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Adrian Purnell RETIRES - Tribute Video to LFL Star

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On Dec. 9, Adrian Purnell announced on Instagram and Twitter that she has retired. She led the Atlanta Steam to the 2017 Eastern Conference Championship in the Legends Football League. Purnell was also the 2013 LFL Defensive Player of the Year.
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Text Comments (15)
Morehom Bual (3 months ago)
Good goal
youcantseeme0015 (4 months ago)
She can take the football and my balls from between my legs anytime she wants.
LazarusStirs (4 months ago)
That sucks. She was one of the best reasons to watch the LFL.
Vintage27 (4 months ago)
#Salute to a Real One!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Always LOVE Adrian!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Mr. Porn ;D (4 months ago)
Nooooooooooo why god why?
thwipp89 (4 months ago)
gorgeous on the outside, pure trash on the inside.
Wolf (4 months ago)
03blaird (4 months ago)
what a pity! One of my favorites!
Rich Diamond (4 months ago)
I love this game!!!
ColdCase File32 (4 months ago)
Agent SuperArgo (4 months ago)
She is a bad bitch...think she is pregnant.
thwipp89 (4 months ago)
with twins. her body is going to be ruined now.
ElPolloDiablo100 (4 months ago)
Damn, why?
ColdCase File32 (4 months ago)
ElPolloDiablo100 she's preggo bro...I know it sucks
Bernardo Brito (4 months ago)

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