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PUBG Skins Explained

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Text Comments (24)
NWGhost (5 months ago)
Did you just say the devs care about the community? God damn you are clueless AS FUCK!!!
Milo The Cat (9 months ago)
“Devs really In touch with the community” while The game crashes every game on console :(
Syno (9 months ago)
Milo The Cat ew console trash they aren’t going to update the console version unlucky bud
Fekyfa Official (1 year ago)
please dude add me on steam Fekyfa 👌🏻
HampZZ (1 year ago)
smart ref link rofl XD
qbVIPERdp (1 year ago)
good vid ROFL
At Nine (1 year ago)
should I invest in gamescom crates?
larmesss (1 year ago)
Good Video. Everything ist explained nice and short. Keep it up
Fluskar (1 year ago)
manga (1 year ago)
Anyone else cringe that on his profile he actually charges 500 dollars a month for some trading tips... lol
manga (1 year ago)
Linckel I mean if I had a spare 500 dollars laying around id what its about but like a lot of people... I don't, rip I guess
Linckel (1 year ago)
The problem is that some items have no price history at all. And it's not easy to get in touch with collectors by yourself.
manga (1 year ago)
Linckel He dosent anywhere say that he'll set them up with deals... and why wouldn't he take that deal? if he knows he can make money off of it he wouldn't give the trade to someone else just for 500
Linckel (1 year ago)
Xx_Anime_Bitch_xX But Trading websites don't care about the pattern or float. And setting someone with a Chinese collector up, that will give you 20k for your skin is probably with it.
manga (1 year ago)
Linckel That's what trading websites are for and they don't cost 500 dollars, and if they don't have what you are looking for you can just buy the skin you'd like from OP-Skins, if you can afford trading tips for 500 a month I'm sure you can buy almost anything lol
wo0t (1 year ago)
Make gamescom cases great again
Old Man (1 year ago)
All I need is my yellow tracksuit Fuckin 1300 dollars I could craft so many Katos for that
ProBear (1 year ago)
Nice daddy. Just sad you dont wunna be my friend on steam :( Im lvl 69 :( Just for you papi :( xD nice video tho.
Logan Comeau (1 year ago)

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