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Burning Through Space 2 [SFM]

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When the Red team find out Pyro is still alive, they embark on an epic journey to rescue him. What lengths will they go to in order to save their friend? Voice acting: Musetrigger Score: Pumodi Models: XB33, Vissova Maps: XB33, Hex Particles: Chaofanatic Special thanks to Unrellius for creative input. Software used: 3D- Autodesk Maya, Blender, Source Filmmaker, Adobe Photoshop Editing- Adobe Premiere, Magic Bullet Looks, Hitfilm Ignite, Audacity Also Sprach Zarathustra Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com) Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/3.0/
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Text Comments (24293)
Marcus Torres (23 minutes ago)
people should put this in theaters, it should be a short, this is WAY to long to be a youtube video! : )
sos_b0y (1 hour ago)
how was this made in sfm ? ITS JUST MIND BOOGLING !
Nazh Monteras (1 hour ago)
7:25 oh really why did'nt you use it
NinjaGaming 915 (12 hours ago)
can't he just respawn in the base?
JAXSU VILLENA (13 hours ago)
cat king (14 hours ago)
The saving private pyro joke killed me.
qiaolian lei (15 hours ago)
Yes what happen to pyros bird cage? 1:50
Slater (16 hours ago)
25:43 every scout main in the world
Enderborg (1 day ago)
This would make a good action movie...
Maria Morton (1 day ago)
FoxGamer 1 (2 days ago)
What movie name is this?
BOSSPROLION (2 days ago)
Gamer's Bun (2 days ago)
Is there burning through space 3? What's up with the ending?
Gamer's Bun (2 days ago)
That melee weapon at the end looks so cool
Rap Cat (2 days ago)
Its beautiful 😁😁
You are a god! This beautiful!
X Fan (2 days ago)
15:03 puts helmet on helmet
X Fan (2 days ago)
10:55 I got tears 😭
X Fan (2 days ago)
Tf2 + animations = 5 years of my life keep on going
No hate but there’s no gravity in space they would just keep floating forward
Phoenix T90 (2 days ago)
Those aliens should be a new hat!
Phoenix T90 (2 days ago)
22:19 looks like a cut scene from a campaign mode if the game had one
I M WOFL (2 days ago)
Stan Lee’s got a cameo in this too??
Pewdiepie Fan 696 (3 days ago)
Some Weird Dude (3 days ago)
This is undoubtedly the best SFM film out there
Casual Commons (3 days ago)
this is amazing.... a lot like star wars
How did pyro take a photo with alien scouts?
Mary Bowden (4 days ago)
sorry piro
Mary Bowden (4 days ago)
Tyler's a grown man but he he's in a body of a child
jakoko55k XP (4 days ago)
And I saw stan Lee too
13:02 I saw sonic
Jason Bizarro (5 days ago)
Oh, how beautiful, it was very interesting.
Crystal Gragas (5 days ago)
Just like a movie
Bob the Book slob (5 days ago)
Is this a documentary of NASA's Apollo missions?
Daniel Ho (5 days ago)
Hey what happened to other characters??!??!??@
Rusty shackleford (5 days ago)
That bumpersticker @ 7:25 lol
Виталя кекс (5 days ago)
Secret trailer of space engineers
Vova 56710 (6 days ago)
This best video ever
MOUNTAIN DEW (7 days ago)
this should be in the saxxy (only if you had shorted it...)
Andreas KDW (7 days ago)
23:27 please valve, add this weapon...
frost night (7 days ago)
awww the little alien was so cute :c btw best sfm i've even seen
TriTrophGamez (7 days ago)
17:11 That scream tho. XD
Tactical Tyger (7 days ago)
I love this
Breanna Goodman (7 days ago)
I get a add for TF2 before I watch this did youtube know I was going to watch the add mabye
AustraliumAnimates (7 days ago)
"spy you got the wrong enchilada, im a parakeet" im dying
Red Shadow (7 days ago)
I’m surprised no one is talking about 1:29 because it says fluffy the pyro and it say she’s a girl
Tien Truong (7 days ago)
Burning Though Space 2 2009 - 2018
Isabella Chan (7 days ago)
.... Pyro can't eat
Isabella Chan (7 days ago)
Isabella Chan (7 days ago)
Oneosix Decena (8 days ago)
In 13:03 i see assasin creed
Oneosix Decena (8 days ago)
I was like wait how about pyro
Jasper Cremers (8 days ago)
Wait was it the winglet in that spaceship soldier smashed open?
The Celery Stick 101 (8 days ago)
The ending feels like the endings in real action movies
arthur abejaron (8 days ago)
I love it
Joaquín Garcia (8 days ago)
I wacht my country Mexico
Unsecond Official (8 days ago)
I've watched this a million times but this is a masterpiece.
Drag0n Emper0r (8 days ago)
I can't help it, but the way that engineer talks makes me think of Applejack from My Little Pony, lol
This is the best thing
Angel Hernandez (8 days ago)
😃 genial
MrRandomGamers (9 days ago)
Sequel is live and let spy
MrRandomGamers (9 days ago)
The blue demo man next to Gabem is the hit detection demo 13:02
MrRandomGamers (9 days ago)
Is this the guy who made the jungle inferno video?!
Bread Master (9 days ago)
"Please return "Fluffy" the pyro to *HER* Worried owners"
Red Shadow (7 days ago)
I saw that and said why is everyone not talking about it
wy does the medic gets in so much troble
DreemurrKid118 (9 days ago)
The Fedora Chronicles return with the BTS Characters. HELL YEAH.
Salvatore Gatto (9 days ago)
I thing scot was tryna say "edgy you might want to watc out/look out" if the name is edgy
Lord Flowey (9 days ago)
Scout MVP for destroying half of the saucers
Mitko Donchev (10 days ago)
So wait. Was the end where the Spy called a callback to the Bolted Behemoth and the Live and Let Spy?
dotonquyl lol (10 days ago)
Poor pyro
Tristan Guia (10 days ago)
How pyro cried with a mask on
pickle 2024 (10 days ago)
Hit the hyperdrive hoovy
SunsetBurst (10 days ago)
Why didn’t you uses core 2 in one of the scenes
Cinema movies (10 days ago)
Rip aliens :(
Gyoto (10 days ago)
Crazy Martin (10 days ago)
Idk if im only one who noticed but in 17:43 medic is giving scout uber when he is using Kritzkrieg,did medic have power up canteen with uber?
PELTIER 5 (10 days ago)
True true
Isaac Peltier (10 days ago)
Pyro PYRO PYRO! Oh right there is no sound in space.
DooMR.A.T. (11 days ago)
Ah, but his diary's still in space still, I was so devastated that he lost it, but at least he got hold of a photo tho lol
Yoda The Grand Master (11 days ago)
*I was only pretending to sleep*
Is it me or was i the only one who saw sonic
Noktacı Nokta (11 days ago)
there should be wheatley at space as a easter egg
Zayed Al Mahmood (12 days ago)
26:10 Fedora Chronicles pt 4 confirmed
Oliver Nguyen (12 days ago)
if only this was the update
Argedon (12 days ago)
and use a fancy font
Plague Doctor Movies (12 days ago)
The PyGod will live on.
Marie Sarte (12 days ago)
Omg this makes a great movie and Dis makes me have some vibezzz
LORD DEATH (13 days ago)
Music please
Aryan Acharya (13 days ago)
These two episodes of tf2 SFMs are the best thing I've seen all year
ology (13 days ago)
i like how the scout picks up the nail... as if it was a nod to an earlier beta gun that was originally intended for the scout..
Cactus_Fin (13 days ago)
Pock Pock (13 days ago)
7:50 that's not how it workes... I think
NightCrusher76 (14 days ago)
The jet packs look like mini space ships
NightCrusher76 (14 days ago)
PAH ROH? Sounds like an Asian food heh
Anger Fool (14 days ago)
12:13 i know you all heard this but i am suprised i understood what pyro said.... "That's for me!'
Stickyfingergaming ! (14 days ago)
How do they get the voices

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