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$1000 Gaming PC Build GTX 1070 Ti (w/ Benchmarks)

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How to Build a Gaming PC, GTX 1070 Ti & AMD Ryzen 5 1600 Games tested PUBG, GTA 5, Overwatch, Rainbow Six Siege, Battlefield 1 with Benchmarks/Gameplay! Budget $1000 Gaming PC Build Guide for 2018! ►SYSTEM SPECS (PC PARTS LIST)◄ Nvidia Geforce GTX 1070 Ti 8GB ZOTAC Graphics card (USA Link) - http://amzn.to/2DIZbnS (International) - http://geni.us/QB1VMdF MSI B350 TOMAHAWK Gaming AM4 Motherboard (USA Link) - http://amzn.to/2ElnOZ5 (International) - http://geni.us/OB75dBm AMD Ryzen 5 1600 Processor (USA Link) - http://amzn.to/2FtAQmn (International) - http://geni.us/MfKHBjv Ballistix Sport 8GB DDR4 RAM 2666 (USA Link) - http://amzn.to/2rL3UUM (International) - http://geni.us/wL1I8mz EVGA 550 B3 Fully Modular BRONZE Power Supply (USA Link) - http://amzn.to/2Gu5EoK (International) - http://geni.us/B6wA ADATA SU700 120GB SSD (USA Link) - http://amzn.to/2DJtU4q (International) - http://geni.us/Bkvm3S WD Blue 1TB Hard Drive (USA Link) - http://amzn.to/2DKQuJQ (International) - http://geni.us/JCTXwAt Cooler Master MasterBox Lite 5 RGB ATX Case (USA Link) - http://amzn.to/2rOP1ki (International) - http://geni.us/nUeJ Total: Under $1100USD Optional: RGB LED Strip (USA Link) - http://amzn.to/2DJr0wd (International) - http://geni.us/2pSNff8 TP-Link N150 USB Wireless Adapter (USA Link) - http://amzn.to/2BCrm60 (International) - http://geni.us/VtoyT1Q GEAR USED IN THIS VIDEO: Razer Naga Chroma Mouse (USA Link) - http://amzn.to/2BBQ06I (International) - http://geni.us/Ulyg3A ASUS VG248QE 144Hz Gaming Monitor https://youtu.be/hcH1q2LGB7w ►Socials Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/joeyslittlemind Twitter: https://twitter.com/joeyslittlemind GAMES TESTED in 1920x1080 & 4K Resolution: Grand Theft Auto 5 GTA 5 - Custom Settings (in the video) Rainbow Six Siege R6S - Ultra Preset Overwatch - Ultra Preset Battlefield 1 BF1 - Ultra Preset PLAYER UNKNOWN BATTLEGROUNDS PUBG - High Preset All Gameplay was recorded on the same PC using the GeForce Experience program onto an external hard drive. This video is a full guide on how to build a gaming PC step by step. It will also show you how to update the bios and overclock your AMD Ryzen CPU & Everything else you need to know! https://youtu.be/BZXmy0bZ-_s -- CHEAP PC Games | Super Low Prices! https://www.g2a.com/r/joeyslittlemind How to Install Windows 10 from a USB Flash Drive for Free! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bkafkI32Cs0 MSI B350 TOMAHAWK Gaming AM4 Motherboard Bios & Drivers https://www.msi.com/Motherboard/support/B350-TOMAHAWK
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Text Comments (3927)
Joey Delgado (23 days ago)
NEW Gaming PC Build! Check it out here https://youtu.be/5maxc13iwEw :D
Chris Breezy (1 day ago)
I dont know much about it but would like to build a gaming PC. Could you replace the 1070 gtx gpu with the newer 2080 card later if we want to on this build?
Will Diver (17 days ago)
Joey Delgado c
Doge (21 days ago)
Can someone please say me the name of the song between 06:09 to 07:55 , pls ?
ApolloTM (23 days ago)
Do i need a fan splitter for this 1k build?
Rodrigo Sanchez (1 hour ago)
Song name?
Rox Music (4 hours ago)
Someone please help. Is this build good for streaming and playing at 60 fps?
_MerakI_ GameR_ (5 hours ago)
Hey joey what is name of this song bro???
Ronto (5 hours ago)
Did you oc?
Rox Music (11 hours ago)
6 core processor. "It's chillin" 🤣❤️
MrRonnyac96 (15 hours ago)
Anyone have like a very good keyboard and mouse they recommend?
Rox Music (1 day ago)
Don't buy the Lite 5 rgb cabinet. You are gonna have air flow and temperature problems in future.
Rox Music (1 day ago)
Is 550w psu futureproof?
FilyPlays (1 day ago)
will this build work with the GTX 1070 Ti the normal one instead of the mini?
Abed abed (1 day ago)
Can i use a different case but still a cooler master? Like cooler master master box mb600l atx -micro atx-mini itx acrylic side panel cpu casing ?
Peter Tadj (1 day ago)
Whats the song during the speed build called?
MrRonnyac96 (1 day ago)
same this song was good XD
Random Stuff (2 days ago)
Would this build work in a NZXT 340 elite?
JustAfarCryFan (5 hours ago)
Lol of course it will. Nzxt s340 elite is just a case. You will just need to buy 2 extra fans for the front of the case
Lorenzo Alvarez (1 day ago)
MrRonnyac96 (2 days ago)
Another question about this, since I am buying geoforce maybe later since I am buying parts little by little and just incase this 1070ti is not available, is there another newer one I can put or will there be more or what, what do yall recommend me to do?
Kurdikid (3 days ago)
$400 build please
Brendan Boaz (3 days ago)
How does it run fortnite
MauricioMartinez0707 (3 days ago)
You're cool as fuck dude
What Tf (3 days ago)
can i get 16gb ram with this setup? and also the sd card is not available a good substitute?
SOCCER AVI (3 days ago)
anyone know the song plss
Fan Channel (4 days ago)
My 7 year old i7 920 will still out perform this waste of money.
Wrizzer Gaming (4 days ago)
How much this build cost now in September 2018?🙄
Abed abed (2 days ago)
+Wrizzer Gaming thanks
Wrizzer Gaming (2 days ago)
+Abed abed nice ☺
Abed abed (2 days ago)
I am building this pc and its a 1088$ ps i upgraded the ssd into samsung 250 and hdd into 2tb seagate and ryzen to 2600 just sharin 😊
Wrizzer Gaming (3 days ago)
I have seen Gtx 1080 for 420$ and Asus 1060 for 298$
Magic Clan (3 days ago)
Should have gone down tbh
lil Joey (4 days ago)
Bro please can you give me a pc!!
MrRonnyac96 (4 days ago)
is there anyway to cool it down more? sorry for not specific questions, very noobish
MrRonnyac96 (4 days ago)
i got a question and need an expert on this since I am learning how build my own, since the ssd is not available almost no where can you get the su800 on this? the one with blue cover
MrRonnyac96 (3 days ago)
+Justin Krapels thank you, I just need someone that know this since never done this before hahaa
Justin Krapels (4 days ago)
Yeah man. I'm getting this build with that exact ssd
Requenz (6 days ago)
I wonder how much fps this pc can get in H1Z1 with ultra preset settings...
KyleC_95 (6 days ago)
Could I put a icore 7 in this
ScellyCraft YT (6 days ago)
Mischa077 (9 days ago)
What keyboard was u using
Alex Day (9 days ago)
What song is this
N oe (3 days ago)
+Alex Day Chris coral
Alex Day (3 days ago)
+N oe do you know what artist
N oe (3 days ago)
We all fall down
enchong go (10 days ago)
Joey.. 500watt is enough?
Flame (10 days ago)
its like 700now
James Brown (11 days ago)
Is there another case that works with this? Just wondering because the one listed is not available right now and it’s not under amazon prime so it would probably take a lot longer to get to an FPO address. Great video can’t wait to try this set up!
James Brown (9 days ago)
ALAA EDITS awesome will do thanks!
ALAA EDITS (10 days ago)
check his new 1070ti build pretty much the same case but this one without those large 4 stands
Andrewskate23 (11 days ago)
This build as of now is $873.72
Ev hydro (11 days ago)
Do a £500 pc
Loaf (12 days ago)
Do i have to go with this case or can i get something different?
Luka RK (12 days ago)
FAKE 1070 TI ALONE IS $700!
ALAA EDITS (10 days ago)
now its for 450$
Luka RK (10 days ago)
Noup 7 months ago - $750 Now - $690
arvee (10 days ago)
This video was made 7 months ago, of course the prices have changed
Shopify Expert (12 days ago)
Great Video Love it! One of my client which is 16 years old message me. Hi, I want to buy a gaming PC! But I had only a few bucks I want to earn few more to get the most expensive PC. can I starting this drop shipping store like you are doing. I say Yes Why not. Then the little guy starts working on it. Then no surprise hard works pay off. Now he is running a Full-time drop shipping store and earing a good passive income. Then I release Gaming is the best thing to get motivated.
Im Fonky (12 days ago)
What's the song's name
Sealpup Brown (12 days ago)
BTW i wasted like two weeks slaveing away to try to fix the pc after i built it. My problem was that i got the RYZEN 2600!!!! Which is not compaitable with the older mother board shown in the vedio. ARGH! The Tech company that my pc was sent to be fixed figured this out. Make sure not to make the same mistake i did, make sure to check your mother board and cpu not only for brand compatibility but as well as the CPU's compatibility with your mother board and see if you need to upgrade or down grade Motherboards. LATER BOYS
MrRonnyac96 (1 day ago)
wait is it the same build from this video that you used the 2600 on instead of 1600?
Sealpup Brown (4 days ago)
Im using my new computer to write this message boys TIME FOR 4K PORN!
ELITE UpZ (12 days ago)
I'm in the UK and most of the parts are like 20 or 10 or even 30 % off
Alptekin5885 (12 days ago)
Hey guys, I reccomend buying the 16gb pack of ram, its your choice. A gaming pc like this should not have 8 gb of ram.
witch blades (12 days ago)
can i get an intel build with a 1080 for 1,300 rn?
sulejman (13 days ago)
ram is not compatible with motherboard...
Prime Niva (13 days ago)
Will the PC run without a graphics card?
Justin Krapels (13 days ago)
Should I switch the ryzen 5 1600 for the ryzen 7 1700? And if so do I need to change anything in the build?
Justin Krapels (13 days ago)
+qaisarQ thanks man! And what about the 1600x?
qaisarQ (13 days ago)
I'd get the Ryzen 5 2600 since it is 2nd gen and also get a B450 board that supports Second Generation Ryzen right out of the box. The R5 2600 is slightly better than the 1600.
TheUnthinkableGaming (14 days ago)
hey joey i built this and only get 120 fps on siege at same settings
Tyler Jones (14 days ago)
So just started watching your vids and with more options would you go with the 1600x or 1600 pairing it with still the 1070ti?
Random Stuff (15 days ago)
Does it do well on fortnite?
Random Stuff (14 days ago)
+IziSMusic on epic settings wow nice
IziSMusic (14 days ago)
Random Stuff yes it’s around 100 fps
Stevo Lam (15 days ago)
Sorry bro...but I don’t know how I feel about keeping the stock air cooler around :/ obviously you won’t be overclocking.
Prime Niva (15 days ago)
Question can i go with AMD RYZEN 7 2700X with this build?
Prime Niva (13 days ago)
+qaisarQ thanks
qaisarQ (13 days ago)
Yes, but you would need a B450 or X470 motherboard since it is second generation Ryzen.
ScopeZ (15 days ago)
Does anyone know if a AMD RYZEN 3 works on this motherboard
ScopeZ (14 days ago)
Ok thanks
kn (15 days ago)
Adrian Centeno (15 days ago)
Can it run well with vr
Łàżłœ (15 days ago)
Can I use a zotac 1070 ti AMP! Instead of nvidia?
Dyspo (16 days ago)
In my country only the gtx 1070 ti cost 1000 USD xD
Khiel Edora (16 days ago)
joey can i use gigabyte ab350m ds3h mother board?
Hauliansiam samte (16 days ago)
I7 for editing.???
RAY M (16 days ago)
siege at running 50% taa...
Benno (16 days ago)
If you live in Australia this whole pc costs around $1220
rappers diss (16 days ago)
Man I like that you put little figure in it,😊
Razon Tech (17 days ago)
I got my 1060 6gb for 379.99 on amazon
Wolfborn 123 (17 days ago)
just got a 980ti for $270
fikoo (17 days ago)
i play gta on 30fps :)
Matus Jerdonek (17 days ago)
Do it bottleneck?
kn (15 days ago)
Evan Peou (17 days ago)
any other cases? (preferably nzxt)
qaisarQ (13 days ago)
look into the NZXT H500
Aryan Rao (18 days ago)
Is digital storm a rip-off if a $1000 pc is running a gtx 1050 it and this one is running a 1070ti at the same price
Justin Krapels (4 days ago)
whaha yeah
albi shehu (18 days ago)
fakin thx
Amin maa (18 days ago)
Whats the song ?
FnT _ (19 days ago)
Can an i5 8400 fit in this gaming PC?
kosgamp (19 days ago)
can i5 8400 fit in this gaming pc ?
ray tan (19 days ago)
I really love your channel i hope someone can donate a gaming pc for me its too hard to get here in philippines coz the prices are too high how sad😑
RIHNOTIME17 (19 days ago)
Song name please that is used in the video
daniel huang (19 days ago)
What gaming mouse r u using?
kn (15 days ago)
Razer Naga Chroma Mouse
Ian Minielly (19 days ago)
I need help building this pc can someone reply to help me
Gamesk0 (18 days ago)
Ian Minielly I never built a pc myself but I am planning on it. You could watch a video on how to put it all together or look at /r/buildapc on reddit and they can help you
Santana Martinez (19 days ago)
What is the song
justice mcdaniel (19 days ago)
Hey Joey. What do you do about static on that table?
Dean M (19 days ago)
Is this case still a good option, coz i see lot of people saying it has bad air flow and i really like the case
NBD Loamshack (19 days ago)
dude you can get a 120 gb ssd for 30 bucks from microsoft and its freaking amazing
Blaze Icesword (19 days ago)
I build this pc and it does not want to turn on??? What can I do? Plz help
Nathan S (16 days ago)
Idk do you have pics? Will it turn on at all? Did you flip the power source switch in the back?
Deer (20 days ago)
Can I stick a 1080 to in this build?
Jeskey Shane Evora (20 days ago)
Hey is this good For streaming ?? And someone try playing tekken7 with this build is it good?
I SHOT A PIG (20 days ago)
How is Joey hitting 150s on ultra for siege? I built the exact same build except the amp extreme and ryzen 1700 but I'm not getting his speeds
Braden Boudreau (21 days ago)
Can I upgrade the CPU to a Ryzen 5 2600
Nathan S (9 days ago)
Braden Boudreau  I just ended up getting the 1070TI, works super good, I upgraded the processor to a Ryzen 5 2600, getting like 140 FPS on Fortnite all epic settings. So idk its up to you but I wouldn't personally wanna buy a 1060ti just to use it for a year.
Braden Boudreau (11 days ago)
Nathan S did you get a 1070ti as well? I’m thinking about getting a 1060 and then upgrading the gpu to a 1080ti or something in a year or so
Nathan S (16 days ago)
That's what I did it works great!
Tyler Gowan (21 days ago)
This build is currently (late August) going for 923.82.
Tyler Gowan (21 days ago)
Prices have dropped so much. On Amazon the Zotac GTX 1070 ti mini is going for $399!
ApolloTM (7 days ago)
+Blastboysnone ti is $350 for me
Blastboys (7 days ago)
Here in France it fucking 550$ for. Non ti, fuuuuuuu
ApolloTM (14 days ago)
I build this for $800
axtro286 (17 days ago)
Tyler Gowan and 1070 ti strix oc costs only 480 dollars
Tyler Gowan (18 days ago)
Jaad Krayem yep
ThOr (21 days ago)
umm help me here amd ryzen 5 stock cooler has pre-applied thermal paste? how u isntall it do we have to remove the white thing or just install right outta box
Nathan S (15 days ago)
Not sure, but I didn't have any of those problems, I don't build very many PCs but I guess just get one the same size and check the reviews!
Evan Peou (16 days ago)
Nathan S some people were saying they were having problem with one of the pins and I don’t really like the current case do you recommend an alternative one?
Nathan S (16 days ago)
No, make sure all the fans are plugged into the motherboard, as for the case, the cables were hard to fit but you just have to adjust them. What's the problem?
Evan Peou (16 days ago)
Nathan S did you have trouble with the fans or case?
Nathan S (16 days ago)
Watch this, https://youtu.be/BZXmy0bZ-_s?t=3m12s , yeah the white stuff is the paste!
SuperBarry (14 days ago)
Nice to see prices are down. I did a list with a new monitor and some rgb and it came out to $1211. (The monitor is 144hz and the AIO plus RGB ram didn't bring it up much, so this is a great list.) EDIT: Did the build exactly, and it came out to $927. Gotta love price drops!
fernan Isaig (21 days ago)
What app is he using in checking fps? Anyone help
Smitha Reddy (21 days ago)
I used the same build with a nzxt s340 case and a g skill ripsaw v with 16 GB. I also overclocked and I have to say it was a straight out BEAST!
Doge (21 days ago)
Can someone please say me the name of the song between 06:09 to 07:55 , pls ?
Thai Dang (22 days ago)
Hey Joey! I saw you built some pcs with intel cpu but some with ryzen. Which one do you prefer? Just curious. Trying to build my first pc. Thx :)
omar hussein (22 days ago)
Rasovin (22 days ago)
Y O U K A I (22 days ago)
For anyone who doesn't know how to build computers and a build under 1000$ I built this on ironside.com basically just ask no thanks for everything and get the keyboard bundle that comes with the mouse and I don't have a monitor so if you don't just get the cheapest one! :) Total Price with Instant Savings: $977.00 Direct Load URL: https://www.digitalstorm.com/configurator.asp?id=2029426 Specifications:  Chassis Model: Digital Storm VANQUISH 7 - Level 1 Exterior Finish: - Standard Factory Finish Trim Accents: - Standard Factory Finish Processor: AMD Ryzen 5 2400G (4-Core) (Boost Up to 3.9 GHz) Motherboard: ASUS / MSI (AMD A320M Chipset) (Up to 2x PCI-E Devices) System Memory: 8GB DDR4 Digital Storm Performance Series Power Supply: 600W Digital Storm Performance Series (Supports up to an NVIDIA GTX 1080 GPU) Expansion Bay: - No Thanks Optical Drive: - No Thanks Storage Set 1: 1x Storage (2TB Seagate / Toshiba) Storage Set 2: - No Thanks Storage Set 3: - No Thanks RAID Config: - No Thanks RAID Card: - No Thanks Internet Access: High Speed Network Port (Supports High-Speed Cable / DSL / Network Connections) Graphics Card(s): Radeon RX Vega 11 Graphics Sound Card: Integrated Motherboard Audio HPC Processor: - No Thanks Extreme Cooling: AMD Standard Factory Heat-sink and Fan HydroLux Tubing Style: - Not Applicable, I do not have a custom HydroLux liquid cooling system selected HydroLux Fluid Color: - Not Applicable, I do not have a custom HydroLux liquid cooling system selected Cable Management: Premium Cable Management (Strategically Routed & Organized for Airflow) Chassis Fans: Standard Factory Chassis Fans Internal Lighting: Remote Controlled LED Lighting System (Multiple color options and lighting effects) Airflow Control: - No Thanks Chassis Mods: - No Thanks Noise Reduction: - No Thanks LaserMark: - No Thanks Boost Processor: Stock Factory Turbo Boost Advanced Automatic Overclocking Boost Graphics Card(s): - No Thanks, Please do not overclock my video card(s) Boost OS: - No Thanks, Please do not tweak the services on the operating system Windows OS: Microsoft Windows 10 Home (64-Bit Edition) Recovery Tools: USB Drive - Windows 10 Installation (Format and Clean Install) Virus Protection: Windows Defender Antivirus (Built-in to Windows 10) Office: - No Thanks Game: - No Thanks Display: MSI 24 inch MAG24C Curved Series (144Hz Refresh) (1ms Response) (1920x1080) <br><strong></strong> Surge Shield: - No Thanks Speakers: - No Thanks Keyboard: CM Storm Devastator 3 Bundle (RGB) (Gaming Keyboard & Gaming Mouse) <br><strong></strong> Mouse: - No Thanks Branded Gear: - No Thanks Priority Build: - No Thanks, Ship Within 3-5 Business Days After Order Is Successfully Processed Warranty: Life-time Expert Care with 3 Year Limited Warranty (3 Year Labor & 1 Year Part Replacement
Llama Dev (22 days ago)
The SSD went out of stock, replacing it to a ADATA SU800 still work with it?
kn (15 days ago)
any ssd brand will work
Jon 710 (22 days ago)
came out to 1,099 thanks bro!
ApolloTM (23 days ago)
Do i need a fan splitter? Respond asap please
ApolloTM (14 days ago)
+kn oh okay thanks
kn (15 days ago)
depends how much fans you want in your pc look up your motherboard and see how many fan headers it has and do the math
TenSilver (23 days ago)
But can it run Galaga?
rafael ascencio (23 days ago)
Need to know would it matter if I put a regular gtx 1070 ti or does it have to be mini for this build and mother board
newb Łyfe (23 days ago)
Song? During time lapse
Chase Daignault (23 days ago)
I feel like the graphics card is too powerful for the cpu. I need a new cpu and i have the 1070ti idk what to pair it with
Skyupperbot (18 days ago)
+Noah Ahmed do ryzen bc the motherboard shouldnt be compatable with intel
Noah Ahmed (21 days ago)
Chase Daignault i5 8400 is nice and if Ryzen do the 2600

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