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Rough riffin

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Audio mess with Gibson Les Paul running through a bed room setup Egnater rebel/ TC Electronics G -system with Fulltone FD2 through iPhone 3GS.
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Smoothtlknwhtboi (8 years ago)
haha thanks. noodling..... check out our band Deluge Tv channel : Deeper Rehearsal video, check it out and let me know what you think
ciclosonico (8 years ago)
Too short!!!!!! Why why why!!! I'd listen to this kind of EJ-inspired jam for hours :))) Bravo!
Smoothtlknwhtboi (8 years ago)
thanks im working on getting a better video set up. so for not its just powered by my insomnia
Guitardoctor (8 years ago)
I dig your sound keep the videos coming!
Gottfried Brux (9 years ago)
Nice tone man. I have a Fulltone FD2 but replaced it with a BB Preamp from Xotic. Peace, -G
Andy Baylor (9 years ago)
Sounds Great! Eric Johnson-ish.

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