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Tutorial: How to upload to the gmod workshop

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I show you how to upload to the steam gmod workshop. Enjoy!
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Text Comments (51)
GmodTH judy hopps (4 months ago)
hey how do i update icon workshop
AlexBirdieBronze (2 years ago)
copy and paste this for anyone too lazy to type in the addon.txt { "title" : "delete this text and put the name of your map", "type" : "gamemode", "tags" : [ "fun", "scenic" ], "ignore" : [ "*.psd", "*.vcpro", "*.svn" ] } "
Eecer (3 years ago)
You sir, Just earned a sub, Very welldone.
iHeartaMuffin (3 years ago)
Didnt work, I still cant believe i wasted my last disk space on this stupid download that didnt even work!
MrThunderButtz (3 years ago)
I honestly don't have a fucking idea why they don't "Simply" Add a fucking 'Add an Addon' Button on the goddamn front of the page. But no. We have to do all of this stupid confusing shit and wasting our fucking time.. Goodjob Steam.
AlexBirdieBronze (2 years ago)
FAZEDIE56 (3 years ago)
doesnt work and i wasted an hour...
FAZEDIE56 (3 years ago)
4:17 well can you at least put something so that we can copy and paste?
Diabolic Deception (3 years ago)
Why does it sound like your moaning, crying, and gasping for air all at once?
DannyZero (3 years ago)
I dont get it what program do u use?
woowsers (3 years ago)
JrodPlayz Gamez (3 years ago)
It keeps telling me it couldnt open the icon
Schenk (3 years ago)
Guys if your not making a map for info.txt use this code "AddonInfo" {     "name" "<yournameofaddon>"     "author_name" "<yourname>"     "info" "<informationonyouraddon>" }
Danilo Mota Soares (4 years ago)
You sound like you are about to snap and cry.
ResTheFallen (4 years ago)
Spacemike2 (4 years ago)
what does it mean when it says "[Not allowed by whitelist]", and how do i fix it?
RobertGaming (4 years ago)
whats the system
X Graaicko (4 years ago)
wtf is a json file? arnt u suspose to save it as a txt file?
X Graaicko (3 years ago)
+mdelorme123 Get my facts straight? what facts, simply asked what a Json is.
Michael Delorme (3 years ago)
The JSON file is needed. If you save it as a text it will have an error looking like this. "C:/gmodupload/addon.json error: Couldn't find file" Please make sure you get your facts straight before commenting.
Nautilus (4 years ago)
Thanks this tutorial helped me!
Liam Oberst (4 years ago)
Couldn't find file?
K_TheStig97 (4 years ago)
where's the link of "JSON"? the red thing
Ramon Falzon (4 years ago)
This video is confusing an lacks an extreme amount of quality... The voicing is terrible, and so is the example. There is NOTHING to enjoy here.
Alek Du Plessis (4 years ago)
THANK YOU SO MUCH! Finally a tutorial that works.....
ItsMeCam (4 years ago)
My map fails at the final publish part, it's 469mb and it cant compress it?
IMMANENTIZE (4 years ago)
I got an error that said my computer couldnt run the program? gmad that is?
Kita Lovefight (4 years ago)
same for me! it wont come up! im using a tutorial for gmod but it just disappears imidiatly when i click it! super annoying! and i have a good mod too! :(
IMMANENTIZE (4 years ago)
windows 8 32bit
are you using a mac or linux?
Scinixc (4 years ago)
Thanks Man, I just Released BF3 Us Assault. http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=212329126
The Good Karn (4 years ago)
yes that is what I used to make this video I was really just turning words into pictures so less techno people could do it
Noir_ktn (4 years ago)
Couldn't parse json
TheSparklyGamers (4 years ago)
"Couldn't parse json", i keep getting that, is it because of the code I used.
dartwadermovies (4 years ago)
Big tip keep your mic on the side or you get this FRICKEN PFFFFFFFFFF PFFFFTTTTTT
Marcos Pereira (5 years ago)
I figured it out! You have to access the uploader exe from steamapps/common/garrysmod/bin and not username/garrysmod!
Marcos Pereira (5 years ago)
I have the same problem! If you find a solution please say so!
Galileel (5 years ago)
"Couldn't find file" "Couldn't find file" "Couldn't find file" SCREW YOU, JSON.
Dj Bundii (5 years ago)
very helpful. thank you!
Ok for the json file you have to enable known file extensions in folder options then for the error try restarting steam and then your computer
Have you got an error saying "couldnt initialize steam! (Is it running?)" When try to upload?
Okay Just another Qeustion I cant upload it well erm it says couldnt initialize steam! (Is it running?) I closed and opened steam did everything and it still says that PLEASE HELP!
And BTW how to I get the json its not making it json file :/
Dude Why did you not post the thing with inside the text doc into your desc?
Mecknavorz (5 years ago)
subed since ur awsome
Mecknavorz (5 years ago)
( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) (5 years ago)
Thanks man, I liked and subscribed! :)
SuccessKid (5 years ago)
You sound really sad.
If you mean like a pack that you already put on your server and you need other people to get it then just put it all in a gma file with the necessary folders for each as I mentioned in the video otherwise I don't know because servers aren't really my thing.
djzlazy (5 years ago)
What if I want to make it a pack? Like a server pack

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