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Jessica Salazar of the Atlanta Steam

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2017 Legends Football League Rookie of the Year
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playboymaxim (5 hours ago)
Spank Bank overload!
zombiekat (16 hours ago)
So many DELICIOUS asses for me to tongue & for me to put my penis in! I'd love to be in charge of their Gatorade. I'd make them my own version of Gatorade & call it the Bill Cosby Cunt Crusher or Bills Blueberry Balls Blast maybe Roofy Red or Rapie Red Rush! It would be a VERY relaxing drink that would make them drowsy or just black out altogether. Fake cough - *RAPE* #MAKE BILL COSBY GREAT AGAIN #MAKE ROHYPNOL (roofies) GREAT AGAIN 😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈👍👍
J J (17 hours ago)
The love of money is the root of all evil.
Brandon Rogers (23 hours ago)
Finally... a feminist sport🤗
Edub One (1 day ago)
Tecoy M (1 day ago)
Damn where in the hell can I see this live, hate the game but the ass I love lol
the7figuremaker (1 day ago)
I want to eat number 12's ass!!!
NupeAtl (1 day ago)
✊🏾😍 God Bless Women 😍✊🏾
TowaiT a brand (1 day ago)
@1:15 $mh!
stoolsie (1 day ago)
They would look just as fine in leggings
JjJ Thomasson (1 day ago)
Yet the women’s march groups and ugly ass, liberal feminist hypocrites are no where to be found.
DJHansSolo (1 day ago)
We're those empty seats?
Joel VELEZ (2 days ago)
Real ass in fake ass sport, my moral mind hates it, but my dick mind loves it. Surprised they aint trowing a huge dildo instead of a foot ball, lol.
GM Girl (2 days ago)
I support ladies football but the uniforms are revealing to much. But sex sells so they think this will attract more men to watch. Good luck lfl
Deez Nuts (2 days ago)
how can you keep track of the game. Got damn
Terrell Hibbler (2 days ago)
Ain't nothing better then half buck naked lady running around and sweaty ooooooooo yes
Paper Plat00n1 (3 days ago)
Itchy Boy LOWKEY (3 days ago)
I wonder if they use pills for their menstrual cycle?
kamikaze khan (3 days ago)
Warren (4 days ago)
Is there a ball in this sport?
craigloomis20 (5 days ago)
these ladies are built can we at least give a little more protective gear. I hope they getting paid. Not really sure what the upside is for them unless they just uber competitive.
John Palumbo (5 days ago)
Would like to be a fly on the backside of the toilet bowl in that locker room
John Adams (5 days ago)
how does all the attire (or lack of it) stay on! smh
Nikerocker23 (5 days ago)
What a disgrace to women.... why on earth are they playing in thongs? Smdh must've been a man's ideal
Martín (5 days ago)
sit on my face
feel1872000 (5 days ago)
swim wear ?  where is panty ?
tcnascar1 (5 days ago)
I had no idea this occurs - this is a league? Apparently -
teller12 (6 days ago)
what channel is this league on?  I though LFL was long gone.
Paulo Soares (6 days ago)
A rola já tá dura direto
Malcolm willis (6 days ago)
Talk about waking up with a boner 😅😅
warrior Dog (7 days ago)
these woman are playing real football, they should start a serious league, all the woman should quit until they make real, stop making them wear the stupid uniform its degrading them and there true ability as true football players.....
Omowàle Zaquir (8 days ago)
Clarence White (9 days ago)
Phil Shea (9 days ago)
Can we get this league established in australia? You should see our womens football, its a fucking joke
David Howard (11 days ago)
Ridiculous ass !!!
Area00 (11 days ago)
All I can think is doggie style!
EMMALKHAN stanikzian (12 days ago)
What you see is clearly the destruction of the women race with out any one realizes!!!!!!!!!
Matt Kaeder (12 days ago)
Wow! Number 12 is a perfect 10 ❤️👌👍
alpha omega (12 days ago)
Cake everywhere shit
Catlin Young (13 days ago)
Me want snu snu
Ricardo Ferreira Lopes (13 days ago)
linda bonitas
FOX KING (16 days ago)
Why was I not informed about this amazing sport? 😍
Acp 42 (18 days ago)
Holy shit that ass is nice
Moon (20 days ago)
Her ass is dumb fat
El Guapo Perez (21 days ago)
Tha shit is fake
dios moriria por estar ahi de espectador woaaoooooooooooooooooooooo
quehay maestro (24 days ago)
The Games in 2030 will be naked players and the audience too!
quehay maestro (24 days ago)
Do I need to be 18yrl to watch this game?
Eyeswideopen Truth (25 days ago)
Black monkey 🐒 girl to other Black Monkey 🐒 girl: “ Aww Helllll to da Noooo!!!!!....Dis Bitch dun pulled my fuckin weave out “
Dario C. (29 days ago)
Sexy name.. Sexy girl.. Sexy body.. Sexy uniform.. Sexy game... What else do you want???? I love you.
Patrick Flowers (29 days ago)
All that ass...stampeeding down the field...priceless👍😝
Bosco Watson (1 month ago)
I'll go to one of these...
Theron Patron (1 month ago)
I would anal sex that whole team even the ones with the flat asses
Bryan Potter (1 month ago)
Love her sexy butt she's hot
adilla121783 (1 month ago)
I just love evrthing about this
dean nur (1 month ago)
come on men v women plzzzzzzzzzzzz. wanna see some take down .lol...............
dean nur (1 month ago)
guys ain't watching the game, women can't play to save their lives lol, guys just looking at arse's. well done guys keep. it up.
joe cooly (1 month ago)
I would love to kiss that ass any day.
HERU Apocalypse (1 month ago)
A Nice Spanking Session
Johnny Angel (1 month ago)
Gee I don't see atta boy slaps on the butt.Oh well!
Terry Smith (1 month ago)
Very nice.
Joel De La Vega (1 month ago)
Women want equal rights but allow themselves to be seen as sex objects. Makes no sense.
Andrew Perry (1 month ago)
I watch the video for less than 10 seconds then had to change it to porn hub
fa de (1 month ago)
No Kuffin (1 month ago)
The dark skin girl at 0:58 & the gmbig booty girl at the end had a sexy kurvy fat booty
Edward Highland (1 month ago)
WAC magnet your absolutely right, we should go get bitches together. thanks for putting that dork in his place. he never had pussy
Edward Highland (1 month ago)
she can play in my back yard
JJ Evans (1 month ago)
That wedge........I'm done with the nfl
Corey Slater (1 month ago)
Ewww...i gotta throwup now!!
Hullio GQ (1 month ago)
I'm just confused.. With all this #metoo campaign, why are woman in sports always dressed up as if they were at a strip joint but the no outrage??? What if the men dressed the same way, would it still be considered a sport?
sonofyah2726 (1 month ago)
Put Some Clothes On !!!
Cesar Marroquin (1 month ago)
LOL! So funny how some o f these women think they are looked as real athletes. Uhm, no, people just watch cause of your ass and sexualize you. Do y'all need to play with thongs? Not really, yall can wear knee high tights, but then yall wouldnt have those pervert fans yall love so much lmao. stupid ass sport
howHigh 420 (1 month ago)
Got damn all that ass😍
Johnathan Andheather (1 month ago)
So it’s okay to exploit women? Treat every woman like she’s someone mother or daughter.
Tony Clifton (1 month ago)
Sooooo much better than nfl.....olympics....hell anything
Tommy boy Belichick (1 month ago)
Christ id blow fluied out the filthy fatt vainy meat shaft rod cock pole blow load on that fatt fuckin black bitch pig ass
game cocksfan864 (1 month ago)
Damn i love this video
Tommy boy Belichick (1 month ago)
lamont graham i know its like i cant stop dripping cock pole blow load
A'Meir Seymore (1 month ago)
I fucking know right
germa9090 (1 month ago)
I like American Football now ♡
Athra Albattat (1 month ago)
seriously they really couldn't think of shorts instead of this crap.
Reginald Trice (1 month ago)
Just wondering, do they still play even if they're on their period?
Dominion oladejo (1 month ago)
*ive always loved the lfl*
tooblack spoon (1 month ago)
I've been watching but ain't seen one single play yet ! Where's the slow motion replay. I'm just saying
015Froggy (1 month ago)
lee lunk (1 month ago)
Stedman Smith (1 month ago)
I bet those refs wish they could smack those booties. But they enjoyed looking lol
key x1 (1 month ago)
later fuck w coach
Charlie Lyric (1 month ago)
Is this really ok?Like I don't wanna be a pig but damn asss everywhere.They can play but with all this skin who paying attention to the athleticism
kelem Dz (1 month ago)
O wow
Bob England (1 month ago)
This is more striptease show than female football ....
Oneoftheskull (1 month ago)
Where's the feminists? These females are playing a full contact sport without all the protection the males wear. Just saying.
Oneoftheskull (1 month ago)
How do they allow children in the stadium to watch this?
steven alexander (2 months ago)
Damn dog this is so disrespectful to all women
elbeboboys chicali (2 months ago)
elbeboboys chicali (2 months ago)
Number 12,,,,wow QUE NALGOTAS,,,,MAMAMIA
Gluluman (2 months ago)
How could any reasonable person , much less a Man watch this and take women seriously. Sadly these women are too naïve, if not obtuse to realize that. Respect starts with self-awareness and self-respecting oneself. NO one is entitled to respect; it MUST be earned.
rebellifemedia (1 month ago)
Gluluman we just have 2 ways of thinking. I believe in being kind and polite. I shouldn't allow your behavior to effect how I handle myself. I understand that sometimes we can lose are cools at times but typically treating with kindness is better than being mean. Just my thoughts. Thanks for watching.
Gluluman (1 month ago)
Your argument makes no logical sense; it’s groundless and devoid of rational. People are going to be treated base on various aspect included what they do for a living etc.. And that stems from them, their actions, behavior and code of conduct, not mine. If you are a drug dealers or a pimp, not only I but society will treat you differently than they would treat a pastor or a middle school principle.
rebellifemedia (2 months ago)
Gluluman despite what a person does, how you treat them starts inside of you. If a person chooses to disrespect people, based off of their decision for themselves, that says a lot about them. No matter what you do, I believe I still have to be polite and kind to you so long as you are not physically causing harm to me. That's how I feel.
Scott Anderson (2 months ago)
I love her soft sweet ass
Zuper Ney (2 months ago)
A una por una se la meto
Rich Diamond (2 months ago)
Absolutely Awesome... I love this game!!!😍😎😍
Bobmark SRB (2 months ago)

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