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Rosie White of competes in 200-meter dash

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Eastern Michigan's Rosie White runs at Ohio State against a number of runners. In 2012 White won the Mid American Conference title in long jump competition.
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Text Comments (365)
RockStarDidIt (1 hour ago)
aye I know here I go to EMU in Ypsilanti
Corey Deshawn (4 hours ago)
Good run. She need 2 work on her closing speed though
Tone B (5 hours ago)
Those sisters are strong. The 200 meter is no joke.
Mukoro Oweh, Jr. (11 hours ago)
omg marry me mrs white
Marcedric Kirby (2 days ago)
If the world was mine i will give you the stars
Tobias Felder (3 days ago)
Those thighs make good ear muffs.
Tobias Felder (3 days ago)
She's got a great future behind her!
Boricua Alma (3 days ago)
Well Since 99.9% of these comments are sexually connotative! I Will Comment On Your Running And Athleticism... And If I Was Your Coach? I Would Say MAINTAIN YOUR FORM, KEEP THE ARMS PUMPING, AND YOUR TURN OVER RATE was much better than some of the other ladies, but running the 200 is a combination of Speed and Endurance (practice your running form with 5 pound weights around your arms/wrists and on your legs/ankles) and do this in water... Also try riding a mountain bike up a hill in the hardest gear! No Pain, No Gain... But I promise you it'll lower your time and you would've won that race! But I'm rooting for ya, I can't wait to see what our U.S.A Track Team will be in the next Olympics! #RUNNING! #TRACKandFIELD
I keep telling people black women are the most beautiful women in the world. I don't date nothing but black girls.
S Money (8 days ago)
🤔 amazing lower body 😋
Myron Jones (10 days ago)
I see a lot of talent ... seriously 😎
Easygoin0sacramento (10 days ago)
move your arms fast, move your legs faster
Easygoin0sacramento (10 days ago)
I wonder why she runs with strait arms in the start?
Christopher Duffy (8 days ago)
Lol! I love my life. I workout at a gym where a female volleyball team has practice. Each one of the players look like her. They watch me workout and I'm a hit with them.
Dwight Davis (11 days ago)
Nice run beautiful
Kevin Douglas (12 days ago)
She fine but this is slick stalkerish.. 🤣
Super Hustle TV (13 days ago)
2:49 I would have crossed the finished line.
Tha Kidd (14 days ago)
Heey Rosie, how you doin Boo?
Tha Kidd (14 days ago)
Oh My God!!!! I'm In Love And She Doesn't Even Know That I Exist!!! 😍😘😗😙😚!!!!
Aladdin Smith (10 days ago)
Yo put another knoc on your pistol I to never knew of your existence U turned down the robot test again U did , Yo straight talk of course U exist and Rosie still turns walks away mad not U this time , a field of 9 splinters a dead last mad sister finish its all good all human like U
Rico b (14 days ago)
Good race Rosie looked good its tuff running in those kind of conditions
Juliette Max-Peters (15 days ago)
Her arms were completely straight.......
Juliette Max-Peters (15 days ago)
Louis Diaz (15 days ago)
Great Race Rosie White from Michigan what was your time very fluid runner. everybody not seeing you and the sport talent but judging you by your body your a diamond in the rough i love track and field Class of 1981 St.Louis Sharks great race whats your pb in the 200 . do you plan on 2020 Olympics i will looking forward to seeing you at Trials stay in touch Diaz
callitlikeiseeit (16 days ago)
da fuk? she lost why we here?
Sherdiamond Downey (20 days ago)
She can run just need to work on her form her arms slowed her down she need to keep them up and quick pumps need to work of the foot work to but other than that's she's good
Phat ass got smoked
Christian Charles (21 days ago)
Smash time!
Christian Charles (21 days ago)
Fat black ass and its great. I ran track but look at that ass!
essa é minha campeã predileta
george porge (22 days ago)
I'm here to see that green tight panty get eaten by strong black female ass crease.
Juan Mateo (22 days ago)
( "Dios Es Todo En Todos ".)
Detroitblue (23 days ago)
Great from.   Big thighs.  Waist could be and little smaller and curvy off the hips  but hey she is fine.
Enter the future 2025 (23 days ago)
That was a hot health woman
Healthy With Hillary (23 days ago)
hungrynapps (23 days ago)
i love this channel.. lol
Sutikare Oluwagbenga (24 days ago)
Now that's what i call thickness!
Adam Taylor (24 days ago)
I am guilty the butt made me click it
Demetrius Banks (24 days ago)
Rosie arms were not in the right position. She had good form at the end.
Muhammed Yusha (24 days ago)
i came to see that ass
Jed Clampett (24 days ago)
I hate to break the news, there probably was not even one woman in this race who is 100% black.  Most each of them have a mixture of black, white, and/or American Indian blood.Sure many may be 90% black, but it's very likely that there is someone of a different "race," in their background.Besides that it has also been proven that we are all one race!!!
Ronald Macafee (15 days ago)
Jed Clampett Whites are not Hue-man.Hue means of color,shade,tint,tinge,tone...whites are melanin deficient.Darker tinged(southern Italians,Greeks,Spanish,Sicilians)have more recent racial admixture with Blacks.Blacks that were able and willing to cross over have been doing this for years;you'd be surprised how many of your favorite relatives,teachers,and heroes are Black and hear your private racist thoughts.Some famous "white"political figures whose ancestry was questioned:Columbus,Eisenhower,Calvin Coolidge,Hanibal Hamlin,Alexander Hamilton,Andrew Jackson,Abraham Lincoln,J.Edgar Hoover,King James,Moses,Jesus....Muhammad.
Ronald Macafee (15 days ago)
Jed Clampett Bad news for you.ALL peoples come from the Blackwomb.Whites are just the last of our children after Brown,Red,Yellow...Black mix with ANY OTHER race produces Black.Bible:As it was in the beginning(all Blacks)so shall it be in the end(all Blacks).
Mr. Gonzales (24 days ago)
I would drink that rain water off of her sweaty skin 😋😌
1017 brick squad (25 days ago)
Anyone know her IG
Madmove Otis (25 days ago)
So 🔥 🔥
Armando Bonilla (25 days ago)
Eric Taylor (25 days ago)
In the words of one my favorite rappers,"baby got back".
Eric Taylor (25 days ago)
Show time.........I bet whoever her boyfriend is,she got him so p-whipped he looks for her with a flashlight......in broad daylight.
M E (25 days ago)
My goodness, that physique is goddess.
Kurt Christopher (25 days ago)
In my next life imma get myself an athlete
Mike Jackson (25 days ago)
Further proof there is a God my goodness
Antonio Ric (25 days ago)
A great runner but definitely overweight
Aladdin Smith (25 days ago)
Rosie White she's a first time around for me.any good at what a sprinter long jumper the balance beam to see her mount the beam unassisted without a crane or forklift .Well a warm welcome aboard the U all the luck in the world I wish and If track/field don't work out for Ms White .No problem the NFL is always looking for middle linebackers .And I must give thanks and credit to the U for making it happen
Rodney Mayes (25 days ago)
sexy as fuck
Frank Mayo (25 days ago)
Rosie Be Thy Name !!
Josh Beck (25 days ago)
they need to work on her stride a little, probably good in the bedroom though.She probably tears up some jean booty shorts don't let her be at the mall in the right type cheeky booty shorts! oh my God MY MY MY.
Fred Cagle (26 days ago)
Rich Life412 (26 days ago)
Babylon never surprise me
Togo Congo (26 days ago)
You mean rosie got a back off competes in the 200m!
DJ. DOMINO (26 days ago)
That what good eating of meat and potatoes will do for ya
wayne pope (26 days ago)
Beautiful...want a husband.
Mr. Nice Guy (26 days ago)
now that looks like some dinner
D Rock (26 days ago)
She aight.
Roddrice Armstrong (26 days ago)
bryant mongo you are gay for that comment matter of fact get your gay ass off this page go look at some sissy's
Roddrice Armstrong (26 days ago)
bryant mongo you are gay for that comment matter of fact get your gay ass off this page go look at some sissy's
Blair Boyd (26 days ago)
The girl is super hot, she is very sexy and beautiful, nice strong legs also nice looking attractive also gorgeous. She is very is a nice chocolate body, she is very much adorable to look at.
Nate Barnes (26 days ago)
So what do I watch here the form, or...... someone help me out. Because I see so much more
trugb24 (26 days ago)
Aren't we all here to see ass
Chuck White (26 days ago)
pretty young stallions
Curtis Reese 2969 (26 days ago)
Goddammn she thick.
Little Checkers (26 days ago)
O-State, baby!
Derrick Tyler (27 days ago)
That sister is thicker than a snicker!!!
gvyberv (27 days ago)
Where's the zoom button
Robert Rucker (27 days ago)
I came online today looking for something else. Just happened to take note of the video and glad I did. Good Job! Appreciate the hard work that you put in to get to your current level. Wishing you the best of luck going forward. Stay strong. Stay focused.
syndicate j (28 days ago)
Anal all day
R Lee (29 days ago)
I’m about to jerk off to some black girl porn
Fredrick Herron (29 days ago)
Manuel Maldonado (29 days ago)
It’s just not fair
Manuel Maldonado (26 days ago)
Togo Congo ....lol. I'm Mexican. And this is not fair!
Togo Congo (26 days ago)
Manuel Maldonado why cus almost all your caucasian women ain't built like that?
Don (29 days ago)
She's fine but she runs like a girl. Her coach needs to do something about her arm swinging all out like that, she's losing time..
504HUNTER25 (29 days ago)
Damn she a stallion
Lex Luther (29 days ago)
i think this one is a real Female
Jugg Season (29 days ago)
She thick as fuck
D Rock (29 days ago)
Damn she is sexy
lilHippo (29 days ago)
build like a goddess
Bob Jon (29 days ago)
And nobody called me! I'm just down the street....Aww, she's worth the price of admission fo sho.
IcePick Slim (29 days ago)
I aint shit...i came to see the booty...smh
cashisAli1 (29 days ago)
Kevin P.Germosén (29 days ago)
Diablo coño que fuyin
The Black Eagle (30 days ago)
Me too😁
Orojugen (30 days ago)
Fuckin tease, 😊.
Jerome Green (30 days ago)
Tht booty weighed her down
Michael Roby (30 days ago)
Her speed is amazing, even in that damn hurricane😂😂. I love women who run track, she is very attractive.
Beezy Talking Shit (30 days ago)
Nothing but simp ass niggas in the comment section! Niggas would fuck a dog if it had a nice ass! Almost had it. I think she needs to work on her endurance some.
Member Cup (30 days ago)
I really came here to see her run That’s it
IPrince Majestic (30 days ago)
The only thing I'm guilty off is appreciating a true Goddess! Blackwomen are so fine they make me drool just by looking at them - hot damn! I'd definitely put my face between those cheeks!
KILLA KANGZ (30 days ago)
she look even BETTER cookin chicken😘
indig Ameri (30 days ago)
God damn she thick
Akoben Renaissance (30 days ago)
LOL ... never mind the track meet. The camera man is in love...
Michael Xavier (30 days ago)
The finest black women are in Track hands down
Togo Congo (26 days ago)
Michael Xavier this is why we should have more than one woman so we get that balance lol
Togo Congo (26 days ago)
Michael Xavier accept the big tittie. They don't got that
Tenacity Shop.com (30 days ago)
I ran 100,200,and 400 meter.Taller runners seem to do better on the 200 meter run.
Samson Murenga (30 days ago)
My kind of lady thick asf.that ass gives me goose bumps lol!!
Anthony Williams (30 days ago)
Did she win

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