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15 Games We'll Never Uninstall

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We all have those games we just can’t part with, whether they have a nostalgic hold on us, you simply love them too much, or they have some sort of hex on you. Those are the games we never want to see subjected to the dreaded uninstall screen, no matter how low our storage space is. With that out of the way, let’s talk about 15 Games We Will Probably Never Uninstall. SUBSCRIBE FOR MORE VIDEOS: https://www.youtube.com/user/GamingBoltLive LIKE US ON FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/GamingBolt-241308979564/ FOLLOW US ON TWITTER: https://twitter.com/GamingBoltTweet
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Text Comments (3156)
Evanisit 000 (13 hours ago)
Where is infamous Mostly 1 and 2 Because second son trash
Nilanjan Banerjee (22 hours ago)
I'll never uninstall any soulsborne game, nioh and mgs 5
karthikronfils (1 day ago)
Rly bro? Horizon?
oshan hapugoda (1 day ago)
dude 75% of the game on this list suck...where is league of legends and dota 2 ??????? :O
cat catz (1 day ago)
Path Of Exile Hardcore only.. Install, Uninstall, Install... it all the time
Saravanan Vrp (2 days ago)
Shubhang Shukla (2 days ago)
Where is assassins creed origins
saaleem panhalkar (3 days ago)
I hate fallout series Becoz i never know what's happening in the game and what to do next to progress through the game. I like more straight forward and linear story line games with open world. Skyrim is my favourite and will never uninstall it. I played borderlands and it was the worst game i ever played so never tried 2 part. I like physics games and simulation racing games more.
John Party (3 days ago)
Legend don't uninstall, they format the hard drive
Meh Di (3 days ago)
Games I will never uninstall: Skyrim Special Edition GTA V Battlefield 1 Rainbow Six Siege Guild Wars 2 Soul Calibur VI (having fun with my little bro) Pro Evolution Soccer 2019 (same) Forza Horizon 4 Superhot Assassin's Creed : Unity (I really like this game yeah :v) mirror's edge catalyst ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
HeavySandvichGuy1 (3 days ago)
What's overwatch is doing here?
ilyas samol (3 days ago)
Games which we will never unistall.. 1. Solitaire 2. Minesweeper 3. Pin ball 4. Chess 5. Paint
classic guns (2 days ago)
Haha Right, but that games ignored and never play
ryan lally (4 days ago)
video games arent breaking any new ground, rockstar doesnt anymore either
ryan lally (4 days ago)
witcher had too much going on
Michplay (4 days ago)
World of Warcraft had been on nu pc dit a lonnngggggg time
Firex Sand (5 days ago)
I uninstall fallout 4 for fallout 76 and i will uninstall fallout 76 for fallout 7474738399
Firex Sand (5 days ago)
Nowill just uninstall all whats on the list
ashish kaul (5 days ago)
Cant say i agree with this list except HZD. And where is TLOU😐😐
Title: 15 games that you will never uninstall. Me: I didn't install yet except 1 Gta v
Zoe Moonlight (6 days ago)
Were is battleborn?
I left the witcher 3 uninstalled
Marlon Morales (7 days ago)
How about asaasins creed
hari's channel (7 days ago)
Uploaded on April 1st....,...........
Messi 10 (7 days ago)
I uninstalled gtav
Ace Vincent Arevalo (7 days ago)
nioh, DS3, tomb raider/rise/shadow of tomb raider and league of legends for me.
DjinnGazoo (8 days ago)
WE UNINSTALL DIABLO 3 on 11.november.2018
Treasure Of Games (8 days ago)
I think so tomb raider also a addictive game which cant be uninstall
Augustine Appiah (8 days ago)
Uninstalled witcher 3 and now i want it back
Akira Kazuhiko (8 days ago)
Skyrim is the best! With mod that game becoming more awesome!
name (8 days ago)
Witcher 3 didn't survive more than a hour because i hate stupid sp games. I just cheated through Skyrim when it was released because farming bothers me extremly in a sp game and gta 5 was the first gta i didn't finish because it just feels old and boring and has beside better graphics nothing to offer.
Yacob (8 days ago)
Never uninstall, Why ? 50GB download..
ROMERO (8 days ago)
Add the Titanfall 2
hhwhitewolf009 (8 days ago)
Lol yeah right damn near 90% of these game suck balls
LuX D (8 days ago)
GTA San Andreas , GTA 5 counter strike, half life 2, strong hold crusader , diablo 2 quake 3 Skyrim , number one is heroes of might and magic 3 :DD
Catalin (8 days ago)
Dark Souls... now that was satisfying to uninstall. That game punished me so fucking hard. Jump in the well they said, it would be amazing they said. Fuck you. At least glad I have discovered the great chest in Anor Londo...hmm... must reinstall Dark Souls
Rawbbing Mysellph (8 days ago)
Wha...wha.... WTF is this list!!??
Baron Ghede (9 days ago)
Witcher 3 is the most overhyped game in history. So damn boring, and the combat is terrible.
Khan Riffah (9 days ago)
Witcher 3 Horizon zero dawn Uncharted 4 God of war 4 Gta 5
Giorgos Gkanidis (9 days ago)
Witcer 3, Horizon Zero Dawn, Skyrim, Fallout 4 and Diablo are the games that will remain for ever in my PS4 or PC. MGS, GTAV and Borderlands are crap, the rest ones i haven't played yet. Only Mass Effect 1 for few hours.
Jovany Ayman (9 days ago)
The witcher 3 'll still the top of 'em all💞💞💞 it's a brilliant game with a magnificent story 💝✌ can't express how amazing it is 💞 it's story its movement its reaction everything is brilliant 💘 .. deserve to be the first game of the world ...not only for the year or since 2000 as they saying 😬
Fearsome Tiger86 (9 days ago)
lmao gta v is the first one i unistalled
Giorgos Gkanidis (9 days ago)
me too. i hate car chasings and hip-hop
Phang Irwan (9 days ago)
Use cheat finishing game and uninstall
muhammad ari (9 days ago)
Goran Petrovic (9 days ago)
Diablo 2 is better than D3.
Giorgos Gkanidis (9 days ago)
Warcraft 3 as well
Prying Ghost (10 days ago)
the only game that I haven't uninstalled is wc3,i dont play it anymore but its always there 😊
Grey silvers (10 days ago)
i know the witcher is the 1st before i see comentary
McClony (10 days ago)
Horizon was a great game. A great story. But after ending the main story, exploring the open world wasn't fun anymore.
Jerin Jomon (10 days ago)
Oh metal gear was a good game huh? i uninstalled it for installing ww2
Jien Sayyer (10 days ago)
how could you forget cs 1.6 ffs
Ron Ö (11 days ago)
I uninstalled GTA5 so many times and downloaded it again
Owen Corfield (11 days ago)
HZD is boring AF. I lasted just a few hours. Bad dialogue poor cutscenes, terrible gameplay. I Uninstalled same day.
Michael Le (12 days ago)
I found horizon boring. Nier automata is way better, in my opinion.
Robert Lukaszewski (12 days ago)
List like that should include all categories. Where is fighting game, like Tekken? Strategy like Star Craf? Racing game, or platforming?
jeff damicog (12 days ago)
I uninstalled diablo 3. It became boring
dav NO (13 days ago)
I uninstalled GTA v as soon as I finished the story. It just boring to drive and kill pedestrian I had enough of that in San andreas. For Witcher 3 tho it just too georgeous. And they added blood and wine dlc, you feel good just by roaming to see the beautiful scenery.
Ludvik k (13 days ago)
What about bioshock
David Skillings (13 days ago)
As they used that ending in mass effect 3, I played it once, then uninstalled the lot. All the decisions you had made meant nothing. They ruined a great game.
Rocket Bunny (13 days ago)
hmm dota?
Pit Bull X (13 days ago)
Never unnistaled = cs go, the king never unistalled
Lloyd White V (13 days ago)
That footage you showed wasn’t even PT? Wtf
Sergio GARZA (13 days ago)
I uninstalled gta 5 I thought it was trash
L. Lawliet (14 days ago)
Gta 5 can be unistalled.
Duki Danielz (14 days ago)
🥠 🎑 ☀
Cryptic#1 (14 days ago)
Seriously i've uninstall all these games except gta v but the gta v uninstall 4x and install 5x
My Name (14 days ago)
Shadow of War??? You can always create new nemesis and storylines
Ryksa (14 days ago)
Mass Effect trilogy is one of the games I never uninstall.
Danny (14 days ago)
I see Alloy I click
Mahyar Jalili (15 days ago)
metal gear phantom pain ? are u f**king kidding me
J3AN P3T3R (16 days ago)
i actually uninstalled skyrim. i bought because a lot of people seem to go RAGEMODE about how they really like it. but after playing the intro up to the first town i visit it just did not click and it gave me a headache.
Blue Cross (16 days ago)
Warcraft III is a game I will NEVER uninstall (seriously)
B.K. Shrivastava (16 days ago)
Lol I have never uninstalled csgo but I have uninstalled most of the games in this video
MrBoombast64 (17 days ago)
Marcos Yu (19 days ago)
Uninstalled the Witcher 3 after a day because the combat system and the levelling system are so bad. Also, the graphics and movement of the game is a joke.
Moritz Latzko (14 days ago)
why do u think so?
Cube Matrix (19 days ago)
What? No Red Dead Redemption????
Cube Matrix (19 days ago)
Funny I've UN-INSTALLED Dark Souls probably five times.
Djarma 01 (20 days ago)
So u put gta and didnt put Wow and Legue
SABREWULF (22 days ago)
Yes i will never un install Diablo 3 because i will never install this shit
Dennis Brannigan (24 days ago)
I actually didn't like Zero Dawn all that much. It had great graphics and an awesome story, but I just couldn't get into it. Loved MGSV, didn't play the online much though
goliathico (24 days ago)
What about The Last of Us?
dyuloose (25 days ago)
Uninstalled all of them, well those that you can uninstalled.
Luis Valdez (27 days ago)
I uninstalled The Phantom Pain just last night lol. Great game. Just wanted to make space.
St Rose (27 days ago)
Witcher 3... Deleted a long time ago. I never tried wither 1 or 2 anyway so i was not bound to this game. And all those side missions and content was so exhausting. I deleted it after i found out that i have not completed it even 10% after i reached Novigrad and i played it for like 15 hours already.
Nelum Kalupahana (27 days ago)
Where is assasians cred
The Thinker (28 days ago)
I play fortnite ;)
Stalker (29 days ago)
i would uninstall most of these.
Good News (29 days ago)
5 years from now you would have none off these installed who here still has battle realms installed? anyone? none? just me?
Steve Frye (30 days ago)
Geeze, most of these games SUCK!
Muhammad Ashar (30 days ago)
God of War.
Steve Alen (1 month ago)
Download this awesome game and play https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.SilverSpider.UltimateLamborghini2018.apps
Yoda22 Yudka (1 month ago)
dark souls never uninstall...
Romy Lanuza (1 month ago)
Did anyone notice that Nioh looks like Geralt?
Claudio Torres (1 month ago)
Mass Effect hahahahahaha yeah right
ws ad (1 month ago)
I unistalled and removed all of these games except mass effect 3. publisher is completely idiot.
F0skey (1 month ago)
I never uninstalled gtav, ITS FUCKING 77G TO DOWNLOAD!
TannerFox_Fan (1 month ago)
wtf nioh is mixed with some cartoon and anime and i just heard "ninjutsu" wtf so can u do minato's teleportation jutsu
Janusz - (1 month ago)
Nr 16 fortnite xd
Ziggy Marley (1 month ago)
Dupa Boii
Yancy Villegas (1 month ago)
Summer time saga
TheGreatPeanut (1 month ago)
Diablo 3 is shit tho.
Chong Hong Yi (1 month ago)
TF2 is in the list?? Oh, Come on the most shittiest game
ASK-GHOST (1 month ago)
Without csgo this list was incomplete and it would be always..

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