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Minecraft Blocks & Items: Enderpearls and Eyes of Ender

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Text Comments (130)
purple jellyfish395 (1 year ago)
whos watching in 2017 while spinning figet spinner
Nathan Summers (1 year ago)
tell-uh-port not Tellyport
Love Narwal (3 years ago)
Tellyport Omfg I love ur voice
Iorveth (3 years ago)
Are eyes of ender consumed when thrown?
Ursah Solar (3 years ago)
+Lorveth  Ender pearls are consumed though.
Ursah Solar (3 years ago)
Sort of, they might fall back to earth, allowing you to pick them up, there is also a chance that they'll shatter mid-air. When you finally reach a stronghold, the ender eye will take a nose dive into the soil, never to be seen again. At that point, get out your pickaxe and start digging.
FinJproductions (3 years ago)
You forgot to mention that eyes of ender have a 1:5 chance of exploding in mid air when you throw them.
Matt.. (4 years ago)
Could you make a video showing us that house at 0:24?
Lumynum (4 years ago)
Serouj Ghazarian (4 years ago)
did you realize that instead of explaining he put an unrelated news in Arabic?
Sebastián Linares (4 years ago)
"telly-porting" love that accent <3
UlsterSUFTUM (4 years ago)
telyport lol
BSPMinecraft (4 years ago)
how did u get 28 ender Eyes
JumperSnipera (4 years ago)
+May your swords stay sharp! (mysss29) i assume thats more what it is :) they make interesting footage, but probably the background is done in creative
or creative mode...
Pinkymilo (4 years ago)
Killing 28 ender, or enchanting your sword with LOOTING III ( so it can give 4 enderpearls per Enderman)
By kiling 28 endermen.
DJOpaixMusic (4 years ago)
you click the 'use item' button to throw.
Danny Wang (4 years ago)
how do you throw the eye of ender and ender pear
Kieran Borovac (3 years ago)
+Leong ThePro Although they are looking at making enderpearling available to Creative in 1.9.
Luthier Echoes (4 years ago)
+NotASpyReally Because the ender Pearls will have to take some of your hearts if you have no hearts, then it wont work, wich is why its unavailable in Creative,
NotASpyReally (4 years ago)
doesn't work for me :C EDIT: It doesn't work in god mode but it works in normal mode THANKS
Yaz Muraben (4 years ago)
Right Click
Serouj Ghazarian (4 years ago)
already answered by Zachary Fuller
RobinNels (5 years ago)
TheBusterZX (5 years ago)
Poor spider........
Nimu Gonzaga (5 years ago)
When I throw Eye of Enders, It can't teleport me to a stronghold. Please help! Also the Ender Pearls, Help!
inashaulk (5 years ago)
Why not?
TheLampGod (5 years ago)
So, it can have more than 1 heart?
some nerd (5 years ago)
duartejr111 (5 years ago)
My theory is that the ender pearl is the Enderman's heart.
Omega ZaDOS (5 years ago)
tellyport <3
31m0r0 (5 years ago)
Tellyport ^_^
falkuda (5 years ago)
How come they don't get hurt when they telliport with the pearls? I hate it when I take damage while telliporting. And they can telliport indefinitely but only drop 1 pearl. Bullshit.
ShadowHunter120 (5 years ago)
The forum is powered by curse.
Alex Quang (5 years ago)
Why is Curse on the back of this video. Are they advertising or something?
Little2deepStudio (5 years ago)
Austin Kosel (5 years ago)
Haha I love how he says teleport! :D
mitchell2617 (5 years ago)
Tellyporting XD
Stina Ulvild (5 years ago)
lol tellyporting
the banampire (5 years ago)
Well done!
Greysen Evans (5 years ago)
Telly-porting Ender-man
Greysen Evans (5 years ago)
Right-click. (Only in survival)
Christopher Pyles (5 years ago)
Typhorus (5 years ago)
Right-click is my assumption.
Alicorn Twins (5 years ago)
how do you teleport
Hoompty Doompty (5 years ago)
telliport :)
Rudyhea (5 years ago)
haooy birthday, video :3
Rach ael (5 years ago)
DcuoProdigy (5 years ago)
exactly a year ago LMAO LMAO LMAO
Twyke (5 years ago)
Utsav Maheshwari (5 years ago)
did he seriously enter the end with an iron sword?
tehhungryrubikscuber (5 years ago)
I love how all the comments are about his accent.
жж жж (5 years ago)
why british people cant speak normally?
Annika Lambert (5 years ago)
My armpits smell nice today.
thenekom (5 years ago)
I hope you paid your tellyport license fee.
2scoopsrice (5 years ago)
no s*it
Kristina Rosenbaum (5 years ago)
love youre digimon thing
LaserCakes (5 years ago)
Gilermi Berzins (5 years ago)
just found in multiplayer a stronhole without any ender eyes!!!!
the way you say teleport, (my profile pic is mfw)
Fuck you beach!!!
Notnif (5 years ago)
Cameron Hill (5 years ago)
I've never heard someone describe a portal as "gooey".
Domar251 (5 years ago)
why cant i throw it D:
Lyle Morrison (5 years ago)
How did you get top comment? lol
Rexzing (5 years ago)
can you recollect the ender pearl?
egrande94 (5 years ago)
Hikari Yami (5 years ago)
"Teliporting" LOL that accent cracks me up.
Oh! Neill (5 years ago)
Boy, do I love using ender pearls to tellyport...
sleepyinsomniac (5 years ago)
..... I know that.
Fricetix (6 years ago)
ofc, that's obvious :)
jOinTftwww (6 years ago)
first you need to go to the nether
Nikifuj908 (6 years ago)
Well, it's certainly nice to be compared to Newton.
Code Red (6 years ago)
In the Xbox update will there be both Nether and Overworld Strongholds?
Jonno (6 years ago)
Very usefull videos, im pretty new in mc so all these vids are great!
Nikifuj908 (6 years ago)
I'm not thumbing you up because you have 333 thumbs up and that's 3 3's in a row.
leadrevolver (6 years ago)
Fricetix (6 years ago)
that's what I said. You have to kill the ender dragon to finish the game, but to get to him you have to go to The End obviously.
Aegenwulf (6 years ago)
You can't without going to the end first.
Walde (6 years ago)
I was looking for a stronghold for hours and then i found out the eyes of ender show where it is...
MegaPandaLordOfDeath (6 years ago)
Teliportin' Enduh man
Alexander Garcia (6 years ago)
Yea, they are.
TheBoooogieMan (6 years ago)
are strongholds also in creative mode?
sleepyinsomniac (6 years ago)
yes i can
Fricetix (6 years ago)
but then you can't beat the game
SnipinKomix (6 years ago)
Eyes of Ender now have three uses. Finding Strongholds, Activating the End Portal, and the awesome new ENDERCHEST!!!
sleepyinsomniac (6 years ago)
well yeah,'cuz in survival i don't want to go to the end
Rigor Mortis (6 years ago)
are you playing in creative, because in creative mode, you can't throw ender pearls.
PmGab (6 years ago)
tellyport :D
Roflmaqrux (6 years ago)
sleepyinsomniac (6 years ago)
but it doen't work on enderpearls and eyes of ender :(
Shopping Cart (6 years ago)
Give Enderpearl Fire Stone? Enderpearl is evolving! Enderpearl evolved into eye of ender!
sleepyinsomniac (6 years ago)
how do i throw stuf?
pcakes (6 years ago)
and one blaze powder? what happened to an ender pearl and spider eye making an ender eye? or has it always been with blaze powder??. ..
BleAcHADmin (6 years ago)
@ukhqfwb yeah i agree def a top 10 also! man i think you would enjoy this game have a look --> bit.ly/NnWMyc?=dmvxs
Turabbo (6 years ago)
Meminjo (6 years ago)
cxx{}::::::::::::::::::> My sword
Caridor (6 years ago)
By combining these with a map, you can triangulate its position by using just 4 ender eyes. Technique first used by the Minecraft Muse.
codymeful (6 years ago)
Anybody ever wonder how awesome of a house a stronghold could be? Install an x-ray mod, destroy all the silverfish spawning stones or spawners, and make where the end portal is put a nether portal too, it would be an underground MANSION!!!
Lucas IV (6 years ago)
Finlander (6 years ago)
telyport :P
Level3Thief (6 years ago)
word tellyport
Nyerguds (6 years ago)
What part of "This one is missing the annotations needed to link to the other videos" didn't you get? I was replying to someone saying "ALL these videos say click here but clicking anywhere does nothing". Yes, it doens't work on this one, but if it doesn't work in these OTHER videos, he must've disabled annotations there, because all the other videos DO have the necessary annotations.
Steven Stewart (6 years ago)
while your wondering where the links are just subscribe to him
Timothy Emeigh (6 years ago)
actually, it doesn't work and there isn't an annotation button on this video.
tronkid03 (6 years ago)
Ummm...where's the links?
daveatron (6 years ago)
um... I kinda knew it was teleport. It's just that the word tellyport sounds cooler :3
2Xenos2 (6 years ago)
Guess you can soon put ender chests in this video too
daveatron (6 years ago)
Tellyport c:

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