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Disney Frozen games: Fashion Princess Tailor and PJ Party - Dress up games

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Fashion Princess Tailor If you ever wanted to know how a dress is made today we give you the opportunity to see each step of the whole process. You have to start with measurements to find the size of it then you will be doing the stitching to cut and sew the exact shape of the dress. Use your designer skills to add the final details and put some jewelry and cute shoes. See how it is like to be a tailor and have fun. PJ Party Join princesses Elsa and Jasmine on a fun PJ party with their new princess friend from Scotland - Merida! I was wondering why Merida isn't with the other princesses in all of their dress-up adventures, so I decided it was time for us to get to know her better. Not to mention, time for her to get to know the other princesses better and have some fun!
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