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best EVER road rage medal....like a BAUS!

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speaks for itself, one long toss grenada, one car, and one player left thinking "damn he will put this on youtube".
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MagicalCaveman (6 years ago)
would have been better if you showed the flight of the grenade so see the guy die. but still nice toss.
IMDARKFIRE007 (6 years ago)
@MrDEVILMAN15 being DARK got me this road rage....but yea, ill wear the tag when all the guys do. i say that knowing you got zero chance of getting killer to wear it though lol.
IMDARKFIRE007 (6 years ago)
@MrDEVILMAN15 ahhhahahahaha
IMDARKFIRE007 (6 years ago)
@MrDEVILMAN15 picky picky picky...i still dont wanna be a baustard LOL

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