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10 Games YOU NEED For Your Nintendo Switch!

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10 Games YOU NEED For Your Nintendo Switch! In this video, I will be taking a look at 10 Games that released for the Nintendo Switch throughout 2017 and picking out the ones you need to pick up for the console. Thank you Nintendo for the support throughout the year. Let's hope for a stronger 2018! Twitter - http://twitter.com/SkywardWing Facebook - http://www.facebook.com/SkywardWing Instagram - http://instagram.com/skywardwing Live Streams! - http://www.twitch.tv/skywardwing Other Channel: https://www.youtube.com/c/skywardworld
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Text Comments (3088)
Smash boss Adventure (3 days ago)
My favorite is Mario kart 8 and Mario rabbit kingdom battle and splatoon
braceface jr (3 days ago)
I want switch and fortnite boi
Jerzee Webb (3 days ago)
I really love fortnite on the Nintendo switch
Pure Caffeine (4 days ago)
10 games at 60€ each are 600€ Wtf Plus 350€ for your switch plus an SD card and we’re almost at a grand... Wow
hydrovotexxxxx (5 days ago)
Crazy Gamer (5 days ago)
My favorite game is a splatoon
Louis Njumbe (6 days ago)
monsterman 09 (6 days ago)
Ali’i Williams (6 days ago)
Is that the master sword 5:45
JaceHiggins (6 days ago)
Splatoon 2
I love Mario kart eight deluxe
funny clips gaming (7 days ago)
Am I the only one who likes mariokart 8 deluxe better than any other game on the switch?
cn razor (8 days ago)
5:44 master sword? Skyrim = legend of zelda
JJ Animates! (8 days ago)
7:58 Did he say WARIO?!?
Anabelle Ferreira (9 days ago)
FINALLY pokken tournament is actually on a list. It looks interesting, i don't know why people don't play it as much.
Nicole (9 days ago)
Waiting to hear him say “Legend of Zelda breath of the wild”
lus8kas pro (10 days ago)
My davorite game is fortnite
Whip A Dooodle (10 days ago)
My favorite game is Botw xd probably others too!
Claudia Begley (11 days ago)
Mario kart!!!
lucila guadalupe (11 days ago)
my favorite game is super Mario odessy
SHEBA MAKEDA (12 days ago)
Zelda is obviously the best game on the switch
Idraki Faeez (13 days ago)
If one day I were to get a Nintendo Switch, here's my game list that I'd buy first -Zelda BOTW -Boku No Hero Academia -Attack On Titan 2 -Naruto Ninja Storm -Mario Deluxe 8 -Xenoblade Chronicles 2 -Pokken Tournament -Monster Hunter Generation Ultimate
dragon gamer500 (13 days ago)
Maro oddyssey
con con gaming (13 days ago)
Lolololol21 a (14 days ago)
Sploon 2 4 life boi
Natalie (14 days ago)
At least I got a Nintendo switch but anyways what about Mario tennis aces
amina el jayidi (15 days ago)
Minecraft and pease like i need one switsh
Tom Beal (16 days ago)
just saw your video just wondering isn't the disney font trademarked?
Dinis Cavaleiro (16 days ago)
Nintendo online
Habrahan Reyes (16 days ago)
Mario Kart 8 deluxe
Ethan Lott (17 days ago)
Keith Kuan (17 days ago)
My favorite is the paladins game
mistake frisk animates (17 days ago)
REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE I have to say this but... UNDERTALE WILL BE ON THE NENTENDO SWITCH TOO! :) and im try to pre order it but its 67 dollars to have the heart locket with it :-; OH WELL TME TO WAST MY MONEY ON THINGS I DONT NEED :D
Cathal O'Reilly (18 days ago)
You missed 12 switch
jai kumar vlogs (18 days ago)
Splatoon two
Nedra Ross (19 days ago)
Splatoon 2 octo expansion
Tyrannapus And Friends (19 days ago)
I only have two games for the switch. Mario kart 8 and Kirby star allies, but I have preordered smash bros ultimate
carson clumpner (19 days ago)
mine is fortnite
Doglover96gamer Pro (19 days ago)
My favorite game on the switch is SPLATOON 2, Mario oddesy, breath of the wild, smash (soon to come), let’s go pickuchu (soon to come)
coolsans 50 (20 days ago)
my fav game (accept fnaf ultimate custom night) (and i mean my fav paid game) is just shapes & beats my fav free game however is fnaf ucn (ultimate custom night)
XD Nyan (20 days ago)
How much is the Mario kart ?
Ruben Grewal (20 days ago)
Can we download GTA
EnderGodGaming (20 days ago)
The 1llusi0n (9 days ago)
So good to here that legends of zelda was #1, and in most opinions of others, loved zelda since ocarina of time and played every game☺️
British Panda (21 days ago)
Super Mario Odyssey
Javier Valle (21 days ago)
Someone still my
Theo Nelson (21 days ago)
And smash brothers
joro bg (22 days ago)
I know you made this in 2017 but now it's 2018 I will say for this year you can get smash Bros ultimate, Pokemon let's go Pikachu and sonic mania
Christian Burrow (23 days ago)
Im getting one in 4 weeks
Shadow Blade (23 days ago)
I just got my switch today
Mikegamer Rules (24 days ago)
Splatoon 2 and Oddesy
cezaug (25 days ago)
So many adds for such a short video...annoying
viggo (25 days ago)
Zelda botw is best
Max Powell (25 days ago)
Mine is mariocart 8
Stefan Avila-Kolesnik (26 days ago)
I have switch but I only have Mario + rabbids and pokken tournament
M.ABYAAN Omar AHMED (26 days ago)
You forgot fortnite and mario tennis aces
Mattias Gustafsson (15 days ago)
😂😂😂..... Fu**ing tetard the video was uploaded in 2017 and fortnite for switch came 2018.... IDIOT!!
vkb gamer (26 days ago)
you forgot let's go pikachu
MEH have one
Carrie Braulik (27 days ago)
The legend of Zelda breath of the wild
Jacob Persson (27 days ago)
Shovel Knight! What about Shovel Knight!?
Eric Lewis (27 days ago)
I'm gonna get one
supersonicgames 2 (27 days ago)
loz bow is best to me
Shigu Shingu (27 days ago)
WHERE IS STARDEW VALLEY? It is better than pretty much better than 10, 9, and more.
Jordan Bahls (27 days ago)
My main in poken is charzard
WIZANY11 (27 days ago)
epix roblox (28 days ago)
agree with breath of the wild, great game.
hua mei (28 days ago)
U missed this: super smash bros. It’s coming to Nintendo switch and many people agree it can outsold super MARIO odyssey
DragonFang 409 (28 days ago)
Confession: I don't like Mario
Edi Gamer 64 Boss (30 days ago)
You forgot about minecraft
Blue Swordfighter (30 days ago)
I have a switch....but I want "Super Smash Bros Ultimate'' It comes out at Dec, 7, 2018
JJ Jk (30 days ago)
Supergamerkarter (30 days ago)
There's gonna be a new game that I must have called Super Mario party
Octo Agent (30 days ago)
Splatoon 2
agent 4 (1 month ago)
My fav game is splatoon 2
Isaac Padgett (1 month ago)
I have two favorite switch games when is Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 and the other is Dawn of the breakers.
xXUltraShadowXx (1 month ago)
legend of Zelda breath of the wild is the best game ever for me and i have the same feeling like him
Daniel Martinez (1 month ago)
Raid Dank_Cod_Kid (1 month ago)
Mines dragon ball xenoverse 2 for switch
SWFan (1 month ago)
I got breath of the wild with my switch
Tomas Pamirsau (1 month ago)
i will be getting the nintendo switch and i will be getting zelda and mario kart 8 deluax
Simket Blue (1 month ago)
I always wondered... do you say Ubisoft like "You-bisoft" (like i was saying it all the time) or "Uhbisoft" (like you said in the video)
EpicRavi (1 month ago)
My favorite game is Fortnite
MazeMiner (1 month ago)
Thx for breaking my boredom I will buy some of these games soon
Viva NZ (1 month ago)
My favorite game is Mario kart
Suzanne Nisbet (1 month ago)
I have a switch and my favourite game is mario odyssey
Orange Dorsey (1 month ago)
Zenoverse 2 ?
Benjy Hall (1 month ago)
My favourite games are splatoon 2 and paladins my favourite champion is tyra
Rachel Osborne (1 month ago)
Mario Odessa
MemeExtras (1 month ago)
I recommend splatoon 2 definitely Zelda breath of wild super MARIO tennis aces those are only my opinion
Sir Melon (1 month ago)
Mario cart
Rap Bot (1 month ago)
Switch / zelda
VAN-MAN 192 (1 month ago)
The new smash bros
LP C (1 month ago)
Btw have someone too in Zelda 100%?
Agent Sloth (1 month ago)
My Favorites are Splatoon 2, and a game that should be on this list, Hollow Knight.
Mario odyssey cuz i beat it and i beat before i even got older first start 7 years finish 7 years
Claude L (1 month ago)
Mario+Rapids is S***!!! And I know I am a hater but remember he told us to leave our thoughts.
RedPig (1 month ago)
When I heard the first 3rd party game i was like, PLEASE BE STARDEW VALLEY PLEASE
7 Grand Dad (1 month ago)
I’m part of the Botw squad
Hayden S (1 month ago)

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