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"Ordinary" | Songs of the 8th ASEAN Para Games

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“Ordinary” tells the stories of five 8th ASEAN Para Games debutants. Like their SEA Games counterparts, they juggle between family, work or school and their pursuit for sporting excellence. They train hard, if not harder than most, to earn their national colours and to prepare for their biggest competition on home soil. They, together with the other APG athletes, embody the Singapore spirit of determination, courage in the face of adversities and a drive to be more than ordinary. We hope “Ordinary” will inspire you to strive for your own extraordinary as we forge a more inclusive society together as #OneTeamSG. Find out more about our athletes: http://bit.ly/APGAthletes Subscribe to Sport Singapore's YouTube Channel at http://bit.ly/sportsgYT or download our free 8th ASEAN Para Games TV app for live broadcast of the 8th ASEAN Para Games 2015. iOS Devices: http://bit.ly/8APGtviOS Android Devices: http://bit.ly/8APGtvandroid
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Text Comments (61)
Wida Anissa (2 months ago)
💞💕 love from 🇮🇩
Sheryl Jones (1 year ago)
You guys rock! Don't give up!
shahinur rahman (1 year ago)
It is a heartwarming video and i feel like i want to cry😹
Epicitiez Flame (1 year ago)
Every second there is an improvement , Every minute there is sweat , Ever year they grow STRONGER
Coco Lolz (1 year ago)
I was even introduced this song by my vice principal , wow , it has spread alot!
Craftblox 221 (1 year ago)
who love this song my favorite song
JavierX (1 year ago)
nice song yo
Pembroke Corgi (2 years ago)
Pre chorus: 0:45
Randall Chew (2 years ago)
I like Joseph schooling
FranXX (2 years ago)
Very inspirational!!
bangtan sonyeondan (2 years ago)
Did Benjamin Kheng sing this ?
Jeherson Verula (2 years ago)
A great music and video indeed.Thank you for sharing it. Can i ask the guitar chords for this song?
Aditya Anggun (2 years ago)
Still my favorite song to come out of 2015, and still inspires me today too :)
Ash Ng (2 years ago)
Benjamin kheng 😍
Ryan Sanchez (2 years ago)
sounds like yellow by coldplay
LandonRB DUCKSQUAD (2 years ago)
nice song but is atculy 8th para games
Crazy Potatoes (2 years ago)
iam a performer at the asean para games
Steven Wong (2 years ago)
This is simply extraordinary
Sketch Imagine (2 years ago)
Sad I can't c as I won't be in Singapore
lucidd (2 years ago)
will never skip this ad. talented voice, talented lyrics.
Nelson Isaiah (2 years ago)
Love it
Nelson Isaiah (2 years ago)
Jasmine Chan (2 years ago)
I like this song :)
Nila Sari (2 years ago)
Finally found this song my son ask me to look the tittle of this song 👍
Akmal Chua (2 years ago)
catchy song
duckknight (2 years ago)
Song is gud
XuanNi Gan (2 years ago)
Nice song and AWESOME LYRICS
chng weishao (2 years ago)
+sport singapore. thanks. i love this song so much. :) :)
kaitlyn s k y (2 years ago)
tbh, ten times better than unbreakable, but both are amazing. the Sam willows are incredible, btw. (oh, how much I bawled like a baby when I heard this song)
lim sb (2 years ago)
all the para sportsman n women are winner☺there will be no loser..
Asidewalkcafe (2 years ago)
Love this song
Anime Chen (2 years ago)
been finding this song
Tan Boon Kiat (2 years ago)
Best song ever, can I know where to get this background music?
Chin - (2 years ago)
love this song!
Katherine Kow (2 years ago)
Guys, you all are awesome. Good job!! Beautiful song
Claire Chu (2 years ago)
so sorry
Claire Chu (2 years ago)
I won't be able to go there as it is my brother's birthday.
JCyyv2 (2 years ago)
First heard this through a Youtube advertisement but it made me search for this video and I'm glad I did. The song captures the essence of the video and watching it really made me feel very proud and happy for our athletes! Go Team Singapore!
Full_Spoon Of_Suga (2 years ago)
well said... so proud of them and feeling so bless everytime I hear the song😊
Sue it (2 years ago)
good luck!!!
Xin Lin (2 years ago)
The only adv I never skipped...Great song encouraging MV!!
john lee (2 years ago)
never give up!
Eren lim zi jian (3 years ago)
I love the song 👍👍👍
chng weishao (3 years ago)
what is the lyric for this song. haha
Sport Singapore (2 years ago)
+chng weishao lyrics of ordinary here http://www.songsofthegames.com/songs/ordinary
Kase Zheng (3 years ago)
i love this song. The lyrics and video is inspiring!!! 3 cheers!!! love it
letterZach (3 years ago)
beautiful song written!
Eng Jian Yee (3 years ago)
Nice song
Li Wei (3 years ago)
Awesome, really really love all their hard work and determination.
VJ Zoe Lenzoe (3 years ago)
finally I get this video... yeaaayhhh.. it's a great song.. love it... :')
Full_Spoon Of_Suga (2 years ago)
me too😊
starzzzzzzzz (3 years ago)
All the best team Singapore!!!
chiam84 (3 years ago)
great video plus background music, keep up the good work athletics !
Kathleen Seetoh (3 years ago)
when is the 8th para sea games
Sport Singapore (3 years ago)
+Kathleen Seetoh 3-9 Dec. Don't forget to subscribe to our channel for the livestream
Ricardo Sanchez (3 years ago)
nice song by a local talented benjamin
Ang Hao Jun (2 years ago)
+kakakrayna zara I am Singaporean
kakakrayna zara (2 years ago)
+MacBryan Lim benjamin is so good in singing!!
Avalon+ (3 years ago)
+MacBryan Lim He's 1/4 of the local band The Sam Willows. Search Youtube for their channel.
MacBryan Lim (3 years ago)
+Ricardo Sanchez any video of him? beautiful voice! :)
Zeph Ng (3 years ago)
Let's go #TeamSG! :D

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