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Ps vita is still a great purchase in 2018
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Zayto TM (17 days ago)
I've got a ps vita oled display for $125 with 32gb and it was barely used and brand new and I have with call of duty and hot golf which is a steal and come with a case as well
DReaMs HD (18 days ago)
This now my favorite video 🤟🏽
DReaMs HD (18 days ago)
I feel you bro I love the ps vita is my favorite handheld too it’s a great console skip if it’s old
Tsukasa Hiiragi (29 days ago)
The homebrew community for the vita is amazing. Emulation is great with the vita's comfortable buttons.
Eisibi (2 months ago)
The best is Rayman
Eduardo Santini (2 months ago)
If you buy a vita. And Sony abandoned the console. Just break the rules and hack the system, like I did, put 256gb use PKGj to download the games and play online. Welcome for the tip.
Gino (3 months ago)
Your Nightmare (4 months ago)
This one call handheld but switch call hybrid portable tablet 😁 or for someone door stopper 👌
R L (4 months ago)
I can't find the madden nfl on the market😫😭.
BD King (5 months ago)
I fucking love my ps vita !!!
David C (5 months ago)
OH~ you have Corps Party! Have you played it yet? I have the same one as yours but sold only the cartage. After I beat it and got all ending didn't want to play again...
OOent (5 months ago)
Are you doing trades?
Mathew DA (5 months ago)
I’m getting a PSP soon
quito DistinctTv (5 months ago)
Dude im got a ps vita comming
Greed Gaming (6 months ago)
Im getting 1 nxt week , so excited 😍
Osvaldo T (6 months ago)
The problem are the memory cards price.
Your Nightmare (4 months ago)
Osvaldo T people always crying 😢 about memory card. But you can always ask your parents to buy one 64Gb 😁
Steve plays (6 months ago)
Might get it for uncharted
Steve plays (6 months ago)
In the summer
Bima Sudiarto (6 months ago)
I have the Vita slim but I fucking HATE how they make the games so ridiculously expensive. Makes me wanna go homebrew just to wiggle my middle finger at Sony. What makes me even more furious is the fact that they claim to have abandoned the Vita, but still update the fucking system to hinder people from hacking it. Ugh!
Jamespatrick Ampunan (6 months ago)
Hahaha I live in Asia vita is not yet dying here haahahaa
Your Nightmare (4 months ago)
Same in usa 😂👌
Nicolas dreizehnzwölf (6 months ago)
Because in asia you play a lot of games and a lot of anime games ^^
Killer Tone47 (6 months ago)
Im lucky that i have 32 gb memory card
TheNintendoNerd (7 months ago)
I have virtually zero time for PC Or consoles these days so Vita allows me to fulfill my Playstation needs and Switch my Nintendo needs. That Said I have 45+ physical games for vita, compared to 10 for my switch. While the Switch library is new and growing I play my Vita backlog in between releases I want.
nope (7 months ago)
Very nice collection. I'm almost at 70 physical :)
Kersen Cranwill (7 months ago)
Very well made video with great points! You got me sold and I’ve already had a vita for a while now. Anyone wanna add me and play killzone or something sometime my psn is Mr_Snuggles_v_
Kersen Cranwill (7 months ago)
I found my vita on the Facebook store for $50 in perfect condition with a 32GB memory card. Not saying you all will have the luck that I had but if you want a good deal your best option is Facebook store hands down. Now go get a vita!
DANIEL C (7 months ago)
Love your video, I made a review on my channel too because I love the Vita too much =) Cheers!
Gerinja (7 months ago)
Cool vid. I love my vita
Versatile Lord (7 months ago)
But nah there's wayy more on the vita that I'm planning to play on tho. Incredible system
Versatile Lord (7 months ago)
Looking to re buy this beast once again for the persona series(or at least just 1 and 2) ALONE!
Ben M (7 months ago)
What’s your psn bro?
Manrod Nisden (7 months ago)
Solidrev brought me here
PreacherMan1971 (7 months ago)
Good video. I love my Vita.
OGcrazi3 Loon (7 months ago)
Bro I wish had friends with a vita to play with... :(
OGcrazi3 Loon (6 months ago)
Pvp_Leaks what's the PSN?
Pvp_Leaks (6 months ago)
Want to add me I'm getting one for my brithday
TR3Y (7 months ago)
ps vita needs pubg mobile lets be honest
KrazyKrit (7 months ago)
yeah it would be cool but its far to late.
James Keith Tampus (7 months ago)
TR3Y we really do need it, but I don't think it will happen.
Beatbonjon 1 (7 months ago)
Blaze keep vita Vidz rolling luv them peace out
Exodus PSV (7 months ago)
I love my PSV, hello from Paris ✌️
Ricardo Mathurin (7 months ago)
Coming from the psp i knew i was getting the vita ! Best handheld hands down, if you can't beat the library, you can't beat the console !)
Mic XMic (4 months ago)
Ricardo Mathurin two letters DS 😂
Big Ant (7 months ago)
I was just thinking today what my favorite vita games is and I have to give it to Sly Cooper Thief's in time, hands down the experience was up there with Killzone.
Krioux3 (7 months ago)
Preach my man! You are speaking the truth, I recently got a new Vita and gifted my old one to my son so he can enjoy the system too. I'm sitting right at around 100 physical games in my collection to enjoy and am still on the hunt to get more before they disappear from the market. I love the Vita, glad to see that there are still strong supporters out here!
Blaze -4K- (7 months ago)
Krioux3 show it off I’ll support the video
KING ICE (7 months ago)
One PlayStation handheld of all times PlayStation Vita
Kenneth Mitchell (7 months ago)
Just got my Super Nt in, this thing is AMAZING!! I’ve been playing Mario all stars non stop, I love it, omg if you like Super Nintendo with the least amount of lag, this is the thing to get. I’m playing on a 21ms input lag tv, and later ima try on a 10ms monitor and just see how low I can get that lag, even tho at 21 it’s fine. 2,200 game compatibility including Super game boy, retro gaming is back babee!
LARGE MANN (7 months ago)
And that’s why I bought two vitas and a ps vita tv 📺
nope (7 months ago)
LARGE MANN That's why I bought 4 Vita and a ps TV and have around 70 physical for it :)
spencer smith (7 months ago)
and another thing blaze i dont know if u would be down but ive been wantin to do a podcast about games and i was gonna see if u wanted to to do it wit me but if u cant thats fine
spencer smith (7 months ago)
hey yo blaze bro i just bought a ps3 2 weeks ago and i been playin the fuck out of killzone 2 and 3. wat u playin on yours
Shubham Bora (7 months ago)
Sure PS Vita memory cards were expensive and also the sole reason to ruin Vita's reputation. But, those memory cards were also the reason why PS Vita was unhackable for 80 percent of it's lifetime (2011-2016), giving the developers the much needed sense of security for the safety of their beloved games. Today we have so many games for PS Vita, thanks to those highly encrypted memory cards. . P.S: Understand one simple fact that Vita console was just a medium for games, while the real player was the memory card, that could be used in pstv console, too! That's why it was so high on cost because of that kind of unique encryption technology.
GameShredderV1 (7 months ago)
A commercial failure, but somehow it did not fail where it matters the most: THE GAMES. I had Gameboys since I was 4 years old, and the Vita has still become my favorite handheld ever. simple minded people believe what they hear. Gamers that love video games know that the Vita has a lot to offer, and if it aint their cup 'a tea then thats cool, but anyone with an actual passion for this artform and doesnt just follow whats popular can appreciate it all. Good vid Blaze!
Blaze -4K- (7 months ago)
GameShredderV1 well said brother
BLACKB0ND (7 months ago)
Ew Patriots lol
James Keith Tampus (7 months ago)
BLACKB0ND the Master of hating.
Blaze -4K- (7 months ago)
BLACKB0ND lol the goat team babeeee
Solidrev (7 months ago)
Yeah I'm tired of playing games on my 60 inch tv that 3 inch screen looks much more immersive
Eduardo Santini (2 months ago)
Bro never compare a Ferrari with a Beetle is just retarded and both will take where you want to go. Think about it.
DesktopUser (3 months ago)
That PS TV doesn't run all the games, however it does run some good title games.
Blaze -4K- (7 months ago)
AceMcClane Rev has a ps vita we’ve been playing a shit ton lately
AceMcClane (7 months ago)
Emmanuel Jimenez rev doesn’t care about that shit.
Dark Persona (7 months ago)
If that is a problem then get the ps TV and you can play those vita games on your 60 inch tv. You can get it for around $30 bucks on Gamestop, and you can use both the dual shock 3 and 4.
Arie Ortiz (7 months ago)
Hell yea! The Vita is easily my favorite handheld gaming device, as there are so many great titles for it that I have been playing, as well as so many more that I am looking forward to trying out!
TheSpaceDan (7 months ago)
Arie Ortiz wow I keep finding you out on every vid XD
Krioux3 (7 months ago)
Jheyo venero roncal (7 months ago)
You kinda make want 2 buy 1..
broken1394 (15 days ago)
Jheyo venero roncal it's a great machine.
PillzBerry27 (7 months ago)
If you want a new PS Vita go to PlayAsia or Amazon ,but GameStop got them use but I cannot trust them.
Pvp_Leaks (6 months ago)
Got mine on eBay
Dark Persona (7 months ago)
Great video Blaze. I will be getting a Vita tomorrow from my local Gamestop. Now I called then earlier and they have both the older Oled model and the slim. Which one would you recommend and why?
TheNintendoNerd (7 months ago)
The OLED screens have over saturated colors, spotting issues with deep blacks and have shorter battery life, not to me ruin a proprietary charger port. Personally I always recommend the slim.
Jonnie Darko (7 months ago)
OLED is overall a better quality system.
alextb10 (7 months ago)
Emmanuel Jimenez I have both but I prefer the slim model. It just looks better, lighter and better battery life and you really can't tell the difference between the oled and lcd screen and also you can use any micro USB charger.
ILOVECHICKEN698 (7 months ago)
Vita videos are beast
objdadon (7 months ago)
Lmao, no it ain't 😁
objdadon (7 months ago)
Blaze -4K- lmao
Blaze -4K- (7 months ago)
objdadon change your comment to the vita is god for a free giveaway
Kid Avocado (7 months ago)
I jailbroke mine and got all the games for free. :)
Kid Avocado (7 months ago)
3.60 firmware exploit
BLACKB0ND (7 months ago)
Kid Presentable They can be jail broken?
Randy Bills (7 months ago)
Kid Presentable PAUSE 😳
Kid Avocado (7 months ago)
that's a shame The guy (coworker) I bought it from had gay porn on it...so that was interesting
Blaze -4K- (7 months ago)
Kid Presentable I I have 6 vitas all with new firmware
GrimGlenn (7 months ago)
Listen to the man, Vita is starting to climb in price and it’s a beast so it’s worth it.
Your Nightmare (4 months ago)
GrimGlenn so true 😮
Randy Bills (7 months ago)
ColossalNerd my bAlls itch
ILOVECHICKEN698 (7 months ago)
ColossalNerd play rAnk
im100percentg (7 months ago)
If they kept releasing games (not jap shit), I would've kept my vita but idgaf
SunLightSpear _ (7 months ago)
im100percentg lol
im100percentg (7 months ago)
SunLightSpear _ typo? I didn't dislike the video lol.
SunLightSpear _ (7 months ago)
im100percentg yeah u dislike the video oh gawd. The jap shit isn’t for everyone tho
Blaze -4K- (7 months ago)
im100percentg bro I understand trust me
Butch _Luffy (7 months ago)
Go put that shit back in a museum with the Wii u
Blaze -4K- (7 months ago)
Butch _Luffy lmao
Hannibal Barca (7 months ago)
The memory cards is what hurt the vita the most.
Your Nightmare (4 months ago)
L0sGod perfect choice 👌
Blaze -4K- (7 months ago)
Hannibal Barca facts
pee (7 months ago)
Go pats go

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