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MCPE :: Create your own Player Trail with Command Blocks :: Minecraft Pocket Edition 1.2

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Create your own Player Trail with this Command! Created by Jannik_DE Music: Rezonate - Lauren https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BKIjsT9aAP0 Thanks for watching and don't forget to like and subscribe :D
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Text Comments (145)
RASHEEN RASHEEN (20 days ago)
XxHidd3nXx Gt (30 days ago)
( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)︻̷┻̿═━一- (・о・) <=== worst hater ever
Roger Joseph (1 month ago)
Mira Schimmer (1 month ago)
Ich kann kein Englisch 😕😞
Zian Labadia (1 month ago)
More pls
Ferdinand Pelayo (1 month ago)
Leash knot trail to mobs makes working snakes Only if it's invisible
EDITZ (1 month ago)
Does it work when I put @s?
Megatendo (1 month ago)
How about the tnt player trail?
Derpy Justin (2 months ago)
Jan Paulo Nickless (2 months ago)
And dont use @e my minecraft was broken when i use @e in command
Jan Paulo Nickless (2 months ago)
My minecraft version is 1.0 in 2016 but when i watch this now 2018 i say to her share the 1.2 minecraft and now it all work to my minecraft now, and thank you for command block particle trail tutorial thanks
The snow ball trail is for sprinting
Bluefire_ Rage5 (3 months ago)
It doesn’t work for me
Rusyd 17 (3 months ago)
i try it did not work my minecraft is 1.5.3 version
Doge/Beast_Godlikee OoO (3 months ago)
slither.io :D 0:15
hypegamer 753 (3 months ago)
a ender pearl is really cool
Ali Awaleh (3 months ago)
For the trail in the beggining if you turn yourself invisible youll become a snake
ariestotle pascasio (3 months ago)
Hongo GAM (4 months ago)
Windows 10 edition?
Rimel Serado (4 months ago)
Sheyn Chan (4 months ago)
It works i swear i just tried it on my MCPE and jus... jus wow
Octoling (4 months ago)
Dont do @e it lags game hard
NotNickedicial (4 months ago)
What other trails that you didn’t mention in the video can you do?
cauã way (4 months ago)
my play and you map prision scaip
Marian Gail Naguit (4 months ago)
This likes are illuminati 666 likes
Atsız Kovboy (4 months ago)
The particles is not working on my phone why ? Benim telefonumda efektler çalışmıyor neden ?
Pet'e Gaming (4 months ago)
Dont work
noob player the tr-8r (4 months ago)
Snowball trail is kinda useful, when being chased by mobs te damage that the trail maes can laujch you away from them
jake pro (4 months ago)
Fire one please
how to get your own head in minecraft pocket edition. have 100% hope that its a true command no apps used or mods just commands.☺☺☺
XxDARK_WOLF_TV xX (4 months ago)
25secondsanimatons1073 (4 months ago)
You forgot you can put smokes too
kristoff penascosas (4 months ago)
This super basic
Anna Nguyen (4 months ago)
The One With Headphones (5 months ago)
I did the chicken egg one and am birthing out baby chicks
Octoling (4 months ago)
That one girl well u are girl jk
Kamal Kafley (5 months ago)
Whats ur intro music?
Ryan The Slayer (5 months ago)
That's snowball are bad evacuation fang are bad to
Gacha Brittany (5 months ago)
The leash particle doesn't work for me.
Viorica Cocos (5 months ago)
My work it cool
Kisses Tony (5 months ago)
Victoria Dorado (5 months ago)
Um Hey I Like the Wood Trial How to You Fo it ?:/
Imelda Dowell (5 months ago)
All worked
Firesoul 9360 (5 months ago)
Jow to do fire
super gamer6521 (5 months ago)
What else can we make a trail of
James Grande (5 months ago)
Can I do this in pocket_edittion
Alex K. (5 days ago)
His name already says mcpe 😂
Seifer John Neill (2 months ago)
Android (5 months ago)
You Tube let me guess yes you can
Susanne Pike (5 months ago)
How to get fire particles
Fonlovely Channel (6 months ago)
How to effect heart♥️
Ynigo Untalan (6 months ago)
Thank's for watching while damaging hahahaha
Genalyn Galapon (6 months ago)
The snowball particle is perfect in survival(boosting)
Anastacia Cambal (7 months ago)
usefull like a kagune if your a T.Gfan
ArchNugget (7 months ago)
It's me JaysonTRMgaming in Connor's realm
Nice video 👍😀 I Miht Use this On my world
Bradyskywalker (8 months ago)
It worked, but it just spammed my chat
Bradyskywalker (8 months ago)
BlazingYT - Minecraft ok thx
Blazing Hot YT (8 months ago)
/gamerule commandblockoutput false
Bradyskywalker (8 months ago)
BlazingYT - Minecraft how?
Blazing Hot YT (8 months ago)
Bradyskywalker Turn off "commandblockoutput"
Robozuhl HD (9 months ago)
Cool mi Name is auch Jannik
Joy Landero (9 months ago)
Charmx 2 (10 months ago)
Havoc ins4nity made a better version with colors and particles
・Conreezie・ (10 months ago)
Leash knot is good if u put it to a husk, make the husk invisible then it looks like a snake
Rote Ritterin (10 months ago)
Fireworks does not work for me
Your in a lower version update mc
Its broken
Ethophonix Ralidfire (10 months ago)
How about a redstone trail?
ProGamer129 (10 months ago)
So cool
Reivax (10 months ago)
Lol the other time i joined your world you showed me this.
Nasko tv (11 months ago)
Gaming With Saiya (11 months ago)
I tried firework, but it didn't do anything
Nasko tv (11 months ago)
I too
Columbus41 None (11 months ago)
I tried zombie it crash my game
vian singh (11 months ago)
Matt Adison Ramos (11 months ago)
Wow thank you it work!!!!
Drano_RuleZ (11 months ago)
Jannik,ne frage kann man das auch so machen das es kaufen kann so mit gold oder so? Wenn ja sag bescheit :D & Mach weiter sooo
Drano_RuleZ (11 months ago)
Jannik_DE MCPE Danke,aber ich bin so na 17/100 und du 10000000/100 Also ja.....kannst du dann es mir sagen? :D Ausserdem glückwunsch zu 6k!!!!!
Jannik_DE MCPE (11 months ago)
Bronxh In Single Player ja, bei Multiplayer wirds schwirig
hana poncetv (1 year ago)
not mcpe lolols its in pc
4eka (11 months ago)
hana poncetv it's windows 10 edition, same as McPe
IcyPanda YT (1 year ago)
It Would Be A Great Troll To Use TNT Particle Effect
il tipo (1 year ago)
Lok 739 (1 year ago)
I actually used this trick to create a roller coaster in only 2 mins
Cherry Mae Flores (1 year ago)
I like the leash _ knot
firecab 09 (1 year ago)
It doesn't work
Gaming With Saiya (1 year ago)
firecab 09 yes it dose it worked for me
Snowhaq (1 year ago)
You should make a addon like this that works in Multiplayer ! So that i can showoff that I have trails xD
09Jaysoncraft (3 months ago)
It's not an addon, it's a command block thing
Ridi (1 year ago)
Great video, that helped, I subbed :)
dakonblackrose (1 year ago)
Looks like u used my commands what's up with the bedrock players not giving credit
09Jaysoncraft (3 months ago)
I'll always remember to do that with mine 😊
vienson kenneth febra (5 months ago)
dakonblackrose hey bro youre not the only one who knows this
Lynx Fuzzion (11 months ago)
dakonblackrose OMG HI I LOVE UR VIDS(≧∇≦)/
Flakes (1 year ago)
Darkn black rose u used 2 command blocks and plus it's not ur command it's the people who made this game there command
Jannik_DE MCPE (1 year ago)
dakonblackrose I didn't
Magee (1 year ago)
skyhill2003 (1 year ago)
Good Video :D
Kayck Br (1 year ago)
I add a mob? Or what more i add?
Kayck Br (1 year ago)
ItzYourBoiGeo (1 year ago)
what's your xbox live name
ItzYourBoiGeo (1 year ago)
I'm begging you
ItzYourBoiGeo (1 year ago)
I want you to help me please im a good youtuber
LeoInqame (1 year ago)
ItzYourBoiGeo (1 year ago)
ItzYourBoiGeo (1 year ago)
Jannik_DE MCPE please add me on xbox live
Jannik_DE MCPE (1 year ago)
Maxlava. boy Yess
The Golden Ingot (1 year ago)
I love this man! I’ll use this for my dream craft working in progress tho
The Golden Ingot (1 year ago)
Jannik_DE MCPE :D
Jannik_DE MCPE (1 year ago)
The Golden Ingot Wow Nice :D
The Golden Ingot (1 year ago)
(Dream craft is a mod pack)
8 Ball Fighter (1 year ago)
I'm kamal and I quit minecraft :(
ScopedInGaming (1 year ago)
Hey Jannik, can I have your skin so I can make you a GFX?
MitchellDawud03 (1 year ago)
/execute [Username or @p] ~ ~ ~ summon leash_knot your forgot this one and for people who want to copy paste
Kayck Br (1 year ago)
How i copy? Just in pc
RaidForFun (1 year ago)
Finally! A video!!
Red Dragon129 (1 year ago)
RaidForFun remember me bruh xD
ItzYourBoiGeo (1 year ago)
do you have xbox live add me Maxlavaboy999 peace at school
TheChecker (1 year ago)
That looks cool
ItzYourBoiGeo (1 year ago)
please answer me
「Raman」 M。 (1 year ago)
But the snowball doesn't do any damage! Good video btw
Zappy Gamer (4 months ago)
Raman M it does
Song Dude9000 (4 months ago)
You might have a different version that changed those feathers or not....
ThePowerTwist ROBLOX (7 months ago)
Very nice
「Raman」 M。 (1 year ago)
Jannik_DE MCPE yeah I would get annoyed by knockback XD
Jannik_DE MCPE (1 year ago)
RamanMzoryCP 20 Thanks :D But the Snowball does Knockback all the time xD
ItzYourBoiGeo (1 year ago)
janiik you got xbox live
Jannik_DE MCPE (1 year ago)
Maxlava. boy Sure :)
Minecraft Ciach (1 year ago)
Yaaaaaay! :D
Jannik_DE MCPE (1 year ago)
Minecraft Ciach :DD
ItzYourBoiGeo (1 year ago)
nice job
Jannik_DE MCPE (1 year ago)
Maxlava. boy Thank you :)
JPlaysPE (1 year ago)
Oha super geil! :D
LBYT 2376 (7 months ago)
Jannik_DE MCPE teach me how to get many views and subs pls
Gamer Lp (7 months ago)
JPlaysPE Alter wusste nicht das ihr deutsch könnt ;) Macht aber beide weiter so mit Videos
Jannik_DE MCPE (1 year ago)
JPlaysPE Danke :DD
MitchellDawud03 (1 year ago)
First awesome video!
Jannik_DE MCPE (1 year ago)
MitchellDawud03 Woww nicee xD Thanks!

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