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New Steam Engines! - Tronjon Power Generators

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Five New Steam Engines! http://tronjon.com provides power generation equipment for home, recreational, and industrial use. Find power generators of every size and wattage, no matter how large or small your power needs are. Select from many of the reknown brands such as Coleman, Yamaha, Generac, and more. Our power generator catalog includes portable generators, silent generators, gas compressor generators, power take off generators, belt driven generator heads and more.
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Text Comments (101)
How's the life span and durability of these engines really impressive
Tributary House Ltd. (24 days ago)
It's cool! Even if it is weird as hell - it's neat and it works :)
Stan Stan (1 month ago)
Am I Just Ignorant Or Does ever one on He ear have a PHD is Physics ??? A little Explanation might help prime the minds of us future inventors and investors.
Butters Butters (5 months ago)
For the love of god someone copystrike this for mr chezgreens.
ufoengines (7 months ago)
Neat!  Think this engine would make a good expander  / motor for a LN2 propelled car ?   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XWTSXTZLYHg&t=6s
niketosho (7 months ago)
So those engines are for underwater torpedo use?!
Mattia Genisella (8 months ago)
sempre uguale alle solite imvemzioni non cambia nulla sempre il solito magnete che gira....bisogna cambiare e cosi non si va da nessuna parte obsoleto
Gary La (4 months ago)
e vero
OKLAHOMA_FOR TRUMP (10 months ago)
Steve Owens (11 months ago)
tronjon.com is a scam website.
brett cheeseman (1 year ago)
not seeing the green part at all, takes heat to make steam, witch it burning fuel, or electric heater... use electric power to make less power is kinda useless... also the fact that you need to maintain the engine to keep it running, by being shore the water supply and fuel supply is good, then have to re fuel it constantly. with this in mind, this is nothing more then another use of obsolete technology, would use this to drive a toy tractor or loco, but the part in there flopping around is concerning, it looks like it can rip itself apart after a short time.
Don Christianson (1 year ago)
WTF everyone is saying this is wrong and that won't work.okay the guy made this work what have you done but move your jaw muscles. build something or shut up !!!! I think the guy is ingenious and hats off to ya keep thinking outside the box. this is how advancements are made to happen
306 CHAMPION (2 years ago)
Six cylinder 25HP. How much steam is needed? I don't have a steam ticket and I'm guessing  we work in cubic ft and pressure.
иновационная задумка , однако лучше насос сделать "керхер" !!!!
2:15 shake that ass for me. xP
Frank Blackcrow (2 years ago)
This wuld be good if it was being shown as that peple can do it themselves type f thing,, without the gimmick of other websites trying to just sell plans for ,, how to do it,, just pay 29,99, for three easy installments,, yadda ydda yadda. Or they link a site that is up for sale and has nothing to do with what they show.
muhammad ardhan (2 years ago)
look like duke engine,, is it better than tesla turbine?
Antel Letna (2 years ago)
tesla turbine 40% efficiency steam engines 60+% efficiency, tesla turbine is overrated, solar power too(limited to 15-17%)
nstahlable (2 years ago)
that is literally nothing new. its been around for years and if it was useful it would be used
David B (1 year ago)
Is this Robert Green Engine a scam?
Frit Bat (2 years ago)
and you just had to plaster GREEN all over it huh,.
varayuth chitphayap (3 years ago)
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Dharmender singh (3 years ago)
how can i buy 12cyliender generators
Maxim Minin (2 years ago)
+Tomislav Hristov doesnt exist
Tonislav Hristov (3 years ago)
https://plus.google.com/105285816099913202128/posts/dzXAauc2tP2 to get real free games New Steam Engines! - Tronjon Power Generators
DragonsREpic (3 years ago)
+All About Power Generators That's a unusual drive system O_O Is there any steam generator on the net I can buy??? (or make)
DragonsREpic (2 years ago)
+Donovan Dickensu Your an idiot arn't you
DragonsREpic (2 years ago)
+Rita Bonita not that Steam you fucking retarded jackass
DragonsREpic (2 years ago)
+Tomislav Hristov fuck botters
DragonsREpic (2 years ago)
your a fucking retard
DragonsREpic (2 years ago)
yeah bots are fucking retarded just as much as ppl
HiredGun7 (3 years ago)
chezgreens, aka Robert Green, If this is indeed your engine design, your copyrights protect your design and are public record anyway.  It is to your benefit to show it as much as possible and hopefully generate interest in it serious enough to encourage investment and eventual sales.     If no one ever sees it they can't buy it.  He is doing you a favor for the free publicity.  I hope it does everything you hope it will. 
Mike A Drover (3 years ago)
Very-cool! As always, thanks’ for taking the time to make this video. ~M~
chezgreens (3 years ago)
You have no right to advertise my engines. You do not have a patent license. I will sue you!!!  Robert Green
chezgreens (3 years ago)
This video violates copyright laws and trademark law. This video was made for Green Steam Engines and is covered by us patent and and trademark laws. I will sue if you do not take it down. Robert Green
Kyle Bittle (1 month ago)
I guess that never happened.
chezgreens (3 years ago)
This video belongs to me. You have no right to post it. You must take it down immediately or I will sue you for copyright, and trademark infringement. Robert Green
skip walker (8 months ago)
Robert, I contacted you about acquiring one of your engines, to no avail. If someone else starts building them, I will buy one from them... I don't care about int. prop. rights, I want an engine! So, someone PLEASE BRING THESE TO MARKET!!!
Explosive Gaming (1 year ago)
i just checked out your channel nice content. love this kinda stuff
Ecosse57 (2 years ago)
+grettagrids go to his yt channel and check out his website. he created these things.
grettagrids (3 years ago)
+chezgreens did YOU actually make that steam engine? or just the video?
bbruce995 (3 years ago)
do you sell any actually working steam engines
Rita Bonita (3 years ago)
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Adan Dickens (3 years ago)
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HULKGQ Nissan Patrol (3 years ago)
Love it brilliant! First ive seen of this type of engine, its how ive imagined a very similar motor! Like spinning a rope with your wrist! Did you test this with only two? I imagine the third is mostly for stability?
Peter XYZ (3 years ago)
"no fly wheel"?  you may had removed the "wheel" but the mechanism still SPIN.
Robert Bailey (3 years ago)
what about a triple expansion with condenser version ? is that next ? lots of useful steam coming from the exhaust.! what is its efficiency % ?
Tom Slaymaker (3 years ago)
this a a huge solution for me if it would work long term has it been tested for any length of time? 30 hp out of a motor this size and imo much quieter than others that offer 30 hp. id sure love to test it out.
fisharmor (1 year ago)
I think you missed the part where it's connected to a boiler the size of a man. There are motorcycle engines that are twice as powerful and a fraction of the size, and the only reason they're ever loud is because people want them to be. The bonus there is, you can go stand by any road in the summer and see examples of them actually doing something under load.
MrSageflyfisher (4 years ago)
These are just toys, there is no way they make the horsepower you claim. Lol
RPdigital (4 years ago)
Nice job, but this vibration and noise...
2LoadedDice (4 years ago)
There is nothing "green" about a steam engine! Nice engineering, fascinating even - but not a solution to anything at this point in time.
Robert Bailey (3 years ago)
like nuclear power plants etc etc etc
Some Other Dude (4 years ago)
+Will M. YES, and in my previous comment I should have posted that you have ‘constant’ combustion.  When you have that, you have extremely clean combustion, even if you’re burning fuels like gasoline.  There are new technologies like making the gases in the combustion chamber ‘swirl’ and such…. very very clean.  Insulate the combustion chamber, boiler, and pipe run to the cylinder(s) and I believe you have an efficient setup.  ICE engines can have none of those things, for all practical purposes.
Will M. (4 years ago)
You can also set up a steam engine to heat a building, distill water / alcohol / make essential oils with its exhaust heat. It is preferable to condense the exhaust steam for feeding back into the boiler in any case for reduced maintenance on the boiler. 
Some Other Dude (4 years ago)
Not true.  You can achieve complete combustion, which is very clean, and you can greatly increase efficiency by insulating the boiler.  Steam engines can also burn biomass, thus adding very little carbon to the atmosphere.
Mark Horton (4 years ago)
By their nature steam engines are incredibly inefficient; huge amounts of energy in waste steam which is not recovered. That's is the main reason why even with modern configuration and fuel they will never return. So Green Steam Engine is a contradiction in terms, like Green Festival or Green Bomb.  A turbine with a heat recovery system could be green, but not an engine.
CreativeCircuits (2 months ago)
You don't need Bio fuel or any fuel for that matter to heat water to steam. We have unlimited amounts of useful energy in the sun and thermal energy all around us. Evacuated tubes that use solar thermal energy to heat vegetable oil to 400 degrees f and storage tanks to store months at a time this heat and heat ex-changers to transfer this heat to usable work. A closed loop steam system that reuses it's waste steam by condensing it back to the boiler tank. This abundant heat can be used for all your cooking, heating, and even refrigeration and cooling needs. You must use all the technology that is known to us and all of the technology that has been suppressed from main stream knowledge and be self reliant and self productive and stop relying on others and industry to do what you yourself can do. As far as bio fuel, you don't need very much land to produce an unlimited amount of constantly renewable bio fuel...Bamboo grows 4 feet a day and is very energy dense as well as an extremely useful product for many other needs such as food and clothing and the obvious building of structures with the structural strength greater than steel to the ratio of weight. It is considered a nuisance but is actually God's gift to man.
For someone who might have direct access to hundreds of tons of biomass that will go to no good use otherwise, its quite efficient. They won't care about the BTU concentration diffrence when chipping. hopper and feeding systems can reload it all day. 
Richard Dimpske (4 years ago)
I'm sorry I mistakenly posted that comment before it's completion. Ahem, so as I was saying a crude or inefficient production system on site can be more efficient than an efficient one that's 27 miles away and undergoes serious loss of energy as it journeys to its destination. Turbine systems are at the moment, stationary.
Richard Dimpske (4 years ago)
+Mark Horton while its true that turbines are a much more efficient way of extracting energy, I would like to point out the 100+ year old inefficient system of delivering electricity via miles of copper wire and 5 to 1 transformer systems. The reason that industry has scientists working on ever efficient ways to extract energy is because they defeat the problem of an inefficient delivery system with brute force. In closing one could argue that a steam engine created on site could be much more efficient by first pointing out that you cannot overcome the transformer. The transformer must be there to act as a buffer between the intense electricity and sensitive electronics. Also depending on the distance the power has to travel to get to the site could also be a tremendous waste.
Mark Horton (4 years ago)
A turbine extracts energy at multiple stages and can therefore be considered a recovery system as well as an engine.  There is still a lot of coal, it is ideal for slow burn systems, and steam generation. Yet we only see it used on vast scales where complex heat recovery systems become viable. Even then the turbines vastly outperform the reciprocating systems. So it seems the reciprocating engine above combines the worst of both worlds.
enginemaxcarb. (4 years ago)
Captain (4 years ago)
I want to say this is good thinking about being energy independent but steam engine's need to not wobble at all and need to reclaim steam to be a efficient alternative way of generating electricity but it's better than oil keep up the good work. May I make a suggestion, let's use a tesla turbine that is one of the most efficient machine's out there and use a so called cold fusion device to power it in home's this would be the best set up in my opinion.
Thomas Webb (4 years ago)
I'm not trying to be funny here, but why would you have a wobble-plate engine vs. a more conventional triple compound or twin or even single cylinder engine - especially for a dedicated use like electrical generators - where simplicity and reliability are of such importance? Seems like a long way to go to eliminate a flywheel?
A Pillow (1 month ago)
BUILD_The_Means_of_Production Yeah but you could have a steam cylinder that turns a crankshaft rather than this wobbly stuff.
Well there are situations in which you might have access to literally hundreds of tons of biomass, but not nearly as much funds for petrol.
Zion Johnston (4 years ago)
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X Boomer (4 years ago)
Concept.....TURBINE.....not pistons.....
GeorgeVeld (4 years ago)
What are the service hours on this thing looks like to me 1 hour of run time to 3 hours of service all that vibration will kill the contact points and bearings
TilDeath1776 US (2 months ago)
+warmfreeze ouch that hurt, lol!
warmfreeze (1 year ago)
well your wife wont be bitching when there is no power...because she will be sitting on it :P
BushPilot444 (5 years ago)
Yes, the vibration is the killer for this project.  I have seen this design work well for the Stirling Engine though with the same universal hookup without all that vibration.
진중용 (5 years ago)
좋은 자료 감사합니다. ( 72023 )
DB (5 years ago)
how much hp are you getting off of this
mercer julio (5 years ago)
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Joe Kacmarynski (5 years ago)
Tremendous amount of vibration. Doubtful if these would hold together very long.
phillip harden (5 years ago)
Are these new steam engines more efficient for running a generator than a steam turbine?
Gomez william c (5 years ago)
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tadwyn (5 years ago)
website isn't there anymore.. and the engine shown I believe is the green river steam engine. not tronjon.
dimaggio david (5 years ago)
Do you use a powerchair but are tired of the restrictions on range Well you can easily turn that restriction into a historial footnote for as little as $300.00 (not to me, but for the supplies needed)... After 5 weeks and several hundred miles of runtime, we still have yet to need the power companey to recharge.ABOUTSOLARCELLS.COMXA.COM
Michael H (5 years ago)
How much torque? How much power. Nice looking, but I've seen this before. What is the output?
dimaggio david (5 years ago)
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Callen Maclean (5 years ago)
Can these run off a small pellet boiler? Good job and fine craftsmanship!
Malus Dacus (5 years ago)
this is sooooo HOT !!!!
Seattle Solar Supply (5 years ago)
I tried to go to your website to place an order... I hope that you guys are not defunked.
morgorth3242 (5 years ago)
Olalekan Salami (5 years ago)
you don't even need to dampen such ''vibrations'' as a matter of fact, ... those are just the needed movements the links need to make to archieve the needed output (mechanism)... you are lucky to see the nakedness of the whole arrangement, ... if it were encased,.. you would marvel,.... STEAM IN at one end ,.. ROTATION at the other....!!!
P4nikStudios (5 years ago)
Now all you need is a Fresnel lense and a sunny day you have just made free energy lol.
WhyAyeMann (5 years ago)
Victor Rodriguez (5 years ago)
is it possible to capture the steam and condense it back into water for reuse?
justinbimmerman (6 years ago)
I want to see the destructive harmonics study on these things..
Call_Me_Map (6 years ago)
How much can this power?
ayo james-abiodun (7 years ago)
can u fix ur website pls. Your weblink address tronjon.com seems to be broken. Will love to see all your products and contact as well. Thanks. Great show.

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