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Why I'm NOT Hyped for Star Fox Racing Grand Prix! - Nintendo Switch Rant

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With new leaks that we are about to a get Star Fox racing game on Nintendo Switch I cant find myself getting hyped. While Star Fox Grand Prix may be awesome, I wanted something closer to classic Star Fox. Can Retro Studio's new secret project win me over? Let's rant about it! Share and subscribe if you liked it! Consider supporting the show on Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/DreamcastGuy Follow me on social media: Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/dreamcastguy Twitter: https://www.twitter.com/dreamcastguy Instagram: http://instagram.com/dreamcastguy Business email: Mark.shockley@yahoo.com All clips of audio and video used in this work are used for entertainment or education purposes under the fair use clause found in sections 107 through 118 of the copyright law (title 17, U. S. Code). If you have any dispute please contact me. "EDM Detection Mode" Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com) Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0
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DreamcastGuy (5 months ago)
As a really old school fan of Star Fox I wish I could get more excited for this. :( What are your thought on a Star Fox racing game coming to Switch? Thanks for watching and liking this video!
CannibalGames (4 months ago)
I am hyped through the roof man, what are you talking about?! Star Fox + DKR + Retro it is a dream scenario, dude.
TheAlibabatree (4 months ago)
kaleb kaiser It seems like you havent actually played many recent Nintendo games. Most Sony games are actually incredibly similar, just with different names. Im playing through The Last of Us for the first time, and i am stunned by how mediocre the game is. Same with HZD. These games may have new names and shiny new graphics, but they play like every other game on the market.
BigHailFan (5 months ago)
Why are you ranting about a rumor? e_e
tunic (5 months ago)
there is not very many people that wants f zero nintendo is not doing to make the f zero if only 2 people wants the f zero game
Blueshellpunk (5 months ago)
I'd rather get a new f zero game
Br!an Delta V (3 months ago)
*Why not just make F-Zero?!!!!*
YouTube User (4 months ago)
If this rumor is true, please make Wolf playable, Nintendo!!!
Mr. Clean (4 months ago)
Star Fox doesn't really have enough characters to fill in a whole racer, anyway. So...other than Star Fox themselves, what do we got? Probably Star Wolf... Krystal, maybe, but people got so butthurt over her... Maybe those two characters from Star Fox 2... Andross, I guess... The only other two I can think of are ROB 64 and General Pepper, and that's it. The former two don't even fight.
liquid ocelot (4 months ago)
dude i miss classic star fox so much. star fox and star fox 64 easily two of my favorite games of all time. if nintendo gave us classic star fox again i would buy a switch tomorrow
La gusiflower (4 months ago)
Que le den porculo a Starfox
CannibalGames (4 months ago)
I am hyped through the roof man, what are you talking about?! Star Fox + DKR + Retro it is a dream scenario, dude.
VoidedMirror (4 months ago)
Not hyped because it's Starfox. I just don't care about that series.
Gamer Addy 99 (4 months ago)
Star Fox Grand Prix may be the best idea since Mario+Rabids Kingdom battle.
Breloopharos (4 months ago)
i just want a star fox game with a unique story and the same controls as star fox zero
Andrew c (4 months ago)
Respect your opinion, but I disagree.
Liam Funnyman (4 months ago)
Nepu-Tech USA (4 months ago)
Diddy Kong racing 2 would've been awesome. I just don't care about racing Star Fox when we already have Mario Kart and it's basically the same thing. I also don't like paying 60$ for a game with no story campaign that you can finish in an hour.
Brian McNally (4 months ago)
The God of War analogy doesn't really work because it's a Sony property. That may not seem relevant but it is because historically if you look at Sony their franchises are very conservative. Nintendo properties have been treated as being more flexible than any of the Sony properties. Mario is the video game king of spinoffs; Kirby has had some really weird ideas; Zelda's has experimented with multiplayer and a light gun shooter; Pokemon as almost as many spinoffs as Mario; and even Starfox had that camera tower defense game.
Stratilex (4 months ago)
This is gonna be Diddy Kong Racing x F-ZERO x StarFox It’s gonna be cool
sakon10 (4 months ago)
I would totally play a god of war fighting game. In fact, I'm still waiting for nintendo to do a zelda 2d fighter.
ruud frielink (4 months ago)
@dreamcastguy hey man, star fox grandprix is supposedly not a kart racer but a futuristic racer like f-zero i kinda agree though that it doesnt sound that fun yet, but not worried about retro studios. there was the same argument when metroid prime came out, 'oh that developper is not known yet' or 'metroid should not be in 3d, it would ruin the franchise' i got a lot of faith in them making this supposed game good cause in the end its a rumour until confirmed
mauken-dyn (4 months ago)
Oh I'm excited. I am ready!!!
Litten Fire (4 months ago)
I'd rather have Starfox Assault be the style of future starfox games
pty80 (4 months ago)
star fox zero was another classic starfox and the game was a flop. people can blame the game-pad aiming gimmick all they want, it still was basic and bland that's just me probably. but the slow paste single path rail shooter style is not fun and they knew it was kinda boring probably what pushed them to add the cockpit mode. if im honest i still think Adventure was the best star fox, ans assault would be second of course give us another immersive star fox game like those if Mario and link went open world (open map in Mario case) star fox could go open galaxy type speak where traveling to worlds wouldn't be a hassle but finding planets of the beaten trail to land and explore would be awesome maybe a character creation gimmick this time around who knows
Don Draper (4 months ago)
What do you mean "Those people"? Just kidding
Jahron Ward (4 months ago)
Why cant all of Nintendo franchises be as diverse as mario? Having many game types that are not part of the main line.
B.J. Roes (4 months ago)
So you’re mean to tell me that there was a donkey Kong country game and then there was a Diddy Kong racing game? where was the out rage there?
Oneiros (4 months ago)
Why I'm not hyped by Star Fox Grand Prix? Because it's not even official and even if it is, we don't have a single image of the game?
SυανeVıłłαıи™ (4 months ago)
I just want a f zero game.
Core Bliss (4 months ago)
Zero sucked this racing game sounds like a way better Idea...
Joseph Shatrowsky (4 months ago)
This isn’t taking away from a real Star Fox game. It’s supporting it. Really, if this sells well, which I’m sure it will coming from Retro, we will see a traditional game. From Nintendo’s eyes, they’ve made mainstream Star Fox many times and failed. So they’re trying something new. F Zero isn’t a series worthy of love. It’s generic and devoid of character. Just play RMX and there’s your F Zero.
googamp32 (4 months ago)
This had BETTER be fake! If it's real, F-Zero really IS dead!
Cookie Cook Games (4 months ago)
I say wait till you see it in action it may well be the best star fox game ever I trust retro to do their best I just hope their best is good enough
Dash Rendar (4 months ago)
When I heard this new I was like, “What?!” I mean we already have an awesome first party racing game and several third party racing games and I don’t feel that we need another one. We already have a ton of online multiplayer games on the Switch and I don’t think we need another one already. Nintendo is lacking in single player first party games for 2018 and it would make more sense for Nintendo to release a port of Star Fox Zero with updated controls and then 6 months later release a new Star Fox game. I would love a proper new Star Fox action game. A Star Fox racing game is not what people want. It’s a bit perplexing. It could be a rumor though. Let’s hope so.
Torrae Swindell (5 months ago)
This is not even official you dumb shit leave it to fanboys to assume any rumor with no real background is concrete
Adam Easey (5 months ago)
2 words Max, Mario rabbids. Remember, off the wall ideas sometimes end up being pretty good. My thoughts on star fox grand prix is wait and see.
googamp32 (4 months ago)
F-Zero is DEAD if this game is real.
Kittipong Tair (5 months ago)
Sound like if they port Star Fox Zero to Switch put old style control you’ll be more happy. I play only Demo of Star Fox Zero and I like it but have hope for port.
Bonus _brian (5 months ago)
But it’s not even confirmed yet, chill
Andrea Kendros (5 months ago)
Im sorry but im going ti call you out you are a disgrace to sega and the dreamcast theres next to no content on the dreamcast you talk more about nintendo and there ip take that hat off and change you're channel name you are a disgrace
Ed Dex (5 months ago)
I hope it is not F-Zero staring a Fox
BigHailFan (5 months ago)
Isn't it just a rumor?
Boba Bonanza (5 months ago)
Greatest plane shooter of all time??? Hardly tbh, on rails is so boring.
EvolvingFetus (5 months ago)
Never liked starfox 64, always wished they continued Starfox Adventures.
DBG:4.25 (5 months ago)
Why do you o ver e nun ci ate so much god damn
Christopher Scott (5 months ago)
Meh, no thanks. A new actual Star Fox game? Yes. This? Absolutely not. It just doesn't interest me in any way. Tbh, I'm disapointed thus far with the Switch and Im highly considering trading it for a PS4.
Dbn Poldermans (5 months ago)
It might get starfox-like levels If Nintendo had any balls, they'd try to make a new F-Zero instead of these 'not real racing games' racing games.
Original Glass (5 months ago)
I LOVE your comparison to God of War. I feel the exact same way. The Nintendo Switch is the PERFECT opportunity for a solid Star Fox game.
hello yes (5 months ago)
its probably either gonna be a really stylized sonic and sega allstars-ish flight racer, or an f-zero ss
Ben Rogue (5 months ago)
Lazy cash-grab...
NintenDADo (5 months ago)
I remember at this time last year, everybody was so worried about the Ubisoft game Mario and Rabbids. They were like...Oh no! Why? And then it became one of the best experiences on the Nintendo Switch. Just sit back and watch, what they do.
Doug Life (5 months ago)
Just put some Star Fox characters in Mario Kart. Problem solved.
apagan0075 (5 months ago)
No one is going to buy a Arcade Rail Shooter that last like +3 hours for the price of 60 USD. With this spin off it will help the IP plus expand the world of the game.
If this is real...Really? Really? This is what Retro spent half a bloody deacade working on? This is what Nintendo gives us after the abysmal Star Fox Zero? (sigh) what a let down -__-
Boruto GREATNESS (5 months ago)
Change is scary. :,(
poop train conductor (5 months ago)
After the last star fox, anything else could be an improvement.
hppyneighborino (5 months ago)
The thing that makes me a little bummed about this is that they’re still not making a new F-Zero.
Glück BR (5 months ago)
This vídeo has 7 minutes And 47 seconds. 747, Boeing 747, that mean, The New star Fox game Will have a 747 as a playable aircraft
Francisco Peralta (5 months ago)
Have you forgotten about Star Fox Adventures and Assault. I liked those games but they weren't like 64 or the original and they did well actually. Stuff that nobody wanted but they happened.
Moonshine Masher (5 months ago)
we don't even know if is fucking real everyone relax geez this is the issue people take this leak as real then one bashing Nintendo for a idea that is not even real or getting over hype over something that is not real
Mike and Katie Show (5 months ago)
Would make more sense if it was a 3D flying spaceship race. Not a kart racer..
BlapBlop (5 months ago)
I'm sure Nintendo just threw their papers off the desk and said "Fuck it, we'll just see how much money Star Fox can make until it dies off." with this game.
Azza Prime (5 months ago)
But can you do a Barrel Roll? Jokes aside.. I much rather them make a F-Zero racer instead but will see how it goes.
Silver Flame (5 months ago)
Could we rather get another F-Zero game instead...
cliffjumper1984 (5 months ago)
I want to make a response vid to this but i am soooo busy. I hope i dont forget. I see your points
Christopher Rosario (5 months ago)
Even if its every bit as great as Diddy Kong Racing, I won't even touch it... I don't mean just not buying it, I won't even play it... I am appalled by the concept... Either study Star Fox 64 and reproduce what made it great without gimmicks, OR do a Panzer Dragoon Saga style RPG/Rail Shooter Hybrid. Last I checked Corneria needed defense not entertainment!!! Lol
The Boone (5 months ago)
I hope this rumor is true, A Starfox themed Diddy Kong Racing sounds fantastic. But yeah you are right taking Fox out of his ship would be like taking away jumping from Mario, oh wait they did that with Mario Rabbids and it turned out fantastic.
TamaleMuncher 789 (5 months ago)
1:57 Almost? The alternate paths are lackluster and not available from the start. There is no dogfight mode, and the gyrowing exists. To be honest, I didn't mind motion controls, but it would help sales if they weren't needed as much.
PirateChest (5 months ago)
a couple of my points: -I get your analogy with GoW, actually thats exactly what happend with Castlevania on the Wii -I think the Wii would have been a good console for a new gimmicky (or not) Star Fox entry -idk How many of you have played Star Wars Demolition on the PS1...but I think a gameplay similar to it would be "ideal" for Star Fox if they dotn want to put out a proper entry on the series. Cheers!
retrofraction (5 months ago)
What game is on the screen?
JEAN-LUC BLANCHET (5 months ago)
You are right! It's very hard to get excited about Star Fox after the abomination that was SF Zero....
Daniel Flanagan (5 months ago)
It’s a rumor. There’s really no reason to get so up and arms about it unless it’s been confirmed.
Hassan Ghanim (5 months ago)
You know i really want a Ratchet & Clank racing game, with all the characters from all the main games and many cool and goofy looking vehicles.
Drew Newton (5 months ago)
LOL they’re going to sell about 10 copies of this
Hassan Ghanim (5 months ago)
This reminded of that kirby racing game, that hardly anyone bought.
Mr X (5 months ago)
Its not that wierd tbh.Theres a certain amount of lore cross-over such as G defusers and James McCloud (human form in star fox style) appearing in the game.
Rift Shredder (5 months ago)
A Star Fox Racing game? Awesome!!!!! I hope they are equipped with lazers and bombs too!!!!
Frankie Cardona (5 months ago)
mmm.. i don't know why not just another good star fox game like a 2 or 3 or something
Sauro Dinus (5 months ago)
After Mario Kart went zero gravity, and they added F-Zero tracks, we might now get a space racer... that's Star Fox. Nintendo must be actively trying to piss off F-zero fans at this point
Imozart0341I (5 months ago)
If they want to see Star Fox in a racer just put him as a secret character in MARIO kart.
referral madness (5 months ago)
I'm hyped for star fox racing, i loved star fox 64 3d & if retro studios can make a star fox racing game then there's hope for a new f zero game 😍😍 You're just hating for no reason. It's like when people hated on valkyria revolution when it wasn't even a bad game just because it wasn't valkyria chronicles 4 😒
Mike G (5 months ago)
We just wanted diddy kong racing back! Ugh
minos121 (5 months ago)
damm why not diddy kong racing 2
TBoneTony (5 months ago)
Should have been a FZero Game, but I think we should wait and see but it seems from here it would have been better to bring back FZero game unless if they are going to combine both franchises.
RogueDragon05 (5 months ago)
I'm liking the goatee
Magnus Alexander (5 months ago)
Asking people to wait until they play the game is obviously too much, and maybe even waiting for a trailer. But a bit more meat on the bone than this rumor is needed to have an opinion. For example, I suspect it won't be a car racing game, but racing in spaceships, which already makes it different than Mario Kart and F-zero. There may not even be conventional tracks. I was hoping for a completely new series of games, but this is still super-exciting
Gamer4 LifeWD (5 months ago)
My favorite is Star Fox Adventure on GameCube, so I'd definitely rather have an action game than a racer, but maybe it will be better than it seems on paper.
Alex Peraza (5 months ago)
Switch owners: "We want NEW games, come on, Nintendo!!" Internet: "What about this hypothetical completely new game?" Switch owners: "No, goddammit, by new games I mean the same old games over and over again but, you know, new. Why is that so hard to understand?"
Liam Funnyman (4 months ago)
Alex Peraza Me: OPEN-MINDED!!!!!!!!!
Hubblebub Lumbubwub (4 months ago)
People who love diddy king racing will love this.
Nepu-Tech USA (4 months ago)
I'm so tired of reading this comment can you come up with your own ideas?? A new game is when Splatoon came out or Arms or Pikmin. This is just Star Fox with Mario Kart racing. People who wanted a new Star Fox, Fzero or Diddy Kong Racing hate this and people who are tired of Mario Kart also hate this. Is this so hard to understand?
Hubblebub Lumbubwub (4 months ago)
William Szabo (5 months ago)
I think the big problem is that Star Fox games just don’t sell. Star Fox 64 if I remember correctly was the highest point in sales. So I guess they kinda have to try something new. However, I don’t think that a kart racer is the way to go. Nintendo also doesn’t like to give fans what they want usually they like to give them something they didn’t know they wanted. They also always feel this need to try and innovate on the gameplay which is fine, but then fans of certain games are left with noting. The reason we never got another F-Zero after GX is because Nintendo feels that there’s nothing else they can do to the game to improve it. I just think Nintendo needs more new IPs or try new things with their existing ones. Mario is really the only IP that they put in anything lol.
Mark S (5 months ago)
If this in the end turns out to be real, I hope my favorite of the series is a playable character: Wolf O'Donnell.
A World Under A Spell (5 months ago)
Why would you be hyped for a game clearly aimed at 5 year old's ?!?!? loooooooooool Star Fox died his death with the last great title on the N64.... We just need F-Zero....
Zamasu (5 months ago)
I just want a new F Zero. i dont want a Star Fox racing game..
SoulTriforceSnake (5 months ago)
Imagine going from a race track to space
burritoflip _ (5 months ago)
dude, you don’t even know if you’ll be on karts. I doubt Nintendo would want to make another Mario kart game but with fox, they might as well add fox to the next Mario kart game. this is probably going to be more like F-zero GX but bigger and better, you might be flying through space and shooting down the competition. I can’t imagine fox not being able to fly in his arwing
Djinn! (5 months ago)
This is raping star fox right up the ass with a booster rocket
Memo Perry (5 months ago)
wow another click bait keep them going dude
Reshyrah (5 months ago)
I'm sure this has already been said but Star Fox doesn't need a racing game.. F-Zero needs a racing game! This project makes no sense to me.
Joseph Huffman (5 months ago)
Star Fox: Lylat Minigolf.
Krystal Dragons (5 months ago)
It could work......so long as the game is content heavy and has replayability.I honestly don't like crash team racing as I always saw it as a cash grab but my little bro loves it so much. Basically what I'm saying is it could be what the new gen needs as their Mario kart alternative
sebbotnik (5 months ago)
Not sure how I feel, but the same argument could be made if mario games never strayed from being a platformer. Starfox wasn't just a space shooter, there was also starfox adventures and assault.
lachlan hayes (5 months ago)
tons of fans want a new f-zero, and nintendo have said they dont want another entry. but, what if at e3 they reveal a logo, like metroid prime reveal, but its years away? just a query, but i really appreciate all input thanks! also why wouldn't nintendo make it themselves, the retro studios game has to be something else
RockyD12 (5 months ago)
Bruhh relaxx maybe it's gonna be Great game if true
AceRay 24 (5 months ago)
racing games can still be fun to play tho
marc richards (5 months ago)
Doubt it would be a waste. Would just be a side project for the series. After Starfox Zero on the Wii U they need to let the classic style sit for a bit longer.
pizzamon 79 (5 months ago)
Hey Dreamcsst guy! What's the most expensive game you own? Mine is Shining force 3.

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