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Why Was Fallout 3 A Big Deal?

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Fallout 3 (PC, PS3, Xbox 360, Xbox One) was awesome, and it set the standard for many FPS RPGs that came later. What exactly made it great? Let's dive in. Subscribe for more: http://youtube.com/gameranxtv
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Many triggered FNV fanboys BEWARE!
Fallout 3 has a better world, and post apocalyptic feel, everything else is better in FNV.
GamerBoy12348976X12 (5 hours ago)
I never use my fat man.......but when I see a death claw... it's over.
I Will Redeem This Land (11 hours ago)
New Vegas NEEDS a remaster!
UrbanaSupernovA (11 hours ago)
Great video, but what is getting on my nerves about reviews and discussions about things is the fact that there always has to be the disclaimer of "no, it's not perfect", as if anything is.
Pieter Ouborg (13 hours ago)
My favorite thing about FO3 was the mod community. They really made the game last (just like Oblivion and Skyrim) way beyond the normal period. The mod community made this game not crash (as often) and made it so the game can run on a modern Windows10 64-bit machine while increasing the game size to 15 gigabytes.
Pieter Ouborg (6 hours ago)
Christmas SKELETON Ouch, that really hurt my feelings and I'll adjust my opinion because you provide such good argumentation...
Christmas SKELETON (7 hours ago)
Pieter Ouborg Then you're delusional, brain dead Bugthestard.
Pieter Ouborg (12 hours ago)
To me, it wasn't. I found the storymods better, the choices I could make more clear and the general feel of the game much more appealing. This combined with a plethora of mods that increased visuals and gameplay even further made that a no-brainer. For me. The mods that were made for FO3 were a lot less "take-you-by-the-hand-with-constant-mapmarkers" kind of deal, but to an extent didn't insult the player by being intentionally vague and rewarding actual search and thinking. NV and its mods were good, I just didn't like it as much, therefore have less experience with the community surrounding it so maybe you're right.
Fandom Tribal (13 hours ago)
Pieter Ouborg Fuckup 3: Rehashed Edition's modding community is terrible compared to NV's.
The Father (16 hours ago)
My favorite thing I ever did was tranquility lane
Rpg 39 (16 hours ago)
As long as everyone is at an agreement Fallout New Vegas is superior we're gunna be ok.
das veult (1 day ago)
I'm gonna be bullied for this but idc. To me fallout3 being my first fallout game will always have a special place in my heart. It was fun and unique and that's what makes fallout 3 amazing
BlackRose Blaze (1 day ago)
99% of comments: FONV is better! 1% of comments: Something to do with the video and FO3.
Mathew Culver (1 day ago)
I enjoyed nuking a super mutant fallout 4 made ghouls and mutants immune to radiation I even directly hit a ghoul with one and it healed it
James Carter (1 day ago)
Cause it was a good rpg
Siff The Grey (1 day ago)
Fallout 3 will forever be gold for what it was at the time of release and will always find myself eanting to go back and playing through it again.
Martin Kelly (2 days ago)
shot a Superman's head off teddy bear
Kongen342 (2 days ago)
The Oregon Trail Deluxe is better in any way
Gage Bach (2 days ago)
Does this question even NEED to be asked?
Spoiled Fanboy (2 days ago)
Fallout 3rd Spin Off
King Of Spades 0311 (2 days ago)
I am guilty, i played the whole game with my favorite gun the Hunting Rifle, and my favorite part was problably riding in a Vertibird to battle. But my favorite is NV..
bullseyestrat (2 days ago)
Hard to choose but recently while doing the Broken Steel dlc I managed to take out the enclave sigma squad with a single mini nuke
Kalashnicough AK47 (2 days ago)
Im just playing it for the first time..lol fuckn LOVE IT
Kalashnicough AK47 (2 days ago)
maybe ur right. I havent played it yet but heard a lot of good things about it. I rarely have time to play the game with wife/kids etc. but I enjoy it when I do Take Care
Fandom Tribal (2 days ago)
Kalashnicough AK47 You must have low standards. Play NV, then you'll realize how terrible this game is.
Kalashnicough AK47 (2 days ago)
damn man, this was an EXCELLENT review of one of my favorite games !!!!
Fandom Tribal (2 days ago)
Kalashnicough AK47 It's shit, because it has a lot of misinformation. Lmao.
Fyo Dor (2 days ago)
Before you scroll down any further to the comments. Be prepared for lots of "fallout nv is better in every way!!! Hur hur" type of comments. Theres a chalk full of them.
Fyo Dor (2 days ago)
Fandom Tribal oki
Fandom Tribal (2 days ago)
Fyo Dor Keep denying it, brain dead Bugthestard. Lmao.
Fyo Dor (2 days ago)
Fandom Tribal sure man whatever you say
Fandom Tribal (2 days ago)
Fyo Dor It's the truth.
This might be a controversial opinion, but while I liked fallout 3, I prefer new Vegas and 4 over it.
Decius Julius (2 days ago)
its not really controversial to like New Vegas more than 3, in fact, that seems to be the popular opinion these days. But yes, it seems to be a bit controversial to like 4 over 3. I also like 4 and New Vegas more than 3
Stephen Meier (2 days ago)
IT er ayshun not EYE ter ayshun
Stephen Meier (2 days ago)
IT er ayshun not EYE ter ayshun
Bruce Lee (2 days ago)
Fall loot 3 are you fukcin canadian
Milivoj Gorgoroth (2 days ago)
What exactly made it great? LELLLLLLLL, fallout 3 is up there with the worst aaa games ever
ZGAMER 616 (2 days ago)
What is the max lvl in fallout 3 i don't know but i think is 30
Decius Julius (2 days ago)
20 if you dont have the Broken Steel dlc, 30 if you have the Broken Steel dlc
Memphis Rich (2 days ago)
You can beat Fallout 3 without ever touching much of the map, but in my latest playthrough, I took the time to go to every single icon that popped up on my compass. Never realised just how much there was left to explore... And I think I still haven't seen everything the game has to offer...
N0bLy_Hades (2 days ago)
Fallout 3 Remastered!!!
Mr. Possi (2 days ago)
Fallout 3 was such trash in story & Lore. Bethesda took this awesome series and just.... We all know Fallout 2 was the best Fallout Series. F3 compared to 1 & 2 is a shame.
River Wright (2 days ago)
Something that really sticks out is when I beat the game and chose the other person to do the thing at the end and her response to it. (Trying not to spoil it for someone).
Joel T (2 days ago)
New Vegas fanboys are the vocal minority
Fandom Tribal (2 days ago)
Joel Tard Of course you would say that, autistic Toddler semen drinking Bugthestard. Lmao.
Floyd Lyng (2 days ago)
Favorite thing is from 5 years ago, when I first played. I have this memory of how immersive the game felt to me, and walking into springvale school was definitely the coolest thing I’ve done.
Shizuko Akiyama (2 days ago)
Skyrim and nv are my favorite fallout 3 game...or are we not supposed to mention the relation?
MosoKaiser (2 days ago)
I'm glad Fallout 3 exists so we all could be blessed with Fallout New Vegas.
Jackallity (3 days ago)
Fallout 3 is a brilliant game. The combat might be shite at times, story was alright, but da atmosphere the game gave with the colour palette, destruction of surroundings, the rusted cars, the BRILLIANT music, etc just makes me fall in love with the game. New Vegas is fantastic and is my favourite outta all of them. Everything done in that game is well executed in my view. The surroundings, has the best radio station starring the iconic Mr New Vegas, combat is wayy better than 3 with ADS and stuff, mad amounts of quests, awesome DLC, the goddamn RPG element and more I don’t have the effort to list. I find Fallout 4 is another brilliant game too in its own way. I like the new songs that are added, the graphics are good on Ultra boiis, the combat is wayyy better than both previous games, I love the weapons modding and settlement building, DLC is good (Nuka World and Far Harbor only) and I like the Triggermen and Nick Valentine... The story isn’t the best and basically a reversed story of 3 like, settlements are a pain, get good weapons too early on and goddamn power armour... I like all three in there own ways.
Jackallity (3 days ago)
I probably missed a few things, but it was late when I posted this.
Running llama (3 days ago)
When I saw the outcast member walking around, I thought to myself, is that a robot
Hi How Are You? (3 days ago)
Because it was a damn good game. Best one in the series. (excluding the first 2, which are completely different games)
DeadlyBrianX (3 days ago)
Pff not nearly as relevent as Fallout Brotherhood Of Steel for PS2.
Sam Kornfan (3 days ago)
Not sure why everyone loved new Vegas so much. I mean it's a legendary game, but it's lacking in the creepy/post-apocalyptic feel. It just feels like a normal desert with some assholes running around trying to kill me. Doesn't feel creepy and a lot of the map feels unfinished. In 3, the music and the atmosphere made things feel creepy. It actually felt post-apocalyptic
Goldenbat (3 days ago)
Thanks this video was great, fallout 3 revolutionised what we have for fallout games now. No fallout 3, no new vegas.
Decius Julius (2 days ago)
Goldenbat. Yea
Goldenbat (2 days ago)
Decius Julius hmmm?
Decius Julius (2 days ago)
WAIT! i remember you. you were that guy that said "hmmmm?" in the video "Fallout 3 Is Garbage, And Here's Why"
Dead Fox (3 days ago)
Moding fallout 3 to the point where it looks gorgeous, then enjoying all the great quests and locations! That's the best thing ever * - *
DashCams Slams (3 days ago)
The video isn't loading, but yeah i agree the girl shouldn't have sucked that monkeys nipples! Like, why suck the nips? :o
atim achisk (3 days ago)
Fallout 3 had great atmosphere and shit
Here Now (3 days ago)
I still play this ALLWAYS My MOst Favorite game ever
Hypo crite (3 days ago)
bethesda killed Fallout...let it die.
J3SS3 H (3 days ago)
Favorite part? Blowing up Megaton. Not that I wanted to, but because the game allowed us to do something so major so casually and then just kept going on like it was whatever.
Bo Peep (3 days ago)
Holy fuck, these comments.
Fandom Tribal (3 days ago)
Bo Peep The Bugthestards must be taken down.
Drahomir Michalko (3 days ago)
My favorite thing was to follow an arrow on the compas/map.
Mozrow Drops (3 days ago)
New Vegas is superior in every way. CHANGE MY MIND
UrbanaSupernovA (11 hours ago)
The American history aspect and subway links endear it a bit more to me personally. And not being caught in a bloatfly rape party save glitch lol
trilico (2 days ago)
I agree with you, although I like being in ruined cities more than being in the mojave wasteland where it's barren and sandy
Decius Julius (2 days ago)
Fandom Tribal. Its poorly designed. But not really shit in my opinion
Fandom Tribal (2 days ago)
Memphis Rich It's shit, and poorly designed. Try again, Bugthestard.
Memphis Rich (2 days ago)
Capital Wasteland
M M H (3 days ago)
I played both Fallout 1 & 2 before jumping into Fallout 3, so everything was a blast for me. Shifting from isometric to FPS and watching every enemy I encountered before in pixels turn into 3D was such a great experience, exploring the wasteland and encountering enemies in real-time, that face close-up every time you enter into conversation, VATS.
John Smith (3 days ago)
I didn't like 3 too much the real 3 was new Vegas
Fandom Tribal (13 hours ago)
Fake Tribal (Bomberfag) Cry some more, autistic Bugthestard? Aw.
Fandom Tribal (22 hours ago)
your joking right new vegas was bad that's why it's hard to find on the bethesda store and why bethesda don't want them to make a sequel
Cheechster (3 days ago)
Peter coffin?
Dom1118 (3 days ago)
Favorite game of all time.
get sum (3 days ago)
New vegas 10000/10 :^) best shit
slato (3 days ago)
"fallout 3 was nothing like 2 except for an aesthetic and ideas" - did you even play the games?
Fandom Tribal (3 days ago)
slato Next time I want to read something autistic I'll be back, brain dead Bugthestard. Lmao.
slato (3 days ago)
did you even watch the video?
Fandom Tribal (3 days ago)
slato Gameranx is actually right for once. Fuckup 3: Rehashed Edition is a bastardization of Fallout.
Finn Jones (3 days ago)
Fallout 4 was garbage, couldn't get any cheesier. They should retitle it, doesn't feel like a fallout game at all
thrashdadd 2 (3 days ago)
maan i remember the first thing i ever did as soon as i got out of vault 101... i didn't know exactly what to do and i just went down to springdale elementary school and it scared the shit out of me
Mikhail Matximbarrena (3 days ago)
Fallout 4 was a failure in what it tried to be. Remove the gore and it's perfectly fine PG16. There is nothing really mature in that game. The characters treat you like a child, the Raiders felt like bad actors in a parody of a movie and it had GTA types of choices. A complete failure in my eyes. I'm really just frustrated, I've been waiting 5 years for this game, for it to be Skyrim with guns.
Fandom Tribal (3 days ago)
Mikhail Matximbarrena Just like Fuckup 3: Rehashed Edition(AKA Oblivion with Guns).
radio ,astion (3 days ago)
the other two games did it better
Abc123 Xyz8910 (3 days ago)
I played the whole fallout 3 with hunting rifle. I dont like the futuristic shit guns. I am a gun slinger
j ay (2 days ago)
hunting rifle was bae
Thagomizer (3 days ago)
My favorite thing I did in Fallout 3 was reverse pick-pocketing raider painspike armor onto Moira Brown. I saw no results at first, then left Megaton and completed one of the DLCs. When I came back, I'd completely forgotten I'd given it to her at all, because she was wearing it! Now as for my favorite things I did in Fallout 2: I assassinated Mr. Wright by giving his kid a gun, I dug up a poor drunk ghoul in the Golgotha graveyard, I became a porn star, had a shotgun wedding in Modoc, got my car stolen, got the car back (by sleeping with the chop shop dude), got sick from eating Brahmin testicles, left a poor dude stranded in a well, became a boxer, murdered the shit out of the Mordinos, the Salvatores, and the Bishops, slept with Mrs. Bishop and got her pregnant, prank-called the Enclave, encountered the bridgekeeper from Monty Python and the Holy Grail, freed the slaves in the Den, grew a sixth toe, surgically removed it, became captain of the guard in Vault City by sucking up to Lynette, assassinated Big Jesus Mordino by giving him Nuka Cola, got a divorce in New Reno, got all of my friends laid, helped make peace between Vault City and Gecko, Smoothed out relations between NCR and Vault 15, helped a restless spirit move on, healed a brahmin with a wounded leg, sold that brahmin to a butcher and then stole her back again, donated sperm to Vault City, got raped by a super mutant when I lost an arm wrestling duel with him, befriended talking deathclaws, played chess with an intelligent scorpion, put my friend's brains into a robot, and drove across the wasteland in the only functional car available, with five other people in tow.
Thagomizer (3 days ago)
Fallout 3 has absolutely nothing on either of its predecessors aside form presentation. If you haven't played them, you have no idea what the bar is.
Fandom Tribal (13 hours ago)
Fake Tribal (Bomberfag) Still crying, autistic Bugthestard? Aw.
Fandom Tribal (22 hours ago)
who wants to play a shit old isometric 90s game
groverjuicy (3 days ago)
They must have made a pile of cash from Fallout 3 and yet they hired 4, maybe 5 voice actors for Skyrim. Really spoiled the mood when you met someone and heard the same voice you'd heard soooo many times already.
Alex (3 days ago)
I'll never forget the time I went to the super duper mart and I used Vats with the 44 mag close range on a raider. I clicked one time for a head shot. The camera moved to a side view kinda far out showing just the two of us like in a stand off. He aimed for the head and then there was a slight moment of silence. The rider was about to take another shot but the trigger was pulled and his head fucking exploded onto the wall and he just fell to the ground. After the camera went back to first person view. I just stood there in awe. This was early on in my first play through of the game. It was the most epic and brutal thing I experienced in a video game.
Deni Bakalovic (3 days ago)
Best time of my life in this game.
Zach Higgins (3 days ago)
Wait. Fallout 3 just happened lol.
Ali XD (3 days ago)
I still play fallout3 every day its good game
I need healing (3 days ago)
When I finished Fallout 4 it became so boring, and if I tried to restart I’ll know everything that happened and it’ll become even more boring.
Shu Kenten (3 days ago)
Moment that most sticks out for me? Leaving the Vault at the beginning and saying "Okayyyyyyyy, what the fuck do I do now" and knowing I had about a million choices.
Daehawk (3 days ago)
Fallout 1 and 2 are still the best but the Fallout games after them are great games on their own. But Fallout in the overhead view is still best to me.
Jack Smith (3 days ago)
Getting the invisibility suit Love stealthing around
DaFro3713 (3 days ago)
I know people love to hate this game these days and say it's worse than superman 64, but it brought a franchise that was all but dead back to life and had a balance between the zaniness that the fallout games with a good world in the wasteland. It also helped you could write your own narrative. You actually can make the wanderer an extension on how you walked between the lines of messiah of the wastes and creating the zero mortals plan in the capital wasteland
Fandom Tribal (2 days ago)
DaFro3713 You don't know what you're talking about, autistic Bugthestard.
DaFro3713 (3 days ago)
Hypo crite But were 3 and NV so bad that it went back and destroyed the legacy of the first two games? I’m not including 4 because that was just not a great game. Mechanically solid for the most part, but not great
Hypo crite (3 days ago)
Grew up playing Fallout 1/2... I would rather it die then continue being desecrated.
DaFro3713 (3 days ago)
Fandom Tribal so you’d rather nobody got the license when Black Isle studio sod it off and 3 and NV were never made and the franchise stayed dead? Correct?
Fandom Tribal (3 days ago)
DaFro3713 It didn't bring it back to life, autistic Bugthestard. It turned it into a walking husk. Try again.
birdhouse518 (3 days ago)
I will always remember leaving Vault 101 for the first time. it gave me feelings of despair, excitement and fear in a way that no other game had before. over nine years later and I still compare my video game story experiences to that specific moment.
Your Girl Gavin (3 days ago)
Point Lookout and the Pitt were just amazing add ons and made me think that it was almost better than the actual game, the only thing that makes me mad about it is the aiming mechanics, the sort of boring storyline, and the goddamn metro systems
andrew bryden (3 days ago)
The attention to detail wasn’t there in 4, in 3 and NV collecting unique weapons was fun and felt rare, the story behind each weapon and the crazy features or different looks the gun has. like collecting a laser rifle that fires green lasers or a camo marksman rifle, not to mention both being placed in fully fleshed vaults with story and history packed into them, in 4 I pretty much went into a beginner vault you go into very early into the game, and bought a legendary rifle and turned the game pretty much into easy mode after that. Like where’s the interesting vault stories, no death chambers? No mutated over grown plants? No simulation beds?well I don’t know what it is but fallout 4 is possibly the best/worst game I could’ve expected it to be.
Hee Sing Sia (3 days ago)
Just downloaded and played fallout of Nevada recently. Absolutely loved it
Luis Ortega (3 days ago)
The funniest thing I ever saw in Fallout 3 was my wife playing this mission where a group of raiders had captured some civilians and you were supposed to rescue them. Don't remember the name of the mission. To free the civilians you're supposed to kill the raiders. My wife went very creative... she was playing a stealth/thief type of character. She sneaks into the pen where the civilians are kept and using the pickpocket option she proceeded to arm the civilians to the brim, remember that you could put things into NPC inventories. By the same token she disarmed the raiders. It took quite a bit of work, but eventually the prisoners were hanging around in power armor and equipped with high power weapons, whilst the raiders were reduced to basic weaponry. Then she just opened the door and proceeded to watch the prisoners kill the much more numerous raiders and leave. That is what makes a great game. Having said that, i'm in the New Vegas camp. NV is the best Fallout so far. I'd love to see it remade and in VR.
Phoenix Down (3 days ago)
because it wasn't.
Mr. Sea Chicken (3 days ago)
The most memerable thing is praying that the game wont crash when libety prime starts kicking ass
jokrz (3 days ago)
Stupid to see people fighting over Fallout 3 and NV. I think both are amazing and great games
yourcheapdate (3 days ago)
Falcon, you hold this channel up so well, such a draw. Other members are great too, but your videos are a real joy to watch, keep it up.
Fyo Dor (3 days ago)
I liked fallout 3 better than nv. Maybe because i played it first. I felt like nv was too wacky for me. Caesars legion has an army of people in baseball armor playing dressup as romans. And the overall area for the nv strip feels so small imo. But i cant deny that nv has way better quests!! Sending ghouls to space. Sending an airship flying. And the quest for the euclid gun. Bruh those were undoubtedly cool. Fallout 3 has tunnelsnakes tho so..
Fyo Dor (2 days ago)
Ok ok we get it. Yeesh!
Decius Julius (2 days ago)
Fandom Tribal. Only from Lonesome Road? I would say literally ANYONE from New Vegas could beat the overrated tunnel snakes, No Bark Noonan, Easy Pete, the Jacobstown Super Mutants and literally anyone else
Fandom Tribal (3 days ago)
Fyo Dor The tunnel snakes would get literally raped by every single enemy in Lonesome Road. Lmao. Also, Fuckup 3: Rehashed Edition is retarded. LMAO.
Fyo Dor (3 days ago)
One of the greatest thing i did in fallout 3 was cow tipping. The other is tormenting that suicidal guy at rivet city. And also shooting elder lyons in the head unconscious and doing it over and over again!!! These are only some of the few. This is why fallout 3 will always have a special place in my heart.
Smilomaniac (3 days ago)
Fallot 3 and 4 are pretty terrible games. The sandbox and mechanics are okay, but almost everything else is total crap. Fo3 did nothing that the Elder scrolls hadn’t already done.
billiondollardan (4 days ago)
I hate most intro noises. The Gameranx one puts a smile on my face though
Brandon The Fan Guy (4 days ago)
>Deep >Fallout 3 Pick one.
Igor Manson (4 days ago)
Both 3 and NV are great fun to play,f4 its ok.
Killa Watt (4 days ago)
For me. Fallout 3 was great for all the same reason Grand Theft Auto 3 was great. I think the comparison is a really good one too. It's similarities are obvious. It took everything from the core of the series that everyone loved and expanded it into the 3D. In the process inventing standards and formulas of gameplay that are still used to this day for their respected series.
Travis Walls (4 days ago)
Unless an enemy is a helibird or out of reach, killing most bad guys with pure unarmed fury really makes me too excited.
Paul Little (4 days ago)
Slender Mime (4 days ago)
I don't remember if this was in a mod or not, but releasing that Deathclaw on the Enclave in their base
lenikai (4 days ago)
Wish I could experience it again without crashing after hiting the "Play" button...
ABCDEFR (4 days ago)
Just a quick aside: Iteration is pronounced "IT-ur-ay-shun", not "ITE-ur-ay-shun".
Will Tesler (4 days ago)
The Lincoln repeater was the best weapon in the game. Prove me wrong.
The White Injun (4 days ago)
The malcontents are always bitching. 3's not the best game ever - not even close - but it did do a good job at making you feel like you're in a post-apocalyptic world where civilization as we know it is gone with the wind. 4 was unique in that it began the day the nuclear bombs dropped and had a pretty engaging story. Vegas wasn't bad either
Christmas SKELETON (4 days ago)
The White Injun A post nuclear apocalypse that looks like it happened 20 years ago, not 200. Try again, IGNorant Bugthestard.
Dave Blake (4 days ago)
Didn't Fallout Tactics come out between 2 and 3 though?
Michael DudeSon (4 days ago)
i liked the TES-04 (the lder scrolls 4 oblivion) easter egg in the center of the map
BoondockRoberts (4 days ago)
Fallout 3 was a fun game but it railroaded you into a plotline, Had immortal unkillable plot protected NPC's. A useless karma system and a setting that made it look like the bombs were 20 years ago and not 200. The cap system made no sense as a barter system would apply to the economics more (trade food for ammo) and virtually every mission demanded a violent solution. New Vegas was superior in everything except some early bugs and engine stability.

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