenguinist (9 days ago)
Ignorance of the law is not a valid defense. How do you run one of the largest websites on the planet and be unaware of one of the most fundamental legal precedents in the history of the internet? This ruling was a contributing factor to the openness of the internet and the explosion of user content driven sites. He's a bloody fucking liar.
Pentamicle (9 days ago)
Zuckerberg is a synth
blackphoenix63 O (9 days ago)
tbh if i got that weird microaggression survey I would have to answer yes if I was honest because once in class a teacher pulled up an article about librarians and asked "What's wrong with this picture?" nobody could figure it out until she was like it's a male librarian and he's white. like wat? that was so an insult to white men. particularly as they are a minority in the library workforce.
Anitogame (9 days ago)
"It's not Trump doing this." He's too busy trying to start WW3, Dave.
White Night (9 days ago)
Oh boy. Once the Aboriginals in Australia learn how to read the news articles about whites owned land being redistributed to blacks, we're gonna be in for it.
Junius Stone (9 days ago)
Zuckerbot is hilarious. And it is amazing how much Cruz befuddled him without trying hard. Is this guy even human?
Tac nuke 25 (9 days ago)
The Zuckerberg sound effects were gold:)
Zachary Cawley (9 days ago)
Any word on how Switzerland is doing?
Connor Nicholas (10 days ago)
It’s funny, one of my teachers and a classmate have a totally different take on this current event. They think that Ted Cruz looks foolish and that FaceBook and Zuckerburg have done nothing wrong.
Chronoic (10 days ago)
Does Zuckerbot seem like he is about to cry everytime he talks? They should make 3.0 more real.
Johnnie Walker (10 days ago)
Literally once had my post removed for calling an *inanimate object* a faggot. Only have Assbook cause of family contact cause I travel overseas a lot.
Stuart Rafferty (10 days ago)
Facebook doesn't just suppress political views in America, here in Scotland during the referendum there was a clear bias towards the stay together campaign. I was constantly seeing sponsored ads and content for that one side and almost nothing from the other apart from whatever my friends would upload
Roaming Chocobo (10 days ago)
I enjoy this week episode. Idk why Philip DeFranco say the Senators don't know what they were saying. But I do remember the one woman who misread his name as Zuckerman lol
CaptainJayOT (10 days ago)
Haha, look at that sweaty squirmer.
A (10 days ago)
Sorry Dave how can land that was stolen during Apartheid be theft to return to the majority? How can a minority in the country white people own all the land, oh right you forgot they stole from the majority black people that lived there. Now killing white people in SA to take the land is wrong and I agree murder should not happen with land appropriation however to dismiss and complain that whites are now targets of genocide when blacks in South Africa(SA) have been targets of genocide for decades is laughable at best and dishonest and cruel at worst toward those blacks who suffered under Apartheid. Its amazing that once the tables are turned on whites who were clearly OK with genocide against blacks, believe the land they currently have is their right despite all evidence it was stolen and there is a moral outrage from whites. Classic projection. I clearly see that what the Black led South African government is no more no less than revenge for Apartheid. I get that but Lauren Southern, Faith Goldy, You Dave Cullen to forget, ignore the trangressions of the past by whites in South Africa, give me a fucking break. Fuck That!
Theseus9 (10 days ago)
Muslims "refugees" are gang raping boys now? I thought homosexuality was forbidden in Islam? Apparently not when it comes to minors......such sick twisted people, the whole damn religion.

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