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Minecraft Mobs - Spiders

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Let's explore Minecraft! We bring you detailed block-by-block information for our site http://www.minecraftwiki.net
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Text Comments (126)
Sea Moose (6 years ago)
Only the skeleton
Sea Moose (6 years ago)
1coolminecrafter (6 years ago)
I`ve never seen a spider jockey :/
Chr1stoph3r (6 years ago)
I saw a spider jockey when I first started minecraft :D
sneakybast3rd (6 years ago)
Creeper video is available at the end. :)
Jason Krypczyk (6 years ago)
the cave spiders creep me out :D
TheArceusftw (6 years ago)
um question do spider jockeys burn in sunlight?
SgtWireless (6 years ago)
I saw 2 spider jockeys at once on my first or second night in minecraft but havent seen them since.
y3llowflash200 (6 years ago)
my first night i meet ia spider jockey lovly cuple we had tea
KissaKahvi (6 years ago)
only? how long have you played minecraft? becouse i have seen at least 50...
MultiHotdogguy (6 years ago)
@fulliceman0001,maybe you just need to adjust your brains properly or they will fall out from you
jonathanmatthewsiles (6 years ago)
cave spiders in dungeons? no such thing
MegaHellstrike (6 years ago)
They can climb over anything that isnt a lava stream.
boy82killer (6 years ago)
Kneco77 (6 years ago)
Waaaait, "They are the only mob in the game that can climb..." THAT'S A LIE, ALMOST ANY MOB CAN CLIMB PROVIDED THERE'S A LADDER OR VINES!
stakoman (6 years ago)
you sir deserve a medal! do more and more and more videos!! love this channel
Blast Katz (6 years ago)
use single player commands and spawn-stack a skeleton on a spider
I see them about every 8 minecraft nights XD You are pretty unlucky
YourComputerExpert (6 years ago)
0:30 This is wrong. Not until they're killed, if you attack them, they will attack back 1 or 2 times and if you do nothing, they will stop attacking you aslong as they are in a place with light level 9 or higher.
YourComputerExpert (6 years ago)
Do you always play on Hard?
Mamaluigi71 (6 years ago)
I've seen like 5
Who else thought Tobuscus when you heard Toby?
Brunneis Ursus (6 years ago)
the amount of spider jockys i have ever seen? oh, you know OVER NINE THOUSAND!!!
Sir Felolis (6 years ago)
i've seen like 5+
awesomees (6 years ago)
Click here to learn about creepers. "Not yet available" So if it's not available, then why can I see it as the related video?
KissedTHEBullet (6 years ago)
Really on my second night in minecraft I had 3 attacking at once (It may have been a glitch or something because there were 3) and I havn't seen one since.
Copter12349 (6 years ago)
The link says creeper not avalible yet but look at the video suggestion oh there is it ( WTF !? add the link !!! )
302MineCrafter (6 years ago)
The creeper video actually is available. It's even in the related videos =P Hope they update that.
TheLegobatman3609 (6 years ago)
agreed i have never EVER seen a spider jockey trust me i would remember...and Herobrine is a mod and has been said to appere in updates but has never been made plus he'd be a AWESOME mob :DD
slydude71 (6 years ago)
why is there grass on the SIDE of the block? i've NEVER seen that
Stupracap (6 years ago)
i usually see 1 every week. i think they hate me.
Valerie Brandemihl (6 years ago)
00:29 village from a far:-D
MasterOfTheEggs2029 (6 years ago)
My mob guides are better. More professional. Sure I haven't covered every mob yet but I'm getting there. And I cover more detail on each mob.
Poniko (6 years ago)
please stop quoting to my post, its annoying, everytime i see a quote on my inbox, but its only the spider video.
konsults level (6 years ago)
i saw like 20 :D
mohawkdude9513 (6 years ago)
0:48 OH F**K!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Monsieur Mocha (6 years ago)
Connor Hanson (6 years ago)
00:50 Enderman! :D
Dominic Donato (6 years ago)
Thats only has to be 10,000 spiders for the chance of 100 spawning. From Alpha to 1.2.5 I've seen multipul thousands of spiders.
Father O'Malley (6 years ago)
i always see jockeys
karpik (6 years ago)
I've seen one spider jockey yesterday!
karpik (6 years ago)
lol 100 spider jockeys and this guy says that there's a 1% chance of spawning xD
Eridan Ampora (6 years ago)
*Tries to click on Creeper video* "Not Available Yet!" *Looks at Suggestions* "Minecraft Mobs: Creepers" Me: "Wtf."
MinecraftTheGuys (6 years ago)
Only 1 % to see a spider jockey? That was the first mob that I see! Sorry for my bad English!
David Gatti (6 years ago)
wtf?? i see them everyday
Dominic Donato (6 years ago)
Ive seen atleast 100, i'm fucking unlucky. (On survival)
Tendo (6 years ago)
me in my cave 1 time and in my overworld times= 4 times
i-can-english (6 years ago)
1% chance (of finding a spider jokey) seriously? I found 3 of them in one night!
saptheoblivion (6 years ago)
a spider jockey was right on my balcony im like oh come on! my frrst time seeing one
WaySSide (6 years ago)
Subscribe - Not Yet available!
ChefKef (6 years ago)
now, this is just a suggestion, but you might want to make your videos longer so that you can go more into detail. BTW im not saying your videos are bad.
gamerlols98 (6 years ago)
click here to learn about creepers - not availible *looks in sidebar* minecraft mobs creeper -.-
Maurice L.B. (6 years ago)
they dont like you
dinkjr11 (6 years ago)
lol not available creeper vid? its in the top sidebar
ivandidek (6 years ago)
@ReunitePeace777 I guess that you was trying to make the spider go neutral in a room with light level 8 or less...
ReunitePeace777 (6 years ago)
9 or higher? wtf? Spiders are ALWAYS hostile to me!
Braden Best (6 years ago)
"This comment recieved too many negative votes" well I guess noone's fought a spider jockey... u jelly?
Braden Best (6 years ago)
Well skeletons don't burn in the night....
Denzien2 (6 years ago)
I've only ever seen two :3
Speejays (6 years ago)
He means he lets the Skeleton burn in the sun light, and then he just easily kills the spider.
Monarch (6 years ago)
spiders don't burn in the sunlight -.-
Pareng Bojong (6 years ago)
me too
Poniko (6 years ago)
i ever saw only 1 spider jockey in my whole minecraft life :l
Braden Best (6 years ago)
thumbs up if you have fought a spider jockey :D
Tyson (6 years ago)
click here to go to the mob hub video - Not Yet Available i have already watched a lot of mob how is it not -_-
IMN666 (6 years ago)
saw a skeleton riding a spider. thought it was a glitch
SuperSpinshot (6 years ago)
cave spiders can get threw one block holes because they are smaller
Jake Martan (6 years ago)
Since when has Minecraft riped off Left for dead 2?
The Friendly Redditor (6 years ago)
@mes0gots0its They still havn't sorted it..
CosmicBackflip (6 years ago)
edzero789 (6 years ago)
I remember that I showed my sister(big sister) how to play minecraft(she was very interested in that game,so I created another file for her) I remember that the VERY first enemy she had to face,saddly, was a spider jockey!!! since she wasn't skilled in combat,practicaly AT ALL,I decided to kill the spider jockey myself... the very first time I faced a spider jockey, and it wasn't even on my save file...GODDAMIT!!!!! >:(
killing0dager (6 years ago)
Cuz a spider is a block.....
Skewb Historian (6 years ago)
I remember when I first found a cave spider, I was like ONG I'VE FOUND A SHINY SPIDER!1
Nin Jason (6 years ago)
I find your Video to be narrated in a very friendly and informational way. I like that.
colin571 (6 years ago)
@richo1706 your a cool kid
richo1706 (6 years ago)
anew742 (6 years ago)
@MyShadowx1 and he mentioned them in the video! 0:50 dammit watch the video before posting noobish comments :P
anew742 (6 years ago)
@MyShadowx1 its called a spider jockey :P
ShadowMan (6 years ago)
OMG!!I ACTUALLY SAW A SKELETON RIDING A SPIDER!!(i didn't know that they were dangerous so i didn't go near it.besides,it was over water but the only thing that made me notice it is that i saw a skeleton riding on this thing with red eyes)
wang78739 (6 years ago)
the creeper tab says "not avalible yet" but i have seen the creeper video...
Ryan Wilson (6 years ago)
Once. Spider Jockeys kept spawning and hunting me down.
Ryan Wilson (6 years ago)
@antho264 So you must be half deaf.
FluffyThumper (6 years ago)
*tries to click both* NOT AVAIBALE! FFUUUUUUUUUUUU
Charged_Stone (6 years ago)
WOW 1% Chance Ive Seen These Like 15 times over 40 nights!
blueingreen (6 years ago)
David Fontaine (6 years ago)
@CalebTheman12 I've seen 7 times.
TrueShaped (6 years ago)
I hate the jockey met them in my world when i was just a noob!!!
norskeflagget (6 years ago)
I cant wait to creepers :D :D
smatteringofapplause (6 years ago)
@terribleletsplay I knew that, but that's a minor feature that should be taken for granted and isn't worth mentioning.
Psycho_Kraft (6 years ago)
@xXxMasterwafflexXx cool server:
Dipply (6 years ago)
click here to go to the mob hump video O_O
smatteringofapplause (6 years ago)
"...only found in dungeons and abandoned mines..." Cave spiders do NOT occur in dungeons. ONLY on abandoned mines.
Scoobs Hub (6 years ago)
@Risoren Since when was this? You must of used a mod that added this feture
Xamio (6 years ago)
@Risoren Lol that's not how it is. Notch even said it himself. Spiders have a 1 in 100 (or 200) chance of spawning with a skeleton on them, which is the spider jockey.
Nick Yoder (6 years ago)
Actually Spider Jockey's Don't Spawn its when spiders and skeletons walk into each other *Tested*
Mes gots its (6 years ago)
Click here to go to the video about Creepers - Not Yet Available! I just came from there -_-
MultiYoshiman (6 years ago)
@00101110o Once again, Mr. Obvious has saved the day.
KAZKABOOM (6 years ago)
the very first night on mincraft a was atacked by a creeper 2 skeletons a spider and a spider jockey right by my house
Nathan Kos (6 years ago)
@2000gmod I know!!! I said that!! ffs they DONT read it noob
2000gmod (6 years ago)
@Milkmaster09 but the spiders dont burn in the sunlight

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