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The original and best version of "CATCHING FISH". Thank you for supporting the original CAT GAMES creator! This took a very long time to create, and it is perhaps the most detailed CAT GAMES ever created.
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Text Comments (66)
Elijah Castanda (1 day ago)
My cat doesn't give a shit
Aud Is Pod (6 days ago)
I let my lizard watch it and she loved it
T. Tan (9 days ago)
i'm Japanese my cats is very fun! thank you!
Ashley Greve (30 days ago)
My cat loved this. And he normally ignores on screen cat entertainment. Thank you!
tara kashen (1 month ago)
My cat just stared
sorry, im not a cat i just have a fish fetish.
Nikos Haralampous (1 month ago)
i laik poteitos
Sally dj24 (1 month ago)
My cat loves it
Auntie Anansi (1 month ago)
Pat Ondebaak (2 months ago)
thanks, my laptop is now on the floor
Eva M H (2 months ago)
Every normal person in the comments: My cat.......... Me: My lizard liked it
Aud Is Pod (6 days ago)
Same I let my leopard gecko watch it and she enjoyed
Eva M H (1 month ago)
Haha lol I guess they could both enjoy this video😂😂 what type of lizard?
Sally dj24 (1 month ago)
Lol i have a cat and lizard
Sel is my idol (2 months ago)
bok gibi
Idk_ Mauricio (2 months ago)
God Damn It I played the video and my cAt jumped up and left Rip
Dalton Elswick (2 months ago)
my cat knocked my phone off the table
Coco Low (3 months ago)
My cat runs from the screen ...... she hates electronics 😂😂😂
Coco Low (3 months ago)
Cute German (3 months ago)
My cats just sitting there staring at my food
MYCOMMENTCOUNTS - (3 months ago)
Lmao my kitten literally thinks the fishes are going into the end of the phone, biting n scratching my phone case even attacking my charger 😂
Gilmar (3 months ago)
my cat fell asleep lmaoo
Nemo K (3 months ago)
This is soo good....every night both my cats sleep while watching this!
Mimismug (3 months ago)
My cat lovesssss this game
ilikedinosaurs (4 months ago)
My cat dont want to look even, she just walks on my computer
derillo3tears (4 months ago)
My kitten decided chewing on my phone and eating my hand was more amusing..?
UmEr Hanif (4 months ago)
very best video
Xnonite - Agario (4 months ago)
My cat didn’t watch it. It watch and go away.... D: Unsub
Jumin Han (4 months ago)
Didn't Work For My Cat, She Just Looked At Me Disgustedly
Amori Yelton (5 months ago)
My cat doesn’t get it. 😂
Jasmine Calderon (5 months ago)
My cat Fiona just saw the screen for 2 seconds then she left Owell I'm going to try it with her babies
PattyKatGalaxy (5 months ago)
Me and my cat sit here i drag the paw to the fish it still sits there
MEthat LovesCats (5 months ago)
My cat thinks it's boring
Riley Behrends (5 months ago)
My two cat love it 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻
DevPgh (5 months ago)
Ma cat ran away :(
Marceline Batista (5 months ago)
My cats too stupid. She just pets herself with my phone lol
Miriam Gonzalez (6 months ago)
Pretty neat game, my kitten has fun watching!🐱✨
Rice Gum (6 months ago)
My cat liked it
brianna the queer bitch (6 months ago)
my doggo loves this. sue me.
Quinbyy (4 months ago)
Shishtar Shnapped aww thats so cute!
A Little Girl (6 months ago)
The noise is too strong for the cats..
JoeJoe TheGray (7 months ago)
Where's the cats no cats
JoeJoe TheGray (7 months ago)
This is cool, I go press the big button make it big and cast to my TV cool
kimberly berends (7 months ago)
Tony wasn't into it
Dominic Zimmerman (7 months ago)
Thanks my cats loved this
Satisfyingbhappy18 (7 months ago)
All of the cats are terrified and the kitten just hates my guts XD
Heather Southerland (8 months ago)
my cat loves dis!
Sally dj24 (1 month ago)
Me too
Laurie Popp (8 months ago)
Rawan rony (8 months ago)
My cat does not do anything sitting like an idiot
Ann Belbeck (23 days ago)
Children’s games
Deadly Ghost Flame (4 months ago)
Don't call your cat an idiot. Your lucky to even have one. I'm assuming you don't know how many people want cats but can't.
Princess Alice (8 months ago)
Judy Aron (8 months ago)
My cat loves your videos. Thanks!
Jake Allinder (9 months ago)
This video works really good on my cat
Skidsune (9 months ago)
My cat loves this thanks ~
FadedComplexity (9 months ago)
My cat did not cooperate
Cute German (3 months ago)
MYCOMMENTCOUNTS - (3 months ago)
Your cats a retard
Wendy Campanella even (4 months ago)
Tia Marie g
Tia Marie (4 months ago)
Mine didn't care either. She seemed more interested in jumping on things and playing with her batting toy, which is a piece of fabric on a stick with a bell attached. Which is funny, since she usually goes bonkers over these games. I guess cats are a lot like people in that way. They only do whatever they're in the mood for.
anyri's universe (5 months ago)
FadedComplexity same here
Karen Wesley (9 months ago)
My two four month old kittens won't leave the screen alone. Thanks to my kittens I can't do my work on the computer. Oh well guess I'll be working later today all due to the love I have for my babies. Glad my adult cats, usually, stay out of this room.
Daniel Charboneau (9 months ago)
Yup yup. Good kitties.
whushaw (9 months ago)
My cat is obsessed with these!

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