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These logic puzzles will make you sweat and will be a great work out for your brain! Logic exercises are great to stimulate your brain activity and boost your thinking processes. By the way, there are some riddles and brain teasers that can be easily solved by kids but will be a hard task for adults. So, it's a good chance to see if you can crack these puzzles fast. 00:14 - Oh these wives, they're so ingenious! Her husband should have been angry with her, but I believe he wasn't, because her trick seemed to be almost perfect. It's only that smart policeman who revealed her little trick 😂 Are you as smart as he is? If so, you will easily crack this so-called crime riddle. Share your ideas in the comments! 01:36 - Here you face the hard moral choice you'll need to make! I'll say no more, and you try to sum up all pros and cons by yourself and find the answer to this hard puzzle. This short philosophical riddle has the answer, so if you can't make your choice, just wait for the solution to be revealed! 02:53 - Oh, Alice's life on the line! The Red Queen gave her a hard riddle and any mistake will cost her the head. But she obviously knows how to outsmart the Queen! Can you find the answer while the clock is ticking? You should turn on your imagination and really think outside the box to solve this mystery riddle! But no worries if you fail, just sit back and wait for the answer to appear as I did😜 04:40 - This cool visual test will probably make you look beyond the realm of possibility and see what ordinary human beings cannot see. Do you have an average eyesight or you can distinguish the slightest shades of color? If so, you should definitely try out painting or photography. Who knows, you may be our new Leonardo Da Vinci! Anyway, this visual puzzle is a good way to relax your eyes at midday. 07:22 - This heart-breaking story with a riddle can be solved only by those whose emotional intelligence levels are high enough to feel empathy. It's not only logic you should rely on; emotion is an important part of what we call being smart. And of course imagination! It can help us think outside the box and find effective and unpredictable solutions! A tricky riddle with an answer to train your imagination! 08:27 - A difficult murder riddle that only brilliant minds can crack! It's always difficult to look for the murderer among the victim's closest people because they know all her habits and can make up perfect alibies. But there are some small details that can give the criminal away, and you can catch them if you're attentive enough and think logically. So can you find the murderer while the clock is ticking? 10:02 - Did you think having your wedding ring on this finger is a mere chance or funny tradition? Try to solve this riddle until your time is out and the answer is revealed. Even if you've never taken interest in such kind of things, I promise you will be touched deeply by this simple story! A good riddle isn't only about brain exercising, but also life experience and wisdom. 11:34 - A shocking visual puzzle to exercise your brain and make you think hard! Imagine you've lost your memory (I hope you would never have to); which woman would you believe and why? This picture puzzle will make you sweat like never before😜 TELL me IN THE COMMENTS who do you think is a liar in the last riddle? Subscribe to 7-Second Riddles: https://goo.gl/BZSTVh -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Join us on Social Media: Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/7Second.Riddles/ Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/7second.riddles/ Website: https://brightside.me/wonder-quizzes/ -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- For more videos and articles visit: http://www.brightside.me/
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Text Comments (62628)
Uzair Asgar (24 minutes ago)
yes I am human .
Allen Valeriano (33 minutes ago)
I passed the superhuman i promise
Rajan Kumaran (44 minutes ago)
Sajani Ravishaa (47 minutes ago)
Kushagra Kumar (56 minutes ago)
Nor A nor B are lying I think that the person on streacher is lying
I think both are telling a lie Well I think it really happened but not the argument part He IS in a hospital after all he could just be making this up because he felt guilty
sparkel rubyrose (2 hours ago)
The women in red dress
Swapnam Singh (2 hours ago)
Yeh log mushkil riddles comments ke liye de dete hai
roy chandika (2 hours ago)
I think B bc if the green woman have 2 kids she would have bring them both
Fat Cat Playz (3 hours ago)
12:37, the man is cheating
MAHESWAR MOHANTY (4 hours ago)
I think the green girl is lying
On the colour i pass all level even though i wear glasses
Marc Jayden Brioso (4 hours ago)
I think the last riddle is A because you will see it why she is smiling if you said the truth if telling the truth your face is just like innosent person so the lyying person is letter A Like if you agree
Rohit Dhanvij (5 hours ago)
Both lying.. The guy is totally shocked in the picture
Janice Parson (5 hours ago)
Love does not ALWAYS last forever and also the liar is the person who said kids because she would have brought them
Ralph Lionel Bides (5 hours ago)
I passed in color and my eyesight is 20/14 oh in last one its A because B has tissues because B was crying
Jaterriase Blake (5 hours ago)
A is lying because neither of them have on wedding rings
L Ol Lol (6 hours ago)
Fuck you and your comment. Need an answer bitch
Forrest Selman (6 hours ago)
The wife in riddle two betrayed the husband bc the riddle clearly says they would jump off the building together NOT kill them selves together. Just saying
Weird Guy (7 hours ago)
Eli Johnson (7 hours ago)
Both women are lying in the last one, not a single person has a wedding ring on
Mel Belmonte (7 hours ago)
Whoah I got all the colors. Should I put this in my resume lol 😂
SAIYAN X (8 hours ago)
2:39 sexiest
catmaster 388567 (8 hours ago)
I'm no human I got every one correct
joshua glinton (8 hours ago)
I would say both females are lying because none including him has a wedding ring
Dragonboy (8 hours ago)
On the collar test on impossible, I legit only missed one of the options. I'm disappointed
EnderDall (8 hours ago)
On puzzle two the woman still could've planned to betray
Tyler Johnson (8 hours ago)
Both are lying he had no wedding ring
Mekelz (8 hours ago)
I passed superhuman 😎
Janessa B (8 hours ago)
I passed all of the which is the different color except one on advanced 🤪
Dark Riot (8 hours ago)
Both are lying bc he doesn't have a ring so therefore he isn't married in the first place
aiyanna plays (9 hours ago)
Wow im very surprised on that color test i have glasses AND I PASSED!
SlimeeNinjja (9 hours ago)
A because when she said were married I. Hecked if she had a wedding ring
SlimeeNinjja (9 hours ago)
A is lying
batlord 329 (9 hours ago)
On the color one I got all but one on the last level
Itz MeWolf (9 hours ago)
I only got 2 wrong on super human
Flamekiller100 (10 hours ago)
Why is she carying tisuses.it's like she planed it
Just In (10 hours ago)
What was the one word he said? I would've said "SiKe" 😂
Megan Sweeney (10 hours ago)
In the one where the married couple wanted to jump together I think the wife betrayed him because I think the husband was going to hold on to his wife and save her.
DimerDillon (10 hours ago)
You know b is lying as you can see a mother would never leave the kids at home unless there is a aunt or anybody else there but in this kind of problem she would have brought the kids to prove it her plan was to cry to make it feel like they really do
Faithless Spirit (10 hours ago)
The husband was actually the true traitor because he wasted all their savings on a parachute.
Maria Caban (10 hours ago)
In which color is different I pasa all of them so I still a human
Avin Hanks (10 hours ago)
Ok so I think A and B are lying 1 we’re is her wedding ring I think if your husband was in the hospital that’s like the time you should wear your ring the most. 2 person B never said they were married or anything she just said they had 2 kids but neither of them were in rings so he’s GAY🙌🏻
Vanessa Rodriguez (11 hours ago)
Yamseen (11 hours ago)
I shouldn’t have any index fingers! I don’t have siblings
dustin p (11 hours ago)
both are lying neither is wearing a ring.
j Ruppert (11 hours ago)
I am not human apparently
Joshua Kuhnheim (11 hours ago)
Neither A or B the husband was cheating
Schuyler Roelke (11 hours ago)
I got them all!
BuilderBoy 2007 (11 hours ago)
I passed super human OMG
Marcus Withers (12 hours ago)
On the last one none of them are lying, the lady on the left is his wife however he has kids with the lady on the right. The women just don’t know about it, hence their reactions / facial expressions
gameruler 900 (12 hours ago)
Passed all of them esssssskeeeeetttttteeeeeeeee
AndrewT1203 (12 hours ago)
I can separate my ring fingers...
AndrewT1203 (12 hours ago)
I guess I’m not a human... I got all of the color ones...
ItsEmli • (13 hours ago)
Its A bc B already had a tissue box in her purse ready to cry n A titties are saggy from the kids n getting old
navy fire621 (13 hours ago)
Greens lying because if she had 2 kids where is the after fat and mothers bring kids to hospitals to see their dads
navy fire621 (13 hours ago)
I missed one on the color level im human
Jarrett Sloan (13 hours ago)
It’s A neither one have wedding rings and A claims to be his wife
Zek Gaming (13 hours ago)
They are both telling no truth
Sir Emeralix (14 hours ago)
A. May be his wife and b. May be his ex
mini panda (14 hours ago)
Fuck the comments
alluzapp gaming (14 hours ago)
OMG I get The colors super humman XDDD but its ok to me
Max Marklund (14 hours ago)
None of them are wrong. the guy got kids whit the green one but got a divorce and married the other girl
EddieH29 (14 hours ago)
The last one is neither, the man has no wedding ring
Tony Almeida (14 hours ago)
A was ling
terriauna brown (14 hours ago)
Looks like he's been lying by the look in his face
cbbc67 (14 hours ago)
No one in the last riddle was wearing a wedding ring they were both lying
Tony Almeida (14 hours ago)
I past all the clour challenge
I'll Never Get Famous (15 hours ago)
I passed super human what am i on th color test
Lucy Armstrong (15 hours ago)
Literally a superhuman
Johnson Rai (15 hours ago)
Both because he is not wearing wedding ring
Melrose Mcfarlane (16 hours ago)
I got 6 and 7 mixed up lol. Only one I got wrong on colors. I take superhuman as a compliment
scp 682 (16 hours ago)
I almost passed everything level superhuman the last one i didnt even answer because it was too lsye
Max the best guy (17 hours ago)
Um advanced is hard i did it wrong but easy and medium i did it easy
Peaceful Painting (17 hours ago)
Why does everyone think that just because green lady hasnt got her kids with her at the hospital means shes lying. A lot of people don't bring their kids to hospital. 1) they could be at school and the accident the man had could have been sudden....why would you drag them out of school before assessing the situation. 2) people dont bring their kids because it may be hard for them to see their dad in a state like this. Dont assume because someone doesnt bring kids to a hospital to see dad doesnt mean they dont have any.....
mutant seal (18 hours ago)
Niamh plays ukulele (18 hours ago)
I'm freaked out , is it normal if I got all the eye right tests right ?? I'm weird
Peaceful Painting (18 hours ago)
I think that neither of them are his wife because no-one in the picture has rings on meaning hes not married. Which means red dress is lying and green dress probably isn't because she isn't arguing that they are married....shes saying they have 2 kids
equine_augie (19 hours ago)
I think Red is married to him but he’s had an affair and got green pregnant twice baboom
vasu trainer (19 hours ago)
I got two points in super human
յɄȿȶӒɭƎX (19 hours ago)
With color 3 wrong at all
Suga. Rush (20 hours ago)
The guy is lying to the ladies.
Angela’s World!! (20 hours ago)
The color one was sooooo easy, got every single one
I passed the whole eyesight thing
Abigail Luo (21 hours ago)
Red skirt is the real wife cause boys don’t get kids
Abigail Luo (21 hours ago)
I got all the which color is different things right
silk satu (21 hours ago)
the red dress
Steven Tantono (22 hours ago)
Its the girl with red dress
Satyendra Singh (22 hours ago)
we have two kids were lying.. She is carring tissue papers as she knew she will have to weep.. 😁😀🤣
jae f sexii (22 hours ago)
I got everyone of the colors right lol But to answer i think the lady in red lying I need the answer
Johan Irwan (23 hours ago)
Nice i got all the colour's correct
Xeqh More (23 hours ago)
Well the man didnt have ring and her "wife" dont have ring but having kids doesnt mean you need ring right?
Julie Anne (23 hours ago)
i think they're both lying because : 1. none of them have rings on their finger, a riddler wouldnt purposely cover the ring 2. B said we have kids..who's "we"? she and the guy or she and another guy 3. the guy was pretty stupid, he could've just admit who he married
Peaceful Painting (18 hours ago)
Well. The man in bed has obviously woken up from a coma or head injury since he is in hospital and cant remember who his partner is. I also think that the red lady is lying because noone has rings and the green lady is telling the truth because shes not saying that they are married shes saying they have 2 kids
Unkown Me (23 hours ago)
My eye sight are good it's perfect
mapuii tlau (23 hours ago)
Lovers don't stay together forever stupid...
Airicia Tawid (1 day ago)
popularMM0s2 2 (1 day ago)
Both- you have no ring you can't be married
Shreya Wagle (1 day ago)
Oh ,I identified all.@

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