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Top 10 Mistakes Slot Machine Players Make with Mike "Wizard of Odds" Shackleford - part one

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Part one of a two-part video where Mike Shackleford, also known as the "Wizard of Odds" gives his top 10 list of mistakes that slot machine players make. Topics covered include: playing slots in the first place; playing in "tight" casinos; overplaying; playing participation slots; and not using a players card. Mike's web site is http://www.wizardofodds.com Get Over $600 in casino chips and 500 slot machine spins FREE - https://www.americancasinoguide.com/no-deposit-bonus-codes.html Get more than 200 casino coupons and save more than $1,000 - http://www.americancasinoguide.com/order-now.html . SUBSCRIBE for more videos: http://bit.ly/1G4l0xv Tips on Blackjack: http://y2u.be/5ki_92QrqfI Tips on Slot Machines: http://y2u.be/7Wkubf1PrWg Tips on Craps: http://y2u.be/7daSiVupvmY Tips on Video Poker: http://y2u.be/gLYQ3ZIowPA For the latest news and insights on casinos visit: http://blog.888casino.com/
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Text Comments (311)
Craiglist 034334Erd454 (16 hours ago)
These idiot slot techs explain everything we already know. The technical aspect is commonly understood. The "experts" sell you common knowledge and they think they are doing you a favor, there is a secret to slots and not everyone knows it.
Consider me one of you converts, Mike. Although I still love slots I only play them for fun and only with house money.
J Jay (6 days ago)
Thanks for the advice Einstein. Ffs, I could have given that advice
itsnotthesamething (14 days ago)
I play those little old slots that most people just walk by, to go to the fancy slots, with bells and whistles. I've had my best luck on them. But, I know of someone who dropped their last bill in a Wheel of Fortune machine, on the way out the door. One spin. Won 13 million! He used his wife's casino card, and the marriage dissolved into a fight for the cash. The man ended up destitute, and the woman died of cancer, a few years later. The daughter got a financial adviser, and is doing well, last I heard.
john g (18 days ago)
I only know one person myself who ever actually won at the slots. A old gf and two of her friends were on a girls vacation down Biloxi. The gf and one friend were regulars at the casino's and went a lot. The one friend did not like casino's, actually despised them. But, they finally talked her into going on one of the bus trips. She played a progressive quarter machine and hit $30,000. She never went back. That was about 12 years ago.
TZuqI Keul (21 days ago)
Graton casino and Thunder Valley fancy and stingy as fuck lol
John N (23 days ago)
weird, I lose on the strip but almost always WIN in the airport.
prerit kumar (23 days ago)
The only way to gurantee a win is to... break it apart and steal the coins
Josh Hoover (23 days ago)
Why did all of the people hating on gambling/casinos even watch this video in the first place?
Kraig Gustavsson (23 days ago)
Number 1 reason. Slots odds suck.
David Pongvachararak (23 days ago)
He is correct. But my Wife went a few years back, and she took $150 w/her, and WON $750 in less than 30 minutes! a rare but great night for gaming!
Mr. X (24 days ago)
I've hit nicely at both the billion dollar casino's and at the airport. They're going to get your money, the question is how long can you play and at the Billion dollar casino's they must return 98% and allow players to play/win or no one will stay there. This guy is totally full of shit.
Susan Nilsen (24 days ago)
When I first moved here in 2001, slots were actually fair and loose. I could play for 3 hours at Stations and either win or break even- if I lost it was like 20- 50 dollars. When you got to a bonus, you easily won between 10- 50 dollars ! Then they introduced the PENNY machines which were great- and ticketin/out coinless machines. Worked great for a while and the highest line bet was like 15 or 20 cents. Then they gradually raised the line bet to the point where it's now no longer a " penny" game- it costs ( on the newer machines) at least 50 to 80 cents a spin ( without a multiplier) ! Do they think we are terminally stupid? THAT'S NO LONGER A REAL PENNY GAME !!! And the bonuses take forever to get to and when you finally do hit one, it pays nothing- not even enough to cover your bet ! AND CASINOS WONDER "WHY" ALOT LESS PEOPLE PLAY !!!
Bill L (25 days ago)
The one and only mistake was at 0:28. Playing at all.
Truth Seeker (25 days ago)
1. Play slots 2. Drink lots of free drinks 3. Play more slots 4. Go play video poker 5. Get bored of playing video poker 6. Drink more free drinks 7. Play more slots 8. Go back to the room 9. Next morning Wake up with loads of cash in your pockets and a bad headache
RME76048 (25 days ago)
Wow. That was seriously dumb. Just a push to sell you junk on their website.
Tyee Cambrón (26 days ago)
I seem to have break even over my 4 years of slots. Actually I think I may have a quite a few hundred up from being the tullalip casino slots north of Seattle . I even had more wins than the casino that wants to promote max bet for bonuses, and the shoreline, wa stupid scratch casino that is totally not so fun and ya lose every time.
yoshua ramirez (28 days ago)
I don’t know how i feel about the angle in which the camera is positioned... are you talking to me?... or not? so confusing. Good video
Maureen m (28 days ago)
It's better to go on a machine that someone has been losing on. All the machines have been fixed to hardly pay out
Best casino on the Vegas strip to play slots in the Casino Royal.
Got me at the first mistake. Don't play!
Chris Baker (1 month ago)
I have a really nice casino in my area the GSR in reno. They give me a whole bunch of nicesties in the mail or email. I have received concert tickets, promotional chips, free buffets, and free hotel rooms from them without even using my players card points. The comps they offer on video poker is $2000 gambled per $1 of comps. I think blackjack is $1 of comps per $10,000 bet but not sure the pit bosses or mangament wont tell me when I ask. Once I asked them on Facebook what I had to bet on blackjack to earn a buffet they didnt tell me but comped me a buffet.
shauna silver (1 month ago)
The casino I go to in Nh is small, we will have like 50 people on slots, they think if they all play the same game you win faster or have a better chance of making it it, and if a game hit big then it won't hit big again for a few hours , is this true?
Brwn Suga8 (1 month ago)
It’s all about that roulette!!!!
Katrice Hill (1 month ago)
His info needs updated
john biggins (2 months ago)
Walking thru the door........correct
Carlos Espinoza (2 months ago)
Fuck slots roulette is the way to go
John Skelton (2 months ago)
1:33 "the biggest mishit..mistake" lol!!!
Anibal Hernandez (2 months ago)
People play slot at their own risk! Playing slot machines is for fun not to make a person rich... And every body plays witting their budget. So if you like playing slot machines go ahead and have fun!!! Just have a limit, don't expend all the money 🤣😎👍
lucaboden (2 months ago)
I am a slot player and Ive always done better at Aria, Wynn, Venetian than Monte Carlo, Harrahs, Paris...with Mlife MGM casino, play where u want to stay next time.
roger davies (2 months ago)
I play Jacks or better
Burt Ward (2 months ago)
When they first popped up, I did great with the video roulette. It was insane to double the playing cash every day. And I would stop at $300 per house on the strip. It was addictive. I left feeling like I had bested them. This year, I put in my 20th year straight. The brand new video roulette were easy to Martingale. But I only got one year of fun. First thing they did was limit the play amount to something like $150. Then it seemed like they had programmed it to hit a single color for like 8 times in a row. So I gave up on year 2 of them hitting the strip. I now look for sit down machines with a real ball. I prefer the 8 seat machines. For a while, NYNY operated a human controlled roulette with like 10 player stations. This is great for novices to learn the rules and systems. I’m now mostly back to video poker especially at Hotel California where you use quarters and it immediately pays out.
Thomas Letourneau (2 months ago)
Numbers 1-10: playing slot machines.
Dylan Warby (2 months ago)
He get's it right - they play slots
Mhypertext Live (2 months ago)
He is dead wrong on participation slots hold at 85%
Deray Krause (2 months ago)
Top one mistake slot machine players make. Playing slot machines. I guess one second videos on YouTube don't make money...
Rick Thomas (3 months ago)
G.p has tight slots
Brad Kynoch (3 months ago)
First tip .. Lol !! True
ТОП СЛОТОВ (3 months ago)
Great Tips! Thank you!
okie musgogee (3 months ago)
I have had the best luck after 1 am til 5 am, go figure......
Flutter Flut (3 months ago)
#6 is false.
Drew T (3 months ago)
Slots might be tighter on the strip but not the girls
Robert Greenhouse (3 months ago)
Video poker better? NOT!
I was at ceasers palace 15 years ago. A prince from Saudi Arabia and his crew were there. I played. Ceasers slot. Gold ceasers $1. 3 coin slot. For 6 hours. Never hit the $2000 Jackpot. 3 ceasers heads. And ceaser himself comes over and gives you a gold coin necklace... The Saudi prince. And about 35. Of his crew. Came over and played these machines .they roped off the area. But Let me contine to play. Then In 10 . Minutes. All 35. Of his crew hit the $2000 jackpots at the same time. Bamm bam. Bamm bam bam . Bells ringing. Crazy And got gold necklaces from ceaser No way. Slots are fair. They cheat . For sure. They all left. Back to Saudi Arabia winners . Wearing the dumb gold . They can set the pay. From 0 to 100 % anytime. I continued to play. One of the Saudis left their players card. I put the Saudi prince players card in my machine. Remember iI had been playing for 7 hours. On the 3rd spin. BAM. JACKPOT. Really ? No way. ..that's luck Those players cards do something. When they paid me they took the card. I told them. He had left it in the machine. Those Slots were rigged. They have an ON Off jackpot switch. And they are set to off by default. For us. Unless they decide to let you win. Its rigged for sure folks. I got my gold chain. And $2000 cash. Minus the $3500 cash in the machine And went home. Minus $1500
Ernie Ernie (3 months ago)
I ran into a woman at an indian casino who was adamant that she would not play a machine she had luck on because the player card told the casino she was back and to not pay out so they could recoup their profits. I laughed but maybe I shouldnt have.
Omar Scruggs (3 months ago)
Every time im at a casino this guys voice is going through my head. that is until im on my 4th drink and cant nobody tell me shit at that point. lol
Jonathon Thomits (3 months ago)
Mistake #1- Playing slot machines
Ritu Das (3 months ago)
Very good information thank you..
Brwn Suga8 (3 months ago)
Does anyone else hate when slot players button smash the spin bottom? lol like let the reels roll baby
Rune Bråten Lundberg (3 months ago)
I love playing Slot machines! Just because you never know if you`ll win or not. Thats the fun of it. I play blackjack, poker etc, but they`re not as fun. More strategy and shit, than just pure enjoyment of a machine
Jaydoggy531 (3 months ago)
The best strategy I've learned with friends of mine: Go to the penny slots with a dollar, play for a little while, wait for the servers to come by and offer you a free drink (or a drink with tip) - take out the cash, go to another penny slot area, repeat. Get an enjoyable buzz as a result, leave the casino, and enjoy your night at a show, club, concert, party etc.
americancasinoguide (3 months ago)
Well, if you want an even cheaper method to get a free drink, here's an idea, but it will only work in a casino with a keno lounge. Go to the keno lounge and look for discarded tickets on the floor. Pick up a few, find a seat, and keep all of those losing tickets in your hand. When the cocktail waitress comes by, order your free drink!
Alex Blay (3 months ago)
#1: you are playing slots.
jeff cordon (3 months ago)
My last trip through Vegas I won $700 in 10min on slots. Walked away and boarded my flight.
Tim Archuleta (3 months ago)
But slots are fun
Tim Archuleta (3 months ago)
Also, what are you looking at? Your video setup is really weird, Are you talking to someone? Who are u talking to?
BladeMasterz916 (3 months ago)
Problem 1 and only 1. Getting on the machine
Daniel Maldonado (3 months ago)
I learned not to play with vouchers and it worked for me
XristosHere (3 months ago)
Strategy: Bet 20 dollars and continue until you get 25 then stop.
Pamela Smith (3 months ago)
I don't know how to play the other games. You should do vids on how to play poker.
Luke Ali (3 months ago)
The bigger they are the hungrier they are, meaning if the casinos big its gonna pay less
Ani Mali (3 months ago)
Good man. Love your sincerity.
Francia Espinal (4 months ago)
I love your videos period but how can I leave the casino with some money .
americancasinoguide (4 months ago)
Your best bet would be to learn to play video poker. Watch this video - https://youtu.be/gLYQ3ZIowPA
SamuraiSamara 69 (5 months ago)
The best way to win at casinos is to spot a top winner, wait for him at the parking lot and jump his ass!!!
Lwazi Bhengu (4 days ago)
Glenda Martin (5 days ago)
No ducks (8 days ago)
Someome here wins pretty often dont you? Lol
danyelle house (29 days ago)
This was hilarious
headtotows toes (2 months ago)
OMFG hahahahahahahahhaaaaa
Sara Shaw (5 months ago)
Ummm I love The sex and the city slots lol
Mario Mallari (5 months ago)
I wish all gambling players win a lot of money in casino
Robert Esensee (5 months ago)
I can't play VP when drunk! I can play slots when smashed. I might spend more money, but I will have a LOT more fun! LOL!!
Brendan Meighan (5 months ago)
American video poker sucks all sorts of donkey dick, no opportunity to double up your winnings means they are incredibly boring
americancasinoguide (5 months ago)
It's not boring when you hit a royal flush and get paid 4,000 credits for your five credit bet!
Paranormaltester (5 months ago)
Yep your videos have converted me from slots to craps. Thank you, I've had more fun and higher return than slots.
Mitjitsu (5 months ago)
Lol, WoO read my mind in that the number 1 mistake people can make on slot machines is playing them in the first place.
K Nicole (5 months ago)
Slot machines are FUN sooooooooo no I won't convert to video poker.
Travis Hinton (5 months ago)
Biggest mistake is gambling.........but its fun in moderation
Stephanie Curley (6 months ago)
I can't wait to go to the casino
firebirdude2 (6 months ago)
First mistake = Playing at all. Second mistake = not walking away if you hit something significant.
steven blats (27 days ago)
So how do you get to #2 if you listen to #1 ?
jess_amaris (29 days ago)
Exactly. Even if ur up 10 bucks, get off. That machine isn't gonna pay out twice! People win then keep on the same machine and lose it all plus more. This is the best tip to give. It helped me and my husband not lose a penny in Vegas.
Ryan Robbins (2 months ago)
So true. Casinos will often pay out on slots but they know you'll feed your winnings back in, while hoping for another jackpot. Next thing you know, your in the hole.
a ggoogle user 454 (2 months ago)
3rd mistake= winning consistently gets you thrown out
Matt William (3 months ago)
AcesW I L D (6 months ago)
@1:33 "the biggest mi-shit" 😂
Poke Root (6 months ago)
Video Poker is just as fast paced. Terrible advice man.
americancasinoguide (6 months ago)
Video poker is a much better game because there is an element of skill. There is no skill involved when playing a slot machine.
Paul Racine (6 months ago)
Why would you make a 5 part series when the very first thing you say is #1 "DON'T PLAY SLOTS "? I seriously turned the video off as soon as you said that!...WHY??
americancasinoguide (6 months ago)
He said it because it's true. Slot machines are some of the worst games to play in the casino because they have a high mathematical edge and they are played very quickly. There are much better games to play that offer you a much better chance to win. However, most people don't want to bother to learn how to play those games. Personally, I very rarely play slot machines. I almost exclusively play video poker or blackjack.
Mr. & Mrs. Dove (7 months ago)
Not sure I can relate to alot of what this guy says. All of this info is simply theoretical. One has to understand that a casino is a business and a lot of times they operate in the same fashion on a weekly basis. I have seen the black boxes they bring out every Monday morning. I noted they tighten up the machines on the weekends when they have the biggest crowds. Ill go in on Monday mornings and every slot I go to I win decently....except for the movie or game series slots....that one I can believe. I stay away from them now. 3 weeks straight I have went in on Monday mornings and stayed ahead of the black boxes and walked out with more money in my pocket than I went in with. I have noticed they are also looser on Friday mornings. Again, noticed the black boxes going around. Any other time when I visited and didnt see the black boxes setting around on some of the machines, I didnt walk out with more money in my pocket than I went in with. Perhaps it's just pure coincidence, but the more I go and win on black box day, the more I have to believe to look for the black boxes.
Mr. & Mrs. Dove (7 months ago)
That may be the case if they are following the rules. Seems very odd that machines at my local casino are notably more loose on Monday mornings every week. What are the black boxes for? As mentioned, I have noticed that if I stay in front of the black boxes being put in the machines, I get paid. If I dont, I barely hit at all. It may be labor intensive, but they do it. I dont think they just set on their hands all day. I have seen them start at one end of the casino and by the time im done they are several rows of slot machines ahead of where they were.
americancasinoguide (7 months ago)
Casinos don't keep changing the payback percentages on their machines based on the day of the week. That is too much physical work, as well as paperwork which is needed to notify the gaming authorities of that change. It doesn't matter what day of the week you play. The results are determined by pure luck.
Sheree Morgan (7 months ago)
I hit on two machines in baggage claim, at McCarren airport. The attendant said, she has never seen anyone win on two machines, at the same time.
Mark Simpson (7 months ago)
right on man stay away from slots
Eric Krupa (7 months ago)
I hear it all the time...”your slots are too tight”....as I have been running my ass off paying out jackpots.
Robert Bridgeman (7 months ago)
Come to Australia and get ripped off big time .. our slots / pokies are tighter than a fishes bum 80 % payout at best And 1 of our biggest casino has been accused of tampering with there pokies / slots even ended up in court but out court system is as corrupt as the casino and nothing came off it Whistleblowers former workers at casino again say the casino management tampers with the slots... again nothing is done about it
Stephen McAllister (7 months ago)
I’ve won $1250 on a quarter triple diamond deluxe and $4000 on a $5 double diamonds in Tunica. so yeah. jackpots do hit.
Trevor Graham Welch (7 months ago)
Wynn Hotel payed out $10 Million winner in 2016
Trevor Graham Welch (7 months ago)
Excellent Advice
Kyle Johnson (8 months ago)
I would agree that slots can eat your money fast but from my experience tables are worse. I can sit at a slot machine, sip on my drink and play at the pace I want to play. When I got to tables it's usually minimum 5-10 dollars a bet and the dealers keeps the game going very fast and I don't get to play at the pace I want to. I like sitting at slots with my girlfriend or group of friends and we usually take turns and watch each other play. If it hits we let the machine ding ding ding and pay it out. I find that if you pace yourself they are fun and you can go home with some money, but I have seen people lose 200 dollars within the first 20 minutes of playing as well. I would like to play table games more but whenever I sit down, get 50-100 dollars in chips I lose it very quick and have never won. If I had thousands of dollars to gamble sure I would play tables more but I'm not rich and I usually bring 300 dollars max to gamble.
juan-k sporty (8 months ago)
first mistake is to go there!!all people that go to cassinos are loosers
americancasinoguide (8 months ago)
Well, in the short run you can win. But in the long run you will be a loser. You just need to look at playing slots as a form of entertainment. If you went to a concert or sporting event you wouldn't have anything to show for it either, except for the thrill of participating. Just make sure you set a budget and stick to it. And, if you're not having fun, stop playing!
NEPTUNE SILVER (8 months ago)
I was winning big at a slot machine Then a Lady sat down next to me at the next slot machine and put a card in the machine then I stop wining but she was wining real big a lot more then, me. So I got up and move across the room. Then she got up and was mad that I was leaving. And yell at me. I said have a nice day. Women and money do not mix take away the money, women get mad
Mike Croxson (8 months ago)
I way to win. play 5 spins if you lose take your money and card out of machine and replay. Repeat until you win. Once you constantly resit the machine it will pay.
Bigdogmax Bigdoghoso (8 months ago)
what is the purpose of a base server? hmm? when do casinos use them ? a base server can increase their profit, a base server is legal for them to use even though they won't admit it because it would decrease their revenue if the players new. you would say it is seldom used well then how can you know the real if they all say " naw we don't use them " and they say this with an alligator smile. but thats okay people still gonna play and i will too, but me i know what to look for , not trying to change you or anybody else just trying to give a heads up to whom ever. happens to read this comment no offense intended if taken😄 do have a good day😄
Bigdogmax Bigdoghoso (8 months ago)
american casino hmm then what is the purpose of a base server? I've seen player win three one thousand dollar jack pots one evening player left took card out next day player went back played same machine put back all of previous day wins in and didnt win any paybacks and then foolish player put even more into machine , total loss and using players card but you say you say players card makes no difference ya okay but i sure won't use. thats where a base server would be beneficial to use, the card knows who you are and how much you won and when you are there playing and like you mentioned before there are base servers go figure.😄!
americancasinoguide (8 months ago)
Server-based games were originally developed for casinos where the games were operated in conjunction with a state lottery. The game results were determined by a centralized computer operated by the lottery. For independent casinos, server-based games were later introduced to allow the casinos to offer different games at the click of a button. The thought was casinos would not have to buy new machines if certain games were unpopular. The casino could simply switch to a new game through the centralized computer. The technology never really caught on and it is estimated that less than 10% of all casinos use server-based games today. The players club card just tracks your play and has no effect the outcome of the games. If you don't use your card then you are missing out on many benefits that can lower your expected losses on slot machines.
Bigdogmax Bigdoghoso (8 months ago)
players ask your casino about. base servers and what there used for and why you lose so much money and when you do win money (jackpot) how a base server can take that jackpot away if you keep playing that day or future days and how a base server records your wins and how you play , base server i.d. your card , program your card. to slow any machine your card is inserted ah! hm. hmmm.😜
Lindsey Morgan (2 months ago)
quosmo1 cool.
SaltyBrains (3 months ago)
Dickhead that is not how it works, that is totally illegal - they dont NEED to do that! it is simple maths, the odds are simply against the player, mathematically (and legally). There is no need to rig ANYTHING in a casino against the player, as the games are already structured to produce a house-edge (advantage). Its all statistics, and no machine is 'deciding not to pay' based on _anything_ : I've been developing casino games since the 90's (software, programmer) and i can tell you without a shadow of a doubt it is just simple maths, there is absolutely no weird algorithms in any of it to make determinations about when/if a player should win/lose. It is just the odds of the game (eg: number of symbols per 'reel', payout odds for those symbols, and distribution of those symbols : in a simple slot. Obviously more variables to consider with all the features etc.).
americancasinoguide (8 months ago)
How can a slot machine take away your jackpot? Also, your records of wins and losses is tracked by your players club card, not the machine itself. And, finally, the use of players club card has no effect whatsoever on the functioning of the machine. Whether you use the card, or not, the result would be the same.
How I'm Livin Records (8 months ago)
Whats the used of playing em then u can win Big on slots iv won a few times walked out with 800 1000 2000 so u don't always lose
MrNine1wing (9 months ago)
Casinos manipulate what you win or lose by your card FACT
Mitjitsu (5 months ago)
If that was true they're would be irrefutable truth. You're no different from the people who claim online poker is rigged.
Billy Cowan (5 months ago)
I believe that. In fact we put it to the test.
americancasinoguide (9 months ago)
The use of a player's card has no affect on a game's outcome. It would be against gaming regulations for that to happen. The card simply tracks how much you win and lose.
Sealion Brian (9 months ago)
Thank you so much sir !!!! Big hand shake to you!
One does not simply (9 months ago)
2:12 "i dont wanna name any names" Encore,Palazzo, but then there is..Sams Town
PMT Slot Hits n' Stuff (2 months ago)
He did follow that with a "but..." LOL🤣
skatermaninred 51 (10 months ago)
tundratomo (1 year ago)
indian casinos don't give you shit. stay away from them for sure
Toni O'hara (1 year ago)
I will never understand playing slots..its just looks so boring. The only thing that I can think of that is worse would be lottery tickets. Any opinions Mr. Shackle ford?
Der Kleinanleger (1 year ago)
#1 Play casino slots #2-#10 doesnt matter
Fred Smith (1 year ago)
Do you find that CA slots pay best when the casino is busy Vs. Vegas which has consistent payouts? I find that CA slots pay better then Vegas when busy, but horrible on a off night or during the week
calling bs (7 months ago)
Man this guys numbers on comps an pay backs r so far off base an as far as being a good Gambler at slots is to go to casino that r in rich parts of the country if u see asin people playings in herds thats usually the best casino in the area
calling bs (7 months ago)
Fred Smith u r so right now the busy the casino the better for u to win
Fred Smith (1 year ago)
So what is the best time to play slots at?
americancasinoguide (1 year ago)
It doesn't matter what time you play. Casinos do not constantly change the payback percentages on their slot machines. The games are basically set to a certain percentage, based on the denomination of the machine, and they stay at that percentage. Most people will lose because you are playing a negative expectation game. However, some people will get lucky and win. That sums it all up!
tjmagnifico (1 year ago)
Playing slot machines is a big mistake. Period.
London Power (1 year ago)
The best way to win the casino is not to play in casino ..simple and it works ..dont loose your time energy money life with casinos is not for you !

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