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Steam Adventures: Anime Games

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anime YEA but also nooo terrible. -- Twitter--: https://twitter.com/RedRiotRoss --- MERCH!: https://www.designbyhumans.com/shop/RedRiot/ -- Twitch--: https://www.twitch.tv/redriotross -- Discord--: https://discord.gg/0mC3aM6aUcBTbEIx If you want to support me this is the place to do it. Pls. and big thank. -- Patreon--: https://www.patreon.com/RedRiot --P.O. Box SEND ME STUFF RedRiot P.O. Box 460809 Denver, CO 80246 -- MEME SHITPOST CHANNEL--: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCTvTkUw4LVPtncqMTrVKErQ
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Text Comments (334)
Cyranek (1 year ago)
"I hurt my own feelings"
Sparse Seekers (1 year ago)
Why do you comment on literally every channel I’m subbed to you are everywhere
Garthocea xd (1 year ago)
FoRZaK (8 days ago)
red af eyes
Funny Dumplin (2 months ago)
4:45, well we found a new meme here bois
Rambo Shinjie (2 months ago)
Imma watch seabed
helloman xd (2 months ago)
make it stop
Andrei Fira (2 months ago)
2:45 laughed for 5 minutes straight, the fact that the irony that the game was named *Anime TANK girls* and the first launguage it has is German. I just can't...
Alphatatze_ YT (4 months ago)
Heyyy redriot! Its very goddamn late but in the first game you played with that language.. i know that language it my language. German😋 It was fucking funny seeing thar you didnt knew what the hell was happening xD
Zachary Nelson (5 months ago)
bless you i feel so bad for you
Calamity - (5 months ago)
why your eyes red
jonnathan collins (5 months ago)
Spawnshell (5 months ago)
You should of clicked on dr1 ( danganronpa) also that girl shooting missles is ripped from the ended cosmic league by cyber step
Spawnshell (5 months ago)
I was there since the beginning and they gave a special hair for one of the starter robo girls for pre reg
Spawnshell (5 months ago)
Ugh I miss that game
Spawnshell (5 months ago)
I loved that Game
Awe (6 months ago)
Dissapointed u didnt play nor found rabi-ribi, surprised? no Its a fair not know game... sadly.
Mr.V (6 months ago)
Shut up bushy hair
UltraVast (6 months ago)
That description for Crush Crush wasn't too far off. It's actually Kongregate. And I stopped trying to play it because it keeps losing all my progress!
abdi mohamed (6 months ago)
The answer is simple deep space waifu if don’t play that game you have no life , don’t make the same mistake as me strip those anime girls brother strip them all
RedRiot (6 months ago)
haha. ha. ha. lol
marsHm311oW (6 months ago)
Let the cat in is not a anime game. -.-
RedRiot (6 months ago)
Zenissu jose (6 months ago)
0:34 Cause there are people from Brazil watching yo shit Red like me but i can speak english so you know fuck that guy
Elijah Almacen (7 months ago)
"You sicken me, white panties."
darkphoenixdragon138 (7 months ago)
I'm afraid of your face.
snowcone 357 (8 months ago)
I came to see some anime tities im disapointed
Reptize Z (8 months ago)
Luigi's Mansion theme with waluigi -waluigis mansion confirmed
Armandas Ivanauskas (8 months ago)
I want to cry for your suffering :)
McPokeman (8 months ago)
wait that's litterally just a reskinned kantai collection lmao
Sprazzic (8 months ago)
oh god I fucking died at the panty party part
Sprazzic (8 months ago)
I would like to see some of those “overwhelmingly positive” reviews..
ShenZed (9 months ago)
some anime games are really good but uhhhh 85% are utter trash
Motecasa (9 months ago)
I can't wait until #kissagingerday
RedRiot (9 months ago)
+motecasa :^)
Noah Harden (9 months ago)
Der Fuchs (9 months ago)
Who let the cat in tho?
Elias Rais-El-Fenni (10 months ago)
Dude you look sooooooo high man. Those eyes bro are sooooooo red. HAHA REDriot. Anyway Great vid.
RedRiot (10 months ago)
warum ist die scheiße auf deutsch ;D
Someone Usedtobeknown (10 months ago)
Uh-huh. Yeah, modestly a mistake, I must say.
Kuzaki (11 months ago)
Pirates , or that boi
BloodWolf0712 :P (11 months ago)
*what the title should've been* Instant Regret Playing This Video
Andrew Rhodes (11 months ago)
Fart games
Rogério Torres (11 months ago)
egg content !!
Greg Knott (11 months ago)
Do a dinosaur theme, that could be cool.
Jules Vanhelsdingen (11 months ago)
Darkness Dash (11 months ago)
This was funny but painful to watch
Eeriel Constantine (11 months ago)
Dude, you’re so adorbs 😊😘
Kawaii Overload (11 months ago)
Purple Games Blurple Games Games for big bois
Kowalski Tabirch (11 months ago)
God red, you need some *S L E E P*
Jet Rave (11 months ago)
You should try making videos not high or are your eyes dry af
Nick Arndt (11 months ago)
Ross's decent into madness
justunnam3d (11 months ago)
Why not look up ,,boi" on steam?
Avasia (11 months ago)
i love your face
Avasia (11 months ago)
Yw <3
RedRiot (11 months ago)
Josh Franklin (11 months ago)
Card Games!
Mahon Welsh (11 months ago)
Zac (11 months ago)
Weed games Or drug related games in general. PSA or otherwise
Pedro Navarro (11 months ago)
i think u where High AF
BOXofROX (11 months ago)
You didn't even play Gal*Gun; You truly have no soul.........
Blazing Charmeleon (11 months ago)
Emerald0803 (11 months ago)
Juuzou Suzuya (11 months ago)
I've just downloaded all these games
RedRiot (11 months ago)
+Sten van Maanen why do not learn
Mr.Th_LP (1 year ago)
Sakura dungeon XD
Brendyn Scholerman (1 year ago)
clicker games
Pokechao (1 year ago)
Pokechao (1 year ago)
>"I've played Hyperdimension Neptunia" please tell me it was ReBirth and not the equivilant of Sonic06 that is the ps3 original.....
DurambrosLord (1 year ago)
You should do Waluigi games next.
NøblΣ (1 year ago)
Voice reminds me of Dunkey every now and then, sorry for comment that doesn't really relate to the video
Erick Yuen (1 year ago)
first time seeing him, looks like the red haired frost prime, frostrito/redprime
Daniel Goldberg (1 year ago)
play grass games!
Getsuga Tsunentaiga (1 year ago)
That Metal Waltz game is better on mobile, mostly because it's laughably translated into engrish
Blayke Elligott (1 year ago)
I see such pain in your eyes whenever you look st the camera. Who hurt you.... It was probably you.
Nyancateater (1 year ago)
This is so cringy but i watch it for you friendo.
Halmari Mahiya (1 year ago)
3spoopy5me games
This must be the most ginger, ginger ever gingered.
RedRiot (1 year ago)
my steam recommendations are ruined
cyber maze (7 months ago)
Can you do yugioh next?
Фаик Тагиев (11 months ago)
For us to be entertained. Noble sacrifice my friend!
ArmalantLitez (1 year ago)
Cory in the House is the best anime.
RedRiot (1 year ago)
+ArmalantLitez yes
David. (1 year ago)
how about.... sanic?
OverBerserk (1 year ago)
How about "phone games"
David Zenert (1 year ago)
In the spirit of everyone thinking you are high as fuck, why not "weed games"?
Sparse Seekers (1 year ago)
Look for Pokémon ripoff games steam has way too many
Wildin' Willy (1 year ago)
Simulator games
Saya Sasamiya (1 year ago)
The dark side of steam
fabito hernandez (1 year ago)
10/10 video content
Player_1 (1 year ago)
Let The Cat In GOTY 2017
Relic007 (1 year ago)
spongebob plz
PrototypeZedd (1 year ago)
Why doncha' play some horror games?
Abdulaziz Luqman (1 year ago)
animal based games where you play as an animal
brekbrek (1 year ago)
find a waffle or dank waffle game
Kasz2000 (1 year ago)
5:15 Red boii is really red
keredcat77 (1 year ago)
Play some boi games
Josh Hill (1 year ago)
We all know Red riot bought those Naked nude games off screen. Lol Red riot you weeb
Sean Hack (1 year ago)
Cyberdimention is the a spin off
Mirror Image (1 year ago)
Guy I was on your auto play and this showed up. Im sorry I have to leave before you corrupt my youtube suggestions with waifu.
Da Sonic fan (1 year ago)
About 900 people died for liking this vid just like you said
RinoClaw (1 year ago)
What about the Sakura's games
jayman1212121 (1 year ago)
As a fellow ginger, id be interested if they had "Ginger Games".
RedRiot (1 year ago)
+jayman1212121 we come together
Connor Sharp (1 year ago)
Give us some games about Ham.
Hyllie Pillie (1 year ago)
egg gaems for the eggo boi
Matthew Bandersnatch (1 year ago)
Suggestion: Waffles
Aatrox (1 year ago)
Please, sleep more.
Aatrox (1 year ago)
*Y o u s h o u l d.*
RedRiot (1 year ago)
+Gnar I don't have time tho
Duțu Ionuț (1 year ago)
fuck you. no reason lol
Fearluzz (1 year ago)
I rate this video, 10/10 twerks
RedRiot (1 year ago)
+Fearluzz good
Fishrage (1 year ago)
Sometimes I wonder if we nuked Japan too hard, or not hard enough.
I love lolis (1 year ago)
I am from Brazil, I'd hope your videos had Portuguese translations
jjMaX X (1 year ago)
love your hair
Jet Bastos (1 year ago)
100k Mr Red Rito
Lars Beute (1 year ago)
RedRiot (1 year ago)
+Lars Beute :/

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