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Machine Gun Kelly MGK before the fame

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Machine Gun Kelly spits in a mall in Cleveland during his teen years!
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KELLS IS THE BEST (1 month ago)
Omg yuuuuus ♥♥♥
JustSuga Things (3 months ago)
0:33 when i saw ur nickname taffy
Seth Myers (5 months ago)
Eminem wannabe
Vielka Davila (7 months ago)
He is so cute
Dakota Miles (10 months ago)
never seen this one before. it was ill af. I was Down from the beginning. but Still never saw this lick.
Verna Vigil (1 year ago)
mgk I remember you on the alpha omega tour up in the 505 new Mexico! getting to speak with you was amazing! anyways lace up!!!
Will R (1 year ago)
MGK still listening to this shit. love from abq,nm saw y'all keep it coming
Nick Atkins (1 year ago)
he rap faster than Eminem he is the prince of rap
Vielka Davila (10 months ago)
Nick Atkins he is the king of ohio
Sike (1 year ago)
Nick Atkins arguable
Rob Level (2 years ago)
Amazing this really is a wonderful video. Nearly as awesome as the videos on my Profile :D You will smile at it. You should comment to me what you think
Rob Level (1 year ago)
lol cool story. I've accomplished so much it's really hard for someone to hurt my feelings :) You can keep trying though. It's adorable.
Jonathan Grant (1 year ago)
Rob Level you're a fucking faggot little bitch your videos suck dick like your dad
Nick Fusco (1 year ago)
Rob Level it's Mothafucking Novi!!!!!!
Alpha '95 (1 year ago)
seriously check this dudes music out you won't be dissapointed
اf a (3 years ago)
Matt Mason (3 years ago)
What instrumental is this?
hype cole (3 years ago)
Be spittin
kiana thompson (3 years ago)
I fucking love his sexy ass😍😍😍
Lucrative Lukas_137 (3 years ago)
MGK is sweet as fuck, honestly, i need to see him in concert.
DaFatalK9s (4 years ago)
why is he wearing shady style ?
Vielka Davila (4 months ago)
He is not wearing
sameb81 (3 years ago)
erm im gonna say NO!!!
DaFatalK9s (3 years ago)
shut your bitch ass 
sameb81 (3 years ago)
Kate S (4 years ago)
smooth as fuck ;)
John Sine (4 years ago)
Fuckin sic shit mafucka
markus triezenberg (4 years ago)
what the beat!!! hot shit
FafchoTV (4 years ago)
Beat is?
Egor Petrov (4 years ago)
Fuuuuuuck why u sooo nasty MgK!!!!!!! I need a doc to place now
HOTBOY SHOTTY (4 years ago)
schwartzcolin50 (4 years ago)
And this was only 4 years ago fyi
schwartzcolin50 (4 years ago)
I'm telling yall his style was way more raw before the fame he tried so hard..
Bridget Thiessen (4 years ago)
Omg I almost love him more like that. XD
Iniciacaowordpress (4 years ago)
racist fuck
taticalzombie96 (4 years ago)
"Bet ya CAN'T'" love that shit
schwartzcolin50 (4 years ago)
The world is full of idiots. People who like Drake and bs like Drake are called mainstream dick riders.. they don't have the ear for the skill mgk has or yela tech asap etc
Brandon Flores (4 years ago)
anybody know if this song is out??
coury rust (4 years ago)
Anyone els thinks he looks like eminem
KELLS IS THE BEST (1 month ago)
coury rust 😂😂😂 why cuz he's a white rapper ya totally
ross graves (4 years ago)
he was cold before the fame !
Danny Aliyev (4 years ago)
You need to kill yourself. -fellow white person.
BeautybySidney (4 years ago)
Like I Said.. Drake Didnt Start From The Bottom !! LOL
BeautybySidney (4 years ago)
Well Drake Didn't Start From The Bottom !! He Was On A TV Show.. But I 100% Agree With You !! Ha But U Can't Say That Hes Not Here Now !! EST. 4 Life
JordanSkateVideos (4 years ago)
haha. I don't know about Drake though
tml4life21 (4 years ago)
how dare you quote drake on a MGK video #LACE THE FUCKUP
Matty Mayhem (4 years ago)
the same old kid, thats what i love bout mgk, the fame never changed him
BittenChaos (4 years ago)
I peeped it lol
Pero (4 years ago)
Absolutely disgusting, reminds me of the old freestyle battles in Scarborough
TONY MALO (4 years ago)
he looks like eminem low key the bootleg version ahaha
Damione Thomas (4 years ago)
He look so different
Broxty (4 years ago)
He was in the midst of creating his "Image" stolen from Yelawolf.
KELLS IS THE BEST (1 month ago)
Broxty damn
Nick Fedorov (4 years ago)
that's the most racist thing ive ever heard
Amy Calvert (4 years ago)
The color of someone has nothing to do with their abilities.
xDebonaireX (4 years ago)
The funniest fact still remains- whites are better at everything. Politics, scientiscs, anywhere, even in rap culture that had been made by niggers. eminem, mgk,yelawolf, they are much better than every nigger had been or is in the game.
bobby prestin (4 years ago)
Did he ever release that, IT SOUNDS SO DAMN GOOD!
megan chance (4 years ago)
love him
polospacemane (4 years ago)
d4l poster haha this shit is old
mrgoblue19 (4 years ago)
yup your right
Cody Addabbo (4 years ago)
this is when he was actually half naked and almost famous.
Angelo Tagarelli (4 years ago)
no your just a little punk who lives behind a computer
mizz stunna bEaT dOwN (4 years ago)
Killed it :) danmm
manitsmatt (4 years ago)
that was straight fire
Kyle T. Sasloe (4 years ago)
Good thing he wasn't tryin to look like Em lol wack then wack now, wack always.
YeaTrax (4 years ago)
0 subs 0 views
SourK365 (5 years ago)
Why does this video not have over a million views... this shit is raw!
Mike McKinney (5 years ago)
Pulls out a Sidekick, hahahah!
mrgoblue19 (5 years ago)
i be proud of being a you tube sensation. Hey MGK you fucking suck
Sharonni B (5 years ago)
OMG doesnt even look like him without all his tats , mohawk and beard. He looks so much younger and innocent. so cutee! shiit LTFU!
iansBad (5 years ago)
Michelle Shelor (5 years ago)
- Machine Gun Kelly looks sooooooooooooo different with plan arms thooo. :P
87cuttdogg (5 years ago)
wish i knew this song
Dominique Buford (5 years ago)
OMG i love MGK soo much LACE THE FUCK UP!!!!!!
BeautybySidney (5 years ago)
He's Barely Tatted !! He Started From The Bottom And Hes Here (:
Jaay_dee 05 (5 years ago)
xMacHetEx (5 years ago)
yes he is
Jaay_dee 05 (5 years ago)
he's not a fag
john balint (5 years ago)
faggot back then faggot now
KELLS IS THE BEST (1 month ago)
john balint damn I'm sorry that must suck for you
dolo (5 years ago)
Sic ass bars!!!!
Tiara Luper (5 years ago)
his hair is naturally dirty blonde
Alex Avgerinos (5 years ago)
The fact he has the Eminem look does not surprise me haha
kyle anderson (5 years ago)
that's signed. they're not throwing that out at all. but his lack of tattoos gives it away that it was years ago.
kyle94v (5 years ago)
hahaha my nigga had the sidekick on deckkk
Tristin Hamm (5 years ago)
This shit is Beast # Lace The Fuck Up
aj dorman (5 years ago)
Look at the D4L posters, almost no tats, and hes rockin a motha fuckin sidekick. Shits old as fuck.
Richard Baker (5 years ago)
Fureal though i was feelin that beat haha
HeartPC (5 years ago)
so sich
Steven Smith (5 years ago)
And he's rocking the early shady look...blonde hair white tee.
Clip That Shit (5 years ago)
Look at the posters in the background this was 2005
Clip That Shit (5 years ago)
He's only like 16 here
teal thor (5 years ago)
*Machine Gun Kelly MGK before the balding. :D no hate
Justin Jensen (5 years ago)
Just look at his hair line now and than. Shit doesn't recede in a few weeks. It takes years.
Baby Fayce (5 years ago)
he hott jessee
rodge R (5 years ago)
sptting fire to a hot ass beat
Woll Smoth (5 years ago)
reminds me of tech n9ne
bigwhite206 (5 years ago)
anybody know the song hes freestyling to?
Loonatrix (5 years ago)
really didnt
Track Vicious (5 years ago)
slim shady inspired LTFU
noah silvey (5 years ago)
hah supa wierd not seeing mgk tatted up lace da fuck up
Ryan Rob (5 years ago)
this is so dope it should be illegal hahaha....MGK been spitting fire for yearsssss LTFU!!
TheRoastGod (5 years ago)
Fuck u .:::: he's still so good ...... U faggot just want the splitting of words --- go listen to busta rhymes whose lyrics doesn't even make sense ----- mgk Is awesome ----
Sydney Duncan (5 years ago)
I'm not even from the USA so keep talking shit
christina dorsey (5 years ago)
He looked like slim shady
Sydney Duncan (5 years ago)
NO -__-
Sydney Duncan (5 years ago)
he still is
REMIX8604 (5 years ago)
that was dope!!! he sucks now.. why isnt he spittin like this now
9UndeadLives (5 years ago)
Well he didn't on his album or any mixtapes recently. No need to call names you fucking prick bitch.
weefa head (5 years ago)
weefa head (5 years ago)
weefa head (5 years ago)
Mark Klassen (5 years ago)
what beat is this?!?!!

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