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Burning Through Space 2 [SFM]

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When the Red team find out Pyro is still alive, they embark on an epic journey to rescue him. What lengths will they go to in order to save their friend? Voice acting: Musetrigger Score: Pumodi Models: XB33, Vissova Maps: XB33, Hex Particles: Chaofanatic Special thanks to Unrellius for creative input. Software used: 3D- Autodesk Maya, Blender, Source Filmmaker, Adobe Photoshop Editing- Adobe Premiere, Magic Bullet Looks, Hitfilm Ignite, Audacity Also Sprach Zarathustra Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com) Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/3.0/
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Text Comments (23650)
ILRM_TomasCZETV (1 hour ago)
all new spicy chicken winglets - 99% food free
ILRM_TomasCZETV (1 hour ago)
Well, let's go on a space exploration sometime later!
DarkYTGamer Reacts & (2 hours ago)
Is this Full? Okay Is Full Sorry I Was Just telling :(
LOVE.당근X토끼 (4 hours ago)
Could I upload videos with subtitles? 자막있는 비디오를 업로드 해도될까요?
I honslty thought the rockets ship was ganna look like shit but it looked sick as fuck
wowplayer00 (10 hours ago)
this is one of the best tf2 sfm i ever seen.
Joosh (14 hours ago)
Someday they'll stop uploading and we'll just think they're making a really long animation.
MrJohnnyc08 (17 hours ago)
14:56 best part of this Video I LOVE IT
Supreme Killer (1 day ago)
2:06 song??
Ferods the Weeb (1 day ago)
Imagine if space mode would actually be added to the real game
Egless3 33 (1 day ago)
gotta admit, the voice acting for this isnt half bad
omg this was so amazing!! pyro-evil then pyro-good wowza... JUST BEAUTIFUL!!! AMAZING!!! 10/10!!!
Wyatt Fraley (1 day ago)
Is that Ezio or Altaïr in the tube?
Firestorm 308 (1 day ago)
The start of Mann Versus Aliens :P
Seth Newport (2 days ago)
Id laugh if engineer accidentally pressed self destruct
DarkMar7yr (2 days ago)
When pyro "says" engie at the end, it almost sounds Scottish doesn't it?
Wait pyros wearing a helmet how are they able to control his mind
Theyeetmiester R (2 days ago)
30 minutes are the most important and I can get a better idea to get this game to the next level of the the game is so stupid and it has no luck in it but it is so addictive I just can’t stop loving and it crashes all I have ever had and I can do a game it just gets the money I get money I can do money for money I can do money for it and it all in auto correct
Hydra • (2 days ago)
Ladies and Gentlemen, our United States Space Force
Snikeys2005 YT (2 days ago)
this is awesome
RoboMaster122 (2 days ago)
Flippin Crash Bandicoot gets done did by dem aliens
Lil' Broccoil (2 days ago)
Don't you hate when you shout for your friend in space but he can't hear you
Pawel Zawrotniak (3 days ago)
15:21 top 10 anime battles
Pawel Zawrotniak (3 days ago)
13:02 do i see blue pyro with Foster's Facade from live and let spy?
Susan Samson (3 days ago)
I saw Fnaf 1 Foxy good job thx you for adding Foxy in TF2 :)
THE HARDCARRY (3 days ago)
Spy would've been more helpful if he was the one driving in the fight scene cuz he can only take out one enemy at a time and demoman well takes out multiple so....
THE HARDCARRY (3 days ago)
I'm pretty sure with all that scrap metal you can make more than a hundred keys
Foxy it's here
Broyogurt (3 days ago)
Aw poor Pyro he lost his secrete diary
This is saxxy award winning material
Oskar Toivanen (3 days ago)
4:14 demoman: ooh it brings tears to my eyes
Gleb_kot (3 days ago)
like Saints row 4
Ryan Van Dongen (4 days ago)
Awesome hidden name at the end chicken winglets
Wittman Tanker (4 days ago)
17:27 as we can see medic is useing a kritzkrieg,but shortly after he übercharges scout with the normal übercharge and not the kritz charge,huge plot hole
녹식이 (4 days ago)
can I use this video?
Agent California (4 days ago)
15:13 We see the US spaceforce stoping an alien invasion of earth 2020 colorized
Dick Head Gaming (4 days ago)
Solider just loves his helmet too much!
Darkninja (4 days ago)
No one can hear you in space ok
komang nandakinandana (4 days ago)
like Star Wars!!!
Stephen Cartwright (4 days ago)
I just sa2 foxy fnaf somewhere
John Graham (4 days ago)
heavy is super funny in the beguining
Vũ Xuân (4 days ago)
Hey everyone can you find a ship (not space ship)
Hater Retardado (4 days ago)
guess that, this animation is the best one that i've ever watched
Cool Noob (4 days ago)
13:05 y is there crash bandicoot?sonic?pikachu?john cena?a...someone waving?another pyro?foxy?demo man?and other people I know
Peter Evans (4 days ago)
Love your content
Patricia Browne (4 days ago)
Team fortress 2 save the planet from alien invasion.
Susana Aguilar (4 days ago)
Susana Aguilar (4 days ago)
It took engie a day to come up with that plan 1. build a space ship 2. go to space 3. grab pyro 4. go home
Susana Aguilar (4 days ago)
wyatt price (4 days ago)
Are making a third part??
Ilya Sizov (5 days ago)
garrett gaines (5 days ago)
Ya know, I'm surprised pyro hasn't been sucked into a black hole yet...
T3mm!3 (5 days ago)
*Friendly Aliens watching Galactic News on TV* Breaking News! Today New race destroyed Evil Slime's Giant Ship! We wonder who were those people that destroyed Evil Slimes.
Yap I zaac (5 days ago)
Why can pyro survive in space for so long?
Animated cobra (5 days ago)
this should've one a saxxy award
Raffael (6 days ago)
12:28 i see foxy
Ahmad Ansari (6 days ago)
12:34 or 32 pyro didnt notice that was a blue demoman
Zesty (6 days ago)
that was good as fuck
Sayori Earth Chan (7 days ago)
So kritzkrige gives ubercharge?
I saw foxy
Jacextreme64 -TSF (7 days ago)
This should’ve been one of the saxxys
Ancel4 (7 days ago)
Why didn't Engie just launch a teleporter at Pyro?
Ex Industries (8 days ago)
14:34 Did he just say 'I'm fucked?'
001 phil (8 days ago)
No no no
Dashka Dashbazar (8 days ago)
OMG DUDE 10/10
Susana Aguilar (4 days ago)
lolololololol medic is stoopid with jet packs
Miana (8 days ago)
wearing welding goggles and a welding mask. you can never have too much protection.
St Awesome (9 days ago)
*After video* So this isn’t a movie
Jane Xemylixa (9 days ago)
Shit, I won't unsee it now... The syringes have a drop. In space. Why. (In other news, the cannon has a very Quake-y firing animation and I love it!)
John Graham (9 days ago)
the music and wide shots are beautiful.
Gamingdude 15 (9 days ago)
My favorite funniest part lol XD 3:02
SCP Guard (9 days ago)
I’m Lactose intolerant
Py ro (9 days ago)
*chuckles* I'm in danger! :D
Py ro (9 days ago)
Weeeeeee :D
*Canadien JDD* (9 days ago)
Pyro triped on a rock and fell up there
Maddix Boys (10 days ago)
Rezz Conad (10 days ago)
SMinhThanh MinhThanh (10 days ago)
UnderSwap Papyrus (10 days ago)
0:00 ım scared megets
RubiksBoy12PH (10 days ago)
8:30 LMAO "Heavy is flying"
tiffer642 (10 days ago)
i can't believe people disliked this. this is awesome!
Grayson McC (10 days ago)
Really well-made
Doruk Elbeyli (10 days ago)
Evan Lalonde (10 days ago)
Does the ending mean a sequel?
ThePlagueDoctor (10 days ago)
10:38 Btw, just noticed the spy is reading a magazine called: How to.... TRICKSTAB
gucci fam (11 days ago)
gabeN just reading on hl3
Za Doge (11 days ago)
im watching this SFM while waiting for me to be able to use Source Film Maker
25:45 scout: I just want people to like meeee Soldier: if you want people to like you say that in kiddie land
TheVideoIsTheKing (11 days ago)
Why did all the UFOs just run into the Übered Scout?
shadowpikachu008 plays (11 days ago)
the engineer sipping coffee before takeoff. now THATS a smart engineer! ( cuz u cant drink liquid coffee in space.)
Game Evil (11 days ago)
Xirtual (11 days ago)
Anyone wanna eat some Spicy Chicken Winglets?
Xirtual (11 days ago)
Anyone else noticed the Live And Let Spy pyro?
TheVideoIsTheKing (11 days ago)
Oh, I though you were talking about Bolted Behemoth. Sorry
Xirtual (11 days ago)
+TheVideoIsTheKing I mean he is in the spaceship when pyro got abducted
TheVideoIsTheKing (11 days ago)
Xirtual Because It is him, watch Burning In Space 1
Immortal Heavy (11 days ago)
9:48 If Gaben saw this, he would award The Winglet
Immortal Heavy (11 days ago)
This show is based on the Invasion Update
Sthenelos (11 days ago)
Eh, normal Pyro stuff
georgi ciuciu (11 days ago)
pyro is home!
Sparton Woirror (12 days ago)
Just saying not giting hit by a flamethrower while under it pretty hard

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