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This is a Handheld Gaming PC

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Get 10% off any purchase with Squarespace! http://www.squarespace.com/austin This tiny handheld gaming PC can run actual Windows 10 games. GPD Win 2: https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/gpd-win-2-handheld-game-console-for-aaa-games-laptop#/ Subscribe! http://www.youtube.com/austinevans Instagram: http://instagram.com/austinnotduncan Twitter: http://twitter.com/austinnotduncan Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/austinnotduncan
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Text Comments (3848)
Austin Evans (6 months ago)
Would you rather buy a Switch or this Win 2?
MisterChilli Gaming (9 days ago)
Iam commenting to get this to 500 comments
William Moreno (1 month ago)
Win 2
ayan ghosh tv (3 months ago)
Gameing In Terraria (3 months ago)
Austin Evans 500
Mr. Dumbo (4 months ago)
Austin Evans A switch (well I already have a switch) but the Win 2 is still noice! 👌
Cooldude TV (5 hours ago)
I like your accent when you say hey guys
Kubajkos CZ (1 day ago)
Can i play terraria on gamepad?
gamadi the gamer (1 day ago)
So you mean a switch and a laptop fused toghether ?
One Dark Artist (1 day ago)
Wow. This thing is more powerful than my pc.
Antonio Garcia (3 days ago)
Can you play Fortnite
Jan Hercog (3 days ago)
Can it run the switch emulator ?
JAMES 008 (4 days ago)
But can it run rust?
Niko Bellic (4 days ago)
watched this on my GPD
MayroSMO (5 days ago)
This thing is better than my laptop
CrafterGuy03 (5 days ago)
So I already have a switch and a $400 Acer aspire e15 with 4th ram and like 1000 gb hard drive, with an I5 processor. 650 bucks? That will take literally forever to earn but if it can play starbound on the go I'm in
Knockers (5 days ago)
Were can I get one??
Darkness (5 days ago)
U know, what a kendama is?!
Cameron McGuinness (6 days ago)
Hey guys zzsszzzs Austin
Jav Hop (6 days ago)
But can it run fortnite????
London Roberts (8 days ago)
*But can it play fortnite?*
ThePkTrainer (8 days ago)
I have 800$... Use it on the win Get a switch Pro controller Case Screen protector Pre order smash Pre order Pokémon let’s go Get legend of Zelda Get Mario odyssey Get splatoon 2... What? I had a little extra.. I would go for the win *(sarcastic sarcasm intensifies)*
HUSSAIN KAZMI (9 days ago)
Win 2. It can run gta 5
Hero of time (9 days ago)
boi i would put Kali Linux any of the white hat boi get my jist
It’s Nick Everyone (9 days ago)
Some recommend me a good emulator console ? Thanks
kill oson (10 days ago)
Funny stpry short my computer have only 2 GB of ram :p
Jim Waldsmit (10 days ago)
For 800 dollars I could buy 2 switches
FM1 FM1 (12 days ago)
That's better then my PC😂🤣
The Hobby Spot (12 days ago)
Man I can barely run csgo on ultra low settings I get 10fps and I have a full sized computer
Elise Hwui (13 days ago)
Can you play fortnite on it ?
ilias008 (13 days ago)
This is pretty cool. I'd like to see more gameplay on it.
Patrick Star (13 days ago)
The new nintendo 3ds looks good
Greg Riabov (13 days ago)
a handheld gaming pc is a laptop
MineBoom (14 days ago)
I'd totally buy this if I had the money. For the kind of games I play, it would be perfect for taking with me on long trips in the car.
Tazboy (14 days ago)
sniperhippo 245 (15 days ago)
Play fortnite on it
forekez (15 days ago)
Now test it on fortnite
Sawyer Strange (16 days ago)
Man you are fucking nerdy as fuck
SafariLoading (16 days ago)
Well I know what I’m using my college savings for
Dialix Cloud (17 days ago)
Meu deus cara, is much better than my poor pc, hahahaha.
ztheasian (18 days ago)
Cool! The DS is back!
TCTIGER31 (19 days ago)
You didn't play fortnite on it
bluey (19 days ago)
Ryan Abraham (19 days ago)
Anybody getting mad at the way the controller is made because i noticed that A is yellow and Y is green 😅😡
Cameron Dindal (20 days ago)
Still better I/O than a macbook
solarlola 9 (20 days ago)
It should cost $250
K1NG_SLAY3R_501 (21 days ago)
theRtardHouse (21 days ago)
Use it as a high res ds emulator/mini content streamer
SilverHelmet (21 days ago)
*This is a Handheld Austin Evans*
goalkeeper4life (21 days ago)
Can it run fortnite?
TheDualityeq (20 days ago)
goalkeeper4life I've been playing destiny 2 and the division on it. I'm sure it'll run fortnite on high settings easy
Gabriel Marchbank (22 days ago)
so a nintendo 3ds made into a gaming pc on a 720p display sounds like the xbox 360 fused with a fucking nintendo 3ds xl to me
T.L. (22 days ago)
Make a dock w/ the usb-c, micro hdmi, add a bluethooth mouse and keyboard and there you go, your own pc switch
Reima (22 days ago)
Id buy one over the switch, but i dont feel comfortable over the pricing. Hopefully one day the product will be more available in the marketplace rather having to heavily rely on exporting
Mike Maher (23 days ago)
Better than my regular pc lol
Eric With The Memes (24 days ago)
I'm Supprised He Dident Try Fortnite
BlueGrass Adventures (25 days ago)
Could it run Minecraft?
elementalpanda9 (25 days ago)
You should buy a gaming laptop at 900
Fuck life (25 days ago)
*Dat moment when u dropped da expensive "GPD"*
Christian Climbs (25 days ago)
Nintendo 3ds looking ass
elemileTLDR (25 days ago)
About as poor review as Linus's.
Daniel Tube (25 days ago)
That moment when your $800 pc the size of a 3DS has more ports than your $1500 MacBook 😑
Some Guy (11 days ago)
it gets to because it's thick. a macbook (don't pretend you have one) is, by contrast, not thick, because it doesn't have to be comfortable to hold in your hands for extended periods of time. a macbook is not a system for people who need to have 6 different bells, whistles and USB desk fans plugged in at the same time, it is an all inclusive laptop package to be used by itself.
ŮPŘ-WarRobots (26 days ago)
*Me Wow i can play cs go, outland, terraria 1.3, starbound, halo spartan strike, and even more? *every other person watching Oh wow i can play fortnut now anywere
The frost thing (27 days ago)
It looks like a Nvidia shield portable
no he (27 days ago)
best guy
MotorCoast (27 days ago)
Just buy a Xbox one x, or PS4. And I'm excited for next gta update
Game Changing (28 days ago)
run fortnite on it
Pineapple minecart (29 days ago)
I would never buy this $2000 for a mini gaming pc no way!!!!!!!!!!!
joshgelz (30 days ago)
Yeah but it cost around 800 bucks! With that much you could build a gaming PC that would easily out perform that
nightmare 1337 (1 month ago)
That small thing is better then my pc
THOTS BE GONE69 (1 month ago)
Can i watch porn on that little thing?
bread bread (1 month ago)
Play fortnite on it
Karlo Pasaribu (1 month ago)
this thing is better than my old $400 laptop
RandomRows (1 month ago)
Okay, now having that be a freaking full on Windows 10 just sucks.
RickStaringAtIceCream (18 days ago)
this runs better then my pc...
xKittyHIT (1 month ago)
Can it run fortnite br?
New Card (1 month ago)
$600-$800? You might as well just build your own gaming pc instead.
CXblox Studios (1 month ago)
It looks like a 3DS
Lethal Gamer (1 month ago)
That would be great for fortnite
Bread (1 month ago)
I could fuck with fort on this shit but would i be able to even play cuz this isn't even a console well yk EDIT: never mind 650 fuck that
DaNes200581 (1 month ago)
An expensive piece of s...!
HazardousFarts Gaming (1 month ago)
Crap I wanted this but that’s too much money so I don’t think I’ll every touch this device in my life
Luka Pera (1 month ago)
but can it run minecraft
CookieCow (1 month ago)
I have go get this and play it at school!
CookieCow (1 month ago)
im just wondering if I cant plug in a keyboard and mouse
William Moreno (1 month ago)
Had to do it with fortnite
That runs better than my $719 gaming pc.
peter hase (1 month ago)
does it run pubg
GD ViRdEn (1 month ago)
wait what
Mist 9 (1 month ago)
Cam200649 1 (1 month ago)
Looks like a 3DS
InfiniteOnHardwood (1 month ago)
Imagine Fortnite with this!
Furkan Şahingöz (1 month ago)
I would love to have this, playing older games on this emulating games. And it's literally a full blown out windows Operating system on the go.
YeetBeet (1 month ago)
tell me why this thing is just as powerful the my 200 hundred dollar dell desktop
Addington 303 (1 month ago)
Wouldn’t be a mobile device then
Mohammed Ebraheem (1 month ago)
on Windows get Raft on steam it's fun and only $22 bucks
G8torsni9per (1 month ago)
Why is square space sponsoring everything
Jonathan Diaz (1 month ago)
I have a Switch but I want this
IAmTheBigZ (1 month ago)
Building the ultimate handheld pc confirmed?
Artcs Rsa (1 month ago)
what would happen if you plug that in with a razer core x?
Term!n8or_ Studios (1 month ago)
It’s a BlackBerry DSi
FAKITO y KRATOS (1 month ago)
it can run mgsv gz?
Speedeo 222 (1 month ago)
Kinda like a laptop ds
Isfet (1 month ago)
Just an overpriced Nintendo DS...
Liem Solow (1 month ago)
Hey man, it's a portable Civilization machine. Played my Civ IV on long car trips with my cousin via hot seat, using a Lenovo ThinkPad T430. The Win 2 outperforms it by miles. Now I can play Civ V, and not be passing around a 6 lb, molten hot, laptop
Simon Burkhalter (1 month ago)
OMG don't start this video with the volume turned up. :D

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