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London, England | Tower of London, Borough Market & Lumiere!

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Pt2. Here is the second part of our visit to London! Enjoy! New here? Subscribe! ...............► https://goo.gl/mkAwyy Support our videos at Patreon ► http://patreon.com/kydeanderic We have a website!.................. ► http://kydeanderic.com/London Here's all of our British Isles Videos So Far! ► https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLrvJJu2Pt1jhvCgfwKedV1f5-7zzjpCbN http://instagram.com/kydeanderic http://facebook.com/kydeanderic http://twitter.com/kydeanderic http://reddit.com/r/KydeandEric Patreon is the best way to support our videos, but you can also make contributions here ► http://www.kydeanderic.com/index.php#Contributions Help us buy video gear on our Amazon wishlist ► https://goo.gl/6kNbPt Videos we talked about in this episode: Stockholm, Sweden...................►https://youtu.be/pwNAUVqapLE Kyde in The States.....................► https://youtu.be/3eVUX4z2kbo CGP Grey's The City of London ► https://youtu.be/LrObZ_HZZUc
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tekryn (3 days ago)
Don’t worry. Taking your own snacks is not illegal in England. You don’t need to smuggle it in haha
Kyde and Eric (3 days ago)
Haha, it's not illegal in The States either, it's just something that might get you kicked out of the theater. -E
Bubo 25 (5 days ago)
London is approx. 35 miles across. You seemed to be obsessed by the Gherkin. Well, it might interest you to know that the building where you were sitting is called "The Walkie-Talkie", and the nearby triangular building with the flat side is called "The Cheesegrater"
Strange Fruit (8 days ago)
well done you two, fun, professional, educational and informative . . . . . top job
Kyde and Eric (8 days ago)
Thanks! -E
Steve DL (8 days ago)
I thought the Tower of London was essentially / originally a prison.
Peter Harrison (12 days ago)
You never heard anyone in London referring to the river THAMES, it is the TEMS
nick hughes (14 days ago)
THAMES = tems
Gary Lee (16 days ago)
old saying "When you're board of London, you're bored of life."
Carmen Carter (18 days ago)
Gargoyles are the ugly faces.
X (19 days ago)
The London tourist thing, the Yeomans and Soldiers etc. So fake and staged but they got it perfected, down to a fine art and it brings people in so fair play to them.
X (19 days ago)
Yeah don't get me wrong they know the history of the place and well, everything haha. That's good training and it's a good thing to find these days in tourist spots.
Kyde and Eric (19 days ago)
It was still interesting just to hear them talk, and chatting with them after the tour was awesome. Legit sold dudes. -E
Lee Moran (23 days ago)
You guys should visit Manchester, England
Emma Smith (24 days ago)
Saint George's flag represents George the dragon slayer he was the patron saint of England 🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧#proudtobebritish
SplatterInker (24 days ago)
Ha ha that's what I said about the M&M store! Why? Also that chocolate smells burnt as all hell. Btw that church with the ladder on was actually St Martin's in Fields... think I saw a commenter claiming it was St James Piccadilly? Also it's pretty sad to see some people on here think it's just propaganda that many, many of the people trying to get to Europe are indeed refugees. ...but anyway youtube comments aren't a great place for nuance or debate so let's just shelve that one with... I and many others strongly disagree.
watzizname (29 days ago)
So, the Mayor is responsible for (amongst other things) the public toilets not being properly maintained, and that there's junk in a tree masquerading as art.. London really deserves a better Mayor.
Kyde and Eric (29 days ago)
Get that man a scrubbrush!
chaps (29 days ago)
I love this city
Neil Carleton (29 days ago)
To get more of an idea of what a royal court was like to live in you should have checked out Hampton Court Palace.
Breece Pancake (29 days ago)
That's a quick reply Eric, thanks, love your videos ...just watching you two tackle the eel pie and spotted dick (Freckled Richard in polite company!) Great videos ...I see my own country with fresh eyes.
Breece Pancake (29 days ago)
Yep, on behalf of the British population I would like to apologise for the parlous state of many (and actually they're few and far between) of the public toilets. They are a national disgrace. I cannot understand why the authorities don't understand this. Clean up the litter and clean up the toilets. I am British by the way.
Steven Deaville (2 days ago)
Puffinrust, you hit the nail on the head. I've worked in places with African immigrants and seen the exact same thing, not to mention that some of these people have never used toilet paper, they just use their hand and then wipe that on the wall.
Puffinrust (26 days ago)
Take into account that there is an increasing amount of people who have no intention of ever sitting on a toilet seat ( their culture innit!!) so the incidence of broken loo seats ( they stand on em) and woeful aiming is here to stay. Vibrant and enriching i think they call it.
Kyde and Eric (29 days ago)
Haha, the litter wasn't so bad, but the toilet game could use some work. -E
A Nightingale (1 month ago)
Thank you, guys. Glad you enjoy our "town". ;) The Sikh Guard is a NICE end, that illustrates the WEALTH of our multicultural lives in London. Best wishes.
Kyde and Eric (1 month ago)
Glad you caught that little touch. -E
Walter Raleigh (1 month ago)
It's interesting to think when you touch the walls of the Tower of London, is this the spot a Tudor lady put her hand.
Kyde and Eric (1 month ago)
Yea, we had that very though when we were there! Very cool. -E
Walter Raleigh (1 month ago)
Kyde and Eric you both have very good dry humour. Apart from the accent you would blend in well with us English. Thoroughly enjoy these videos, it is great to see your views on Britain.
Kyde and Eric (1 month ago)
Glad you are enjoying! -E
john justjohn (1 month ago)
the city of london is one part of a tri state owned by the crown corporation, you will see the coat of arms or flag is the same for there and the vatican and washington d c, they control religion,military and finance. just google crown corporation.
Kyde and Eric (1 month ago)
Stephen Catton (1 month ago)
The River Thames is pronounced Tems...
Sarah Baker (1 month ago)
Second video I've watched and I absolutely love your style, its really refreshing. Also thank you for introducing me to my own city. I live on the outskirts of London, I have worked in the city, I go there often and I know it very well and yet you have shown it to me in a way that I have never seen it. You have made my own city even more wonderful to me. I think that is a pretty amazing thing to do. Thank you so much
Kyde and Eric (1 month ago)
Glad you've enjoyed these London videos! We have a few more as well as some more from the UK you might enjoy. Currently uploading videos about our visit up north in Scotland!
Leonie Greaves (1 month ago)
The thing about the Loos (public toilets) always carry a pack of antiseptic wipes with you to wipe down the seats. My advice is only use public toilets if it’s absolutely necessary and you’re desperate. Not all places are that bad but not everyone’s idea of clean is like your own.
Sean Jackson (1 month ago)
Just found your vids you guys are great i love london
Kyde and Eric (1 month ago)
Thanks! Glad you found us!
D S (1 month ago)
You guys are cute as hell. I hope you enjoyed yourselfs
Kyde and Eric (1 month ago)
We did! Thanks!
Ferruzzicati (1 month ago)
Ferruzzicati (1 month ago)
Perhaps they’re pedants
They're grotesques - gargoyles are figures that contain a water spout through the mouth, while grotesques do not.
danglebag (1 month ago)
Hi you two, I just wanted to share how much I am enjoying your channel. I am an Englishman living in Vietnam and really respect your style of getting under the skin of the UK, (I have only watched your UK clips so far). There are so many other videos of people looking at ‘Big Ben’ etc, but you guys go deeper and I really like that. I love that you have ventured north (I am a northerner) and are showing the world some of the beauty of the rest of England. It also helps that you have such fun and inquisitive approaches to your filming and come across as very likable and humble individuals. Great work peeps.
danglebag (1 month ago)
I also enjoyed your brief rendition of The Boosh’s ‘eels’! Can’t remember if that was in this video or a different one....
Kyde and Eric (1 month ago)
So happy you found us! We did a series in Vietnam a few years back too, if you are curious!
Man With An Accent (1 month ago)
FYI - The river Thames is pronounced 'Tems' and the Royal Jewels are the 'Crown Jewels'. Enjoyed the video and you have a new sub.
Sue Jackson (1 month ago)
They built the bermondsey wall to keep out the peasants.As for the gate it was named traitors gate, people were tied to it, then the flood gate was opened up to drown them.
Kyde and Eric (1 month ago)
It didn't keep us out, hahahaa
Blah (1 month ago)
The Building you were 'in' ("SkyGarden") is called the "Walkie Talkie" All prominent buildings in London have a name/nick name. Great Stuff Guys!
Felice Landry (1 month ago)
Just catching up but "Shit better not fall down" made me laugh out loud
Eleven : Eleven (1 month ago)
You should have joined a London Walks walk in the back streets. You'll really discover the hidden places and history. And heres the best Tower Warden... https://youtu.be/lCp908S9z28
Pete Owen (1 month ago)
You guys do a very good vlog, even though you are (or were) travelling England and the places where ive been (as im from here) its enjoyable to watch, you guys should really come to Manchester, you would love it
peteq1972 (1 month ago)
Sorry for my rambling lol. You mention a Roman walls that aren't there any more, there's a bit at London wall near Bank, you were close, there's also some Roman wall left over are tower hill you prob saw it. But anyway you probably came across places called Moorgate, Bishopsgate, Aldgate etc, apparently they were where there were big gates /entrances in the Roman wall that surrounded London ;)
Gary Vanderburg (1 month ago)
The scary faces you see on the outside are called Gargoyles!!! Great video btw came across you guys by chance
Kyde and Eric (1 month ago)
Thanks! Glad you found us!
peteq1972 (1 month ago)
Little interesting thing, In the Tower of London, as you were walking down the old stone spiral staircase, you notice the all wind anti-clockwise down like the one there. Giving your right hand space to swing a sword, the enemy coming up the stairs attacking you will have a hard time swinging his sword at you ; )
peteq1972 (1 month ago)
This is like i'm being taken on tour around my own capital city of things I've never done, or seen the inside of, but drove past on a daily basis for years. Brilliant, really informative, Thank you.
Kyde and Eric (1 month ago)
Glad you are enjoying!
Jambo Jambo (1 month ago)
Love your travel vloggs - brilliant.
Kyde and Eric (1 month ago)
Thanks! Glad you found us!
Dave Davies (1 month ago)
Love the way Eric pronounces Thames ... here's a wiki ... The pronunciation of 'Thames' comes from the word's original spelling, which had pre-Celtic roots. Simply put, the river's name has always been pronounced 'tems', with a simple 't' sound. The modern spelling of the word Thames illustrates an interesting phenomenon in the history of the English language.
zondaintheair (1 month ago)
The Church of England has joined in with the lie about Refugees. This clothing did not come from Refugees, it came from Migrants. The British Government along with the EU are spreading lies that these people deserve Refugee Status when in fact they are Migrants and are just to be used as the Cheap Labour of Europe to bring wages down to a shockingly low level where a British Person can no longer plan for the future . No more marriage, no more owning a house, just Total Servitude.
Bubo 25 (5 days ago)
Other than the misuse of capitals I agree with you 100%.
Ann Other (1 month ago)
You don't have to smuggle food into the cinema!!! You're allowed to take what you like
Russell Hogben (1 month ago)
Didn’t you see the Crown Jewels in the Tower of London?
Kyde and Eric (1 month ago)
We did, but they don't allow cameras. -E
Gaj (1 month ago)
I'm so sorry you saw The Last Jedi, I hope it doesn't put a cloud over your trip to the UK.
tahira1 (1 month ago)
Thames is pronounced temes btw:) Although I liked the incorrect way you say it.
Tom (1 month ago)
The city of London definitely isn't the oldest part of the UK there are plenty of town and villages that are older
newmie01 (1 month ago)
Borough market is the best
Kyde and Eric (1 month ago)
It was awesome! -E
BaddaBigBoom (2 months ago)
In England we call "bathrooms" BOGS ;-)
BaddaBigBoom (2 months ago)
The goat references I believe are a protest about the aggressive inhumane dairy industry. Also many people have concluded that humans don't digest cows milk well.
BaddaBigBoom (2 months ago)
Essence of Earl Grey: Bergamot ;-)
BaddaBigBoom (2 months ago)
POI: The City Of London, during times of heightened security had police checkpoints which became known as "the ring of steel".
BaddaBigBoom (2 months ago)
The *real* name of the "gherkin" is its address: 30 St Mary Axe!
Guy Layton (2 months ago)
Great video. In the nicest possible way the river Thames is pronounced 'Tems'. :-)
Chris Hill (2 months ago)
The river Thames is pronounced Tems
Daniel Maycock (2 months ago)
London is the biggest city in Europe (twice the size of Paris and same size as New York City!)
MrLongbow1415 (2 months ago)
Love from England guys. Great video. Glad you enjoyed my home.
Tordy Clark (2 months ago)
I'm from London and I live in Tokyo. I've always thought that the two cities are very similar- they are huge, old and new architecture, modern and ancient, city parks, refs, old areas, new areas, markets, customs, lots of small villages clumped together, tiny churches/ temples, canals, a LOT of events and concerts each day some of them free, a lot of artistic exhibitions and music played live, and small areas you don't know about til you're walking by on the street.the two cities are limitless and endlessly big.
Kyde and Eric (2 months ago)
We live in Tokyo too! -E
gaz riley (2 months ago)
why not visit Liverpool sometime?
gaz riley (2 months ago)
Love to see it on here :)
Kyde and Eric (2 months ago)
We'd like to if we have the chance! -E
10 80 (2 months ago)
great video
Kyde and Eric (2 months ago)
Thanks! -E
christian gittings (2 months ago)
Gherkin building names = 30 St Mary Axe (informally known as the Gherkin and previously as the Swiss Re Building
pocketgoth (2 months ago)
Is that dragon always there in the Tower of London? I swear I didn't see that. I love the gold in the belly. :) I felt really safe in London. I expected it to feel a little sketchy but I felt perfectly safe everywhere we went. That may be because we generally stuck to the tourist areas. The public toilets are bad and you have to pay to get in. So what are they doing with that money? That pong game is fantastic! Wow!
emchardy1 (2 months ago)
Never take your own snacks into a cinema if you want your movie theatre to survive, the cinema gets 0 from ticket sales, all money goes to distributer, the ONLY way your cinema makes any money is from the snacks and drinks it sells
ethelmini (2 months ago)
1:20 They do the best wh...at??!
Kyde and Eric (2 months ago)
1chish (2 months ago)
Really great interpretation of our Capital City guys. Always good to see and hear someone else's perception of who we are. London isn't England and certainly not the UK but its a great place to understand our history and what makes us the rather odd people we are and makes more sense of the rest of the country Oh and its pronounced the River 'Tems' . yes I know - our language can be rather odd as well as us.
Frank Godley (2 months ago)
Guys the Gherkin is called St Mary’s Axe and the building you were in is nicknamed the walkie talkie
martin smiffy (2 months ago)
The yeoman of the guard havevto have been in the armed forces for at least 22 years. Be of good character and be discharged from the forces with an exemplary record . The royal family don't live at either Buckingham palace or the tower and palace of London . The queen lives at Windsor castle ( which she doesn't own ) and sandringham house which she does . Prince Charles lives at Clarence House and the other senior royals have apartments at Kensington palace ( where Diana lived ) . The river which is now very clean is pronounced " Tems"
Sammy Girl (2 months ago)
Just adding some extra history geek to your fine film. The Monument is the world’s tallest free standing column; it is 202 feet high and located 202 feet from where the Great Fire started in Pudding Lane. Greater London isn’t technically a city, only The City of London (AKA The City) and Westminster are cities by the British definition of a city.
Kyde and Eric (2 months ago)
Oh neat, it really was noticeably tall, even in a city with many modern skyscrapers. -E
Frank Godley (2 months ago)
The world is not as dangerous as the Daily Mail would like us to believe. P.s the City of London is also known as The Square Mile
Kyde and Eric (2 months ago)
Yes, I love when people realize the world isn't as dangerous as they may think. -E
R (2 months ago)
I think the word you were looking for was 'portcullis'. :))
Otacatapetl (2 months ago)
And if you want to know how to define the Tower of London, it's a fortress and royal palace. Also, though a few prisoners have been kept there, it was never built or designed as a prison.
Kyde and Eric (2 months ago)
That's the one! -E
Alan Cochran (2 months ago)
Great video, love the tower of London 🙂
andrea22213 (2 months ago)
The Gherkin is 30 St Mary Axe. While you were there you should have visited the church of St Andrew Undershaft.    The City of London is usually just referred to as 'the square mile'.   If you like markets you should try Walthamstow Market, which is the longest street market in Europe. While there go into Manzie's which is a pie and mash shop, also selling jellied eels.
johnny garty (2 months ago)
Good vids, Eric, not to disparage your looks, but if you had sat down and held that hat out you would have financed your trip and had a saleable amount of free needles and condoms
Kyde and Eric (2 months ago)
How kind of you. -Eric
Denise Stanley (2 months ago)
The river Thames is pronounced ‘Tems’
JohnD640 (2 months ago)
For a Star Wars snack you should have chewed baccy! As well as public executions the public was charged to look at 'the loonies' in mental hospitals like 'Bedlam'. In Conwy in North Wales they still had some red telephone boxes but they were converted into cash machines. The media likes to keep people scared/outraged with stories of violence and attacks but you just need to keep a sensible head on your shoulders. That said there are always 'dodgy' areas to avoid. Eris looks like Joe Melia, check-out 'The Ballad of Alan a' Dale' from 'Not Only but Also'.
JohnD640 (2 months ago)
The drop-gate is a Portcullis, depicted on pennies. A Drawbridge is the bridge you draw up or back.
Paul Clarke (3 months ago)
Still love you guys - wish you had gone to Museum of London near remnants of London Wall at the Barbican as it's really great there
Drogo Muircastle (3 months ago)
Yeoman Warders of HM Tower are all ex military who have achieved the rank of Warrant Officer 2nd class and more than 20 year's 'unblemished' service.
Filbert66 (3 months ago)
Earl Grey tea contains the herb Bergamot. I love it.
daggerlane (3 months ago)
Excellent videos of your time in London!
S H (3 months ago)
Last time I smuggled a snack into the cinema was biggest fish n chips , and other with my friend we had one whole fried chicken each and cola when I was a teenager.
Kyde and Eric (3 months ago)
peebee143 (3 months ago)
M and M's are massively popular in the UK. I prefer the ones with peanut inside.
peebee143 (2 months ago)
I like both of those, but prefer M & M's.
JohnD640 (2 months ago)
Prefer Maltesers or Revels.
Kyde and Eric (3 months ago)
Haha, they are super popular in The States too, Kyde is just being a candy snob. -E
peebee143 (3 months ago)
So sorry about the toilets! Far too many British people have the attitude 'This ain't my shit, I ain't gonna be clearing no shit up!' It makes me wonder are a lot of people walking about with a trail of poo smell wafting out behind them.
Mad Max (1 month ago)
Sorry but you can’t blame the British people. London is full of foreign people who have no respect.
peebee143 (3 months ago)
Isn't that so like a woman! You buy food, she just has a liiitle taste...And another, just to be sure. ;)
Sira Mea (3 months ago)
public bathrooms in Primark Oxford street are very good and free
JohnD640 (2 months ago)
The Wetherspoon chain of pubs usually keep their toilets well, despite the 'workload'...
Kyde and Eric (3 months ago)
Will keep it in mind! -E
peebee143 (3 months ago)
Red cross (horizontal and vertical blood red on a plain white field) is the symbol of St. George, England's patron saint, it is England's national flag. He slayed the dragon. (Ancient symbolism, having it's root in several camps.)
peebee143 (3 months ago)
Adding to my previous comment, click this map link https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/thumb/a/ae/Great_fire_of_london_map.png/1920px-Great_fire_of_london_map.png
peebee143 (3 months ago)
Have a little walking tour on your next visit. Very close to the Tower of London, which you visited, there are parts of the old London walls. Some are built into the immediately surrounding architecture. Search on Google for London Wall. That will give you a good start.
Kyde and Eric (3 months ago)
I meant to go looking for it, but just didn't have the time. Next visit! -E
peebee143 (3 months ago)
The 'City of London' is an artificial border. It is not normally inhabited by the general public. Not a massive area by scale to the whole of London, but it is the locals who know, roughly, where it starts and ends. It's not like walking into the wrong part of Queens or Brooklyn, it's more like you go there for business, not for tourism. Go on a Sunday and be totally disappointed!
quarkwrok (1 month ago)
It's roughly a square mile (nickname is 'the square mile, also known as the City) and is the area within the old Roman city walls plus some extra bits (I think it was abandoned for a few hundred years after the Romans left). The names of the old city gates appear in some street and area names - Aldgate, Bishopsgate, Ludgate, Moorgate etc - an some other wall features have become street/area names (Houndsditch, Barbican). Originally almost all the Londoners lived within it but after the Great Fire many built homes outside.
Kyde and Eric (3 months ago)
You can find it by the dragon statues at the borders! -E
peebee143 (3 months ago)
The great fire of London started in a bake-house on Pudding Lane in the city, close to where the monument now stands. The monument was built in commemoration. I have walked up the steps to the external gallery near the top. It is a fairly narrow spiral staircase. Easy going up on the outside, wide part of the stair, kinda frightening coming back down on the inside, narrow part of the stairs! The great fire was attributed to have been the major cause of the destruction of the great plague of London which preceeded the fire. The plague was largely caused by London's fame as an international port, bringing with it plague infested vermin which spread to London's population.
peebee143 (3 months ago)
You have spoken several times about Tower Bridge. Did you find out that it is actually built of a steel skeleton, clad in stone, and was built in the late nineteenth century. Nowhere near as old as many believe it to be. Early photographs of its construction exist!
Kyde and Eric (3 months ago)
Had no idea! Very cool info! -E
peebee143 (3 months ago)
I used to be able to look out from my bedroom window from my home in North London, across the Thames valley. I could see St. Paul's Cathedral, the Post Office Tower (or whatever it is called these days) and various other land marks. Little was taller than 100 feet tall back then.
Kyde and Eric (3 months ago)
Wow, amazing. -E
peebee143 (3 months ago)
Probably clear by now that I am dissecting your video, and commenting as I go. London is a mass-association of villages. Its centre runs roughly East-West along the Thames valley. It is divided into several groups. (Theatreland, the City, the financial City and such.) It covers a truly massive area when taken in as a whole. It has one of the best (possibly the best) integrated transport system of any city, anywhere in the world.
quarkwrok (1 month ago)
Don't know about buses but London's rail system is number 2 in the world behind Tokyo (i'm a train nut!) so you got to experience the 2 biggest.
Kyde and Eric (3 months ago)
London's transport system is amazing considering it's age, but we live in Tokyo so we are a hard sell on how good transportation can be. I'll give you that London's buses are amazing though! -E
peebee143 (3 months ago)
The mesh is called chain mail. Designed to prevent weaponry from penetrating through to the wearer's body. The early equivalent of an armoured, or bullet-proof vest.
peebee143 (3 months ago)
The people executed were considered to be enemies of the state, and therefore, enemies of the British people. It helped to set an example of what would be expected for those who would betray the British realm.
peebee143 (3 months ago)
The grid-gate is a portcullis. The Draw-bridge is outside of the portcullis. On the back of the old 3d (three old penny) bit, which was 12 sided was a picture of a portcullis.
peebee143 (3 months ago)
Gargoyles. Watch the opening scenes of The Excorcist.
peebee143 (3 months ago)
They are the Yeoman Warders. They were a similar guard to the Swiss Guard looking after the Pope in Vatican City. Did you get to see the ceremony of the keys???
Kyde and Eric (3 months ago)
We didn't see the ceremony of the keys, nope. -E
peebee143 (3 months ago)
Soo glad you are lovin' my old home town. Been away from this place (Only 50 miles) for far too long. Chatting in the pub earlier with a guy, about how I would move back to certain parts of North London in an instant, if only I had the funds.
Sailing Legend (3 months ago)
You should come to Abu Dhabi the best public toilets in the world
Kyde and Eric (3 months ago)
Was there years ago, we have a video about it if you are curious. But we live in japan, so toilet game is hard to beat. -E
divergence films (3 months ago)
Fantastic little guide.

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