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Nintendo Direct: E3 2018

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Watch the Nintendo Direct: E3 2018 presentation to get a look at Nintendo Switch games for 2018, including the recently announced Super Smash Bros. game. 00:10 –  Daemon X Machina 01:55 – Xenoblade Chronicles 2: Torna - The Golden Country 04:42 – Pokémon: Let's Go, Pikachu! & Pokémon: Let's Go, Eevee! 06:08 – Super Mario Party 08:08 – Fire Emblem: Three Houses 10:03 – Fortnite 12:00 – Overcooked! 2 12:38 – Killer Queen Black 12:57 – Hollow Knight 14:15 – OCTOPATH TRAVELER 17:26 – Super Smash Bros. Ultimate #NintendoSwitch #NintendoE3 #E32018 #SmashBros Visit our E3 Hub: https://www.nintendo.co.uk/Games/E3/Nintendo-of-Europe-s-E3-2018-website-1370102.html?utm_medium=social&utm_source=youtube&utm_campaign=NintendoDirect%7CE3w24 Facebook Nintendo Switch: https://facebook.com/NintendoSwitch Facebook Nintendo: https://facebook.com/Nintendo Facebook Super Smash Bros.: https://facebook.com/SmashBros Twitter Nintendo UK: https://twitter.com/NintendoUK Twitch Nintendo UK: https://twitch.tv/NintendoUK Instagram Nintendo UK: https://instagram.com/NintendoUK YouTube Nintendo UK: https://bit.ly/2cREWfu
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Text Comments (463)
randall rosete (1 month ago)
Hope they have a statue or figure for first game! Whats the title again Zone of the Enders 3 (Daemon Machina)?
Waynetastic (1 month ago)
nintendo,can we get pikmin,animal crossing and maybe f-zero?
Kevin H (1 month ago)
I want to ride in the battle bus with Reggi
Igorex (1 month ago)
You could just add waluigi
gamerboy 69 (2 months ago)
Angela (2 months ago)
*W E R E I S W A L U I G I*
Tomás Belgas (2 months ago)
William Robertson (2 months ago)
i'm here just to like all the animal crossing comments lol
carlos torres (2 months ago)
yay, new smash:D
Lightning GayQueen (2 months ago)
I want PUBG on switch PUBG mobile port will do as well
Johann D'Souza (2 months ago)
I wanna know what the sound track for demons x machina is
Fox Mulder (2 months ago)
X Box E3: Blah Blah Blah Blah GAME Blah Blah Blah Blah! PS4 E3: Blah Blah Blah Blah GAME Blah Blah Blah Blah NINTENDO SWITCH: !!!GAME!!! Like its suppose to be!
Juneren Ninobla (2 months ago)
Did you mean: "¡¡¡GAME!!!"?
Erum Husain (2 months ago)
Animal crossing???
SuperBellyflop (2 months ago)
.....i just went and grabbed my Wavebird Gamecube controller. still one of the comfiest things to ever game with
Alessandra Di Filippo (3 months ago)
animal crossing 😭😭😭
AQWBlaZer91 (3 months ago)
Wicked showcase, loved the announced new fighters for Super Smash Bros Ultimate.
Joep Suttorp (3 months ago)
31:28 luigi wins by doing absolutely nothi- *nevermind*
Farfetch'd (3 months ago)
This is the best thing that ever happened to me
MirrorsEdgeworth2 (3 months ago)
A rousing success of a Direct. An overwhelming triumph!!!!
Eddie Ryan (3 months ago)
The cool Raven (3 months ago)
The Banjineer (3 months ago)
Dissapointing e3 for nintendo, smash doesnt win
Gabriel Vera (3 months ago)
Some1 help me plz ....they said crash bandicoot would realease June 29 but on the other trailer it said July 10....I'm so confused her me plz
Raynar Memory (3 months ago)
TudBoatTed (3 months ago)
The new 2ds XL is meant to keep going for another 3 years, people who bought it recently will be angry including me
TudBoatTed (3 months ago)
Nintendo 62, Nintendo 63, Nintendo 64
RossOriginals (3 months ago)
Calm thyne tits, Nintendo fans We know that Yoshi and Metroid games are in the works, that there will be a *real* Pokémon game next year, and it's very likely that popular series like Pikmin and Animal Crossing will get Switch games announced next year too, even if they don't come until 2020, Nintendo just want to make the most of their current titles first. The Switch has a long life ahead of it and there's still plenty to get excited for this year -- y'all were begging for Smash, after all.
Dear Liberals Decpacito (3 months ago)
I can’t wait to drop off the battle bus
Juneren Ninobla (3 months ago)
The reason why Waluigi still being an Assist Trophy is because his movesets are still not complete. Sir Sakurai tried to make it different from Mario, Luigi and Wario, but it didn't finished. "TOO BAD!" -Super Maro Sunshine, 2002
Marz1pan Crosson (3 months ago)
You have to bring back miiverse. #savemiiverse
Devon Barber (3 months ago)
Seriously so mad at Nintendo spitting in our faces with pocket camp and not giving a real animal crossing game
Blank The Hedgehog (3 months ago)
Heeeeelllllll yeaaaaaahhhhh
Matthew Clark (3 months ago)
Smash looks amazing, also glad to see OoT Ganondorf back instead of TP version :D
DDD033 (3 months ago)
I love these fun yet EPIC presentations! :D Nintendo is awesome
Marth Vader (3 months ago)
sinkiy (3 months ago)
Is this really nintendos e3 ? Wtf are these lame looking games? This can't be nintendos e3 games?
Your local weeaboo (3 months ago)
everyone is asking about animal crossing crossing and metroid 4, what I want to know IS HOW DID RIDLEY INSTA-KILL LINK?! 41:53
DionThronton99 (3 months ago)
Nintendo always get people in ads who look nothing like they would play a switch
Meiring SuperDudeGamer (3 months ago)
I got Fortnite and I’m 9
Jessuw Sweetheart (3 months ago)
What a joke... For one game 25 min.. And no animal crossing, Luigis mansions 3,metroid... What is going on?!
Noel John G. Quezon (3 months ago)
Where's Metroid Prime 4 and Yoshi.
cb (3 months ago)
they attacked us so lightly, theyre definitely hiding something huge for the next direct
Rickyリッキー (3 months ago)
Where's Animal Crossing :(
tionik06 (3 months ago)
Hi, Nintendo. Remember 3DS?
Markus Schmidt (3 months ago)
Really? 25 minutes to announce: nothing new for ssb ..?!
Rob Burgess (3 months ago)
Just port The Wind Waker HD and Twilight Princess HD to Switch, please. I would give you all my money!
Poisonpede (3 months ago)
Another year that Nintendo releases epic staples like smash and Mario party = another year we hear nothing about pikmin 4
waj171 (3 months ago)
UGT Corporation (3 months ago)
When your late for school and your trying to get in the car, but your parents don't allow it... 42:02
SethBlizzard (3 months ago)
Thank you for making Bowser playable in Mario Party at long last!
01hondascott (3 months ago)
wtf no excite bike switch? anyone wanna buy my switch?
Crustache Potato (3 months ago)
Am I the only one who is actually happy that springman isn't in Smash Ultimate? I just feel as if he is a character that is too brand new to nintendo and I don't feel as if his standards fit with the game.
Steam Account (3 months ago)
Nintendo & Rockstar Hope in next E3 or next year in GTA 5 please!! 🙏🙏🙏🙏
Kattman (3 months ago)
SMF GAMER SAS (3 months ago)
Meganthx ‘ (3 months ago)
animal crossing? I hope that they are working on future animal crossing games, one of my favourite Nintendo series
M4xECuTIoN (3 months ago)
I think they should have concentrated more on the characters that appear in smash bros.
Dannystar64 (3 months ago)
question. when you mean streamlined the unlocks, do you mean it'll be easier to unlock all characters than past games?
Buffalo Babyblue (3 months ago)
renamed smash direct. Pretty mediocre overall and a weak E3, hopefully will have some more heavy hitters next year or later this, the trouble is Ninty are constantly playing catch up, the advertising is getting better, the indie support helps, but in terms of killer apps and big name titles it is really starting to drift towards 2nd half of Wii territory and missing out on more and more, if they do not have some new Technology ready for 2020 it is going to be game over for Switch because it will be 1 and a half gens behind. Already took a hit in the market over 6%, going to miss software targets. It is not a case of The Emperor has no Clothes, just that They are Still in the Wash, and ninty needs to get a Tumble Dryer ASAP before they lose too much ground again.
Joe Graven (2 months ago)
Aaron Babyblue “Game Over”? Are you kidding? Please tell me you are not actually this stupid. A company especially one as rich as Nintendo will not be done for or doomed just because you personally decided you don’t like any of the third party and first party games coming. Trust me idiot this fall sales for Pokémon and smash will explode whether or not your dumbass buys it. Nintendo doesn’t use e3 to blow all of their games you new Nintendo fans are so oblivious. Even if the switch had failed at launch it would never mean Nintendo would leave the console race, some of you idiots don’t seem to know what cash “reserves” are, it’s something you learn in a University which I think you should attend.
Panda lolo (3 months ago)
All we need now is Animal Crossing
A Raichu (3 months ago)
The old characters from Brawl are back?! Nintendo sure is in their A game this year. Not that I'm complaining or anything. Oh well. Guess I'd better save up for a switch.
allison is bipolar (3 months ago)
1. No Animal Crossing?! 2. These games are only for the switch... looks like I bought the *NEW* 3DS XL for nothing
Victoria Grace (3 months ago)
allison is bipolar They already have Animal Crossing: New Leaf for the 3ds.
Dr Rackpull (3 months ago)
No pikmin 4 again
Lena Hyche (3 months ago)
BlackHeart (3 months ago)
The mecha game at the beginning of this video... Nice Armored Core rip off.
JohnCJr (3 months ago)
Chad Zeller (3 months ago)
A few solid games but man, what a disappointment from Nintendo. Where are the multitude of new AAA games?
Milan5605 (3 months ago)
and for some cost unlock bootloader - with menu load script,choose os?
med X (3 months ago)
I want an American account to open the Nintendo Switch market
Dextro00 (3 months ago)
please nintendo...add Goemon, Ebisumaru, Sasuke and Yae from Mystical Ninja PLEASE!!! Its my dream to see this characters again!
UniversalSkullCandy (3 months ago)
Am i the only one that wants a new original style zelda game? Green tunic and all?
multiyapples (3 months ago)
SupaDude13 (3 months ago)
I truly appreciate the new smash and everything it’s gonna deliver to us!...... But Nintendo, please, please just finally add WALUIGI to the game 😭 he’s the last one we want 😩
Thunder Lips (3 months ago)
Definitely a children's console. Nothing wrong with that at all. Just wanted to let the grown ups know because some of you are trapped in the mind of Michael Jackson without the talent or the money
Mr Gentleman (3 months ago)
"Pegi 18"…"Definitely a children's console"
Ivan RIVERA (3 months ago)
GogupTheTaco (3 months ago)
As for the few new characters we should expect... Rayman Spring Man/Ribbon Girl (echo) Decidueye Bandana Waddle Dee Crash Captain Toad pls this is all I want
der Dennis (3 months ago)
Really disappointing. Should have gotten a switch.
ZernoCoreMaybe??? (3 months ago)
At the Ridley part I thought it was teasing a new story mode... =(
Kristoffer Ek (3 months ago)
about time we get a chance to play as Ridley. he's been in all Smash bros games in one form or another be it as a trophy or boss fight.
Ben Bingham (3 months ago)
Sakari I want new characters
Josh M (3 months ago)
I got so mad when i realized the date is not in the U.S. format and is coming out december 7th not july 12th.......
jake nikolia (3 months ago)
nintendo y no u show metroid prime 4
Toad Ette (3 months ago)
Worst press conference this year !
IceyGamer241 Icey (3 months ago)
Snake the reptile human
IceyGamer241 Icey (3 months ago)
Jamion (3 months ago)
Toby Trower (3 months ago)
Dose the switch have fortnite STW or just battle royale
Jocob (3 months ago)
Ridley yes finally
zakaullah khalid (3 months ago)
Screw walaugi i wanted old man from zelda botw
Sergelgar (3 months ago)
do they release a new fire emblem every month?
Kimchirii (3 months ago)
Where is Waluigi smh
dandoessomethings (3 months ago)
19:52 They actually added Sans, I wasn't expecting that.
Magnus Bjornson (3 months ago)
Waluigi still a benchwarmer
DriedMoss (3 months ago)
I think this will be the first year I get into Super Smash Bros. That roster is exciting!
DriedMoss (3 months ago)
Sorry, I like all the stuff they talked about, but I was hoping for news on Metroid Prime 4. Sad that we didn't even get a trailer. I can wait until 2019 to play it, but not even an update is too bad.
Pacifist OrGenocide (3 months ago)
But smash 5, btw didn't you see the last scene on smash 5?
Audfile (3 months ago)
Where the heck is Metroid??
TheShiningRod (3 months ago)
Looks great, one problem though, I have no friends...
Amber Wells (2 months ago)
I don’t have freinds either bro
Alfian Nugraha (3 months ago)
RayRay A savage!!! :v
Lydia Pickup (3 months ago)
TheShiningRod h
Matthew Clark (3 months ago)
I don't have friends or a Switch XD
Ludy Vinarao (3 months ago)
TheShiningRod you poor soul
Albi Losha (3 months ago)
What kind of retarded adults play video games in a cafeteria ? really these ads are terrible.Ive never seen someone playing anything beside a smartphone outdoors so nintendo wake up please.Actully the only time ive used switch as handheld was when i was visiting my brother who lives really far.
sonicbun (3 months ago)
don't have NS but this is waay better than that pos square enix presentation.
SkXriXdeX 45 (3 months ago)
I’m i the only one who remembered seeing a pixelated arc game?
galaxy destroyer (3 months ago)
but da 3ds

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