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All-Star Game LIVE ft. Top Players Across The MrHurriicane Football Universe

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Today's All-Star Game features some of the best players from my series across my two channels. I've done many football series and finally I've brought together many of the greatest players to play in an All-Star Game. This is something I'd love to do on other games where it is possible. Here on my MrHurriicane channel I focus on football gaming videos and series. I play Madden 19 and NCAA 14 and my series revolve around building teams in Franchise and Dynasty mode. My series have exciting gameplay and commentary and I try to keep things fairly realistic. I love seeing teams grow and how new players can take teams to a championship level. Check out more of my content and see which series you enjoy. Check out more of my content: My Second Channel - http://bit.ly/Zwb8I6 Twitter - http://bit.ly/Xolp5s Facebook - http://on.fb.me/Zwbhv2
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Text Comments (70)
Skyler Dixon (2 days ago)
Evan Okatchka should've been the RB for Andys team.
Cody Hughes (3 days ago)
Keeston terry, James Logan, Emilio benjamin
dylan higginbotham (4 days ago)
This game looks better than madden lol
FreddieWap (6 days ago)
No Sammy Hollins :(
Julian Jemerin (8 days ago)
Dude what the heck did you forget to put mason lbagraba he is my favorite player in the series I am disappointed in you Cane.
The Muffin Man (8 days ago)
Tyrone Brightful over Sammy Hollins?
EconiclyGamed (9 days ago)
Tyrone Brightful 😂
Cam Lewis (9 days ago)
Where’s Jon starks
Bostonforever (9 days ago)
And cane no Emilio Benjamin
Bostonforever (9 days ago)
Guys Nate bell lance Adams Andy and the Minnesota d vs Cesar butler Reggie Shepard greenbary and the kalaslpe d who wins
Dominic Correnti (10 days ago)
Next time maybe you can do all madden madden 19 and spectate the teams like the cardinals franchise
Lucas Willey (10 days ago)
Perry Cummings should have been on here. He won greenberry his superbowls.
William Stephens (10 days ago)
Customization gives games so much more replay value. In sports games it gives them HUGE replay value. Shame that most devs don't see it that way.
William Stephens (10 days ago)
Cane, I've been playing NFL Fever 2004 on OG Xbox with HDMI & it has been great fun. You can play it on 360 too if you want, but it's a joy to play even at 14 years old !!
William Stephens (10 days ago)
I think that the Madden Devs need to play some APF 2K8 & some NFL 2K5 & just see what a GREAT football game plays like :)
William Stephens (10 days ago)
I have taken players from my Franchise mode that I have played on Madden 2003 (PS2) for the last 12 years & put them on a team in APF 2k8. Really fun to do things like this.
William Stephens (10 days ago)
What a FANTASTIC IDEA !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Joseph Jenkins Jr. (10 days ago)
This game is beautiful...if they added a franchise mode this would be getting played just like NCAA 14
Aidan Longley (10 days ago)
I was hopping to see my guy Larry Wilbur from the Chargers Franchise. He was a 7th round pick turned superstar.
MrHurriicane (10 days ago)
Very close to making the cut
Tucker Morgan (10 days ago)
My question is why we didn't have Tank Tucker ??
Jarod Pitmon (11 days ago)
Sorry for all the comments! But goodness the nostalgia is real, I watched your videos so much from middle school to now I'm a sophomore in college. All these players, and one of my favorite games of all time. So awesome!
Jarod Pitmon (11 days ago)
Also I remember the day I took this game home from Gamestop and the guy said "If you don't like it you have 7 days to return it, this game isn't very good." So I got nervous then I took it home and me and my dad had the time of our lives playing it. One of my favorite memories from when I was younger.
Jarod Pitmon (11 days ago)
Wow, I felt really old when you pulled out the instruction manual. They for real were how you would prepare on the way home
flick my bick (11 days ago)
Do the same thing but on ncaa 14 game
Robert Messenger (11 days ago)
I would love to see Perry Cummings. Or shaydon Underwood. Marquise Walker. Bryce wiley... hut more than anyway A LITTLE LOVE FOR LAWRENCE GLEARS!
Daunta Batiste (11 days ago)
Perry Cummings Lawrence Glears?????
TheMsavage (11 days ago)
Cane please bring all the NFL Street games back for the culture. Those would be such great series and the nostalgia would be insane
Caleb Amon (11 days ago)
Sheridan over Cummings? How
Maurterrion Rivers1 (11 days ago)
What a game tho!!!!
Zach Nemitz Myer (11 days ago)
If you do it on madden you should do madden characters vs ncaa characters
Nicholas Marini (11 days ago)
Ummmm. KJC?
jakob martin (11 days ago)
Do this in madden so you can make more people
drgapinski (11 days ago)
I guess Perry Cummings declined the game invitation because they said he couldn't have more than three traits.
Brayden Ivy (11 days ago)
It's no nut November and you see this what do you do?
stephnughs69 (10 days ago)
Wait for December
Vader Minion (11 days ago)
Yeah but is Cane a sandwich?
HitmanStark (11 days ago)
Rocket Ismail is the best bronze player on here , he has crazy jets
Sebastien Sergile (11 days ago)
Why didn't you do Bryce Wiley for a tackle spot?
HitmanStark (11 days ago)
I remember I had to download a PS3 roster file online and import it to my PS3 a couple years ago just to have updated teams and rosters, there’s no community roster shares or anything
Thomsen Harrison (11 days ago)
When you do s mr hurriicane universe hall of fame. You should a highlight video for the players
Mikal Bridges (11 days ago)
Dang no Sammy Hollins
Dominic Correnti (11 days ago)
Never any love for Jamez Logan 😭
MrM (11 days ago)
A forgot legend.
AJ Lechtenberg (11 days ago)
You should make a team for some of your top series(e.g. make a team for your Gophers dynasty, Kalisell dynasty, etc.) and then do a tournament between the teams.
Jay Vines (11 days ago)
AJ Lechtenberg Like NTE, make it on Madden 19
TLDelapore (11 days ago)
I got 5 on the team that Brightful isn't on.
Sunshine (11 days ago)
No Beau Lee? Why do you hurt me, Tim? Why does it bring you pleasure to hurt me?
Kyle Palmer (11 days ago)
You ever go out in the sun XD
Kyle Palmer (11 days ago)
Is this ur first face cam revel
Hawk S (11 days ago)
Dude he always streams with face cam...
Sam Chaim (11 days ago)
Hot dogs not a sandwich it’s a taco.
bradythegoat (6 days ago)
Sam Chaim tru
TimeToTalk (11 days ago)
Minnesota dynasty vs kalispell dynasty all star game!!
That Deplorable Dude (11 days ago)
That would be awesome
Zach Nemitz Myer (11 days ago)
Yes but do it on Ncaa 14
Yadiel Cordero (11 days ago)
No Shannon Evans?
Matt Coupe (11 days ago)
This game is too good for you not to do a series
Matt Coupe (10 days ago)
Oh I know, it was like 5 years ago tho😂😂
Terryon McMillion (11 days ago)
He did do a series for this
Fati Liamidi-Bynum (11 days ago)
Darion (11 days ago)
Wait... Matt Pierre is your gold player and not Andy McKenzie?!?
MrHurriicane (10 days ago)
The 10 year career mode series on my 2nd channel!
Hawk S (10 days ago)
+Be Feerless yes.
Be Feerless (11 days ago)
Hawk S is that the UGF logo?
Hawk S (11 days ago)
+WhatANerdyLoser NFL players to to HOF
WhatANerdyLoser (11 days ago)
MrHurriicane wait Pierre was a HOF in which series? The one where he goes to the NFL or in ncaa 14
iFreeze (11 days ago)
Fuckin awesome great idea💯
Spy Chicken (11 days ago)

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