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Myanmar Traditional Dance in 27th SEA Games 2013

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Burmese dancers performing "A Pyo Daw Yein" dance at the opening ceremony of 27th SEA Games 2013 in Nay Pyi Taw, Myanmar.
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Soe Soe (5 months ago)
MSN Morning Glory (7 months ago)
Great ! Amazing !
Foxland Smalllox (8 months ago)
Beautiful dance. I love that
seppokupari (9 months ago)
Amazing dance, marvelous Myanmar
Benny Wong (10 months ago)
it looks like those ladys are dancing on top of the clouds 😍
Zidane Ra (10 months ago)
At least myanmar has integrity with playing fair not like malaysia
Win Ner (9 months ago)
Gauranga Roy (1 year ago)
Manmyar(Burma ) the king as well as queen of cultural heritage.
Stoner Zuze (1 year ago)
แพมแพม (1 year ago)
Amazing! very beautiful
Phyoe Lay (1 year ago)
ဘ​ေျပာင္​ႀကီးကို ​​မမုန္​းႏိုင္​တာလဲ ဒီအမွတ္​တရ​ေတြ​ေၾကာင္​့....ဒါ​ေတြ ျပန္​ၾကည္​့တိုင္​း ဘဘကို သတိရတယ္​😁😁
Phyoe Lay (1 year ago)
မ​ေမ့ႏိုင္​ဘူး ဒီတသက္​
I Love Myanmar
Toe Toe (11 months ago)
ชาย โมบาย. Thank you
sri iskandar (1 year ago)
myanmarrrrr myanmarrr u are killedd rohingyass....dammmm
Vanessa Umyra (8 months ago)
Kuffar Kafiruddin Bin Murtadiyyah not really..i'm from West Malaysia..i never like those rohingyas people..our stupid government using those rohingyas issues just to gain a publicity
ada deh (9 months ago)
By the same logics... you indonesians kill papuans lol
wkwkwkwkwk, only people with that type of name come from malaysia or western part of indonesia would bring up their idiot mindset into the world without knowing the truth,eventhough it's true,they are blind to except the true fact.
thamainbama (1 year ago)
Thanks for the explanation Sofia, on this issue. I am a Burmese Buddhists but many of my friends are Muslims in Myanmar. We have never hated each other. It was the military government which has tried to divide and rule the people and to put Daw Aung San Suu kyi in a bad position and to discredit her. Both Buddhists and Muslims of Myanmar must rise up above the government and to show our Love and Unity!!!
Sofia Hussain (1 year ago)
sri iskandar I am a Rohingya. neither I hate Myanmar nor the people. I just feel pity for the people who are against us because they do not understand the beauty of unity and love. I have friends who are Buddhists and they ask me everyday about the situation of Arakan. Not all are same. Things are bad in the western region of Myanmar but not in the country. My uncle (dad's brother) and his wife have business in Yangon and he said me that not even once has any Buddhists came to their shop and told them to leave or discriminated them. My aunty even wear hijab and no one has ever harassed her. They go to public places and people are friendly with them. You teach yourself to hate, you are going to hate. You teach yourself to love, you are going to love. The problem is with both Muslims and Buddhists not accepting the fact of unity and equality. It's all about people's mindset. Assalamualikum(Peace be upon you)
Phoutthasack Anulack (1 year ago)
I like dance and culture of Myanmar I been to Myanmar last year is very beautiful from Laos
Poly Nut (9 months ago)
Phoutthasack Anulack don't forget Thailand!
Shinpachi Nagakura (2 years ago)
Great dancing
mickey charlie25 (2 years ago)
why they do that to their dress meaning
Kyawt Tulip (7 months ago)
its royal maids of honour group dance
Than Naing Tun (2 years ago)
Download ရခ်င္ပါတယ္...
46best (4 years ago)
Very beautiful! I would like to know the meaning of this song.
Thar Nge (10 months ago)
Saw Yan Lay I'm not here to argue the terms we use. Just explaining and enjoy the art.
Saw Yan Lay (10 months ago)
Nat doesn't means "God" .
Thar Nge (1 year ago)
worship for old Burmese God. Those gods were humans once and rule some parts of burma just like Greek gods and godess. Musically and lyrically very beautiful...
Shane Sitt Lwin Moe (2 years ago)
+46best This is dance for traditional spirits
thamainbama (3 years ago)
+46best This is a song  for one of the gods who is " ko Gyi Kyaw' and this somg is sung when making offerings to this god and the dance is part of the offering as well.

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