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Topic-Modern Thermal Power Plant

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Content of video: 1. Modern thermal power plant layout 2. Component of thermal power plant 3. Rankin Cycle 4. Methods to Increase the Efficiency of the rankin cycle 5. Cogeneration power plant 6. Site selection of thermal power plant 7.Recent development of power in india.
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Text Comments (31)
Pawan Didwaniya (15 days ago)
Sar please hindi explain
LALIT SHARMA (1 month ago)
Very poor english😣😣😣😣
Sandip Yadav (1 month ago)
from speech in Hindi
Debu Pal (1 month ago)
We want more videos.
sharumd007 (6 months ago)
Dead after watching it up to 23mins
NISHANT KUMAR (6 months ago)
Sir es video ko hindi me ek bar phir se banaiye na
Prajyot P (6 months ago)
Sir please, HP HEATER and LP HEATER separately explain...
youtuber U (6 months ago)
Sir what happened if un condensed water again feed to boiler
Shiraj Sunasara (6 months ago)
Ulhas Girhepunje The saturated steam (undensed water) can't absorb more heat in the boiler until it's converted into its more stable form (water), ultimately efficiency become very low. Without condensing steam you can't use in power plant or without condenser you can't operate power plant as per 2nd law of thermodynamics.
kavitha banne (6 months ago)
it's very nice
kavitha banne (6 months ago)
very very thanks sir.....
Venu Jala (7 months ago)
The Vedio is Perfect But the Duration is Very lengthy..
Pinki Nishad (8 months ago)
Or sare plants pe vedio upload kar dijiye
Pinki Nishad (8 months ago)
Sir power plants ke vedios ko hindi me explain karke upload kar sakte h kuch kuch English samjhne me problem ho rahi h
Pinki Nishad (8 months ago)
Thanks sir
Shahbaz Ali (8 months ago)
pls sir hindi or urdu mein lectures dein pls pls about this topic
Shiv motors Motors (8 months ago)
thanks sir This video has helped me alot in my science project it was the best video which i have seen and it has cleared my all doubts thank you so much for the help👌👍
Avdhesh Gupta (8 months ago)
please hindi me lecture de
Ethan Lachlan (8 months ago)
Thayoli punda!
Prashant Beednal (9 months ago)
it is very use full thank you very much
kshitij sharma (9 months ago)
Thankyu so much sir
Trace the Track (TtT) (9 months ago)
Please make other videos depend on physics
Srinivasa rao (10 months ago)
Sir this is very wonderful job Keep go head I request you to give the information about #distribution system#
Sambhaji Lohar (11 months ago)
nuclear power plant
husnain ali (11 months ago)
I want to design a thermal power plant ani body help me plz
Shubham Gupta (5 months ago)
I can help too
Rakesh Kiran (9 months ago)
husnain ali gaand mei lega Thermal powerplant
Shiraj Sunasara (10 months ago)
Yes I can help you.
Tiến Nguyễn Đình (11 months ago)
Dear sir. my name is Tien from Viet Nam. Thanks for your repesentaion. this is very helpful. can you give me your presentation file, please.. Thanks for all
Ethan Lachlan (8 months ago)
Ravi pratap singh (11 months ago)
My problem is solve.. Thank u sir

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