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Top 25 NEW Switch Games of 2018

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It looks like the Nintendo Switch will have no shortage of games releasing in 2018. Here are the ones we're looking forward to. Subscribe for more: http://youtube.com/gameranxtv ~~~ 25 Shakedown Hawaii Switch, 3DS, PS4, Vita, PC TBD 2018 24 Wargroove Switch, PS4, Xbox One, PC TBD 2018 23 Hyrule Warriors: Definitive Edition Switch TBD 2018 22 Dragon Marked For Death Switch TBD 2018 21 PayDay 2 Switch, PS4, Xbox One, PC February 27 2018 20 Dead Cells Switch, PS4, Xbox One, PC TBD 2018 19 Mega Man 11 Switch, PS4, Xbox One, PC TBD Late 2018 18 Runner 3 Switch TBD 2018 17 Kentucky Route Zero: TV Edition Switch, PS4, Xbox One, PC TBD 2018 16 Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Collection Switch, PS4, Xbox One, PC May 2018 15 Super Meat Boy Forever Switch, PS4, Xbox One, PC, iOS Android TBD 2018 14 Dandara Switch, PS4, Xbox One, PC February 6 2018 13 Fe Switch, PS4, Xbox One, PC February 16 2018 12 Dark Souls Remastered Switch, PS4, Xbox One, PC May 25 2018 11 Shovel Knight: King of Cards Switch, 3DS, PS4, Xbox One, PC TBD 2018 10 Celeste Switch, PS4, Xbox One, PC January 25 9 Octopath Traveller Switch TBD 2018 (possibly?) 8 Wolfenstein 2: New Colossus Switch, PS4, Xbox One, PC TBD 2018 (Switch) October 27 2017 (everything else) 7 Bayonetta 1+2 Switch February 16 6 Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze Switch May 4 2018 5 Nintendo Labo Switch April 20 2018 4 Kirby Star Allies Switch March 16 2018 3 Yoshi (working title) Switch TBD 2018 2 Mario Tennis Aces Switch TBD Spring 2018 1 Fire Emblem (working title) Switch TBD 2018
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gameranx (8 months ago)
Here's a big ol' list of Nintendo Switch games to look forward to.
Baron Zemo (6 months ago)
baby boy the Wii U is the only system I’ve ever passed on by Nintendo. It had an odd release timing, so there were a handful of games I’d wish they’d bring over. They’ve already gave or are giving us that Donkey Kong game and Pokemon Tournament, but I’d love to see Mario world 3D show up (only traditional or near traditional MARIO game I missed). The 3DS’ MARIO Land 3D was fun as hell so I’m sure i couldn’t imagine less from “World”. I think Toads Treasure Hunt is coming and since Yoshis Woolyworld is on 3DS, that’ll be fine. I’m just bummed cuz I highly doubt I’ll see the Luigi themed games from Luigi month, like Dr. Luigi, nor see another release of Windwaker, I lost my Cube version and I really, really wanna play that one all the way through. Omg so sorry this is so long. I just love Nintendo talk. Odyssey and Kart, as well as Zelda are fantastic. Just waiting with baited breath for new, real, games. Yoshi for sure and I think I’ll make the new Kirby my first ever Kirby game. Then, if I research and I and it looks like I may like it, I might get that Bayonetta double that Nintendo’s giving us.
baby boy (6 months ago)
Baron Zemo me and my wife love the Kirby star allies and Mario Odyssey and Mario go kart is amazing I can't wait for donkey Kong play it on Wii u but didn't own one games amazing.
Baron Zemo (6 months ago)
Three quarters of these look like games originally made for NES, SNES, 64, or psone, but didn’t make the cut or deadline, so they just throw em on the Switch. I get, and even like, ports and updates, but if this system is just gonna be home for 25yr old looking indie games, or gimmicky stuff (cardboard cutouts?). Otherwise the new ones like Yoshi and Kirby, and the fun as hell MARIO Tennis, I’ll continue to praise my Switch. I’ve loved all my Nintendo systems whether I had hundreds of games or under a dozen. Now get that damn virtual store going already, forget neo geo already.
baby boy (7 months ago)
gameranx this console is amazing just picked one up so worth it
Frommy Funnys (8 months ago)
If they don't come out with a Pokemon or Smash Bros, I legit don't care about anything on the switch this year.
Mark Noble (18 days ago)
Is Falcon drunk in this one?
LoL ReplayBaby (2 months ago)
Very sad to see i can find those games on steam and cheaper aswell. So the switch is now the console steam version.
Laurie Sloan (5 months ago)
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Jordan O'Dea (5 months ago)
Deadcells has a PC version too and it's fantastic
BowmansWorld (5 months ago)
not a single game i want on this list.
hero of day (5 months ago)
It's to gimmicky 'ps4
Panoris Holiday (5 months ago)
007. and ninja gaiden please
Cedrick Johnson (5 months ago)
Donmcron333 (6 months ago)
I’m really excited for the world ends with you
Dimentive (6 months ago)
Too bad Payday 2 is just a shitty port on the Switch.
Alek N89 (6 months ago)
Only Shakedown Hawaii and megaman.
TheGamingGecko (6 months ago)
I finally got my switch and im still waiting for mario bros or mario maker to come on switch.
pokemonnerd480 (6 months ago)
Don’t forget crash bandicoot nsane trilogy
Martell Tha Cool (6 months ago)
I want these awesome games that catch my eye and hope it last long
Goofy8907 (6 months ago)
So no Smash eh?
Chloe Mcholoe (6 months ago)
I rather not play Bayonetta in public.......... You know what I mean :/
Chloe Mcholoe (6 months ago)
I love some pixel art (the ones that are done well that is...) But like UGH this is toooo much pixel art I'm starting to hate 2d games xD
Snaps Mcgoo (6 months ago)
Patrick Hale (6 months ago)
Dead Cells is an awesome game. I've played a decent amount of if on PC and I think it'll be awesome on the Switch.
Brandon Moore (6 months ago)
I just want a new animal crossing on switch .
P.S.F (6 months ago)
Could of said the next 25 games are shit & saved yourself a video
Mr22pickup (7 months ago)
Nintendo labs
T Smith (7 months ago)
Really I'm a little disappointed. I don't really like those Indie Games in 2D side-scroller. I hope they have a lot more coming
Joseph Abdilla (7 months ago)
Kirby Star Allies is the most disappointing and bare bones Kirby game in decades. Superstar has about 10 times the content, story, and epic moments, and it came out over 20 years ago. The 3DS games that just came out the past couple years put it to shame. Don't waste your money on it. Full price for complete disappointment.
Sean Ó Ceallachain (7 months ago)
Can't trust any site that would recommend Payday given it's multitude of issues and lack of support
Chestor Endou conan (7 months ago)
i want octopath like right now XD
BIGBLACKATTACK J (7 months ago)
Better add Smash Switch to this list
Nikoli Belinski (7 months ago)
you forgot to put samsh bros for nintendo switch on this list
Sam (7 months ago)
Albert Oliver (7 months ago)
You are usless.
Anime & Music (7 months ago)
Jordan Godwin (7 months ago)
What next monster hunter game for nintendo switch , a new pokemon game, overwatch include dlc packs , injustice 2 also dlc packs , mincraft , and animal crossing this is my thoughts and is a possble
Bram Dewit (7 months ago)
HazzyFcrazy (7 months ago)
Super smash bros
kanoo likamii (7 months ago)
Terrible lineup, more than 80% of these games are 2D pixel art indie platformers. All this console has is Zelda which is an amazing game but wow this second year is very disappointing. Doom plays terribly on the console with drops to 20fps and is a blurfest so I don't expect much from Wolfenstein. None of these games have that killer app vibe to them, such a disappointment. What an underwhelming second year, we need games that push the boundaries of gameplay and immersion not pixel art side scrollers of the 90s.
Hitman GFX (7 months ago)
Hmm, no Pokemon?
00WolfSpirit (7 months ago)
Not sure how I feel about all these indie. 2d old looking platformers. I adore platformers but really only found ones I really like as main stream. Oh well, still playing Zelda. Got only about half way through Mario. And looking forward to yoshi and Kirby. Fe looks interesting too (the thing with the cat looking thing. Never been a fan of fire emblem)
BankMoney Goals (7 months ago)
Dead cells Kentucky Dark souls Octopath traveler Bayonetta Donkey Kong country
ILikeMy Ls (7 months ago)
Guys be patient. I think last year has spoiled you Nintendo fans that now, you want every friking game. Stop acting so spoiled. JEEZ
Nash Rich (7 months ago)
Wolfensteins graphics and affects are way better then doom
Hugo Sjogren (7 months ago)
set hotel carpet attempt ideal addition barely resident championship
Game Land (7 months ago)
Pokemon Switch
jonsburyhill (7 months ago)
man, mostly rereleases and pixel art games. does it even pay off to own a switch?this list doesn't make it seem like it does
Eyebrawl103HD batman (7 months ago)
I we at ff7 on the switch
Phazz (7 months ago)
Know why I don't want Dark Souls on the Switch? Because that means Fromsoft delivered their promise of "these guys will put a game on the Switch", meaning it's gonna take a long ass time until we finally see something new from them. Had kinda hoped for another Bloodborne kind of "spinoff" off DS, maybe a bit more tailored toward the "Switch Feel", but now I'm pretty sure it's just gonna be the Tenchu remake, which doesn't interest me in the slightest.
Bhuvan Kumar Gunessee (7 months ago)
No Pokémon?
GoldfishOverlord (7 months ago)
Wargroove looks like one of the best upcoming titles, other than fire emblem
Helker Studios (7 months ago)
A mix of 2D side scrollers and ports of existing games... And cardboard!!
Adam Eason (7 months ago)
i want to be a game designer, and ive always kinda wanted to make a runner... but i have never really felt motivated to do so. :/
elom kp. (7 months ago)
i'm hyped for the Dragon Quest game and the Tales game also let's not forget mega man 11
Game Cove (7 months ago)
Metroid prime 4?
JoshKeatonFan (7 months ago)
Falcon The Hero, you do a much better job at Gameranx videos than that idot "Jake 'Bald'-ino" If I find out where he lives, I'm going to DOX him and see what happens next! Yeah! Falcon you can do the Friday show on this channel much better than Jake "Poopyface" can!
Luke Hero (7 months ago)
*Top PS1* err I mean _Switch_ games.
Angel Martinez (7 months ago)
Can't believe Bloodstained was left out
Fire Thief (7 months ago)
Should I spend my last 500 bucks on a switch and some games? Shitttt I might do that.
David V (7 months ago)
As long as Pokémon or Metroid is 2018 I’m happy other wise only NEW AAA is Kirby
David V (7 months ago)
That I’ll play since I won’t play fire emblem
janmadmax (7 months ago)
I want Mario football back!
Jordan Pelc (7 months ago)
No mention of Dragon Quest XI...More excited for that than Fire Emblem.
Riley The Big Man (7 months ago)
R E A D I F Y O U A R E C O N S I D E R I N G G E T T I N G A S W I T C H Okay so the switch was a good concept portable and home console I’m traveling a lot and would love to play games on the so I bought it. So Alright let’s talk about the games switch has to offer At launch there were little to no games but BOTW was, so I played that. ‘Twas a good game I’ve played quite a bit of it beat it. Didn’t touch my switch for months because there because there were no good games. Didn’t play till Skyrim got it ported over that was pretty fun on the go but 60 cmon. On to Mario In my opinion Super Mario Odyssey was boring all you did was run around and get power moons got boring right away. Mario Kart 8 Deluxe was... well what can I say it’s a Wii U game not hard to port games over. Maybe instead of changing full price for a port they could worked on a new one but who cares. 1 2 switch is a joke not even gonna talk about that lol. Arm is a blast with friends. Splatoon 2 haven’t played much but it’s fun from what I’ve played. That’s pretty much most of the games exclusives to Nintendo switch. Now the console. It’s Nintendo so I didn’t expect anything powerful cough cough Wii U. It’s underpowered so don’t expect amazing graphics and really super duper awesome games . To be quite frank more than 50% of the games are shity pixel games that belong on my phone. I’m not trying to hate on The Nintendo Switch the whole portable home console was a great idea it’s just underpowered and lacks good games. Hopefully Nintendo actually works on some new games instead of milking the Wii and porting those games to switch. But that’s my thoughts not being a hater or troll just being honest. And if you are planning on buying a switch i would say just wait a while till there’s more games . But if you wanna shell out 300$ for maybe at most 10 good games go ahead. And yes come at me Nintendo fan boys...
Riley The Big Man (7 months ago)
Probably some mistakes In that didn’t look over it really.
Calvin Cooper (7 months ago)
WHERE IS SMASH BROS GIVE ME SMASH BROS NOW!!!!!!! Oh and if madden can you know switch over that would be nice to lol
Jacob Fisher (7 months ago)
The two games I'm looking forward to the most are Metroid Prime 4 and Pokemon, but they don't have official release dates or really even release windows, so..... But I'm glad I've got Bayonetta 1 and 2, and in psyched for Mega Man 11, the two legacy collections, and the Mega Man X collection for Switch.
S1protocol (7 months ago)
So Indies and rereleases?
UltraRanger (7 months ago)
Ah all these 2D pixel platformers/arcades selling for $49.99
martyn griffiths (7 months ago)
Quote on quote
Adam Hasson (7 months ago)
Ok i have to know, i have a choice of a switch or a new phone for my birthday, is there any big console seller games other then mario and botw for the switch or should i pass for a phone? In addition how is the proformace of game like skyrim and doom on the switch?
nieass1 (6 months ago)
Adam Hasson performance on the ports are sub par, worse textures plus a target frame rate 50% lower than their ps4/xb1 versions, support will die off when the sales slow down as people realise how bad the switch hardware is compared to the cheaper alternatives, which is already evident with all these side scroller ports and indie experiments being announced this year
Kevin Kalis (7 months ago)
Robbe Aerts (7 months ago)
Significant overall resign producer motivation online festival provide.
Wishrad (7 months ago)
24th place is just worse Fire Emblem
Reh nert (7 months ago)
Devil may cry on crack is actually a good description of bayonetta haha
RetardskillMe (7 months ago)
Lol, Wolfenstein not as visually complex? Have you seen the latest PayDay graphics on Switch?
The Apple KingDom (7 months ago)
I want yu gi ho
AwesomeEpicNinja (7 months ago)
You forgot the best indie game of last year! Where's Hollow Knight? Did you forget? It's gotta be in your script. There's no way you could've forgotten such a great game... right? RIGHT?!
Ian Carlson (7 months ago)
I'm looking for JRPGs/etc. Hoping for Paper Mario on the switch as well. Waiting for the Mothership Pokemon title.
Eric Streeter (7 months ago)
so much disappointment
David Park (7 months ago)
All these games are either pixelated or hand-me-downs from the Wii U. This better not be it or this system will be a huge disappointment to Nintendo fans.
Spencer (7 months ago)
what is that ding sound in the video?? or am i going crazy?
Jumping Buddy (7 months ago)
We need skullgirls on the switch
Alpenmilch (7 months ago)
ports, ports and more ports
YIFU DING (7 months ago)
new PM
chris hancock (7 months ago)
A lot of trashy games.
chris hancock (7 months ago)
To many pixelated games! It's like they can't come up with more modern games like the other consoles. I grew up with games like this when they where actually top notch. Like anything else they should progressed forward not backwards!
BT D (7 months ago)
chris hancock A lot of trashy comments
WiL c (7 months ago)
Is it the first Fire Emblem or a new one?
Crais Daniel (7 months ago)
Here's my wishlist for the Switch in 2018- Every. Single. Game. If it can run on the Switch, I want it. I want to play mah games everywhere I go
Jackie J (7 months ago)
I hope the next fire emblem game can get some of the writers from Awakening, those guys were fucking legends (I can't speak for others, but the exceptional dialogue from the support convos were my main reason to replay that beautiful game over and over.)
Yupisan86 (7 months ago)
I was wondering; Where is Fire Emblem? But you put it in the place it deserves to be N1. Thanks Falcon :)
InsomniacOtter (7 months ago)
There are Fire Emblem games on the Wii and GameCube, it's not like there haven't been any console Fire Emblem games...
Dair (7 months ago)
Title misleading. Should be "top 25 most anticipated switch games of 2018" haha you're listing these in order of quality before you've even played them.
Dlihc (7 months ago)
dead cell looks like castevania 2018. Personally i cant wait for octopath. Been a long time since i could play a good rpg
The Mini Mecha (7 months ago)
I'm enjoying super mario oddesey, dragon quest builders, and the flame in the flood
Kyle Riddering (7 months ago)
jesus almost ALL side scrollers come on
Matt Conrad (7 months ago)
Where are the games for people who aren’t interested in indie games
YaHairMe (7 months ago)
Damn I still haven't finished any of the fire emblem fates games
Zephor (7 months ago)
Maybe I'm the only one that has this opinion but as a Nintendo fan, the switch just doesn't appeal to me. Breath of the Wild was disappointing (for me) and they still haven't done anything with Smash, Metroid or Pokemon. Even after watching this video, I still don't want a switch. :|
NebThe GreenFox (7 months ago)
This video makes me want to smash my switch with a hammer. What a shit list of games minus Yoshi. wtf nintendo
NebThe GreenFox (7 months ago)
The switch was successful because of Zelda, now that I'm done with that and Mario, there is literally nothing worth playing that's original or new. These re-releases are total BS, and these indie games are waaaaay too expensive. If i can run these platformers on a low spec laptop why would I spend $20 on a game that is less than $10 on steam? I predict Nintendo squanders this financial success in the coming years if they don't lower the prices of their indie titles, and rereleases and don't start coming out with original games similar to breath of the wild or odyssey. I don't want dark souls on switch, I don't want rereleases of old crap I've already played unless is cheaper than $60.
Gamming Boy (7 months ago)
Yes dark souls
Sheldon Cooper81 (7 months ago)
I want a Katamari Game on the Switch, God i love these Games they are soo Fun and addictive
Victor K Flores (7 months ago)
Why wouldn't they just release GameCube games
Sheldon Cooper81 (7 months ago)
OF COURSE the Switch can handle Dark Souls 1 Its 3 x more Powerful then the X-Box 360

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