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AI learns to play the WORLDS HARDEST GAME even more levels

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Using the genetic algorithm I trained an Ai to play even more levels of the worlds hardest game. check out previous videos https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kVwkLb8zxq0&t=353s https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Yo2SepcNyw4&t=3s I will upload the code soon so you can run these things yourself. Twitter: https://twitter.com/code_bullet Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/CodeBullet Discord: https://discord.gg/UZDMYx5
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Text Comments (2130)
Golem08 (25 minutes ago)
8:11 Not if you draw 700 really tiny rectangles and one HUGE rectangle
Mizino: In Over My Head. (56 minutes ago)
Would it be possible to find the most efficient path through by using the final algorithm as a basis for a neuro learning one using number of moves as the learning criteria?
jim mimis (1 hour ago)
These are pretty sexy stuff! GJ!
Romanek159_SuperPlay (4 hours ago)
How do you make custom levels??
Christian Smith (8 hours ago)
you didn't tell me how big my rectangles had to be so my infinite area rectangle took a infinite amount of more time to draw then my 700 1sq inc rectangles
Test Account (10 hours ago)
You are going to have to do the whole game now, you first ever channel series!!!!
- - (13 hours ago)
View whore. I like it.
TheBros2theend (13 hours ago)
Jesus Christ loves you, God bless heal save and forgive you in Jesus name amen.
Henry.Drake (13 hours ago)
Outa here gradeaundera wannabe
Falc1NL (17 hours ago)
Im REALLY digging this disco music too
Falc1NL (17 hours ago)
The royalty free youtube music is really amazing
Doug Winslow (19 hours ago)
It took longer to draw the one rectangle
SoG Watchman (23 hours ago)
"Quick recap for people who don't give a shit." Ummm... if they don't then why are you telling them?
Jashan Gaming (1 day ago)
Hey How about you make the Spining wheel also learn using the AI and make both dot and wheel compete and see who wins
Power5 (1 day ago)
Can the AI see past its current objective? The level at 7:00 for example. The dot should be able to see that all the wheels spin at the same speed. So I would think it could determine the speed and path it needs to go to just continue without running into anything after it determines that successful path. Just curious. Your videos are very entertaining for something so boring to actually watch on the screen. Oooh, the same squares bouncing around the screen. LOL Keep up the work. I like.
AtotehZ (1 day ago)
6:02 Old algorithm: Gen 167, 214 moves. 13:01 New algorithm: Gen 72, 179 moves. *PROGRESS* It's easily noticable that the new algorithm produces results where it bounces less off the walls too, taking more straight lines. Would be cool to know if that's consistent, or just random.
Trevor Briggz (1 day ago)
If anyone knows that last royalty free track hmu, very hot track imo
Ayden Russo! (1 day ago)
Try NEAT on a 3D game
Buttersnow (1 day ago)
700 rectangles sure is taking a while
Pieces (1 day ago)
Can confirm drawing 700 rectangles is longer.
Andresalex4 (2 days ago)
0:43 That last dot gave me OCD.
Atomic Theory (2 days ago)
How did he get the AI?
Josh Mathieson (2 days ago)
Anyone know the music used at 5:15 and 9:00 ?
Caprisun Kirby (2 days ago)
Anybody know the song at 5:13?
Harley Blankenship (2 days ago)
Last lvl = impossible difficulty lmao...
Omega Flame (2 days ago)
This didn't help my headache..😥😂😂
Jishaqib Wafeloski (2 days ago)
Music name please? Awesome music!
Kirby2u2 (3 days ago)
So, after watching you tweak your algorithm to speed up the learning process, I was wondering: Could you run a meta-AI to determine the optimum learning parameters? Have an learning-optimizing AI try to minimize the playing-AI's number of generations to a solution?
Anon Emus (3 days ago)
He did it for *challenge* . What a nice guy he was.
Zreknarf (3 days ago)
ur dumb "AI" didn't even find the optimal strategy, 14 year old me can beat these levels faster
DragonSlayah (3 days ago)
Idk what you mean evan the rectangle around my house took longer then the 700 little baby infant prepubescent cute rectangles
Fred Cole (3 days ago)
I need MOAR CB! I just subbed for this, nice work!
Trumpwall666 (3 days ago)
theres a level select
Cosf 2008 (3 days ago)
okay... Umm... if you go to https://www.coolmathgames.com/0-worlds-hardest-game you can select any level without having to do it first... so yeah... I think you wasted some time.
Relyk (4 days ago)
1 took me 1hour 700 took 54 minutes
Uranus InBanana (4 days ago)
it took linger to draw 1 rectangle
Poperpoppop 1 (4 days ago)
Face reaveal
陳仲肯 (4 days ago)
It's very funny.
Fco X (4 days ago)
cant they learn from previous levels?
Fco X (4 days ago)
"my mother didnt raise no pussy" best motivational frase 2018 xddddd
DarkBriar Lucifer (4 days ago)
1 square took me over 1 day'
John S Patton (4 days ago)
At2:20 it looks like map giving me the finger LOL
junior bailey (4 days ago)
ai learns to play doodle jump??? mabye??
Wyatt Brooks (4 days ago)
The cool thing about the simulation is when you realize that the players can't actually detect the objects they avoid, they just avoid them because that is the best path found by previous generations
SuperMaDBrothers (5 days ago)
How do you measure progress? And did you recreate the game engine? The spinner on the last level is way too fast :P
billy bolton (5 days ago)
if you did these things with a compute shader outside of real time, and coded the ai system your self in a buffer, you'd reap far far better results.
Minecraft Mad (5 days ago)
What was that song at 5:13 I really liked it and was wondering if anyone knew
Hoch134 (5 days ago)
Can't you use the 'intelligent' AI from the last level and just paste it into the new level? That way, it would still learn how new levels can get completed and you'd see how intelligent the AI really got.
Kritiker (5 days ago)
easy Code Go win if die (dont)
luke murphy (5 days ago)
Um isn’t trial and error of multiple slightly different movements like the definition of a Ddos hack
Mariin Tulf (5 days ago)
Your commemts are somehow o entertaining too!!!!
Mariin Tulf (5 days ago)
Wow. I am amazed. "It took me two days". Love the work you put in ur videos!
Zaio Hellgren (6 days ago)
Its such nice music!
CrAzYgIrL (6 days ago)
Can I edit my fitness function?
Dino King 1839 (6 days ago)
1 square was 5000 seconds 24 squares was 5 seconds 7000 squares was 2 seconds -Pi squares was -83.6395 seconds 1 square was 82 seconds
SkoobyDoo (6 days ago)
I was able to draw more than 700 rectangles in the same time that it took me to draw one. I counted a rectangle as any rectangular arrangement of atoms placed on the paper and used a felt tip pen for maximum atomic deposition.
Alan Mingus (6 days ago)
700 took 1 hour 1 took 1 day (I made 1 line every 6 hours or so)
Martin RC (6 days ago)
i rectangle took me 4 mins i wanted straight lines and i didnt care about 700 and i did it in 29 mins and 57 secs
Kyllian van Leeuwen (6 days ago)
1.000.111th view!!!
KingRelic36 (7 days ago)
It only took my 37 seconds to draw the 700 but four hours to draw the one.
Almost 1000000 views!
Turbo Gaming (7 days ago)
I’m glad I found this. Actually pretty interesting imo👌🏻
Ralf. P (7 days ago)
How do u make your own levels
Chewy Chew (8 days ago)
700 rectangles is quicker
Be SeriouslySavvy (5 days ago)
Sayam Qazi (8 days ago)
When I played this game on mobile I dragged the red square so fast so that it tunneled through the obstacles due to lower frame rate of the game. Beat many levels using this technique
Joe The Crow (8 days ago)
*I’m fast as fuq boiiiii*
JPEG Delisnek (8 days ago)
I drew 700cubes in5mins and 1cube in5h
imawsomw (8 days ago)
drowing one took longer than 700
Gio Corona (8 days ago)
It took longer to draw 1 square bcs it took me 30 minutes to draw 700 and I decided to take an hour to draw 1
Krte-AwEsOmEnEsS (8 days ago)
it took me longer to draw 1 rectangle
CinnaminBun55 (9 days ago)
I forgot what game it is. Markiplier played it just recently
BL 69 (9 days ago)
When did i like watching AI learning how to destroy humanity 😂?
Lost At Sea 573 (9 days ago)
700 squares took me 32 mins and 48 seconds and 1 square was 4 seconds
Deepak Dubey (10 days ago)
can someone here help me get started with this AI thing .
R3alxxBeAr (10 days ago)
Marcar9 Marcar9 (10 days ago)
700 takes way less time to draw
Max van Rijswijk (10 days ago)
Hey! So, how do I learn how to do stuff like this? 😁 I have some programming experience, but not a lot, and most certainly no machine learning experience.
Vorname _ (10 days ago)
Cyber bully
Techno Cedrick25 (11 days ago)
Why didn't you just watch walkthroughs in YT?
wildman605 (11 days ago)
why dont you watch a video of someone else doing the levels so you dont have to complete them to make them for the ai
preston morawski (11 days ago)
it took me so long to put all the detail into that one long sided square than it did for the 700
Jared Cook (12 days ago)
The 700 rectangles took me approximately 700 times longer than the single rectangle :P
summer galley (12 days ago)
He sound like Something ElseYT :P
imso sad (12 days ago)
Coders truly are the only people i know that will work tiresly on being lazy as posible
נועם מועלם (13 days ago)
700 took longer :)
M120 T (14 days ago)
They are playing good than me what da?!
Lolipop44 (15 days ago)
Yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa(just read this forever)aaaa........
Isaias Aguirre-Mar (15 days ago)
AI learns to play fortnite
Dawson Stanton (17 days ago)
okay we NEED and i mean NEED Geometry Dash levels.
I r pro8711 (18 days ago)
No it was one. One rectangle took longer😁.
Vladimir Djurovic (18 days ago)
Book Stuff (20 days ago)
and lvl 7 0 deaths
Book Stuff (20 days ago)
im pro i made it to level 5 0 ☠s
Cube Solver (20 days ago)
Next step: randomly generated terrain using perlin noise 😂
Zatiel.D LaBrie (20 days ago)
Dude I can barely tell how fucking awesome this is =_=
Awesome Gamer (21 days ago)
Can you make a video of a aI learning how to play pong. plz.
Nothing (22 days ago)
In what program do you program?
Mark Smeagel (22 days ago)
Whats the music called you played at 9:00? I know its "I knew some day" from Jan Boyle but cant find a version without vocals like yours (except the background vocals which I like)
Dusky Husky (24 days ago)
what if the 1 retangle was really big
Chicxulub Gamer (25 days ago)
Love these videos man, keep up the good work!

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